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Dundee close to entering quarter finals

Dundee 2

Smith 10, Faulkner 18

Angus 1

Martin 45
  • Thursday, 21 November 2013
  • Station Park
  • Under 15´s
  • TSB National Trophy

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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It was a big match up today between Dundee and Angus in the TSB under 15’s National Trophy, as Dundee need to win to qualify for the quarter final. Aberdeenshire and North of Scotland still need to play one final game which can also affect Dundee’s qualification hopes. Dundee have won two great games so far, but Angus will be looking for their first. 
Dundee started the game off well with a couple of early chances. Ben Mooney beat an Angus defender then dribbled into the box, but his shot was just wide. Soon after Ryan Smith received the ball just outside the box then struck the ball towards goal but it scraped the post. 
Angus came close in the 6th minute when Jack McMilne swung a great ball into the Dundee box. Duncan Martin controlled the ball well and hit it towards goal but David Beattie made a brilliant save.
Dundee scored the first goal of the game in the 10th minute. Dundee won a free kick on the left side of the box, and Kyle Anderson sent a superb cross into the box. Then Ryan Smith got up into the air well nodded it past the keeper making it 1-0. 
Dundee were playing well, creating a lot of good chances with their quick passing moves. Angus were attacking but were struggling to finish their efforts. Angus came close to equalising when Duncan Martin struck a ferocious shot from the left wing which rattled the cross bar. 
Dundee increased their lead in the 18th minute. Taylor Carroll was played down the wing from a free kick, after beating a player he then crossed the ball into Rory Faulkner who leaped into the air and headed it into the back of the net bringing the score to 2-0. 
Angus weren’t ready to give up though, and continued to press for a goal. Callum Clark made a quick sprint down the wing, and then played the ball into the centre of the box for Douglas Crowe. Crowe took a shot at goal but David Beattie made a fantastic reaction save. 
Angus had a couple more close chances before the half time whistle. Jack McMilne managed to play a great through ball to Callum Clark who then took a low shot towards goal but David Beattie got down well and held the ball. Soon after, Jack McMilne created another good chance after he outpaced a Dundee defender. McMilne then played a through ball to the unmarked Kyle Bissett, who controlled the ball and went one on one with the keeper. Bissett placed the ball past the keeper, but it hit the post. 
The half time whistle blew, and Dundee were ahead by two goals. Dundee played brilliantly, they created a lot of chances and scored two good goals. Angus were coming close, but just needed to finish their chances. 
  • Half Time:
  • Dundee
  • 2-0
  • Angus
Angus came into the second half well, and put a lot of pressure on the Dundee defence. In the 45th minute, they scored their first goal of the game. Ducan Martin controlled the ball well at the corner of the box, and then smashed the ball into the top corner, bringing Angus back into the game.
Angus carried on this momentum well and created some good goal scoring opportunities. Kyle Bissett came close to levelling the score after a quick counter attack, he took a powerful shot towards goal but David Beattie made a tremendous save by tipping the ball on to the bar. 
Dundee started to get back into the game, and now both teams were fighting hard. The players were pushing hard to win the ball from each other, knowing how vital it was to win. Jamie Herrin made an impressive run from the midfield, and then played a good ball into Ben Mooney who took a shot at goal but it was blocked well by Jordan Low.
The game was nearly over, but Douglas Crowe had a close to chance to get an equaliser. He received the ball on the left wing, and then sent a superb shot towards goal which smacked the cross bar. The final whistle blew shortly after, and Dundee now have the chance to make it to the quarter finals. Dundee put in a tremendous performance, carrying on their great form. Angus were unlucky as they played well, but didn’t take their chances.
  • Full Time:
  • Dundee
  • 2-1
  • Angus


1. David Beattie
2. Harry Dow
3. Taylor Carroll
4. Kieran Conway
5. Lewis Finnie
6. Ryan Smith
7. Kyle Anderson
8. Blair Whyte
9. Ben Mooney
10. Liam Fitzsimmons
11. Rory Faulkner
12. Adam Brown
14. Josh McKenzie
15. Kal Handy
16. Kieran Paton
17. Jamie Herrin
1. Mark Smith
2. Bailey Steel
3. Jordan Low
4. Fraser Muir
5. Thomas Cooper
6. Duncan Martin
7. Douglas Crowe
8. Morgan Evans
9. Callum Clark
10. Kyle Bissett
11. Jack McMilne
12. Rhyss Baer
14. Rory McInally
15. Andrew Muir
16. Robbie Bannerman
17. Robbie Gooderham
Star Player
Harry Dow was my home star player because he made some tremendous tackles and stopped a lot of close chances.
Jack McMilne was my away star player as he created quite a few chances and came close to scoring himself.
Magic Moment
My home magic moment was when Rory Faulkner scored the second goal. Faulkner had been playing brilliantly and it was a great goal.
My away magic moment was Duncan Martin's goal as it was a superb shot and gave Angus a big chance to get back into it.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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