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Memorable season for East Region girls leagues

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The 2013 East Region girls season has finished, with plenty of teams and players winning awards. This season has seen a remarkable 1400 players across the region participate in playing every Saturday and Sunday in the various girls leagues. Sam Milne, the girls and women’s football development officer for the East Region, said “It’s been absolutely tremendous in terms of participation for girls playing football.”
This season has seen a lot more participation, and has been one of the best so far. There have been some fantastic teams, such as the 15’s Dunfermline Athletic Girls who recently won the league and the league cup with an unbelievable record, scoring 170 goals and only conceding 18. Celtic Girls 13’s also had a great season, having reached the Scottish Cup semi-final. They will certainly be a team to keep an eye on next season. 
Forfar Farmington have also had a very successful season, as the 15’s completed the league unbeaten, and also won the League Cup with a superb record and had a great run in the Scottish Cup making it to the quarter final. The 17’s team also had a wonderful season, with brilliant players such as Kayleigh Brough and Heather Royale.
There have been plenty of great teams this season, as they have all done well in one way or another. Sam Milne said “Every club is a star club in their own right, whether its ones that do well winning leagues or extremely well in getting more kids playing.”
This shows that next season will be fantastic, with a lot of great players coming through and a lot more coverage will show off these talents. “The game is growing and has a lot more marketing. There is a lot more talent coming through, girls training more and more girls playing in schools.”
Participation has been key this season, and it will continue to get better with each season to come. There are plenty of opportunities for girls to play and there will be more and more next season. “The fact that we ran a festival and 220 girls signed up and wanted to play football and 22 sports leaders came along and helped is remarkable.”

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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