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Future is bright for Blairgowrie squad

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Blairgowrie Youth Football Club’s Under 15’s have once again continued to improve, as this season is starting to look very promising for the boys.
The club was founded in 2006 by Gayle Tolmie and her husband Gavin because the couple were struggling to find a team for their sons to play in. Since then, the club has come on leaps and bounds and they continue to develop into a fantastic team. Recent results have shown that the club are on fine form, the boys narrowly lost against top Fife club Burntisland Shipyard 2-1 in the Scottish Cup, but then went on to beat local rivals 4-1 in a fierce derby league game. 
The team continue to play well, and this makes the future of the team look promising. Gayle Tolmie, the team organiser, said: “We want to carry on our successful results and climb as high up the league as possible.” This looks very possible for the team, as they have a fantastic attitude which will drive them to do better. “We are a very disciplined team and have worked very hard to get where we are.” The coaches’ attitude is also superb, and will definitely have a great effect on the boys. “We have always said to our boys to enjoy the game.”
There are some brilliant players in the team, such as goal keeper Daniel Madoc-Jones. Madoc-Jones has been developing into a brilliant player, having been helped out by the Junior Club. “The team as a whole are promising.” He is one of many young players who have come out of the area recently, as many players are being picked up by the senior teams. “Senior clubs looking locally for players I think is helping with youth development.” 
Blairgowrie are currently sitting seventh in the league with three games in hand, so it still looks promising for the team to still carry on their great start to the season. Hopefully they can carry on their success from last season, having won the David Seaton Memorial cup and the Christoper Walker Memorial League cup the season before. “The future of this club is bright and as long as our boys enjoy their time, then we will continue to work with them.”

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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