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Monday, 22 April 2013 11:02

Montrose win Diamond Jubilee Cup in exciting penalty drama

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Montrose YFC
Dundee Celtic
Aitken 21
Currie 47

 (Montrose YFC win 4-2 on penalties) 

U13 Diamond Jubilee Cup - Final
North End Park

Michael Colville

By Michael Colville
YFS East Region Reporter
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It was a sunny day at North End Park and there was a great atmosphere in the crowd. Both teams knew they were about to have a tough game as they were both second in their respected leagues. The players looked eager to win their biggest game of the season and were excited to kick off.

The game kicked off with a fiery start, both teams were fighting for the ball and the play didn’t leave the midfield until Celtic boys won a free kick. Brand Carlin swung a good ball into the box but the Montrose defence cleared the danger well. Soon after Celtic player Cameron Tansey was making a run down the wing but Liam Emslie made a fantastic sliding tackle.

Montrose had their first chance when a long ball was played through to Reece Aitken who dribbled into the box but Rory McInally came off his line and won the ball well. Montrose had a throw-in minutes later, Liam Emslie threw the ball to Kieran Thomson in the box who then took a shot at goal. His volley looked like it was going to dip into the top corner but went just over.

In the 17th minute Montrose won a free kick. Emslie stepped up to take the free kick, he struck the ball towards goal but Rory McInally made a good diving save.

Montrose scored the first goal of the game. In the 21st minute Reece Aitken was played through into the box, he controlled the ball well and then placed the ball around the keeper making it 1-0.

Celtic kicked off and pressed the Montrose defence straight away. Liam Tansey nutmegged a Montrose player then looked to dribble down the wing but was fouled. The free kick was sent into the box but Harris Porter cleared the ball well. Minutes later Tansey looked dangerous on the wing again, he crossed the ball to Aidan Steele but Cory Marshall won the ball in the air and held it well.

In the 27th minute Montrose player Laurence Bayfield sent a brilliant ball up to Liam Emslie in the box but he just couldn’t make the header. Celtic countered from this and Dean Currie ran up the field. Currie was tackled by Murray Stephen but Cameron Henderson managed to pick up the loose ball and play it into the Montrose box. The ball bounced around the box frantically but Montrose cleared it.

Celtic came close to equalising in the 34th minute. Liam Tansey was through on goal but Cory Marshall ran out and won the ball well. The half time whistle blew soon after and Montrose left the field in the lead. Both teams looked like they could score at any time but Montrose were 1-0 ahead.

Half Time: Montrose YFC 1-0 Dundee Celtic 

Celtic came into the second half eager to equalise. Aidan Steele plays a good through ball to Dean Currie. Currie controlled the ball well in the box but his shot went wide and hit the side of the net. Montrose player Kieran Thomson dribbled towards the Celtic box minutes later, but then he was brought down and won a free kick. Liam Emslie took the free kick but the keeper saved the shot easily.

Celtic equalised in the 47th minute through a free kick. Daniel Wilson played a fantastic ball into the box, the ball took a bounce in the box and Daniel Currie tapped it into the box making it 1-1.

Montrose didn’t let this equaliser affect their work rate. Laurence Bayfield was close in the 54th minute but Rory McInally came off his line and won the ball well. Minutes later Brodey Craigie chipped a great ball to Kieran Thomson who looked like he could have been brought down but the referee played on.

Montrose came close to taking the lead in the 63rd minute when he played a lobbed ball through to Reece Aitken but the Celtic keeper collected the ball in the air well. Minutes later Celtic tried to get a late equaliser with a long ball up to Cameron Tansey. Tansey drilled a shot towards goal but Corry Marshall made a great diving save. The final whistle blew and the first 90 minutes finished 1-1 meaning extra time was needed.

In extra time, both teams came very close to taking the lead. Cameron Tansey played a fantastic ball across the face of the Montrose goal but Corry Marshall managed to clear the ball away. Montrose came close when Laurence Bayfield played Kade McDonald through on goal but Rory McInally made a good save.

Celtic nearly took the lead in the final minute of extra time when Dean Currie struck a powerful shot at goal which looked like it was going to be the deciding goal but Corry Marshall made a superb diving save and kept Montrose in the game. A minute later the final whistle blew and the game would be decided on penalties.

Both teams looked nervous for penalties, after they decided what order they would take their turns they all lined up in their teams on the half way line. But, Montrose kept their cool and won the shoot-out 4-2. The Montrose team held their composure impressively, and Corry Marshall not only saved a penalty he also was brave enough to step up first and smack it into the top corner. Montrose won the cup final with a great performance and an impressive shoot-out, Celtic put in a great performance and had an impressive work rate through out the game. 

Full Time: Montrose YFC 1-1 Dundee Celtic (Montrose win 4-2 on penalties)


Montrose YFC Dundee Celtic
1. Corry Marshall
2. Kieran Thomson
3. Harris Porter
4. Liam Emslie
5. Kade McDonald
6. Reece Aitken
7. Dylan Stephen
8. Laurence Bayfield
9. Gregg Matthews
10. Brodey Craigie
11.  Sean Logue
12. Jack Wrench
14. Murray Stephen
1. Rory McInally
2. Daniel Wilson
3. Cameron Henderson
4. Liam Tansey
5. Scott Reilly
6. Callum Banks
7. Cain Connelly
8. Cameron Tansey
9. Lennon Russell 
10. Aidan Steele
11. Jonathan Tosh
12. Dean Currie
14. Gregor Bruce
15. Dylan Reaid 
16. Brandon Carlin
17. Keiran Rae
Corry Marshall was my man of the match because he made a fantastic save in extra time to keep Montrose in the game and played brilliantly in the penalty shoot out.
Dean Currie was my man of the match because he scored a good goal and created many chances through out the game.
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