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Monday, 26 November 2018 14:30

Family appeal for help in funding son's cancer treatment

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The family of Edinburgh City youngster Ruaridh McQueenie are appealing to the public in an effort to raise funds for his cancer treatment
Ruaridh, 12, was diagnosed five weeks ago with Synovial Cell Sarcoma, a rare form of malignant cancer and he has had to undergo intensive treatment in an effort to regain his health.
Ruaridh's mother Elaine has started a crowdfunding page, asking for help in funding the next stage of his treatment, saying, "The news was devastating and so began an emotional rollercoaster as a whirlwind of activity took place whilst Ruaridh undertook various tests and scans at RHSC - this was during the October break so not at all how we had intended on spending it.

"After an agonising wait (which would be one of many in the weeks to follow), we were told that the scans and tests were all clear however more intrusive surgery was a necessity. Ruaridh was back in the operating theatre five weeks after his initial operation - this time the surgeons removed his right hand pectoral muscles (both major and minor) plus some lymph nodes from under his right arm.

"The surgery went well and the surgeons ended up leaving the muscle above his clavicle knowing how sporty he was – Ruaridh had been selected to represent Scotland surfing in the British Cup but was unable to go but had been playing football for Edinburgh City 2006s the day before the operation (assisting with an amazing cross to enable his team to win through to the next round of the Scottish Cup!)."

The next stage of Ruaridh's treatment involves him undergoing something called 'Proton Beam Therapy', a treatment which, as of now, is only available to Ruiaridh in the United States.

Elaine went on to say, "We’re currently in the midst of our next period of uncertainty whilst a decision is being made as to whether Ruaridh will get NHS funding to allow him to be sent to America for Proton Beam Therapy as we don’t currently have a Proton Beam centre open in the UK – one is currently being built in Manchester however isn’t scheduled to be opened until sometime next Spring/Summer.

"If the go ahead is given then the NHS will fund the treatment, accommodation and flights for Ruaridh, Martin and myself plus a small amount of living expenses however it wouldn’t fully cover our costs plus also won't include taking Ruaridhs siblings, Tamzin and Owen. This would be a horrendous blow for Ruaridh as he's very close to both his siblings and at this moment in time needs them more than ever.

"Having always given to charities, we never thought we'd ever have to do any sort of fund-raising for our own family however we are going to need help to fund Ruaridhs treatment in America (assuming it gets the go ahead) and to ensure all his family are around him to help support him.

"We have been overwhelmed by the generosity, kindness and support we have received from everyone and, as part of this fundraising, we would like to give something back to both Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent who are charity funded organisations and provide amazing support to children with cancer and their families."

If you would like to help Ruaridh and his family out during this very difficult time for them, you can donate to their crowdfunding page here.

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