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Scottish footballers plying their trade in England

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Certain names are going to come up when people list the best young Scottish footballers playing in the English leagues. A lot of people will list George Boyd, for instance, who has had one of the most successful careers in the Premier League in general.
During his five seasons in Stevenage, he was able to earn more than thirty goals in all competitions. His career has really only been more successful since then, and he has managed to stay in the game for longer than a lot of other people in similar situations. Many people love George Boyd, and he should only manage to attract more attention in the English Premier League in the next few years.
James McArthur the midfielder could be considered another great player. The fact that he is in a lot of demand at this point in his career should be even more impressive to a lot of people. He has already managed to win some career honors, and he has a lot of fans by this point in time.
Liam Bridcutt will have a somewhat longer career ahead of him than some of the other great football players from Scotland. He was loaned to Leeds United for a reason. A lot of people are enthusiastic about seeing him back at this point, but it seems that he is a player that is popular enough that people might see a few more transitions throughout his career.
It is interesting to compare different players in leagues like this, especially when compared to some of the historical players. Ryan Giggs has received 134 substitutions throughout his career. This might be one of the main things that he is known for in the future, and that is not something that some players would want regarding the statistics that made them famous.
Alan Shearer is a player that has managed to get a couple of different records that some people would like and that some people would hate. Some people take pride in all of their accomplishments as long as they are dramatic. He has missed more Premier League penalties than anyone else while also scoring the most at 56. Players will usually stand out due to some impressive statistics, and they do not always have to be consistent.
There are lots of little known facts, stats and trivia about the English Premier League that some people might find interesting. They might find some of these facts frustrating as well. When people look at the lists of the Scottish players in the English leagues, it is clear that they are all quite young. Most of these players are under the age of thirty-five, and it might be harder for some of them to be able to continue their careers past a certain point no matter how many people love them.
Still, there are professional athletes that are continuing their careers at later ages these days, so this might be the sort of thing that will change in the next few years or so. They will be remembered in some way. 
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