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Bayside FC 2002's finish top of the table after an astonishing undefeated season

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Bayside FC finished their incredible season undefeated, with 17 wins and two draws. A great season for all involved, and we got the chance to catch up with the coach of Bayside 2002's, Stephen Adamson, to find out what went right for the squad. 
After a great, successful season, emotions are flying high and it's no different for Bayside. Stephen said this about his teams feelings after the win. "It's a great feeling after a long, hard season. The last few weeks have been amazing, the team have completely focused from the first game and they're reaping the deserved rewards for all their hard work. We put extra training in pre-season and we started to focus more on tactics during training sessions and it seems to have paid off!" Being able to say that the hard work and long, gruelling training sessions haven't been in vain is a great feeling and the hard work put in by everyone involved at Bayside can not be understated. 
After an undefeated season, it can be hard to pick a stand-out moment. Stephen had the difficult task of doing just that, picking his most memorable moment of the season. He said this, "That's a tough one. The final whistle against Kinross, to clinch it was pretty special, quite surreal actually. However, i'd say that the earlier game against Kinross was my favourite. We scored a last minute goal to win 2-1 meaning the title was in our hands. I'm normally fairly calm on the touchline but I did let myself get carried away with that one. I was so proud of the boys that day, they thouroughly deserved the victory." With emotions running high, we can let Stephen off with getting a bit carried away. A league win is something that everyone involved in a team aims for, it's the pinnacle of footballing achievements and everyone works towards it from day one. 
Despite an undefeated season, Bayside still had some challenges they had to get through before they could clinch the league. Stephen commented, "The home match against Kinross was our toughest challenge. We needed a draw to clinch the title, and after being 2-0 up at half-time we let them back in and they got to 2-2. We understandably got nervy, but again the boys showed amazing resiliance to see it out. The scenes at the final whistle will stay with me forever. We had a huge support that evening and the boys did themselves and their families proud." Kinross were Bayside's biggest competitiors all season, finishing just 3 points behind. So to clinch the league in the last game against your biggest competitiors is a wonderful way to win.
Finding a reason behind your teams success can be a tricky task. Every team has a different reason for their success and pinpointing the reason why is difficult. Stephen said this about his team, "Firstly, we have good players all over the pitch. We have match winners, coupled with players who know how to defend. They play as a team and play football that's pleasing on the eye. Secondly, the majority of the team have stayed together since five and seven-a-sides. They have grown together and understand their roles in making us a good team. Finally, I firmly believe that we are one of the fittest teams in Fife. We've worked very hard on fitness for three years, and almost without exception, we finish every game looking fitter and stronger than our opponents." The hard work put in during the training sessions has paid off and it looks like the boys have benefitted from it.
After a great season, Stephen still has big plans for the future, he said this. "Our plans are to kick on and compete in the top division. We'll have a well deserved break and then get together and plan for next season. Our aim is to show the teams in the league that we're there to make an impact and not just make up the numbers. It's about continuous improvement for me; we're going into the next season with no fear and nothing to lose. We need to bolster the squad with a couple of new players, but the core of the team will remain. Once the break is over, we'll be raring to go again." Big things in the future for Bayside FC, looking to prove themselves in the top division and make their mark on the league. 
Stephen had some final comments to add. He said this, "We're very lucky at Bayside to have such a great bunch of players, but i'd like to add that their parents and carers are fantastic. They attend every game, home and away and are incredibly supportive both on and off the field. This season has been a team effort - i'd like to thank my fellow coaches, the parents and most importantly, the players for making it such a memorable season. These boys have done something very special and i'm proud to say I know them." Support from everyone involved is important for the players as they feel encouraged and want to perform their best.
Congratulations to Bayside and we wish them luck for their next season in the top division.
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