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Stirling University 4th Team come out on top of the BUCS 5B League

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With a lot of the BUCS leagues coming to an end, Stirling Men’s 4th team were able to clinch the Scottish 5B league. We caught up with the coach, Chris Geddes, to find out the secrets to his team’s success.
One of the biggest factors of the team’s success was the group of players and their work ethic. Chris said “This group of players have worked hard to repeat last year’s success. They work hard in every training session, take in what I am trying to show them and their attitudes are first class.” Not only do the boys work hard in training they all get along well and work together. He said “They realise is takes a team to be successful, so they have all bought into being a team this year and being like this now will help the boys in the future.” The boys work hard and are dedicated to their football which was crucial to them winning the league.
Stirling were able to win the league last year and they just beat out Edinburgh College by 2 points. There was some friendly competition between the 2 teams and this was Stirling’s biggest challengers for the season. Chris commented “The biggest challengers for us this season were Edinburgh College after we narrowly beat them to win the league last season. Being able to beat them 5-0 this season at home this season was the biggest challenge we overcame.” Being able to beat their competition 5-0 must’ve gave them the confidence to push on and clinch the league. Chris said “As soon as we won by that score we were confident we could finish the season well and win the title. 8 wins and 2 defeats was a great season for our guys.” 8 wins and 2 losses is a great season and an accomplishment to be proud of.
It takes a lot of teamwork and motivation to be able to win the league 2 years in a row and Stirling were able to maintain this title through eagerness to win. Chris said “We lost some guys from last season and got some new first year players who were hungry to win. They all heard the stories about last season and wanted to experience that for themselves. Also, they wanted any excuse for a good night out.” It sounds like the boys were determined to win the league for Stirling for the 2nd year running.
Chris is proud of his team and what they have accomplished over the past 2 years. He said “They are all star players in my book but a special mention goes to our goalkeeper, John Allan. For the last 2 seasons, he has been first class, during last week’s loss that still won us the league, he was really ill but pulled himself out of bed and helped us secure the league for the 2nd year in a row.” It sounds like the teammates are all dedicated towards helping each other.
Unfortunately, this is Chris’ last season with Stirling University. He wants to give thanks to all the people who has been a part of the team since he has coached. He said “I want to thank all the players I have coached during the last 5 years. The players have all been a credit to themselves and deserve all the success they have achieved during this time through their hard work and dedication to being a team and sticking together no matter what. As much as I have tried to help them as their coach, these boys have all helped me to progress as a coach and bettered me as a person”
What a way to go out, as back to back league winners. Maybe Stirling will be able to make it 3 years in a row.
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