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Bell Baxter ring in League Cup triumph

Bell Baxter High School 2

Houston 28', Porteous 36'

Beath High School 1

Beath 15'
  • Wednesday, 20 April 2016
  • Auchmuty High School
  • Under 18´s
  • Fife League Championship
Bell Baxter High School will play Beath High School again this week in the Fife Cup final after beating them 2-1 on a sunny Wednesday afternoon at Auchmuty High School, Glenrothes. With a league final place at stake, neither team were holding back as a brilliant game was on show to entertain the enthusiastic spectators.
The game kicked off at 4.02pm with both teams looking for a good game. Two minutes in, Louis Appere caught onto the ball and drove it downfield towards the goal and nearly scored, but Beath were keeping their defence tight. 
Beath held onto their lead for the next ten minutes, but BBHS latched onto it after Beath hit the fence. BBHS made a wide pass downfield and took advantage of their possession to keep the ball in their midst for the next five minutes. 
Beath HS, however, got back in the game after sneakily intercepting one of BBHS's attacks and just managing to get a goal from the left back of the field.
Twenty-three minutes in, BBHS regained possession with a fantastic slide tackle from Jake Maccabe. He struck it downfield to Ross Falconer who went in for a goal, but narrowly missed. A great attempt none the less. 
Three minutes later, BBHS deflected Beath's attacks whilst driving the ball back downfield and Callum Houston latched onto a wide pass and fired the ball into the net bringing the score up to 1-1. 
This goal motivated Beath even more as they furiously tried to get in another goal, but they just couldn't penetrate BBHS goalkeeper Robbie Wisharts defence as he delivered a great save. 
Two minutes later, Beath played the ball offside granting BBHS another chance to score which they took full advantage of when Matthew Porteous scored a fantastic goal bring the score up to 2-1.
With half time only around twenty minutes away, both teams were fighting for the lead. Louis Appere locked onto the ball and made his way for Beath's goal, but they weren't having any of it and kept their defence tight deflecting BBHS's attack. 2 minutes later, Jack Jones went in for another try, but Beath still managed to keep BBHS from scoring.
  • Half Time:
  • Bell Baxter High School
  • 2-1
  • Beath High School
In the second half, BBHS showed no nerves even with only a one goal advantage. BBHS kept up their attacks on Beath's keeper with some great work on display from Kieran Fox and Ross Falconer. 
Matthew Porteous and Kieran Fox showed some great teamwork in keeping Beath from gaining possession. Beath however still held up their side when they went in for another attack on BBHS, unluckily hitting the crossbar. BBHS then stepped up and regained possession and deflected Beath for the rest of the half.
Bell Baxter’s defence managed to keep it tight at the back and kill any attacks Beath were trying to launch. Bell Baxter simply overran the Beath boys and deservedly won the league cup. Had Beath landed a few of their attacks on Bell Baxter, it could have been a whole different story. Well done to both teams!
  • Full Time:
  • Bell Baxter High School
  • 2-1
  • Beath High School


Bell Baxter High School
Beath High School
Star Player
Bell Baxter High School
Beath High School
Magic Moment
Bell Baxter High School
Beath High School
The fantastic strike from Porteous which separated the sides.
Beath's goal had appeared to put them in pole position.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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