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Bayside U13s Girls Are on Their Way to Norway!

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The Norway Cup is the biggest football festival in the world, with over 1,600 teams across 52 different nations participating. The festival is well covered by the media, with close to 1,000 media representatives attending and live broadcasts of games appearing on Norway’s largest national television station.
We are sending 20 teams across the North Sea to represent Scotland and the teams have not been chosen due to their footballing ability. Instead, YFS is focusing on players and managers alike who we feel can be great ambassadors for Scotland, as there will be a lot of interest from international media on our representatives.
We’ve spoken to David Noble of Head Coach of Bayside U13s, who are one of the 20 teams heading to Norway, and the club recognise the festival is a step in the right direction for them. "We are always looking to give our players new footballing experiences. Having played in the Newcastle Women’s tournament and at Auchenhowie earlier this year, we were looking to move to the ‘next step’.”
As well as being a good challenge, the team are looking forward to their Norwegian adventure! “Our players and families are looking forward to exploring an unfamiliar city, and meeting and spending time with people from different countries and cultures.”
As mentioned above, the Norway Cup gives an opportunity for teams to be broadcast live on TV, but it's not something that's fazing the Bayside U13s.  “They are really excited about being filmed for live TV. Already in their careers, they are used to receiving coverage via our successful Twitter account and, of course, YFS ‘snapping’ their footballing skills at numerous festivals.”
The Norway Cup has been around for over 40 years now, and that played its part as to why Bayside wanted to sign up. “We know that the Norway Cup has a long-standing, excellent reputation. Last year we read about Linlithgow Rose’s travels and we were interested to hear that they had chosen to participate in the 2016 Norway Cup. Bayside have worked with YFS on several occasions and the head coach recently read an article on the club’s relationship with partners Colin Campbell Sports and clicked through to the Norway Cup sign-up page!”
The facilities such as provided meals and transport plus the activities available, are a major attraction of the Norway Cup, as David explained. "I think the mini-golf, swimming and disco will be popular! It is great to know that we are going to be so welcome in Oslo and that we will have no trouble getting around. Three meals a day will be sure to keep the energy levels ‘topped up’!”
It’s great to see such passion from David and Bayside Gilrs U13s about the Norway Cup! Obviously we wish them the best of luck for the festival.
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Luke Barry | YFS South East Region Reporter
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