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Exciting future for Carnoustie Panmure with the arrival of new pitches

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Displaying Screenshot_2015-10-07-06-40-53-1.pngCarnoustie Panmure is a club that has continued to grow and grow. With the construction of two new pitches at Panbride Park now in the pipeline, the club will soon have the foundations to really kick on and achieve great things.
“Our club has grown over the last few years and we're running out of space for the teams we have,” club president Phil Hope told YFS. “We want to keep growing, so these new pitches are vital for our Community Club.”
“The developers, Angus Estates & Muir Homes, have been very supportive of our plans. They've helped plot the pitches and car parking to help us plan. Without them we wouldn't be able to grow the game.” 
With concerns over space and the quality of surfaces now solved, Carnoustie Panmure are free to develop into something even better. “We will hopefully have a bigger and better community club that caters for all ages, a club that has ownership of all of its facilities and a club that is financially stable,” continues Hope. “We want to increase the numbers of players and teams and have better facilities.”
Of course, the club could not have reached this point without vital support from outside, something Hope is keen to acknowledge. “The club is supported by Kevin Lee, from the Scottish FA Club Development team, and our local councilor, Helen Oswald. Both have been very helpful in advising and providing us with practical assistance as they recognise what we can achieve for our community.”
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No doubt everyone involved with the club is extremely grateful for what has been achieved. Once construction of the new pitches is complete, Carnoustie will have gained not merely an extra facility, but a top quality one too. 
The club's new pitches will provide plenty of entertainment for young people as well as the opportunity for aspiring players to hone and improve their skills. Who knows, there could well be some Scotland internationalists of the future who will learn their trade on these new pitches.

Alasdair Hooper | YFS Dundee Senior Reporter
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