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Captain Scott: 'Dryburgh 15s can win the league'

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Progress follows Dryburgh Athletic in all that they are doing. They are developing off the pitch as a Community Club and it is looking rosy for both the boys and girls sections of the club on the pitch too.

"We’ve improved since last season," Taylor Scott, Dryburgh Athletic Girls 15s captain, told Youth Football Scotland. "We’ve been doing good and we’re near the top of the league so hopefully we can keep up the good work.

"I think we could win the league but we just need to put in more effort and try harder."

Her manager John Beatt is in agreement that they could be celebrating a league win at the end of the season.

"The girls in my squad at under-15s, they really want to win," he said. "That squad in particular have had a very good season, we’re sitting third in the league and they’re looking to try and win the league."

Whilst winning the league would definitely be an added bonus, for Beatt it is not the main aim.

"It’s not all about that for us. It’s about an improvement in their overall ability across the season," he said.

"The aims are too encourage more players to take part in football," secretary of the boys section Ronnie McCabe said.

"Some of the managers still focus on winning games but that’s not the be all and end all of things. It’s about getting kids involved, again, keeping them off the streets, giving them training, giving them things to do during the week and just getting them involved in sports."

This is a target they are certainly meeting, with Scott telling us her team "had a couple new players in."

She also told us how she would persuade someone to join her team: "I would just tell them about the club - they’re really helpful. Like if you haven’t started playing football they would help you do that, and they would help you make friends too."

Beatt had a clear idea of how he thought the girls felt about their affiliation to the club.

"I think they love it," he said. "Forming part of the community club and joining with the boys section has been a great thing for the girls. The boys section has been around since, I think it’s 1970, so they’re a well-run club, well-organised club, and the girls have really enjoyed becoming part of that.

"They seem quite proud of the name, they all wear their tops with pride."

All the signs are very encouraging for this thriving football club from Dundee.

Good luck to Dryburgh Athletic over the course of the season!

Andrew Petrie | YFS South East Region Journalist

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