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Youth Football Scotland is in Denmark this week to follow the fortunes of Clyde SOF, Clachnacuddin FC, Elite FC, Monifieth Athletic, Newbattle HS and West End Thistle, as they take on opposition from around the globe at the Dana Cup. Stay tuned to this page and the YFS social media channels for photos and videos from the teams matches, in addition to exclusive interviews from behind the scenes. If you'd like to enquire about the Dana experience in 2018, click here to get first refusal on the early bird supersaver rates.
Photo galleries by team:
Featured content:
Coverage by day:
Elite FC 0-6 Tucuman CF 1 (U12s) | Photo Gallery
Newbattle HS 1-0 Gullhaug IL (U16s) | Photo Gallery
Clachnacuddin FC 5-2 Hisøy IL (U17s)
West End Thistle 0-0 Tucuman CF 2 (U12s) | Photo Gallery
Monfieth Athletic 0-7 Flint Tønsberg IL (U16s)
Clyde SOF 0-5 Rælingen FK (U14s)
Clachnacuddin FC 1-0 Dybvad BK (U17s) | Photo Gallery
Elite FC 2-2 Skedsmo FK (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight
Newbattle HS 2-0 Vestnes Varfjell IL (U16s)
West End Thistle 5-3 Hakadal IL (U12s) 
Monifieth Athletic 2-2 Clausenengen FK (U16s) Photo Gallery | Video Highlight
Clyde SOF 2-0 Nymark IL (U14s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight | Interview
Clachnacuddin FC 3-1 Gneist IL (U17s)
Elite FC 3-1 Gneist Hjellestad IL (U12s) | Video Highlight
Newbattle HS 1-1 Midtbygdens IL (U16s)
West End Thistle 0-1 Fyllingsdalen FK (U12s) | Photo Gallery
Monifieth Athletic 3-0 Madla IL (U16s)
Clyde SOF 0-1 Kvinesdal IL (U14s) | Photo Gallery
Newbattle HS 1-3 Vrå-Børglum IF (U16s) | Photo Gallery
Clyde SOF 3-0 Sandnes Ulf (U16s)
Monfieth Athletic 1-0 Tromsø IL (U14s)
West End Thistle 1-3 Victoria Wrzesnia (U12s) | Photo Gallery
Elite FC 5-0 Pieta Hotspurs (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight | Interview
Clachnacuddin FC 3-1 SC Olve (U17s) Photo Gallery | Video Highlight | Interview
Clyde SOF 0-1 Lunds BK (U14s) | Photo Gallery
Elite FC 3-0 Football Academy of Banga (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight
Clachnacuddin FC 1-0 Hjørring IF-VFF (U17s) | Video Highlight
Monfieith Athletic 1-2 Strømmen IF (U16s) | Photo Gallery
Elite FC 4-0 Hisøy IL (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Live Playback | Video Highlight
Clachnacuddin FC 2-1 Egersunds IK (U17s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight
Elite FC 3-0 Castelldefels UE (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight | Interview | Live Playback
Elite FC 2-3 Victoria Wrzesnia (U12s) | Photo Gallery | Video Highlight
Clachnacuddin FC 0-3 Gneist IL (U17s) | Photo Gallery
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