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The fifth YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, on the topic of girls & women's football in Scotland.
The panel consists of:
- Donald Gillies - Head of Girls’ and Women’s Football, Scottish FA
- Ian Dibdin - Central Football Academy's Head of Football.
- Doug Johnston - Linlithgow Rose Girls Section Secretary.
- Anna Johnston - Linlithgow Rose youth player.
- Sammy Hyett - Chair & captain of Edinburgh Caledonia Ladies. Founder of Heriot-Watt Ladies FC. 
Topics discussed included:
- Introductions.
- Girls and women's football is definitely on the up in this country. Scotland has qualified for the Euros at senior level and numerous youth international tournaments. How would you summarise the growth over the last 5-10 years? 
- What are the next steps for the continued growth of the game? Where does it go from here? Where could it be in 5-10 years?
- What are the big differences between the girls and boys youth game?
- Many female players choose to play with boys teams until 13/14 and some girls teams have even started joining the lower reaches of the boys leagues (PJ&DYFL U13 & U14). Should more of this happen?
- The summer season was introduced a few years ago. Has it been an unquestionable success?
- At youth level, there are a lot of mismatches. Some elite leagues have been created. How can this be resolved?
- There is very little competition between school teams, with the exception of the Scottish Cup. Is there potential to improve this?
- At the top level in the Scottish domestic game, despite being able to compete with some of the best in Europe on the international stage, our players are still amateur. Can this ever change? If so, how?
Watch the debate in full below:
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:53

YFS cup final packages 2018

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Cup final season is here and YFS is keen to provide coverage to as many as possible. If you have been directed to this page, your team has a cup final coming up. We know the lead up to a cup final is a stressful time for coaches and team secretaries, so we're offering a fantastic souvenir package directly to parents, to take the hassle away.
The discounted packages are as follows:
Bronze (£12) - Match DVD (full game, presentation and interviews).
Silver (£18) - Match DVD, glossy team photo print (6'x4') & team photo keyring.
Gold (£28) - Match DVD x 2, boarded frame team photo print (8'x6') and keyring with team photo.
*Packages are only available to pre-order, post-match sales are charged at normal rates.
We know cup finals don't always go the way you hope, so offer our very own insurance policy. Any Match DVD pre-ordered can be exchanged for the photo of your choice as a 8'x6' boarded print - containing either the pre-match team photo or the photo of your choice from the YFS archives. 
Packages can be purchased below. Any questions you may have, please contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cup Final Packages Available
Cup Finals - March 2018
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 12:49

YFS Sports Media Internships - Now recruiting

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We are approaching the peak of the football season and the youth game is no exception. Cup finals and league deciding matches will be held up and down the land at club level, school level, local, regional and national. For many young players it'll be their first experience of the big stage and for others, it may be their last.

YFS pride ourselves in providing top class coverage from these games and giving the young players & volunteers the best possible media coverage on their big day. As such, we have invested in additional kit and equipment, and now seek aspiring journalists & sports media professionals to put it to good use. Whether you are a school student looking to take your first steps or more experienced, but seeking to strengthen your portfolio, we would like to hear from you. 
The 2-3 month programme includes the following:
- Full training.
- Provision of camera kit & equipment.
- The opportunity to focus on one specific type of media or sample many through a multimedia internship.
- Each piece of work you produce published and seen by thousands of YFS users.
- A fantastic portfolio in a short space of time.
- The ideal kickstart to a career or college/university course in the industry.
- If the 'cup final season' isn't for you, but you are available in the summer holidays, we also have a summer internship available.
YFS's track record
Click here to find out more about previous YFS interns who have moved onto professional careers in sports journalism & media.
Interested? Fill out the form below:
{rsform 81}
The third YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, on the topic of refereeing & touchline behaviour in Scotland.
The fourth YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, on the topic of grassroots & pro-youth club relationships in Scotland.
The panel consists of:
- George Craig - Head of Football Operations, Hibernian FC (Played a lead role in the review & restructure of Club Academy Scotland).
- Scott Robertson - Committee member, Musselburgh Windsor FC and co-founder of Realgrassroots.
- Daniel Shields - Former youth player at Alloa Athletic & Spartans FC. He has also represented Lothian Schools (Seniors), Edinburgh Schools, South East Region and the SYFA National Squad.
The topics discussed include:
- Overall, how would you assess relationships between professional and grassroots clubs at present?
- Movement of players from grassroots to professional clubs. What current processes are in place, are they being followed and is there room for improvement?
- Players leaving the pro game and returning to grassroots... we are forever hearing 'they just aren't the same player that left'. Is their confidence being dented?
- The million dollar question. What is the best age for a player to move from a grassroots club to pro youth? Playing with their friends vs professional level training.
- The Club Academy Scotland system operates without league tables and cup competitions until the SPFL Development League/Scottish FA U20 Youth Cup. Is this correct?
- Is there too much travel in the Club Academy Scotland game? 
- Is there any merit in a 'regional super league', that would see pro teams regularly compete against top grassroots teams in their region?
Watch the debate in full below:
Buy your unique souvenir DVD from the Scotland v England schoolboy international. This edition is for England players and supporters, featuring a personalised cover and background screen. It is available at early bird prices (25% off) until Friday 10th March, through the payment form below or by calling 0131 629-7903.
The third YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, on the topic of refereeing & touchline behaviour in Scotland.
The panel consists of:
- Peter Burns, referee
- Billy McAdam, Linlithgow Rose CFC
- Derek Murphy, Dunbeth Football Club & The Kieran McDade Foundation
- Paddy Matthews, referee.
Topics discussed included:
- What should a club's parental code of conduct include and what sanctions should there be for breaking it?
- Should referees be required to provide more post match analysis on the behaviour of a touchline, rather than just filing a report if they break the rules? (i.e. rewarding positive sportsmanship)
- Tell us about your experiences with Scottish grassroots referees. 
- What should a club/players/coaches be able to expect from their matchday referee?
- In the USA, young players at the age of 14 are required to take a basic refereeing test. Those who pass are then required to referee 10 soccer sevens games, before they become qualified for paid work. This generates more young referees and makes it more affordable for Under 12 teams to have proper match officials in their transitional season. Would this work in Scotland?
- Should there be more education for players, coaches and clubs about the laws of the game?
- Should teams be required to provide post match feedback on the performance of their referee?
- How can we set a realistic expectation level amongst parents/coaches, for amateur level refereeing performances?
Watch the debate in full below:
The second YFS TV : Live Debate Show, hosted by Ryan Rowe, took place on Monday 20th February 2017, on the topic of coaching young players in Scotland.
The panel consisted of:
- Declan Fergus (Declan Fergus Academy & Heart of Midlothian FC)
- Graeme Mathie (Hibernian FC)
- Tam Smith (Hutchison Vale)
- Ross Gray (Gold & Gray Academy)
- Rob Hart (Edinburgh City)
Topics discussed included:
- When planning a training session - what are your golden rules?
- What are common mistakes made by grassroots coaches in the training and match-day environment?
- For a coach that wants to plan a longer term training programme, what is your advice?
- What do you make of the current coach education options out there and what would you recommend for an aspiring coach trying to develop their ability?
- How important is it to offer individual one to one coaching to players? And for those who find it challenging to devote time to it, what would be your advice?
- Technique is a focal point for most coaching right now. How would you balance time spent with other aspects such as fitness, sports science, tactics and training games?
Watch the debate in full below:
On Monday 23rd January 2017, YFS TV will broadcast its first ever live debate show. It will be accessible through the popular new 'Facebook Live' platform. If the pilot show is a success and something the community benefits from, we are keen to turn it into a regular event.
For now, we need your help. Firstly, please fill out the short form below with your recommended discussion topic(s) and any questions you may have for the panel. Secondly, put 6:30pm on Monday 23rd January in your diary and spread the word!
Create your own user feedback survey
Wednesday, 11 January 2017 20:02

January Sale: YFS's best ever discounted media bundle

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To kick off 2017, YFS is offering a sale like never before. Regardless of your age group, region or level, this offer is open to everyone. Each player will get a fantastic souvenir bundle of a match DVD and framed photo print; the coaching team will get the footage on their computer/tablet to analyse; your website/social media page will get an up to date professional photo of all individual players; and the best bits will feature on YFS TV.
The deadline to fill out the form below is January 20th, however once you have secured your voucher, you can use it at any match in the coming months. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the form below:
{rsform 80}
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 21:48

From Forfar to FIFA: Joe's journalism journey

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The Youth Football Scotland Journalism & Media Team prides itself on giving people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to build their skills, enhance their career prospects, whilst helping raise the profile of the youth game in Scotland (click here if you are interested in joining). Over the six years since the programme launched, many have progressed into full time roles within the local and national media.
However, last February, one of the YFS graduates embarked on a career step with a difference. Joe Birchenall (pictured, far left, alongside World Cup winner Roger Hunt) swapped the public parks of Tayside for the role of Multimedia Editor at the newly opened FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich. After his first year in the job, YFS caught up with Joe.
Tell us about your time with YFS? 
My time with YFS was great and I really enjoyed it! I was a reporter for roughly two years, covering games in Dundee and then later Edinburgh. I feel YFS has grown quite a bit since I was there – which is great. Like I say, I really enjoyed my time and I recommend it to anybody who asks - especially if they want journalistic experience. Getting to watch and write about games that mean so much to the boys and girls playing in them was a privilege, and something I was very happy to do. 
What were the biggest benefits of volunteering with YFS? 
The chance to get real experience working in a football environment was huge. Writing regularly, speaking to the people involved, taking pictures, even just being there and getting an idea of what works best - I think it all helps. I learned a lot during my time with YFS, and got to cover some brilliant games. If you like football and want to work in football journalism, I think YFS is an ideal way of getting experience. I once got to interview a Scottish national team player (Steven Whittaker) with YFS so that was a pretty big benefit too!
How did you find out about the role at FIFA? 
I just came across an advert for the job on FIFA’s website to be honest. I don't think I've ever been so excited reading through a job description! I knew straight away that it was something I could really get into and the skill set seemed to match my own so I applied. Seven interviews and a trip to Zurich later and I got the job. 
What does the role involve? 
One of the best bits about it is that I get to do quite a lot of different things. First and foremost, I’m responsible for web content and generally helping out with any writing that involves English. On top of that I liaise and organise a network of colleagues around the world, do lots of social media, take photographs, cover any events or goings on, give VIPs tours...lots of stuff really. I've been lucky enough to get to meet numerous World Cup winners. It’s great but I was very nervous the first time! 
How easy is it to adapt to working in Switzerland? 
In terms of my job it’s actually been quite straightforward as the guys I work with come from all over the world. My boss is French and my co-workers come from Spain, Italy, Germany and Greece (among others) so our main language is English. Outside of work it can be a bit trickier as my German is pretty terrible but I like to think it’s getting better (it's not). Finding a football team to play for is much easier in Scotland but I’ve finally got one, and I’m now part of a local club and loving it. 
What is it like working at such a massive global football organisation?
It’s challenging and there’s a lot of work to do but the people I work with are great and we all get on well. We talk about football a lot! I know FIFA's reputation has seen better days but I can honestly say that everybody I've met there is friendly, hardworking and professional. The people I work closest with are genuine fans of the game and so that helps too. Some of my coworkers have been working in football for decades so I've got a huge opportunity to learn from them.
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