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This season is full of surprises and novelties. The two teams that never made it to the ¼ finals were able to make it into Champions League history. Best bookmaker affiliate programs on 1xBet can also boast of surprises. A large number of football fans and not only are interested in the good conditions of cooperation and rapid development of the affiliate program.
The first Champions League participants are already known:
  1. "Leipzig."
  2. "Atalanta."
  3. "Tottenham."
  4. "Valencia."
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Triumph of the newcomers in the Champions League
The “RB Leipzig” - “Tottenham” match was remembered by many not only for unexpected victory of “Leipzig”, but also for the quality of the victory. The opposing team was initially demoralized by the loss of the previous match. To fight back, the “Spurs” came up with an initially bold plan to start the game, but the incarnation of this plan was very weak.
The team openly passed in front of “Leipzig”'s aggressive pressure, which spared no effort and pressed the opponents in the center of the field and well punished it with counterattacks. The whole match was very tense, especially for “Tottenham”. They conceded two goals because of their opponents' strong mobility. Initially, the line of defense was built incorrectly, apparently, the peculiarities of the Germans' game were not taken into account.
The line of "Spur’s” defensewas high and stretched too wide on the field, which gave the enemy more room for maneuver that the opponent took advantage of. The third goal was the logical and expected conclusion of the match.
The game "Valencia" - "Atalanta" also made a strong impression on spectators and fans, especially "Valencia", which tried to stop "Atalanta", but could not. All the moments in “Atalanta”'s attack were realized if not perfectly, then at least very good. “Valencia” could only have been saved by a miracle, but in fact it was only worse.
On the second minute of the game there was a penalty kick in the goal of "Valencia". After a brilliant goal, there was no need to talk about victory. Initially, there was a fatal mistake, which haunted and oppressed the team throughout the game, from which they could not get together and repel "Atalanta". The outcome of the match was predictable.
Wednesday, 18 March 2020 19:26

Keep Scotland Active

Written by
Keep Scotland Active is a web portal launching specifically to help Scotland address the Covid-19 in the most positive manner possible. It is being driven by the youth football community at present but aims to help as many people as possible. Despite the challenging circumstances, we wish to continue to tackle the Scottish Government’s ‘Get Active, Stay Active’ strategy.

For full information about Keep Scotland Active click here.

If you would like to register, please click here.

During this tough period, YFS is opening up our entire video archive to the youth football community free of charge. If you played in or are a supporter of a team that has been covered in any of our 2500+ matches since 2014/15, we are happy to send you a digital copy of the full match. A full list of games can be found below. Note down the games you would like and then fill out the short form. You'll receive the files by email within 48 hours. 

We request that you cap the list at no more than five matches and that you only pick matches you are connected to either as a player, coach or general supporter. Please do not use this to scout future opposition - that is not in the spirit of the offer.
ID numbers of games you would like a copy of:*
Involvement in games:*

Skip to season:
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226 | Ac Oxgangs v Dunipace Juniors | U19
65 | AC Oxgangs v Loanhead Miners | U19
60 | AC Oxgangs v Penicuik Athletic | U15
218 | AC Oxgangs v Tynecastle FC | U19
122 | Airdrie Academy v Chryston HS | U14
173 | ALC Athletic v Banks O'Dee Albion | U15
219 | Antonine v Drumchapel United | U16
297 | Antonine v Drumchapel United | U16
106 | Arbroath CSC v Monifieth | U14
234 | Ardencaple v EDFC | U19
246 | Ardencaple v Hillwood Boys Club | U17
172 | Ardencaple v Oban Saints | U14
254 | Armadale Thistle v Linlithgow Rose CFC | U13
52 | Arthurlie Juniors v Maryhill Juniors | U16
151 | Arthurlie Juniors v Paisley FC | U13
44 | Auchterarder Juniors v Milton | U13
87 | Ayr Boswell Colts v AC Irvine | U13
95 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Crosshouse Boys Club U15s v Crosshouse Boys Club | U15
137 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Deveronvale | U15
201 | Bannerman HS v Hermitage Academy | U18
179 | Barrhead YFC v Clarkston | U13
127 | Bathgate Thistle v Whitburn Thistle | U13
47 | Bayside Colts v Bayside Bullets | U15
188 | Beechwood FC v Star 'A' CYP | U16
81 | Beechwood v Star 'A' CYP | U16
253 | Blackburn United v Murieston United Red | U13
59 | Blackhall Athletic v Craigroyston BC | U13
288 | Blantyre SA v Dunblane SC | U19
241 | Blantyre SA v EK Caledonian Red | U13
243 | Blue Brazil v Lochgelly Albert Colts | U15
28 | Bonnyrigg Rose Colts v Dunbar United | U13
94 | Bonnyrigg Rose Colts v Gala Fairydean | U13
221 | Bonnyton Thistle v Hamilton Accies Inverclyde | U19
248 | Bonnyton Thistle v Harmony Row | U21
132 | Bonnyton Thistle v Tass Thistle | U13
184 | Bonnyton Thistle v Tower Hearts | U21
141 | Bonnyton Thistle v West Kilbride | U16
140 | Bonnyton Thistle v Winlinton Wolves | U14
183 | Braidhurst HS v St Andrews and St Brides HS | U15
195 | Broomhill v Oban Saints | U19
187 | Broughton HS v Boroughmuir HS | U13
202 | Broughton HS v Holyrood Secondary | U13
145 | Broughty United v Ferry Athletic | U14
85 | Broughty v Dundee United SC | U17
227 | Broxburn Athletic Colts United v Tynecastle FC | U16
24 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Airdrie BC | U16
237 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Armadale Falcons | U14
285 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Syngenta Grange | U16
92 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Tynecastle FC | U19
208 | Broxburn Athletic v Spartans Whites | 13G
262 | Broxburn Badgers v Kirkfield United | U16
211 | Burnhead Colts v Seafar Villa | U15
180 | Calderbraes BC v Gairdoch United | U15
163 | Caledonian United v Irvine Meadow Youth | U16
35 | Caledonian v Hurlford | U17
207 | Callander Thistle v Milton FC | U13
32 | Calvary Park v Musselburgh Windsor FC | U13
282 | Cambuslang FC v EKFC Gold | U15
284 | Carbrain BC v Jerviston FC | U14
123 | Carbrain Sky v East Stirlingshire | U16
265 | Carbrain v Rangers SABC | U14
249 | Carrick v Prestwick | U14
124 | Celtic Juniors v Drumchapel Amateurs | U15
3 | Celtic v Central Girls | U15G
8 | Celtic v Glasgow City | U15G
272 | Celtic v Glasgow City | 13G
2 | Celtic v Kilmarnock Blues | U13G
271 | Central Girls FA v Glasgow City | 15G
304 | Clarkston AAC v Broomhill | U14
19 | Cleland BC v Kilsyth Athletic | U13
53 | Clyde v Lenzie | U13
36 | Clydebank Juniors FC v Arsenal BC | U19
152 | Coatbridge Rovers v Campsie Black | U15
79 | Coltswood Athletic v Knightswood BC | U16
303 | Coltswood Athletic v Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers | U16
107 | Coylton v Glenburn MW | U15
43 | Croftfoot United v Clyde FC SOF | U14
296 | Crosshouse Athletic v Tass Thistle United | U14
193 | Culter Boys v Banks O'Dee Albion | U16
288 | Culter Rovers v Ellon Meadows | U19
217 | Cults Academy v St Johns HS | U15G
229 | Cumbernauld Colts Blue v West Park United | U17
293 | Cumbernauld Colts v Jimmy Johnstone Academy | U14
301 | Cumbernauld Colts v Moorlands BC | U17
189 | Cumbernauld Star v Seafar Villa | U15
129 | Dalkeith CYP v Tynecastle FC | U15
231 | Dalkeith CYP v Tynecastle FC | U15
269 | Dalkeith HS v Liberton HS | U16
275 | Drumchapel United v Clyde SOF | U14
274 | Drumchapel United v Dumbarton United | U15
331 | Drumsagard FA v Renfrew Victoria | U16
330 | Dryburgh v Fairmuir | U13
328 | Dumbarton Riverside v Barrhead YFC | U15
276 | Dumbarton United Black v Kilpatrick | U13
204 | Dumbarton United Yellow v PFD United | U13
278 | Dunbar United Colts v Bonnyrigg Rose | U17
120 | Dunbar United Colts v Penicuik Athletic Colts | U15
185 | Dunblane SC United v Stenhousemuir BC | U14
292 | Dunblane SC v Riverside FC | U19
235 | Dundee University 2s v UWS Hamilton | Men
230 | Dundee University v Edinburgh Univeristy 2's | Women
233 | Dundee University v Stratclyde University | Men
112 | Dundee West v Monifieth | U15
86 | Dundee West v Montrose | U15
119 | Dundonald Bluebell v Aberdour SDC | U19
93 | Dunfermline HS v Balwearie HS | U16
279 | Dunipace Juniors v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U19
280 | Duns Juniors v Hawick Youth | U15
222 | East End United v Giffnock Napoli | U14
295 | East Fife v Forfar Farmington Blue United | U15G
29 | Easthouses FC v Spartans FC Blues | U15
39 | Eastwood Juveniles v St Cadocs | U17
114 | Edina Hibs CFC v Bonnyrigg Rose Colts | U13
130 | Edina Hibs v Hutchison Vale | U13
30 | Edinburgh City Reds v Leith Athletic Colts | U13
88 | Edinburgh City v Currie Star Colts | U14
125 | Edinburgh City v Edinburgh United | U16
63 | Edinburgh City v Spartans | U14
84 | Edinburgh College v Glasgow Kelvin College | Men
190 | Edinburgh South v Tranent Colts | U13
70 | EK Burgh United v Wishaw BC | U16
268 | EKFC Blue v Cleland BC | U13
82 | EKFC Blue v Stirling City | U13
155 | EKFC Gold v Blantyre BC | U15
55 | EKFC Gold v Burnhead Colts | U15
327 | Erksine Youth v Dumbarton United | U13
289 | Erskine Athletic v Rossvale FC | U13
40 | Everton BC v St Andrews BC Reds | U13
146 | Fairmuir v Montrose | U13
100 | Ferry Athletic v Montrose | U13
321 | Ferry Athletic Yellow v Dryburgh FC | U16
333 | Finnart AFC v Harmony Row | U16
252 | Forfar v Broughty | U14
242 | Formartine v Glentanar | U19
210 | Forth Athletic v Grange FC | U14
197 | Gairdoch United v Stratheendrick FC | U14
153 | Galston Youth v Tass Thistle | U13
164 | Gartcairn v Jimmy Johnstone Academy | U14
6 | Glasgow City v Glasgow Girls | U17G
4 | Glasgow City v Raith Rovers | U15G
111 | Glenburn v Troon | U19
223 | Glenvale AFC v Barrhead YFC | U13
224 | Glenvale AFC v Harmony Row | U17
325 | Glenvale AFC v St Andrews BC | U13
26 | Glenvale v Westpark United Sky | U15
317 | Grange Academy v Braidhurst HS | U14
323 | Grange Academy v Greenwood Academy | U14
260 | Greenlaw v Hawick | U13
306 | Hamilton Accies BC v Renfrew Victoria | U15
191 | Hamilton Accies v Celtic BC | U16
186 | Hamilton Accies v Rossvale | U16
225 | Hamilton Accies v The Celtic BC | U16
326 | Hampden BC v Summerston BC | U13
315 | Harmony Row FC v EKFC | U17
61 | Harmony Row v Rossvale | U13
240 | Hawick v Kelso | U14
7 | Hearts v Celtic | U13G
1 | Hearts v Central Girls FA | U13G
205 | Hibernian v Forfar Farmington | 17G
209 | Hibernian v Hearts | 13G
239 | Hillwood BC v St Peters BC | U16
148 | Holyrood HS v Bearsden HS | U13
80 | Houston United v Giffnock Napoli | U14
64 | Hutchison Vale Colts v Gala Fairydean Rovers | U13
42 | Hutchison Vale FC v Edina Hibs CFC | U14
203 | Hutchison Vale v Calvary Park | U17
283 | Hutchison Vale v Leith Athletic | U17
255 | Hutchison Vale v Loanhead Miners | U16
290 | Hutchison Vale v Musselburgh Windsor 96 | U19
319 | Hutchison Vale v Newcraighall Leith Vics | U14
228 | Hutchison Vale v Shotts YMCA Reds | U17
97 | Hutchison Vale v Tynecastle | U17
244 | James Young HS v Deans HS | U13
313 | James Young HS v Linlithgow Academy | U18
136 | Jeanfield Swifts v Kelty Marian Colts | U19
78 | Jerviston FC v Tynecastle FC | U13
196 | Kelso FC v Leithen Rovers | U17
162 | Kelty Marian Colts v Elgin Star | U15
117 | Kelty Marian Colts v Spurs Juniors | U17
109 | Kennoway United v Kelty Marian Colts | U16
158 | Kildrum United v East End Thistle | U19
212 | Kilsyth Athletic v Carbrain BC | U14
20 | Kilsyth Athletic v Rangers SABC | U14
149 | Kingseat Athletic Colts v Luncarty Juniors | U14
41 | Kingseat v Blue Brazil | U14
165 | Kinross Colts v Kirkcaldy YM | U17
121 | Kirkcaldy YM v Fife Southern | U16
199 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Grahamston | U17
200 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Grahamston | U17
198 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Milton FC | U17
294 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Riverside Blues | U17
133 | Kirkliston South Queensferry v Gala Fairydean Rovers | U14
68 | KSC Pheonix v Irvine Meadow Youth | U16
128 | KSC Town v Troon Thistle | U17
286 | Lanark United v Murieston United Blue | U16
160 | Lanarkshire v Paisley | U15
213 | Largs Academy v Carrick Academy | U16
57 | Largs Colts v Crosshouse | U13
150 | Larkhall Athletic v Muirton AFC | U15
236 | Larkhall United v Jerviston | U14
312 | Letham FC v Jeanfield Swifts | U16
299 | Lewis United v Deveronvale FC | U17
273 | Linlithgow Academy v St Margarets Academy | U13
134 | Linlithgow Rose v Boroughmuir Thistle | U15G
206 | Linlithgow Rose v Hibernian | 15G
332 | Linwood Rangers v Beith Juniors | U16
135 | Livingston FCBC v North Merchiston | U15
91 | Loanhead v Musselburgh Windsor 96 | U19
75 | Longniddry Villa Colts v Edinburgh City | U14
113 | Longniddry Villa Colts v Lauriston Thistle | U14
156 | Longniddry Villa v Hutchison Vale Colts | U14
166 | Maryhill Juniors v Bishopton Juniors | U21
309 | Mill United Colts v Blantyre BC | U17
69 | Mill United v Airdrieonians BC | U13
287 | Mill United v EK Caledonian Thistle Red | U13
33 | Mill United v Gairdoch United | U13
89 | Mill United v Lenzie YC | U16
232 | Milngavie Wanderers v Coltswood Athletic | U16
44 | Milton FC v Auchterarder Juniors | U13
291 | Milton FC v Auchterarder Juniors | U13
305 | Milton FC v Syngenta Juveniles | U15
115 | Milton Rovers v Drumsagard | U14
266 | Moorlands BC v Cumbernauld Colts | U17
170 | Mossend v Dalziel | U15
318 | Mossvale & St James BC v Eastwood Juveniles | U17
83 | Murieston United Reds v Linlithgow Rose Maroon | U16
66 | Musselburgh Windsor v Edina Hibs CFC | U13
259 | Musselburgh Windsor v Leith Athletic | U21
238 | Newcraighall Leith Vics v Edina Hibs CFC | U14
161 | Newcraighall Leith Vics v Spartans FC Youth | U19
23 | Newcraighall Leith Vics v Tynecastle | U14
126 | North Kelvin United v Redstar FC | U14
21 | North Kelvin United v Rossvale United | U14
116 | North Merchiston FC v Craigroyston FC | U13
50 | North Merchiston FC v Cramond FC | U15
169 | Notre Dame v Penicuik HS | U18
263 | Oban Saints v Ardencaple | U15
245 | Old Firm Alliance v Gartsherrie | U14
76 | Park Villa v Glenvale | U13
176 | Penicuik HS v Newbattle HS | Seniors
38 | PFD United v Dumbarton Riverside | U13
310 | Polbeth United v Murieston United White | U17
54 | Pollock United Red v Glasgow East | U16
178 | Prestwick v AC Irvine | U13
250 | Pumpherston United v Armadale Thistle | U13
9 | Rangers v Glasgow City | U17G
5 | Rangers v Hamilton Accies | U17G
51 | Redpath Albion v Penicuik Athletic YFC Reds | U14
264 | Redstar FC v AC Rovers | U14
34 | Renfrew Victoria v East Kilbride | U15
256 | Renfrew Victoria YFC v Hillwood Boys Club | U15
174 | Renton Craigandro Black v Dumbarton Riverside | U14
49 | Riverside FC Reds v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy | U17
194 | Riverside FC v East Stirlingshire | U16
320 | Rossvale Thistle v Airdrieonians BC | U13
143 | Rossvale Thistle v Leith Athletic | U17
270 | Rossvale Thistle v Moorlands BC | U17
308 | Rossvale Thistle v Syngenta Juveniles | U17
108 | Rossvale v Cleland BC | U13
281 | Rossvale v Milton FC | U16
31 | Rothes Juniors v Crosshouse | U15
71 | Rothes Juniors v Jeanfield Swifts | U14
171 | Scotland Schoolboys v England School Boys | U18
90 | Scotland Schoolboys v Republic of Ireland Schoolboys | U18
105 | Scotland Schoolgirls v England Schoolgirls | U15
103 | Scotland Schoolgirls v Northern Ireland Schoolgirls | U15
104 | Scotland Schoolgirls v RO Ireland Schoolgirls | U15
102 | Scotland Schoolgirls v Wales Schoolgirls | U15
300 | Scottish Youth Champions Leaugue 2015 (Fraserburgh v Hutchison Vale and Fraserburgh v Milngavie Wanderes) v | U16
277 | Shotts Vics v Bathgate Vale Pumas | U15
72 | Spartans FC Reds v Hutchison Vale | U16
261 | Spartans FC v AC Oxgangs | U19
311 | Spartans FC v Hutchison Vale | U16
154 | Spartans FC v Tynecastle FC | U13
58 | Spartans Reds v Hillwood Boys Club | U16
147 | Spartans Reds v Hutchison Vale | U16
131 | Spartans Reds v Tynecastle FC | U16
307 | St Andrews Red v Port Glasgow BC | U13
167 | St Johns Rovers v Hillfield Swifts | U17
168 | St Ninians v Notre Dame | U13
314 | St Peters FC v Hillwood BC | U16
182 | Steins Thistle v Finnart AFC | U16
215 | Stenhousemuir v Cumbernauld Colts | U14
329 | Syngenta Juveniles v Airdrieonians BC | U13
257 | Syngenta Juveniles v Jimmy Johnstone Academy | U13
96 | Syngenta Juveniles v Lewis United | U17
216 | Syngenta Juveniles v Milton FC | U15
192 | Terregles FC v Galloway Thistle | U17
25 | The Celtic BC v Westerton United | U15
159 | Townhill FC v Burntisland Shipyard | U16
157 | Tranent Colts FC v Dunbar United Colts | U13
247 | Troon FC v Kilwinning Rangers | U19
175 | Tullibody CC v Alva Swifts | U16
67 | Tullibody Hearts v East Fife JSC Gold | U14
118 | Tynecastle FC Colts v North Berwick Colts | U13
324 | Tynecastle FC v Bonnyrigg Rose | U21
110 | Tynecastle FC v Edina Hibs CFC | U13
177 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale | U14
267 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale | U13
322 | Tynecastle FC v Newcraighall Leith Vics | U14
316 | Tynecastle FC v Spartans FC | U14
27 | Tynecastle v Lewis Utd Youth | U13
73 | University of Aberdeen v University of Edinburgh | Men
220 | University of Edinburgh v Spartans FC Youth | U20
74 | University of Stirling v Robert Gordon University | Women
56 | Valspar FC v Ayr Boswell | U15
138 | Valspar FC v Crosshouse | U15
139 | Valspar FC v Glenburn MW | U14
142 | Valspar FC v Prestwick | U13
144 | Victoria FC v Linlithgow Rose Maroon | U15
37 | Wasps Community Club v Syngenta Juveniles | U15
62 | West Fife Phoenix v Kinross Colts | U14
181 | West Park Navy v Craigpark Colts | U13
77 | Westerton United v St Andrews BC | U13
258 | Westwood Rovers v Dalziel BC | U16
214 | Whitburn Academy v Linlithgow Academy | U16
251 | Whitburn Millenium v Victoria FC | U15
302 | Whitburn Thistle v Murieston United Blue | U13
46 | Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers v West Park United | U21
45 | Wolves v Jerviston FC | U13
98 | Woodmill HS v Auchmuty HS | U14
101 | Woodmill HS v Beath HS | Seniors

Season 2015/16
A454 | Aberdeen FCL v Deveronvale FC | 16G
A453 | Aberdeen FCL v Elgin City | 13G
A148 | Aberdeen FCL v Glasgow City | 13G
A259 | Aberdeen v Forth Valley | U18
A32 | AC Oxgangs vs Livingston FCBC | U14
A146 | AC Rovers v Yett Farm | U14
A303 | Affinity Games 10th April | Amt
A317 | Affinity Games 15th April | Amt
A284 | Affinity Games 20th March | Amt
A286 | Affinity Games 26th March | Amt
A287 | Affinity Games 26th March | Amt
A301 | Affinity Games 3rd April | Amt
A109 | Airdrie United v St Peters FC | U13
A84 | Alba Thistle v Gourock YAC | U13
A346 | ALC Athletic v Banks o' Dee Albion | U16
A291 | Alloa Academy v Larbert HS | U15
A457 | Alva Swifts v Sauchie Juniors | U17
A102 | Alva Swifts v Stenhousemuir FC | U17
A336 | AM Soccer v The Norries | U19
A175 | Andalus Ansar vs Minorities Youth Foundation | U19
A360 | Andy's Soccer Academy v Carbrain BC Sky | U9
A321 | Andy's Soccer Academy v Lenzie YC | U9
A388 | Antonine FC v Rutherglen Glencairn | U21
A161 | Arbroath Lads Club vs Cunninghame Youth | U13
A260 | Arbroath Lads v Pitfour FC | U13
A418 | Arthurlie Juniors v Benburn Juniors | U19
A419 | Arthurlie Juniors v Drumchapel United | U17
A230 | Arthurlie Juniors v Vale of Leven | U19
A329 | Arthurlie Juniors vs Gourock YAC | U17
A246 | Aston Villa v Flemington FC | U14
A224 | Aston Villa v Milan BC | U15
A391 | Auchinleck Academy v St Matthew's Academy | U18G
A390 | Ayr Boswell v Crosshouse FC | U16
A347 | Ayr Boswell v Valspar FC | U16
A290 | Balfron HS v St Modans HS | U14
A71 | Baljaffray FC vs BSC Glasgow | U16
A85 | Baljaffray v OLM United | U15
A368 | Banks o' Dee Albion v Banchory Boys Pumas | U14
A172 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Ayr Boswell BC | U16
A393 | Banks o'Dee Albion v Culter Boys | U15
A392 | Banks o'Dee Albion v Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC | U17
A173 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Gleniffer Thistle | U13
A200 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Musselburgh Windsor | U13
A201 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Tynecastle FC | U16
A110 | Banks O'Dee Albion v West Park United Navy | U14
A6 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Bon Accord Youth | U16
A328 | Bannerman HS v St Johns HS | U18
A225 | Bannockburn Amateurs v Central Boys FA | U16
A304 | Barrhead Arthurlie v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy | U21
A261 | Barrhead YFC Rovers vs Langcraigs FC | U13
A458 | Barrhead YFC v EKFC Blue | U15
A420 | Barrhead YFC v Rossvale United | U13
A67 | Barrhead YFC vs Erskine YFC | U13
A158 | Barrhead YFC vs Mill United | U15
A337 | Bathgate Academy v Lasswade HS | U18G
A394 | Bathgate Thistle v Gairdoch United FC Black | U14
A369 | Bathgate Thistle v Linlithgow Rose | U13
A33 | Bayside FC vs Tullibody Hearts | U14
A345 | BB National Finals | U15
A235 | Beechwood FC v Bonnyrigg Rose Reds | U17
A308 | Bellfield Royals v Ayr Boswell | U13
A395 | Bellfield Royals v Dalrymple Thistle | U13
A247 | Bellfield Royals v Glenburn MW | U13
A47 | Benarty Astros vs Bayside FC | U14
A53 | Bervie Caley v Stoneywood BC | U17
A262 | Beveridge Lions FC Reds v Pitreavie Pumas | U14
A451 | Bishopbriggs Academy v Lenzie Academy | U18
A366 | Bishopbriggs Academy v Lourdes Secondary | U18
A86 | Blackburn United v Craigshill Thistle | U15
A218 | Blackburn United v Linlithgow Rose | U16
A397 | Blairgowrie v Crieff Juniors | U14
A263 | Blantyre BC v Wishaw WW | U17
A62 | Blantyre BC vs Baillieston BC | U19
A165 | Blantyre SA vs Giffnock SC Reds | U14
A111 | Blue Brazil v Giffnock SC Napoli | U15
A145 | Blue Brazil v The Celtic BC | U15
A20 | Blue Brazil vs Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts | U13
A112 | Bo'ness United CFC Partisan v Stenhousemuir BC | U13
A28 | Bonnybridge vs Coatshill BC | U15
A226 | Bonnybridge Youth v Grahamston FC | U13
A421 | Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic 'A' v Leith Athletic FC | U21
A211 | Bonnyrigg Rose Colts v Murieston United Blue | U14
A422 | Bonnyrigg Rose Colts v Tynecastle FC | U14
A370 | Bonnyrigg Rose FC v Hutchison Vale FC | U16
A113 | Bonnyrigg Rose v Blairgowrie Youth | U14
A114 | Bonnyrigg Rose v Broughty United | U19
A115 | Bonnyrigg Rose v Glenvale AFC | U13
A41 | Bonnyrigg Rose vs Kirkliston South Queensferry | U13
A210 | Bonnyton Thistle v Rutherglen Glencairn | U21
A398 | Breadalbane v Crieff Juniors | U13
A52 | Brechin City v Carnoustie Panmure | U14
A311 | Brechin City v Fairmuir BC | U13
A176 | Broomhill SC Blue v Ardencaple FC | U16
A184 | Broomhill SC v Wolves BC | U13
A63 | Broxburn Athletic Colts United vs Bo'Ness United | U13
A212 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Antonine Black | U19
A116 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Cleland BC | U15
A338 | Brunswick FC v Milton FC | U19
A248 | Cairnhill FC v Clyde FC | U12
A249 | Caledonian Colts v Crosshouse 2001 | U15
A117 | Cambuslang FA v Culter FC | U19
A93 | Campsie BC v Carbrain Sky | U17
A367 | Cantera FC v BSC Glasgow | U15
A250 | Cantera Red v Harmony Row | U15
A60 | Carbrain BC v Bridgend BC | U13
A313 | Carnoustie FC v Pitfour FC | U16
A399 | Carnoustie Panmure v Dundee Rangers | U15
A11 | Carnoustie vs Pitfour FC | U13
A144 | Celtic FC v Glasgow City | 17G
A150 | Celtic FC v Glasgow City | 17G
A79 | Celtic FC vs Glasgow City | 13G
A149 | Central Girls FA v Glasgow City | 15G
A80 | Central Girls vs Glasgow Girls | 15G
A55 | Central Girls vs Stenhousemuir FC | 13G
A178 | Central Region v South East Region | U15G
A264 | Clarkston AAC vs Giffnock SC Black | U13
A227 | Coatshill BC v Mill United Colts | U14
A400 | Colony Park v Banks O'Dee Albion | U16
A203 | Colony Park v Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC | U13
A199 | Cove Boys v Newmachar United | U14
A330 | Craigroyston BC v Edina Hibs CFC 2002 | U14
A5 | Craigroyston BC vs Currie Star | U13
A213 | Crieff Juniors v Blairgowrie YFC | U13
A36 | Crieff Juniors vs Valleyfield Colts | U14
A8 | Crosshill Thistle vs Crosshouse BC | U13
A401 | Crosshouse BC Athletic v Hurlford United | U15
A183 | Crosshouse BC v Ayr Boswell | U13
A228 | Culter Rovers v Ellon Meadows | U17
A251 | Cumbernauld Colts v East Kilbride FC | U20
A188 | Cumbernauld Colts v EK Burgh United | U17
A402 | Cumbernauld Colts v Hamilton Accies FC | U13
A103 | Cumbernauld Colts v Syngenta Juveniles | U13
A94 | Cumbernauld Colts v Syngenta Juveniles | U13
A30 | Cumbernauld Colts vs Blantyre SA | U13
A155 | Cumbernauld Colts vs Holytown Colts | U13
A403 | Cumnock Academy v Kilwinning Academy | U15
A294 | Cumnock Juniors v Prestwick Community | U15
A265 | Cumnock Juniors YFC v Glenburn MW | U15
A307 | Currie Star FC v St Bernards BC Mid Blues | U13
A191 | Currie Star v AC Oxgangs | U15
A119 | Currie Star v Tynecastle FC | U19
A350 | Dalkeith Miners v Redhall Star YFC | U16
A87 | Dalkeith Miners v Tranent Colts | U15
A322 | Dee Club v Dundee Villa | U19
A64 | DFC Wanderers vs Forfar Boys | U13
A21 | Divit ST vs Real Fife | U13
A266 | Drumsagard FA v PFD United | U14
A12 | Drumsagard FA vs Summerston FC | U13
A351 | Dryburgh Athletic v Fairmuir BC | U14
A237 | Dryburgh Athletic v Scone Thistle | 13G
A120 | Duloch Juniors v Banks O'Dee Albion | U13
A26 | Dumbarton United vs Seafar Villa | U14
A267 | Dunbar United Colts v Cavalry Park | U17
A177 | Dunblane SC v Stenhousemuir FC Community | U13
A42 | Dundee Celtic vs Bayside FC | U15
A238 | Dundee United SC v Brechin City | U15
A352 | Dundee United SC v Dee Club | U19
A69 | Dundee United SC vs Duloch Juniors Black | U13
A121 | Dundee Villa v Dryburgh Athletic | U19
A404 | Dundee West v Craigie Thistle | U17
A459 | Dunipace Juniors FC v Dunbeth FC | U13
A122 | Duns Juniors v Monifieth Athletic | U16
A353 | Dyce BC v Banks o' Dee Albion | U13
A74 | Dyce BC vs Formartine United | U13
A75 | Dyce BC vs Formartine United | U14
A44 | East Fife Youth Academy v Pitfour FC | U16
A45 | East Fife Youth Academy v Real Fife | U14
A314 | East Fife Youths v Rosyth FC | U16
A179 | East Region v West Region | U15G
A54 | East Stirling v East Kilbride RR | U15
A123 | East Stirlingshire Galaxy v The Celtic BC | U14
A223 | East Stirlingshire Galaxy v Wolves BC | U14
A405 | Eastend Colts v Torrance FC | U14
A278 | Edinburgh City 99 v SV Amendingen | U17
A427 | Edinburgh City Blacks v Leith Athletic A Team | U13
A2 | Edinburgh City Blacks vs Leith Athletic FC | U13
A192 | Edinburgh City Jaguars v Edinburgh South | U13
A300 | Edinburgh City Jaguars v North Berwick Colts | U13
A234 | Edinburgh City v Arniston Rangers | U13
A327 | Edinburgh City v Kirkliston South Queensferry | U13
A31 | Edinburgh City vs Cramond FC | U16
A95 | Edinburgh South Colts v Seton CFC | U14
A406 | Edinburgh South FC v Hutchison Vale Colts | U14
A101 | Edinburgh University 2s v Stirling University Women 2s | W
A198 | EK Burgh Colts v Whitecraigs Viola | U14
A124 | EK Hotspur v Forfar West End | U19
A252 | EKFC Blue v EKRR Red | U16
A460 | EKFC Gold v Antonine FC Black | U19
A154 | EKRR Youth vs Broxburn Athletic Colts | U15
A371 | Elgin Star v Kelty Hearts | U16
A22 | Elgin Star vs DFC Wanderers | U13
A334 | Ellon Academy v Mintlaw Academy | U18G
A23 | Ellon Meadows vs Donside Juveniles | U14
A372 | Erskine YC v Glentyan Thistle | U21
A214 | Erskine YFC v Parkmoor BC | U19
A48 | Fair City v Bayside Colts | U16
A38 | Fauldhouse Foxes White v Currie FC | U15
A373 | Fauldhouse United v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U19
A96 | Fernieside FC v Leith Athletic Colts | U15
A312 | Ferry Athletic v Broughty United | U15
A374 | Ferry Yellow v Letham Tangerine | U17
A325 | Fife Southern v Kennoway United | U19
A324 | Finnart AFC v Burnhead Colts | U16
A147 | Finnart AFC v Celtic BC | U13
A207 | Finnart AFC v Rutherglen Glencairn Red | U13
A239 | Forfar Farmington v Jeanfield Swifts | 17G
A456 | Forfar Farmington v Jeanfield Swifts | 17G
A455 | Forfar Farmington v Raith Rovers | 15G
A215 | Formartine United v Deveronvale FC | U13
A40 | Formartine United YFC vs Turriff Bombers | U16
A318 | Fraserburgh Academy v Kemnay Academy | U13
A375 | Fraserburgh HS v Banchory Academy | U14
A376 | Fraserburgh HS v Mintlaw Academy | U15G
A245 | Fraserburgh Link-Up v Banks O'Dee Albion | U12
A216 | Fraserburgh Link-Up v Dyce BC | U14
A244 | Fraserburgh Link-Up v Insch & District | U11
A166 | Fraserburgh Link-Up vs Dyce Locos | U17
A331 | Gala Fairydean Rovers Colts v Penicuik Athletic Reds | U15
A450 | Gala Fairydean Rovers v Kelso FC | U17
A164 | Gala Fairydean Rovers vs Glenrothes Athletic | U15
A142 | Galloway Thistle v Greystone Rovers | U13
A354 | Gartcairn FA v Rossvale Madrid | U15
A125 | Gartcairn Youth Academy v Leith Athletic FC | U16
A474 | George Heriots v George Watsons | U18
A253 | Giffnock North v Broomhill SC Thistle | U15
A428 | Giffnock SC Napoli v EKFC Blue | U15
A126 | Girvan Youth v Riverside FC | U19
A82 | Glasgow City vs Hibernian FC | 17G
A72 | Glasgow East vs Beith Juniors | U16
A355 | Glenafton Athletic v Kilwinning Rangers | U19
A316 | Glenburn MW v Kilwinning Rangers | U19
A356 | Glenburn MW v Whitletts Victoria | U19
A153 | Glenrothes Strollers vs Pittenweem YFC | U14
A18 | Glentanar CFC vs Newmachar United | U16
A430 | Glenvale AFC v Airdrieonians BC | U14
A254 | Glenvale AFC v EKFC Blue | U14
A268 | Glenvale AFC v Haldane United | U13
A377 | Grange Academy v Broughton HS | U15
A193 | Grange FC v Wasp CC | U15
A108 | Greystone Athletic v Annan Athletic | U17
A407 | Greystone Athletic v Greystone Rovers | U17
A222 | Hamilton Accies BC v Stenhousemuir BC | U13
A461 | Harmony Row v EKFC Blue | U14
A462 | Harmony Row v Renfrew Victoria | U16
A127 | Harmony Row YC v Dundee Celtic BC | U16
A448 | Hawick Youth v Gala Fairydean Rovers | U14
A449 | Hawick Youth v Lauder FC | U15
A78 | Heart of Midlothian vs Aberdeen FCL 12s | 13G
A83 | Heart of Midlothian vs Celtic FC | 17G
A39 | Hearts Girls vs FC Kilmarnock | 17G
A37 | Hearts Girls vs KSC Blue | 13G
A97 | Hibernian FC v Raith Rovers | 17G
A81 | Hibernian FC vs Glasgow City | 15G
A315 | Hillfield Swifts v Kirkcaldy YM | U19
A463 | Hillwood BC v St Peters FC | U17
A13 | Hillwood BC vs Rutherglen Glencairn Red | U13
A408 | Holyrood Secondary v Graeme HS | U13
A306 | Hutchison Vale Colts v Cavalry Park | U14
A378 | Hutchison Vale FC v Spartans FC | U14
A128 | Hutchison Vale v Culter United | U14
A302 | Hutchison Vale v Spartans FC Red | U17
A171 | Hutchison Vale v Stenhousemuir FC | U15
A167 | Hutchison Vale vs AM Soccer | U17
A335 | Inverurie Academy v Mintlaw Academy | U15
A409 | Irvine Meadow Youth v Whitletts Victoria | U17
A410 | James Young HS v Royal High School | U18
A379 | Jeanfield Black v Blairgowrie YFC | U14
A204 | Jerviston FC v Glenvale AFC | U14
A380 | Jerviston FC v Syngenta Juveniles | U14
A174 | Jimmy Johnstone Academy v Jerviston FC | U14
A73 | Jimmy Johnstone Academy vs Strathendrick FC | U14
A269 | KCFC Garnock Valley v Prestwick CFC | U16
A447 | Kelso FC v Hawick Youth | U13
A241 | Kelty Hearts v Rothes Juniors | U19
A319 | Kemnay Academy v Mintlaw Academy | U18
A68 | Kennoway United vs Arbroath Lads | U13
A464 | Kilsyth Athletic v Wolves BC | U14
A381 | Kinross Colts v Thornton Hibs | U19
A270 | Kintore United v Newmachar United | U13
A285 | Kirkcaldy Eagles Barca v AM Soccer | U16
A197 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Bargeddie Colts | U15
A323 | Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Gartcairn FA | U15
A189 | KSC Barca v Hurlford | U13
A221 | KSC Barca v KSC Kilwinning Thistle | U14
A220 | KSC Barca v Rowallan FC | U13
A10 | KSC Blues vs Elgin FC | 13G
A298 | KSC Girls v FC Kilmarnock | 13G
A365 | Lanarkshire v Paisley | U15
A288 | Larbert HS v St Mungos HS | U13
A289 | Larbert HS v St Mungos HS | U18
A295 | Largs Colts v Ayr Boswell | U14
A98 | Lauriston Thistle FC v Calvary Park | U13
A411 | Leith Academy v Ross High School | U16
A340 | Leith Athletic A Team v Longniddry Villa FC | U13
A229 | Leith Athletic Colts v Redpath Albion | U15
A431 | Leith Athletic FC v Loanhead MYFC | U19
A357 | Leslie Hearts v West Fife Albion | U19
A57 | Lewis United v Deveronvale YFC | U13
A202 | Lewis United v Hutchison Vale | U15
A43 | Lewis United vs Deveronvale YFC | U14
A382 | Lewis United Youth v Westdyke CC | U15
A358 | Linlithgow Rose CFC v Armadale Galaxy | U14
A24 | Linlithgow Rose vs Dalkeith CYP | U16
A129 | Linwood Rangers v Blackburn United | U16
A255 | LKB United v Cowdenbeath United | U14
A16 | Loanhead Miners vs Fernieside FC | U17
A34 | Loch Lomond FC vs Bargeddie Colts | U15
A141 | Lochar Thistle v St Cuthbert Wanderers | U15
A341 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Rothes Juniors | U16
A152 | Lochgelly Albert Colts vs Harmony Row | U16
A130 | Longniddry Villa v Rossvale FC Munich | U13
A196 | Middlefield Wasps v Fraserburgh Link Up | U14
A56 | Middlefield Wasps v Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC | U16
A412 | Middlefield Wasps v Lewis United Youth | U14
A77 | Middlefield Wasps vs Cove BC | U15
A25 | Middlefield Wasps vs Longside BC | U15
A446 | Mill United v Steins Thistle | U19
A76 | Milngavie FC vs Clydebank FC | U15
A445 | Milton FC v Calderbraes BC | U16
A131 | Milton FC v Dalrymple Thistle | U13
A466 | Milton FC v Dunipace Juniors FC | U13
A132 | Milton FC v Rothes Juniors | U16
A465 | Milton FC v Syngenta Juveniles | U15
A472 | Milton FC v Syngenta Juveniles | U16
A133 | Monifieth Athletic v Broomhill BC | U17
A209 | Monifieth Athletic v Fauldhouse United | U16
A383 | Monifieth Athletic v Montrose YFC | U16
A283 | Monifieth Athletic v NCR | U16
A160 | Monifieth Athletic vs Dalziel BC | U16
A384 | Monifieth HS v Grove Academy | U16
A432 | Monifieth HS v Grove Academy | U16
A271 | Montrose v Dundee United SC | U14
A105 | Moorlands v Dalziel BC | U19
A433 | Morgan Academy v Grove Academy | U14
A58 | Motherwell CT v East Kilbride RR Red | U16
A99 | Murieston United Blue v Bathgate Thistle | U14
A190 | Murieston United Red v Murieston United Blue | U15
A134 | Murieston United Red v St Andrews BC | U16
A66 | Murieston United vs Edina Hibs | U15
A434 | Musselburgh Windsor FC v Spartans FC Reds | U17
A135 | Musselburgh Windsor v Johnstone Burgh | U21
A159 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Knockroon Thistle | U13
A231 | North Kelvin United v Eastend Colts | U14
A273 | North Merchiston FC v Earlston Rhymers | U14
A385 | North Merchiston FC v Edina Hibs CFC 2002 | U14
A435 | North Motherwell BC v Cleland BC | U13
A274 | North Motherwell BC v Gartcairn FA | U13
A19 | North Motherwell BC vs Budhill FA | U13
A180 | North Region v South West Region | U15G
A280 | Our Lady St Patrick HS vs Lasswade HS | U13
A256 | Paul Lawrie Foundation v Kintore United | U14
A162 | Peebles FC vs Lewis United | U13
A275 | Penicuik Athletic v Edinburgh City | U16
A100 | Petersburn Thistle v Armadale Falcons Calcio | U15
A436 | PFD United v Hamilton Accies | U16
A444 | PFD United v Kilsyth Athletic | U14
A136 | Port Glasgow BC v Airdrie United | U17
A187 | Port Glasgow BC v Barrhead YFC Colts | U17
A276 | Port Glasgow Juniors v Bishopton Juniors | U13
A342 | Preston Athletic YFC v Edinburgh City FC | U16
A35 | Prestwick CFC vs AC Irvine | U14
A9 | Prestwick CFC vs Rowallan FC | U13
A17 | Pumpherston United vs Hutchison Vale Colts | U14
A181 | Queen of the South v Greystone Rovers | U15
A1 | Rangers FC vs Boroughmuir Thistle | 15G
A282 | Riverside FC v Montrose YFC | U13
A29 | Rosebank United vs Syngenta Juveniles | U15
A292 | Rosebank v Kilmarnock Portland | U14
A27 | Rossvale Athletic vs Cleland BC | U13
A343 | Rossvale Inter v Condorrat FC | U17
A442 | Rossvale Madrid v Mossend FC | U15
A106 | Rossvale United v Giffnock SC | U13
A361 | Rosyth FC v Lumphinnans United | U21
A362 | Salvesen CFC Reds v St Bernards BC | U13
A89 | Salvesen CFC v Bonnyrigg Rose Red | U14
A137 | Scone Thistle v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy | U15
A467 | Scotland BC Red v Carbrain BC | U13
A297 | Scotland v England | U15G
A232 | Scotland v Northern Ireland | U18
A281 | Scotland v Wales | U18
A299 | Scotland v Wales 2001 | U15G
A296 | Scotland v Wales 2002 | U15G
A305 | Seafar Villa Blue v Carbrain BC Sky | U17
A90 | Seafar Villa Blue v Seafar Villa Red | U15
A138 | Shotts Victoria v Carnoustie Panmure | U16
A46 | Spartans FC Red v Shotts YMCA | U13
A91 | Spartans FC v Musselburgh Youngstars | U13
A344 | Spartans FC v Tynecastle FC | U14
A415 | Spartans FC Youth v Currie Star FC | U19
A332 | St Ambrose HS v St Ninian's HS | U16
A279 | St Ambrose HS v St Peter the Apostle HS | U16
A333 | St Andrew's Uni v Strathclyde Uni | M
A309 | St Bernards BC v Musselburgh Young Stars | U13
A3 | St Bernards BC vs Musselburgh Young Stars | U13
A92 | St Bernards Mid Blues v Currie Star | U13
A387 | St John's RC HS v Menzieshill HS | U18
A50 | St Mungo AFC v Rosyth FC | U21
A277 | St Peter the Apostle HS v Bathgate Academy | U18G
A339 | St Peters FC v Rutherglen Glencairn | U17
A49 | Stanley Socca v St James FC | U17
A182 | Steins Thistle v Rangers SABC | U17
A468 | Stenhousemuir FC Community v Riverside FC | U17
A473 | Stenhousemuir FC Community v Wasp CC | U14
A219 | Stenhousemuir FC v Alva Swifts | U17
A14 | Stonehaven City vs Colony Colts | U13
A233 | Stonehaven United v Mintlaw BC | U13
A169 | Stonehaven YFC City vs West End Red | U13
A320 | Strathclyde University v Edinburgh College | Uni
A441 | Syngenta Juveniles v Cumbernauld Colts | U13
A469 | Syngenta Juveniles v Dunblane SC United | U15
A107 | Syngenta Juveniles v East Stirlingshire | U16
A470 | Syngenta Juveniles v Hamilton Accies BC | U13
A243 | Syngenta Juveniles v West Park Navy | U12
A157 | Syngenta Juveniles vs Lewis United | U15
A163 | Tass Thistle vs Dundee West | U17
A185 | The Celtic BC v Clyde FC Community | U14
A15 | The Celtic BC vs Mill United | U13
A257 | The Norries v Kirkcaldy United | U19
A326 | Townhill v AM Soccer | U17
A4 | Tranent Colts FC vs Spartans FC Whites | U13
A439 | Tynecastle FC v Armadale Calcio | U15
A205 | Tynecastle FC v Fraserburgh Link-Up | U17
A440 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale FC | U16
A310 | Tynecastle FC v Leith Athletic FC | U19
A293 | Valspar 99s v Irvine Meadow Youth | U17
A194 | Valspar AC v Galston YFC | U13
A186 | Valspar FC v Caledonian United | U14
A140 | Wasp CC v Falkirk FCF | U16
A61 | West End vs Donside Juveniles | U13
A258 | West Park United v Cumbernauld Colts | U13
A471 | Westerton United v Drumsagard FAC | U13
A364 | Whitburn FCA Amber v Kirkfield Wallace | U16
A417 | Williamwood vs Castlehead | U13
A443 | Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers v Knightswood FC | U17
A416 | Wolves BC v Stirling City | U14
Season 2016/17
B23 | Aberdeen FCL v Celtic FC | 15G
B1 | Aberdeen FCL v Forfar Farmington | 15G
B415 | Aberdeen FCL v Westdyke CC | 15G
B184 | Aberdeen Uni v Stirling Uni | Wom
B156 | Aberdeen Uni v Stirling Uni 2s | Wom
B183 | Abertay Uni v Stirling Uni | Men
B416 | AC Irvine v Ayrshire Rosebank | U15
B15 | AC Oxgangs Blacks v Blackburn United | U19
B334 | Airdrie United BC v Gartcairn FA | U19
B96 | Airdrie United v North Motherwell BC | U14
B32 | Airdrieonians FC v Clyde FC | U20
B316 | Albion Rovers FCBC v Milan FC | U15
B235 | All Saints HS v St Peter the Apostle HS | U15
B366 | Antonine FC v Port Glasgow BC | U16
B480 | Arbroath Academy v Forfar Academy | U18
B236 | Arbroath Lads v Dundee Celtic | U12
B210 | Arbroath v Pitfour FC | U14
B417 | Ardencaple FC v Dumbarton United | U14
B367 | Ardencaple FC v Oban Saints | U17
B418 | Ardencaple FC v Port Glasgow Juniors | U17
B142 | Ardgowan Thistle v Whitletts Victoria | U21
B467 | Armadale Calcio v Syngenta Juveniles | U16
B16 | Armadale CFC Red v Polbeth United | U14
B287 | Armadale Red v Shotts YMCA | U14
B237 | Arniston Rangers v Beechwood FC | U14
B25 | Arniston Rangers v Crosshouse Boys Club | U14
B180 | Auchinleck Talbot v Beith Juniors | U14
B318 | Auchinleck Talbot v Caledonian YC | U14
B317 | Auchinleck Talbot v Largs Thistle | U16
B144 | Auchterarder Juniors v Milton FC | U13
B238 | Ayr Boswell v Valspar FC | U17
B166 | Balwearie HS v Dunfermline HS | U18
B319 | Banks o' Dee Albion v Inverurie Locos | U19
B55 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Blantyre SA Black | U14
B63 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Colony Park | U13
B13 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Ellon Meadows | U19
B239 | Banks o'Dee Albion v Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC | U17
B107 | Barrhead YFC v Stenhousemuir BC | U14
B288 | Bathgate Thistle v Kirkfield United Red | U14
B2 | Bayside FC v Aberdeen FCL | 13G
B22 | Bayside FC v Hibernian Ladies | 13G
B410 | Bearsden Academy v Turnbull HS | U18
B196 | Beath HS v Balwearie HS | U18G
B199 | Beath HS v Balwearie HS | U18
B488 | Bedlay CFC v Linlithgow Rose | 13G
B114 | Beith Juniors v Harmony Row | U19
B240 | Bell Baxter HS v Queen Anne HS | U16
B289 | Bellfield Royals v Glenburn MW | U14
B95 | Bellshill BC v EDFC | U13
B211 | Belmont Academy v Prestwick Academy | U13
B368 | Benarty Astros v Glenrothes Strollers | U15
B320 | Bishopbriggs Academy v St Andrew's Secondary | U18
B321 | Blackburn United v Grangemouth BC | U16
B120 | Blackburn United v Linlithgow Rose CFC Maroon | U15
B322 | Blackburn United v Whitburn Wolves | U13
B105 | Blantyre SA Black v East Kilbride FC Blue | U15
B212 | Blantyre SA Black v Holytown Colts | U15
B290 | Blantyre SA Black v Mossend FC | U15
B26 | Blue Brazil BC v Fairmuir BC | U14
B291 | Blue Brazil v Glenrothes Athletic | U16
B323 | Blue Brazil v Glenrothes Athletic | U16
B284 | Blue Brazil v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts | U13
B100 | Bonnybridge Youth FC v Riverside Athletic FC | U16
B241 | Bonnyrigg Rose 21's v Newtongrange Star | U21
B324 | Bonnyrigg Rose FC v Penicuik Athletic YFC | U19
B421 | Bonnyton Thistle v Prestwick CFC | U15
B242 | Bonnyton Thistle v Valspar FC | U19
B468 | Braehead FC v Sauchie Juniors | U19
B213 | Braidhurst HS v Queen Anne HS | U16
B325 | Braidhurst HS v St Ambrose HS | U15
B326 | Breadalbane Strathtay v Crieff Juniors | U14
B27 | Breadalbane Strathtay YFC v Johnstone Burgh | U14
B214 | Brechin City v Carnoustie Panmure | U16
B123 | Bridgend FC v West Park United | U14
B327 | Bridgend FC v West Park United | U14
B328 | Broughton HS v Preston Lodge | U16
B130 | Broughty Panthers v Douglas Lads | U14
B243 | Broughty United v Dryburgh Athletic | U15
B244 | Broxburn Academy v Banff Academy | U15G
B215 | Broxburn Ath Colts White v Murieston United Red | U13
B498 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Aberdeen FCL | 15G
B292 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Hutchison Vale FC | U19
B369 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Musselburgh Windsor | U19
B150 | Bucksburn Academy v Hazlehead Academy | U15
B167 | Bucksburn Academy vs Cults Academy | U18
B496 | Burnbank BC v Kirkshaws Colts | U12
B115 | Burntisland Shipyard v Jeanfield Swifts | U19
B216 | Burntisland Shipyard v Jeanfield Swifts | U19
B12 | Burntisland Shipyard v Lumphinnans United | U13
B59 | Calderbraes FC v Burnhead Colts | U17
B469 | Caldervale HS v Taylor HS | U14
B245 | Caledonian FC v Coylton FC | U13
B28 | Cambuslang FA v Stonelaw FC | U16
B108 | Cantera FC Red v Lewis United Youth | U16
B329 | Celtic FC v Glasgow City | 17G
B3 | Celtic FC v Rangers FC | 15G
B9 | Celtic FC v Rangers FC | 17G
B422 | Central Boys FA v Dunblane SC United | U16
B24 | Central Girls FA v Rangers FC | 17G
B246 | City of Glasgow College v Moray College | Wom
B52 | Clyde FC v Albion Rovers | U20
B29 | Clydebank FC v Bellfield Royals | U16
B151 | Clydebank FC v Bellshill Athletic | U16
B217 | Cockenzie Star v Bonnyrigg Rose FC | U19
B315 | Coleraine FC v Rangers FC Girls | 15G
B117 | Colony Colts v Colony Park | U16
B178 | Colony Colts v Middlefield Wasps | U16
B293 | Coylton FC v Irvine Thistle | U17
B30 | Coylton FC v Milton FC | U17
B17 | Craigburn BC v North Motherwell BC | U13
B294 | Craigmount HS v Portobello HS | U15
B408 | Cramlington Juniors Red v Crosshouse BC | U13
B111 | Cramond FC v Currie FC | U13
B187 | Cramond FC v Musselburgh Windsor Blues | U17
B330 | Crosshouse BC Athletic v KSC Rovers | U16
B31 | Crosshouse BC v Hamilton Accies Boys Club | U17
B423 | Crosshouse FC v Bonnyton Thistle | U13
B331 | Crosshouse FC v KSC United | U13
B152 | Cults Academy v Harlaw Academy | U14
B332 | Cumbernauld Colts v Central Girls FA | 15G
B21 | Cumbernauld Colts v Clydebank FC | U19
B140 | Cumbernauld Colts v Finnart AFC | U19
B424 | Cumbernauld Colts v Hamilton Accies BC | U14
B470 | Cumbernauld Colts v Stirling Albion JA | U13
B370 | Cumbernauld Colts v Syngenta Juveniles | U13
B129 | Cumnock Juniors v Crosshouse BC | U15
B97 | Currie Star v Arniston Rangers | U13
B247 | Currie Star v Easthouses FC | U16
B49 | Dalkeith Thistle CFC v East Kilbride FC | U17
B218 | Dalkeith Thistle CFC v Hutchison Vale Hornets | U13
B81 | Dalkeith Thistle CFC v St Bernards BC Strollers | U13
B202 | Dalziel BC v EKFC Gold | U17
B70 | Dalziel BC v Oban Saints | U16
B425 | Dalziel BC v Syngenta Juveniles | U17
B333 | Dean Thistle FC v Coylton FC | U13
B426 | Dean Thistle v Caledonian YC | U13
B122 | DFC Wanderers v Elgin Star | U14
B371 | Drumchapel Amateurs v Renfrew FC | U21
B110 | Drumchapel United v Dumbarton Riverside | U13
B33 | Drumchapel United v Kelty Hearts Colts | U19
B427 | Drumsagard FAC v Barrhead YFC | U14
B219 | Drumsagard FAC v Bellshill AFC | U13
B372 | Drumsagard FAC v Haldane United | U14
B248 | Drumsagard FAC v Holytown Colts | U13
B128 | Dryburgh Athletic v Ferry Athletic | U13
B145 | Dryburgh Athletic v Ferry Yellow | U19
B133 | Duloch Juniors Yellow v Kinross Colts | U14
B428 | Dumbarton Riverside v Kilpatrick FC | U15
B373 | Dumbarton United Yellow v Oban Saints | U15
B429 | Dumfries HS v Gryffe HS | U15
B164 | Dunblane HS v Alva Academy | U15
B430 | Dunblane SC v Bo'Ness United | U13
B471 | Dunblane SC v Dunbeth FC | U14
B472 | Dunblane SC v Stenhousemuir CFC | U15
B84 | Dunblane Soccer Club City vs Central Boys FA | U16
B134 | Dundee East v Letham FC | 13G
B232 | Dundee United v Ross County | U20
B72 | Dundee University v St Andrew's University | Women
B121 | Dundee West v Arbroath CSC | U13
B205 | Dundee West v Brechin Youth | U13
B165 | Dunfermline HS v Woodmill HS | U15
B473 | Dunipace Juniors v Dunbeth FC | U14
B474 | Dunipace Juniors v Stenhousemuir CFC | U15
B491 | Duns FC v Hawick Youth | U16
B153 | Dyce Academy vs Harlaw Academy | U14
B99 | Dyce BC v Leith Athletic FC | U14
B249 | Dyce BC v Westdyke CC | U13
B67 | East Calder Colts v Whitburn Wolves | U13
B374 | East Craigie Swifts v Forfar Boys | U16
B375 | East Kilbride FC v Spartans FC | U20
B295 | Easthouses FC v Currie Star FC | U16
B250 | Eastwood HS v Braidhurst HS | U18
B335 | EDFC v Stonehouse FC | U14
B431 | Edinburgh City Blacks v Hutchison Vale FC | U14
B251 | Edinburgh City FC v North Berwick Colts | U15
B376 | Edinburgh City FC v Tynecastle FC | U17
B146 | Edinburgh South CFC Reds v Craigroyston BC | U14
B208 | Edinburgh South v Dalkeith CYP | U16
B209 | Edinburgh South v North Berwick Colts | U13
B169 | Edinburgh Uni v Abertay Uni | Men
B252 | EK Burgh United v Blantyre BC | U19
B432 | EK Burgh United v The Celtic BC | U17
B220 | EK Hotspur v Dalziel BC | U19
B336 | EKFC Red v Finnart AFC | U17
B253 | EKFC Red v The Celtic BC | U17
B254 | EKRR Youth v Jerviston FC | U16
B255 | Elgin Star v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts White | U14
B190 | England v Wales | Wom
B191 | England v Wales | Men
B87 | ES Galaxy v Seafar Villa | U14
B256 | Fairmuir BC v Ferry Athletic | U17
B174 | Falkirk FCF Blue v Cumbernauld Colts | U14
B54 | Falkirk FCF Blue v Falkirk FCF White | U13
B365 | Fauldhouse United v Tynecastle FC | U17
B377 | FC Coasters v Murieston United Blue | U15
B337 | FC Kilmarnock Blue v Clark Drive Blue | 13G
B338 | FC Kilmarnock v Kilwinning SC | 15G
B257 | FDS 2001 v Westdyke CC | U16
B339 | Ferry Athletic v Dundee West | U14
B340 | Ferry Athletic v Fairmuir BC | U17
B378 | Ferry Athletic v Lochgelly Albert | U17
B160 | Ferry Athletic v Pitfour FC | U14
B296 | Ferry Yellow v Forfar West End | U19
B258 | Forfar Boys v Duloch Juniors | U13
B194 | Forfar Boys v Ferry Athletic | U13
B379 | Forfar Boys v St Andrews Colts | U13
B125 | Forfar Boys v St David's YFC | U13
B147 | Forfar vs Dundee West | U14
B181 | Formartine United YFC v Glentanar CFC | U15
B168 | Fraserburgh Academy v Alford Academy | U18
B197 | Fraserburgh Academy v Inverurie Academy | U15
B198 | Fraserburgh Academy v Inverurie Academy | U18
B297 | Gairdoch United v Kirkfield United | U16
B71 | Gairdoch United v Stonehouse BC | U14
B380 | Gala Fairydean Colts v Gorebridge United YFC | U16
B34 | Galston YFC v Mill United | U13
B381 | Gartcairn FA v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U16
B57 | Giffnock North BC v Hampden Weir FC | U13
B433 | Giffnock North United v Hampden Weir Rec | U13
B35 | Giffnock North v Glenrothes Athletic | U16
B382 | Giffnock North v Palace Park | U13
B383 | Giffnock SC Red v Glenvale AFC | U15
B384 | Giffnock SC Red v Rossvale FC Rovers | U15
B51 | Giffnock SC White v Pollok United SA | U13
B341 | Glasgow Girls v Celtic FC | 13G
B4 | Glasgow Girls v Hibernian Ladies | 13G
B259 | Glasgow Kelvin College v Dundee & Angus College | Men
B88 | Glen Thistle v Strathaven Dynamo | U15
B342 | Glenrothes Strollers Colts v Bayside FC | U16
B434 | Glenrothes Strollers v Lochgelly Albert Colts | U17
B64 | Glentanar CC v Deveronvale YFC | U13
B435 | Glenvale AFC v Airdrieonians BC | U15
B5 | Glenvale AFC v Drumsagard FA | U14
B343 | Glenvale AFC v Haldane United | U14
B385 | Glenvale AFC v Tass Thistle | U19
B420 | Greenwood Academy v Garnock Academy | U18
B475 | Grove Academy v Craigie High School | U16
B436 | Grove Academy v St Johns HS | U17
B476 | Grove Academy v St Johns HS | U18
B493 | Grove Academy v St John's RC HS | U18
B495 | Grove Academy v St John's RC HS | U16
B300 | Haddington Athletic Angels v Murieston United | 13G
B344 | Hamilton Academical v Cumbernauld Colts | U14
B386 | Hamilton Accies BC v Moorlands FC | U19
B497 | Hamilton Accies v Murieston United | 17G
B437 | Harmony Row v PFD United | U15
B68 | Harmony Row v Rutherglen Glencairn | U21
B438 | Harris Academy v Grove Academy | U13
B489 | Hawick Youth v Earlston FC | U13
B387 | Helensburgh FC v Dumbarton Riverside | U13
B171 | Heriot-Watt Uni v Aberdeen Uni | Men
B155 | Heriot-Watt Uni v Aberdeen Uni 2s | Men
B170 | Heriot-Watt Uni v Stirling Uni | Men
B439 | Hillwood BC v Harmony Row YC | U17
B18 | Hillwood Boys Club v Parkmoor FC | U13
B260 | Holyrood Secondary v Jordanhill School | U14
B80 | Holytown Colts v Cumbernauld Colts | U13
B298 | Holytown Colts v Milton Rovers | U14
B36 | Hurlford BC v Clyde FC Community | U16
B132 | Hutchison Vale Colts v Easthouses FC | U16
B388 | Hutchison Vale FC v Portobello CFA | U16
B345 | Hutchison Vale FC v St Bernards Midlothian | U13
B346 | Hutchison Vale FC v Tynecastle FC | U17
B195 | Hutchison Vale v Musselburgh Windsor FC | U19
B207 | Hutchison Vale v Tynecastle FC | U16
B42 | Hyndland Secondary v Glasgow Gaelic School | U14
T1 | IFA U17 Futsal World Cup | U17
B389 | Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Whites v Kennoway United | U14
B221 | Inverkeithing HS vs Queen Anne HS | U14
B347 | Irvine Meadow v Galston YFC | U13
B119 | James Young HS v St Margaret's Academy | U15
B390 | Jeanfield Swifts Red v Jeanfield Swifts Black | U15
B348 | Jeanfield Swifts v Luncarty FC | U16
B391 | Jeanfield Swifts v Pitfour FC | U13
B477 | Jerviston FC v Larkhall Thistle White | U13
B299 | Jerviston FC v Newton FC | U17
B118 | Jerviston FC v Scotland BC | U13
B69 | Jerviston FC v Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers | U16
B104 | Johnstone Burgh v Tower Hearts | U21
B490 | Kelso FC v Melrose FC | U14
B349 | Kelty Hearts Colts v Ferry Athletic Yellow | U19
B222 | Kelty Hearts v Eastvale | U17
B440 | Kelty Hearts v Rosyth FC Fury | U16
B37 | Kennoway United v Hamilton Academical Boys Club | U14
B127 | Kettle United v Crossford FC | U14
B137 | Kildrum United v Dunbeth Black | U13
B274 | Kilmarnock Academy v St Matthew's Academy | U15
B78 | Kilpatrick FC v Thistle Weir FC | U13
B441 | Kilsyth Athletic v Motherwell FCCT | U15
B175 | Kilsyth Athletic v Syngenta Juveniles | U15
B66 | Kilsyth Athletic White v Torrance FC | U12
B419 | Kilwinning Academy v Auchinleck Academy | U16
B392 | Kinross Colts v Glenrothes Athletic | U13
B261 | Kirkcaldy HS v Lourdes Secondary | U13
B8 | Kirkcaldy Inter v Templehall United | U13
B85 | Kirkfield United Reds v Linlithgow Maroon | U13
B179 | Knightswood BC v Rangers SABC | U13
B143 | Knockroon Thistle v Prestwick CFC | U14
B38 | KSC Barca Bulls v Glenrothes Strollers | U14
B77 | KSC Kilwinning Thistle v Galston Youth | U15
B39 | KSC Rovers v Gartcairn FA | U16
B262 | Largs Academy v Marr College | U15
B82 | Larkhall Thistle AFC Blue v North Glasgow Celtic | U13
B263 | Lasswade HS v Newbattle HS | U15
B264 | Lasswade HS v Ross High | U13
B350 | Leith Academy v Musselburgh Grammar | U18
B233 | Leith Athletic Colts v Earlston Rhymers | U15
B186 | Leith Athletic Colts v Portobello CFA | U14
B442 | Leith Athletic FC v Hutchison Vale FC | U13
B358 | Leith Athletic v Bonnyrigg Rose | U21
B40 | Leith Athletic v Newtongrange Star Academy | U21
B265 | Leith Athletic v Spartans FC | U14
B393 | Leith Athletic v Spartans FC Youth | U13
B301 | Letham Tangerines v Scone Thistle | U15
B302 | Lewis United Youth v Fraserburgh Link-up YFC | U16
B394 | Lewis United Youth v Peterhead Jags | U14
B443 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon v Blackburn United | U15
B65 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon v East Calder Colts | U13
B223 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon v Polbeth United | U14
B444 | Linlithgow Rose v Bathgate Thistle | U13
B492 | Lisbon Lions Trophy | U14
B303 | Livingston CFC v Broxburn Ath Colts United | U13
B224 | Livingston CFC v Linlithgow Rose | U15
B89 | Livingston FCBC Lions v Livingston CFC | U13
B395 | Livingston FCBC v Armadale Thistle | U15
B266 | Lochar Thistle v Annan Athletic | U15
B396 | Lochar Thistle v Annan Athletic | U13
B56 | Lochar Thistle v St Cuthbert Wanderers | U13
B159 | Lochend YFC v Arniston Rangers | U14
B397 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Benarty Astros | U15
B41 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Crosshouse Boys Club Athletic | U16
B106 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Elgin Star | U16
B76 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Glenrothes Strollers | U15
B304 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Rothes Juniors | U17
B267 | Lochgelly Albert Colts v Scone Thistle | U16
B225 | Lockerbie Academy v Stranraer Academy | U18
B226 | Lothian Schools v West Lothian Schools | U18
B305 | Lourdes Secondary v Holyrood Secondary | U13
B227 | Marr College v Cumnock Academy | U15
B138 | Maryfield FC v Arbroath CSC | U13
B228 | Mid Annandale FC v Greystone Rovers | U17
B86 | Mid Calder Colts v East Calder | U14
B351 | Middlefield Wasps v Lewis United Youth | U15
B43 | Milton FC v Dunbeth FC | U14
B200 | Milton Rovers v Blantyre SA Black | U14
B306 | Monifieth Athletic v St Murdochs | U15
B412 | Monifieth HS v Arbroath HS | U15
B268 | Monifieth HS v Grove Academy | U15
B269 | Monifieth HS v St Johns's RCHS | U14
B445 | Moorlands BC v Hamilton Accies | U19
B102 | Moorlands FC v Airdrie United BC | U19
B270 | Moorlands FC v Clydebank FC | U19
B446 | Moray Girls v Westdyke CC | 13G
B201 | Mossend FC v Jerviston FC | U16
B353 | Motherwell Amber v Bedlay CFC | 13G
B83 | Motherwell FCCT v Carbrain BC Claret | U13
B19 | Mugiemoss FC v Colony Colts | U13
B272 | Murieston United Blue v Broxburn Diamonds | U14
B93 | Murieston United Blue v Broxburn Diamonds | U14
B354 | Murieston United Blue v Fauldhouse Foxes | U16
B271 | Murieston United Blue v Kirkfield United | U17
B352 | Murieston United Red v Murieston United Blue | U17
B307 | Murieston United v Leith Athletic | U21
B398 | Murieston United v Leith Athletic | U21
B447 | Musselburgh Windsor FC v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U19
B273 | Musselburgh Windsor FC v Hutchison Vale FC | U14
B308 | Musselburgh Windsor FC v Leith Athletic FC | U14
B411 | Musselburgh Windsor v Hearts Girls | 15G
B409 | Musselburgh Windsor v Hearts Girls Maroon | 13G
B44 | Musselburgh Youngstars v Fauldhouse Foxes White | U16
B172 | Napier Uni v Edinburgh Uni | Wom
B94 | Nescol FC v UHI FC | Men
B448 | Newtongrange Star v Murieston United | U21
B90 | Newtongrange Star YDA v Bonnyrigg Rose Cobras | U14
B177 | Newtongrange Star YDA v Craigroyston BC | U14
B478 | Nicolson Institute v Ellon Academy | U13
B479 | Nicolson Institute v Ellon Academy | U14
B481 | North Motherwell BC v Dunbeth FC Black | U13
B50 | Northstar CFC v Westerton United FC | U13
B449 | Our Lady HS Cumbernauld v St Ambrose HS | U13
B399 | Our Lady's HS v Cathkin HS | U15
B139 | Palace Park v Southside Star | U13
B10 | Park Villa v Baljaffray FC | U14
B112 | Partan Craig v Monifieth Athletic | U16
B116 | Paul Lawrie Foundation v Glentanar CFC | U15
B158 | Peebles FC v Spartans FC Whites | U13
B20 | Penicuik Athletic YFC Blues vs Redhall Star YFC | U13
B275 | Peterhead Jags v Banks o'Dee Albion | U14
B355 | Pitfour FC v Letham Sky Blue | U13
B11 | Polbeth United v Kirkfield United Reds | U13
B356 | Pollok United v Dumbarton United | U14
B109 | Port Glasgow BC v Broomhill SC | U16
B73 | Portobello CFA v St Bernards BC | U13
B309 | Portobello HS v Queensferry HS | U14
B229 | Queen Anne HS v Balwearie HS | U15
B157 | Queen Anne HS v Woodmill HS | U14
B276 | Queen Margaret Academy v Marr College | U18
B53 | Rangers SABC v Westdyke CC | U16
B450 | Renton Craigandro v Lochgilphead Red Star | U13
B206 | Riverside FC v Dryburgh Athletic | U15
B310 | Ross High v Newbattle HS | U14
B400 | Rossvale FC v Harmony Row | U17
B277 | Rossvale Madrid v Drumsagard FAC | U16
B357 | Rossvale Madrid v Drumsagard FAC | U16
B451 | Rossvale Madrid v Drumsagard FAC | U16
B278 | Rossvale Milan v Calderbraes BC | U16
B494 | Rutherglen Girls v Stenhousemuir CFC | 15G
B482 | Sauchie Juniors v Riverside FC | U19
B45 | Scotland Boys Club v Blantyre SA Black | U14
B131 | Scotland v England | U18
B192 | Scotland v England | Wom
B193 | Scotland v England | Men
B182 | Scotland v Ireland | U18
B188 | Scotland v Wales | Wom
B189 | Scotland v Wales | Men
B62 | Scottish Youth FA v Melbourne Football Stars | U17
B61 | Scottish Youth FA v South Queensland State | U15
B135 | Shotts Victoria v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U17
B452 | Shotts Victoria v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U17
B60 | Spartans FC Colts v Stirling City | U15
B148 | Spartans FC Red v Salvesen CFC | U15
B176 | Spartans FC Reds v Craigroyston BC | U13
B401 | Spartans FC Reds v Craigroyston BC | U13
B6 | Spartans FC v Central Girls FA | 17G
B413 | Spartans FC v East Kilbride FC | U20
B234 | Spartans FC v Hutchison Vale | U15
B453 | Spartans FC v Tynecastle FC | U15
B203 | Spartans FC Whites v AC Oxgangs | U13
B402 | St Andrew's & St Bride's HS v Airdrie Academy | U14
B204 | St Bernards BC Mid v Musselburgh Windsor Blues | U14
B230 | St Bernards BC Midlothian v Hutchison Vale FC | U13
B141 | St Bernards BC Strollers v Edinburgh South CFC | U13
B113 | St Cadocs YC Thistle v Carolside FC | U14
B454 | St Cadocs YC v Rutherglen Glencairn JFC | U19
B403 | St Margaret's HS v Holy Cross HS | U13
B455 | St Mirren BC v Cantera FC | U16
B359 | St Mirren YFC v Celtic FC | 15G
B404 | St Mungo's HS v St Peter the Apostle HS | U18G
B456 | St Ninian's HS Giffnock v Queen Anne HS | U14
B405 | St Ninian's HS Kirkintilloch v Turnbull HS | U15
B286 | St Peter the Apostle HS v All Saints HS | U15
B311 | St Peter the Apostle HS v John Paul Academy | U14
B406 | St Peters FC v Cantera FC | U16
B279 | St Thomas Aquinas v Knightswood Secondary | U16
B46 | Stirling Albion Junior Academy v Lochend Youth Football Club | U13
B162 | Stirling City v Falkirk FCF | U16
B154 | Strathclyde Uni 3s v Stirling Uni 4s | Men
B74 | Strathclyde University v Stirling University | Men
B457 | Strathendrick FC v Stenhousemuir FC | U14
B124 | Summerston BC v Mill United | U14
B149 | SYFA South West v SYFA West | U16
B483 | Syngenta Juveniles v Armadale Calcio | U16
B484 | Syngenta Juveniles v Clyde FC Youth | U17
B458 | Syngenta Juveniles v Cumbernauld Colts | U13
B485 | Syngenta Juveniles v Cumbernauld Colts | U17
B98 | Syngenta Juveniles v Drumsagard FAC | U13
B459 | Syngenta Juveniles v Kirkfield United | U19
B173 | Syngenta Juveniles v Motherwell FCCT | U13
B460 | Syngenta Juveniles v Oban Saints YFC | U16
B47 | Syngenta Juveniles v Renfrew Victoria | U17
B461 | Taylor HS v Duncanrig Secondary | U13
B161 | Tayport v St Andrews Colts | U19
B92 | The Celtic BC v Cumbernauld Colts | U15
B462 | The Celtic BC v Hillwood FC | U13
B463 | The Celtic BC v Knightswood FC | U14
B486 | The Celtic BC v Motherwell FCCT | U15
B75 | The Celtic BC v Palace Park | U13
B360 | Torrance FC v AC Rovers | U15
B7 | Torrance FC v Albion Rovers | U15
B361 | Townhill FC v Crossgates Primrose | U19
B280 | Townhill FC v Kirkcaldy FC | U19
B48 | Townhill FC v Troon FC | U19
B58 | Townhill FC v West Fife Albion | U19
B281 | Trinity HS v Calderglen HS | U18
B282 | Trinity HS v Cardinal Newman | U18
B464 | Trinity HS v Cathkin HS | U16
B465 | Tynecastle FC v Fauldhouse United | U17
B103 | Tynecastle FC v Harmony Row | U17
B283 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale | U15
B362 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale | U15
B414 | Tynecastle FC v Hutchison Vale FC | U17
B285 | Tynecastle FC v Leith Athletic | U19
B466 | Tynecastle FC v Portobello CFA | U16
B363 | Valspar FC v Crosshouse BC | U14
B136 | Valspar FC v Kilmarnock Portland | U15
B185 | Victoria FC v Shotts Victoria | U17
B101 | Wales v Scotland | U18
B163 | Wallace HS v Alva Academy | U14
B487 | Wasp CC v Dunipace Juniors | U13
B407 | West End FC v Culter United | U13
B231 | West Park United v Antonine BC | U21
B312 | Westdyke CC v Banks O'Dee Albion | U13
B79 | Westerton United v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy | U16
B313 | Whitletts Victoria v Arthurlie Juniors Whites | U21
B314 | Whitletts Victoria v Glenafton Athletic | U19
B364 | Whitletts Victoria v Valspar FC | U19
C177 | Aberdeen Uni 4s v Strathclyde Uni 3s | Men
C222 | Aberdeenshire v Aberdeen | U18
C396 | Abernethy YFC vs Glenrothes Strollers | U19
C178 | Abertay Uni v Dundee Uni | Wom
C201 | AC Irvine BC v Largs Colts | U16
C69 | AC Rovers v Rossvale Inter | U14
C252 | Airdrie Academy v St Ambrose HS | U18
C424 | Airdrie FCBC v Kilsyth Athletic | U16
C413 | Airdrie United BC v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U19
C300 | Airdrie United v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U19
C355 | Airdrie United v Musselburgh Windsor | U19
C58 | AM Soccer v Real Fife Blues | U15
C198 | Annbank United v Valspar FC | U19
C194 | Arbroath Lads Club v Dundee United SC | U13
C400 | Ardencaple FC v Dumbarton Riverside | U13
C359 | Armadale Blue v Bathgate Thistle Black | U13
C255 | Armadale CFC Red v Gartcairn FA | U15
C489 | Armadale Falcons v Linlithgow Rose Maroon | U16
C455 | Armadale Falcons v Murieston United Red | U16
C51 | Armadale Red v Armadale Black | U13
C254 | Armadale Red v Broxburn Badgers | U13
C141 | Aston Villa BC v EKFC Gold | U14
C19 | Aston Villa Boys Club v Musselburgh Youngstars | U13
C125 | Auchinleck Talbot v Glenafton Athletic | U19
C261 | Auchinleck Talbot v Glenburn MW | U15
C284 | Auchmuty HS v Woodmill HS | U15
C210 | Ayrshire v Glasgow | U15
C486 | Balerno HS v Perth HS | U13
C24 | Baljaffray FC v Mill United | U13
C445 | Banchory Academy v Ellon Academy | U14
C397 | Banff Academy v Inverurie Academy | U18G
C321 | Banff Academy v Nicolson Institute | U18G
C373 | Banks o' Dee Albion v Westdyke CC | U17
C433 | Banks o' Dee Albion v Westdyke CC | U14
C73 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Baljaffray FC | U13
C74 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Blantyre SA Black | U16
C269 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Cove YFC | U13
C87 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Fraserburgh Link-Up | U17
C104 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Lewis United | U13
C270 | Banks O'Dee Albion v Westdyke CC | U17
C230 | Bannerman HS v Lourdes Secondary | U18
C379 | Bannockburn Amateurs vs Stirling Albion JA | U14
C352 | Barrhead YFC v Drumsagard FA | U15
C346 | Barrhead YFC v Vale of Leven | U21
C301 | Bathgate Rovers v Linlithgow Rose CFC | U14
C264 | Bathgate Thistle v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U13
C303 | Bathgate Thistle v Broxburn Diamonds | U15
C75 | Bathgate Thistle v Ellon Meadows | U13
C432 | Bathgate Thistle v Jerviston FC | U16
C108 | Bathgate Thistle Whites vs The Celtic BC | U13
C217 | Bayside 2001 vs East Fife Youth Academy | U17
C20 | Bayside FC Athletic v Broughty United Panthers | U13
C285 | Beath HS v Balwearie HS | U18
C212 | Beath HS v Kirkcaldy HS | U14
C327 | Beath HS v Queen Anne HS | U14
C138 | Beechwood FC v Salvesen CFC | U13
C213 | Bell Baxter v Beath HS | U18
C205 | Bell Baxter vs Kinross HS | U16
C196 | Bellfield FC v Glenburn MW | U15
C21 | Bellfield Royals v Bonnyrigg Rose | U15
C281 | Bishopbriggs Academy v Lourdes Secondary | U16
C292 | Blackburn United v Airdrie United | U19
C146 | Blantyre BC Yellow v Dalziel BC | U17
C122 | Blantyre SA Black v Airdrie FCBC | U16
C271 | Blantyre SA v Grassroots Development | U13
C272 | Blantyre SAC Black v Milton Rovers | U15
C313 | Blantyre SAC v Mill United | U16
C428 | Blue Brazil v Glenrothes Athletic | U14
C390 | Boclair Academy vs Notre Dame HS | U13
C494 | Bo'ness United v Alloa Rovers | U14
C139 | Bo'ness United v Auchterarder Juniors | U14
C399 | Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic v Murieston United | U21
C487 | Bonnyrigg Rose Blacks v Bonnyrigg Rose | 13G
C193 | Bonnyrigg Rose Pumas v Spartans FC Colts | U16
C132 | Bonnyrigg Rose v Edinburgh City Blacks | U15
C186 | Bonnyrigg Rose v Newtongrange Star | U21
C219 | Bonnyrigg Rose Whites v Earlston Rhymers | U14
C305 | Breadalbane v Letham Whites | U14
C251 | Broughton HS v Firrhill HS | U18
C55 | Broughty Panthers v Monifieth Athletic | U15
C275 | Broughty United v Ferry Athletic | U16
C358 | Broxburn Athletic Colts United v Livingston Lions | U13
C302 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v AC Rovers | U16
C430 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Bathgate Thistle Whites | U13
C488 | Broxburn Athletic Colts v Bonnyrigg Rose | 17G
C411 | Broxburn Diamonds v Kirkfield United Red | U15
C256 | Broxburn United v Bathgate Dynamo | U15
C22 | BSC Thistle v Mossend FC | U17
C185 | Bucksburn Academy v Hazlehead Academy | U14
C253 | Burnbank FC v Cleland BC | U13
C347 | Burnbank FC v Pro Football Academy | U13
C142 | Cairneyhill Athletic Blue v Kirkcaldy Eagles | U14
C99 | Calderbraes BC v Cleland BC | U13
C85 | Caledonian Thistle v Prestwick CFC | U15
C76 | Cambuslang FA v Kirkfield United | U13
C147 | Cambusnethen Talbot CFC v Mill United | U13
C296 | Campsie FC v Cumbernauld United | U15
C258 | Cantera FC Red v Clydebank FC | U17
C357 | Cantera Reds v Clydebank FC | U17
C23 | Carbrain BC v Kirkfield United | U13
C190 | Carnoustie Panmure v Ferry Athletic | U13
C163 | Carnoustie Panmure v St Andrews Colts | U17
C336 | Castlemilk FC v Busby AFC | U14
C320 | Cavalry Park v Dalkeith Thistle CFC | U19
C377 | Cavalry Park v Tynecastle FC | U16
C372 | CBC Hilton v Banks o' Dee Albion | U15
C17 | Celtic FC v Central Girls FA | 17G
C16 | Celtic FC v Hibs Ladies | 15G
C148 | Claremont AFC v Milton Rovers | U15
C65 | Coatshill BC v Mill United Colts | U16
C221 | Colony Colts v Huntly FC | U15
C410 | Colony Park v Fraserburgh Link-Up YFC | U16
C135 | Cove BC v Falkirk FCF | U13
C109 | Cove BC vs Erskine Youth FC | U13
C78 | Cove Boys Club v Kilwinning Rangers | U13
C60 | Cove Boys Club v Lasswade Thistle | U13
C159 | Cove Boys Club v The Celtic Boys Club | U13
C463 | Cowie FC v Stenhousemuir FC | U16
C199 | Coylton v Irvine Victoria | U14
C116 | Craigburn BC v Albion Rovers ITC | U14
C408 | Craigmount HS v Royal High | U14
C98 | Craigroyston BC v Edinburgh South CFC Reds | U14
C52 | Cramond FC v Redhall Star YFC | U14
C317 | Crieff vs Letham Tangerines | U13
C77 | Crosshouse BC v Banks O'Dee Albion | U14
C226 | Crosshouse BC v Coylton FC | U14
C283 | Crosshouse BC v Irvine United | U17
C229 | Culter United v Portlethen SC | U13
C158 | Cults Academy v Harlaw Academy | U13
C79 | Cumbernauld Colts v Bannockburn Amateurs | U14
C13 | Cumbernauld Colts v Glasgow Girls 12s | 13G
C4 | Cumbernauld Colts v Holytown Colts | U16
C123 | Cumbernauld Colts v Motherwell FCCT | U14
C259 | Cumbernauld Colts v Pollok United | U19
C415 | Cumbernauld Colts v Syngenta Juveniles | U19
C319 | Currie Star Colts v Gullane Athletic | U14
C102 | Currie Star Colts v Newtongrange Star YDA | U13
C345 | Currie Star Colts v Spartans FC Reds | U17
C189 | Currie Star FC v Craigroyston BC | U14
C314 | Dalziel BC v Wishaw WW | U19
C9 | Dean Thistle v Dalrymple Thistle | U12
C80 | Dean Thistle v Edinburgh South CFC | U14
C81 | Deveronvale FC v Milton Blue | U13
C82 | Deveronvale FC v Pitfour FC | U15
C361 | Drumchapel United v Helensburgh FC | U16
C170 | Drumchapel United v Oban Saints YFC | U14
C306 | Drumsagard FAC v Cantera FC Red | U17
C312 | Drumsagard FAC v Larkhall Thistle | U14
C3 | Drumsagard FAC v Newcastle East End | U15
C83 | Drumsagard FAC v North Motherwell BC | U15
C442 | Dryburgh Athletic v Glenrothes Strollers | U16
C165 | Dryburgh CC v Dundee West | U11
C12 | Duloch Juniors Yellow v Kinross Colts | U15
C348 | Dumbarton Riverside v Campeltown FC | U16
C349 | Dumbarton United v Ardencaple FC | U14
C115 | Dunbeth Black v West Park United | U14
C464 | Dunbeth FC v Milton FC | U13
C414 | Dunbeth FC v Milton FC Red | U13
C380 | Dunbeth FC v Sauchie Juniors FC | U15
C450 | Duncanrig Secondary v Braidhurst HS | U15
C112 | Dundee & Angus v Robert Gordon University | Men
C243 | Dundee Celtic v Kirrie Thistle | U14
C6 | Dundee United SC v Lumphinans United | 13G
C180 | Dundee West v Kirrie Thistle | U14
C435 | Dunipace Juniors v Stenhousemuir FC Community | U16
C363 | Dyce BC v Westdyke CC | U14
C341 | East Calder Colts v Livingston CFC | U14
C215 | East Craigie Swifts v Ferry Athletic | U17
C422 | East Dunbartonshire FC v Milan FC | U14
C101 | East Fife Youth Academy v Pittenweem YFC | U15
C149 | East Kilbride YC v Yett Farm | U13
C121 | Eastend Colts v Craigpark Colts | U16
C297 | Eastend Colts v Craigpark Colts | U16
C335 | Eastwood Juveniles vs EK Caledonian Thistle | U14
C168 | Eddlewood FC v Blantyre SA | U13
C49 | EDFC v Formartine United | U14
C127 | Edinburgh City Blacks v Cavalry Park | U19
C401 | Edinburgh City Blacks v Leith Athletic FC | U15
C26 | Edinburgh City Colts v Gartcairn FA | U14
C25 | Edinburgh City v The Nith United | U13
C384 | Edinburgh City Whites v Hutchison Vale | U17
C465 | Edinburgh City Whites v Hutchison Vale | U17
C27 | Edinburgh City Whites v St Cadocs YC | U15
C134 | Edinburgh South CFC Reds v Salvesen CFC | U15
C84 | Edinburgh South CFC v Dyce Boys Club | U13
C160 | Edinburgh South CFC v Longniddry Villa | U13
C496 | Edinburgh South CFC v Syngenta Juveniles | U13
C28 | Edinburgh South v East Stirlingshire Galaxy | U13
C183 | Edinburgh University v St Andrew's University | Wom
C298 | EK Rolls Royce v Knightswood FC | U13
C457 | EKFC Blue v Giffnock SC | U16
C29 | EKFC Gold v Cove BC | U19
C307 | EKFC Gold v EK Burgh FC | U19
C166 | Elderpark BC v Palace Park | U13
C242 | Elgin Star vs Rosyth FC Fury | U17
C370 | Elgin Star vs Valleyfield FC | U16
C278 | Erskine Athletic v Carolside SC U16 | U16
C153 | Erskine United v Beith Juniors | U15
C404 | ES Galaxy v West Park United White | U13
C287 | Everton BC v St Cadocs YC | U15
C30 | Fairmuir BC v Crosshouse BC | U13
C310 | Fairmuir BC v Riverside CSC | U13
C244 | Fairmuir Violet v Ferry Athletic | U19
C423 | Falkirk FCF Blue v Hamilton Accies BC | U15
C68 | Falkirk FCF v Auchterarder Juniors | U13
C119 | Falkirk FCF v Gairdoch United | U13
C360 | FC Coasters v Jerviston FC | U16
C130 | FC Kirkwood v Larkhall Thistle AFC | U13
C86 | Ferry Athletic v Lewis United Youth | U13
C368 | Ferry Athletic vs Fairmuir | U16
C492 | Forfar Academy v Brechin HS | U14
C8 | Forfar Farmington v Aberdeen FCL | 17G
C181 | Forfar West End v Ferry Athletic | U19
C110 | Formartine United Youth vs Bellshill BC | U14
C118 | Gairdoch United v Seafar Villa | U15
C220 | Gala Fairydean Rovers v Lochend YFC | U15
C161 | Gala Fairydean Rovers v Longniddry Villa | U14
C279 | Gala Fairydean Rovers v Longniddry Villa | U14
C438 | Galloway Thistle v Heston Rovers | U15
C448 | Galloway Thistle v Heston Rovers | U15
C381 | Gartcairn FA v Blackburn United | U15
C282 | Gartcairn FA v Eastwood Juveniles | U21
C412 | Gartcairn Football Academy v Kirkfield United | U17
C350 | Giffnock North v Johnstone Burgh | U13
C470 | Giffnock North v Knightswood FC | U13
C366 | Giffnock SC United v EKFC Blue | U17
C458 | Giffnock SC United v St Peters FC | U17
C72 | Glasgow City v Celtic FC | 17G
C18 | Glasgow City v Forfar Farmington | 17G
C31 | Glasgow East v Camelon Juniors | U19
C70 | Glasgow Girls 12s v Motherwell Girls | 13G
C420 | Glasgow Red Star v Lochgilphead Red Star | U14
C89 | Glenburn Miners Welfare v Portobello CFA | U13
C387 | Glenrothes Athletic v Pitfour FC | U13
C477 | Glenrothes Athletic vs Hill of Beath Hawthorn | U17
C277 | Glenrothes Strollers vs Kelty Hearts Colts | U19
C418 | Glentyan Thistle v Dumbarton Riverside | U15
C493 | Grahamston FC v Dunblane SC | U13
C490 | Grange Academy v Linlithgow Academy | U14
C485 | Grange Academy v Queensferry HS | U15
C143 | Grassroots Development Coaching v Kerse United | U13
C105 | Grassroots Development Coaching vs Portobello Community Football Academy | U13
C419 | Greenock FC v Helensburgh FC | U15
C209 | Greenock Morton v Airdrieonians FC | U20
C131 | Greystone Rovers v Stranraer FC | U15
C249 | Grove Academy v St John's RCHS | U16
C174 | Haddington Athletic v Edinburgh United | U14
C173 | Haddington Athletic v Penicuik Athletic | U13
C266 | Haddington Athletic v Penicuik Athletic | U13
C32 | Hamilton Academical CTFC v Calderbraes FC | U13
C474 | Hamilton Accies BC v North Motherwell | U15
C273 | Hamilton Thistle v Blantyre BC Yellow | U17
C33 | Harmony Row v Lewis United Youth | U16
C367 | Harmony Row v St Andrews BC | U19
C459 | Harmony Row v St Andrews BC | U19
C452 | Harris Academy v St John's HS | U13
C378 | Hawick Youth v Melrose FC | U13
C71 | Hearts Girls v Hibernian Girls | 15G
C176 | Heriot-Watt Uni v Napier Uni | Men
C409 | Hermes Youth v Inverurie Locos | U19
C437 | Heston Rovers v Annan Athletic | U13
C140 | Heston Rovers v Heston Rovers Colts | U15
C90 | Heston Rovers v Tynecastle FC | U13
C113 | Hill of Beath Hawthorn v EKFC Blue | U17
C137 | Hillfoots CC Blue v Dunbeth FC | U13
C34 | Hillwood BC v Stenhousemuir BC | U13
C234 | Holyrood Secondary v John Paul Academy | U15
C152 | Hurlford United v Auchinleck Talbot | U15
C64 | Hurlford United v Largs United | U9
C150 | Hutchison Vale Colts v Dunbar United Colts | U13
C332 | Hutchison Vale FC v Edinburgh City Whites | U17
C374 | Hutchison Vale FC v Lasswade Thistle | U13
C289 | Hutchison Vale FC v Spartans FC Youth | U17
C468 | Hutchison Vale v Edinburgh City | U13
C1 | Hutchison Vale v Glenburn MW | U13
C375 | Hutchison Vale v Linlithgow Rose CFC | U14
C484 | Hutchison Vale v Musselburgh Windsor | U14
C451 | Hutchison Vale v Tynecastle FC | U14
C276 | Inverkeithing Hillfield Blues vs Rothes Juniors | U16
C35 | Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts v Knightswood FC | U14
C429 | Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Whites v Blue Brazil | U15
C491 | Inverurie Academy v Banff Academy | U15G
C398 | Inverurie Academy v Turriff Academy | U15G
C263 | Inverurie Locos v Banks O'Dee Albion | U19
C237 | Irvine Thistle v Annbank United | U19
C318 | Jeanfield Swifts v Breadalbane Strathtay | U13
C208 | Jeanfield Swifts v Breadalbane Strathtay YFC | U15
C315 | Jeanfield Swifts v Scone Thistle | U15
C478 | Jeanfield Swifts vs Glenrothes Strollers | U19
C460 | Jerviston FC v Cumbernauld Colts | U19
C120 | Jerviston FC v Maddiston Minis | U14
C472 | Johnstone Burgh v Glenvale AFC | U15
C246 | Kelso FC v Loanhead MYFC | U13
C467 | Kelso FC v Selkirk FC | U15
C325 | Kelty Hearts Colts vs Cupar Colts | U16
C216 | Kelty Hearts Colts vs Glenrothes Athletic | U17
C144 | Kennoway United v Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts Yellows | U14
C126 | Kennoway United v Johnstone Burgh | U15
C36 | Kennoway United v Tynecastle FC | U13
C133 | Kerse United v Edinburgh City FC | U13
C37 | Kildrum United v Tynecastle FC Development | U13
C461 | Kilsyth Athletic v Blantyre SA Black | U16
C446 | Kilwinning Academy v Grange Academy | U15
C293 | Kilwinning Rangers v Glasgow East | U19
C184 | Kincorth Academy v Aberdeen Grammar | U13
C427 | Kirkcaldy FC Red v Glenrothes Strollers | U13
C382 | Kirkfield United v Gartcairn FA | U17
C106 | Kirkfield United vs Falkirk FCF | U13
C66 | Kirkfield United Whites v Murieston United Blue | U14
C475 | Kirkshaws Colts v Scotland BC Purple | U13
C311 | Kirrie Thistle v East Craigie Swifts | U17
C38 | Knightswood FC v Blue Brazil BC | U13
C103 | KSC Barca v Glenburn MW | U15
C63 | KSC City v Brandane Bulls | U14
C100 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers Galaxy v Caledonian Comets | U13
C200 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers v Glenburn Miners YFC | U13
C128 | KSC United v Largs Colts | U14
C334 | Kyle Academy v Loudoun Academy | U18
C447 | Largs Academy v Prestwick Academy | U18
C257 | Larkhall Thistle v Shotts YMCA | U13
C406 | Larkhall Thistle White v AC Rovers | U14
C343 | Lasswade HS v Musselburgh Grammar | U14
C353 | Lasswade HS v Portobello HS | U15
C59 | Lasswade Thistle Reds v Currie Star FC | U13
C330 | Lasswade Thistle v Musselburgh Windsor | U13
C238 | Leith Athletic v Murieston United | U21
C356 | Leith Athletic v Murieston United | U21
C466 | Leith Athletic v Musselburgh Windsor | U19
C187 | Leith Athletic v Tranent Juniors | U19
C443 | Leith Athletic v Tynecastle FC | U19
C206 | Lenzie YC v Eastend Colts | U16
C107 | Lenzie Youth Club vs Kerse United BC | U13
C371 | Letham Tangerines vs Jeanfield Swifts | U16
C316 | Letham White v Letham Tangerines | U15
C309 | Lewis United v Banks O'Dee Albion | U16
C391 | Linlithgow Academy vs Banff Academy | U18G
C431 | Linlithgow Rose CFC v Broxburn Athletic Colts | U14
C218 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon v Grangemouth BC | U17
C39 | Linlithgow Rose v Gairdoch United | U13
C495 | Lisbon Lions Tournament | U14
C192 | Loanhead MYFC v Kirkliston South Queensferry | U13
C476 | Lochgelly Albert Colts vs Valleyfield YFC | U16
C211 | Lochgelly HS v Glenrothes HS | U18G
C439 | Longniddry Villa v Dunbar United Colts | U13
C376 | Longniddry Villa v Leith Athletic | U15
C154 | Longniddry Villa v Lochend YFC | U13
C386 | Loundoun Academy v Largs Academy | U16
C280 | Lourdes Secondary v Our Lady & St Patrick HS | U14
C91 | Maddiston Minis v Northstar CFC | U14
C162 | Mearns Youth FC v Dundee Celtic Boys | U13
C231 | Meldrum Academy v Kemnay Academy | U18
C203 | Meldrum Academy v Mearns Academy | U18
C92 | Melrose FC v West End FC | U14
C40 | Milton Blacks v Hampden Weir RAFC | U14
C322 | Milton FC Black v Motherwell FCCT | U14
C136 | Milton FC Red v Dunblane SC | U13
C436 | Milton FC v Dunbeth FC | U15
C462 | Milton FC v Mill United | U14
C481 | Milton FC v Stenhousemuir FC | U17
C62 | Milton Rovers YFC v Aston Villa BC | U16
C41 | Milton Rovers YFC v St Andrews Colts | U13
C191 | Monifieth Athletic v Dryburgh Athletic | U16
C453 | Monifieth Athletic v Grove Academy | U17
C274 | Monifieth Athletic v Pitfour FC | U15
C288 | Monifieth HS v Brechin HS | U15
C369 | Monifieth HS v Websters HS | U18
C338 | Morgan Academy v Grove Academy | U16
C339 | Morgan Academy v Grove Academy | U18
C14 | Motherwell FC Claret v Bayside Black | 13G
C2 | Motherwell FCCT v Bellshill BC | U14
C42 | Musselburgh Windsor Blues v Cambuslang FA | U13
C426 | Musselburgh Windsor v Cavalry Park | U16
C425 | Musselburgh Windsor v Hutchison Vale | U13
C239 | Musselburgh Windsor v Hutchison Vale FC | U13
C403 | Musselburgh Windsor v Leith Athletic | U19
C482 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Boroughmuir Thistle | 13G
C483 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Lanarkshire Hibs | 15G
C56 | Musselburgh Young Stars v Edinburgh United Colts | U14
C395 | Newmachar Youth FC v Ellon Meadows | U14
C267 | Newtongrange Star v Murieston United | U21
C444 | Newtongrange Star YDA v Cavalry Park | U15
C342 | Nicolson Insitute v Alford Academy | U14
C260 | Nith United v Cumnock Juniors | U13
C340 | North Berwick Colts v Edinburgh City Whites | U15
C53 | North Merchiston FC v Edinburgh South Ospreys | U13
C151 | North Merchiston v North Berwick Colts | U16
C171 | North Motherwell BC v Albion Rovers ITC | U14
C43 | North Motherwell BC v Hurlford United | U15
C227 | North of Scotland v Aberdeen | U18
C44 | Northstar CFC Orange v Galston YFC | U13
C331 | Notre Dame HS v Williamwood HS | U13
C362 | Oban Saints v Dunoon YFC | U17
C164 | Oldmachar Academy v Cults Academy | U16
C175 | Oldmachar Academy v Cults Academy | U18
C233 | Our Lady St Patrick HS v Bearsden Academy | U13
C45 | Palace Park BC v Kilbowie Union | U13
C268 | Penicuik Athletic v St Bernard's BC Midlothian | U16
C440 | Peterhead Academy v Ellon Academy | U15
C383 | Petersburn Thistle v Blackburn United | U17
C365 | PFD United v Giffnock SC | U16
C441 | Pitfour FC v Blue Brazil | U15
C93 | Pitfour FC v Kerse United | U13
C195 | Pitfour FC v Monifieth Athletic | U15
C393 | Pitfour FC vs Fairmuir BC | U14
C304 | Pitfour v Bridge of Earn | U14
C241 | Pitreavie Pumas vs Glenrothes Strollers | U16
C250 | Preston Lodge HS v George Watsons College | U16
C197 | Prestwick CFC v Irvine United | U17
C111 | Prestwick Community FC vs St Andrews BC | U16
C7 | Raith Rovers v Jeanfield Swifts | 15G
C15 | Rangers FC v Hearts Girls | 15G
C324 | Rangers SABC v East Dunbartonshire FC | U16
C202 | Real Fife v Scone Thistle | U15
C155 | Renfrew FC v St Cadocs YC United | U13
C169 | Renton Craigandro v Drumchapel Amateurs | U14
C344 | Ross High v Newbattle HS | U15
C323 | Rossvale FC Munich v Falkirk FCF | U15
C117 | Rossvale FC Munich v West Park United | U15
C129 | Rosyth FC Reds v Jeanfield Swifts | U14
C407 | Royal High v Ross High | U13
C480 | Sauchie Juniors v Syngenta Juveniles | U19
C388 | Scone Thistle vs East Craigie Swifts | U17
C421 | Scotland BC Purple v Gairdoch United | U13
C245 | Scottish ISFA v Independent SFA | U18
C46 | Shettleston Juniors v Burntisland Shipyard | U14
C156 | Shotts YMCA v FC Kirkwood | U13
C224 | South East Region v West Region | U15
C385 | Spartans FC v Cumbernauld Colts | U20
C188 | Spartans FC v Edinburgh City | U20
C354 | Spartans FC Youth v Bathgate Thistle | U17
C469 | Spartans FC Youth v Hutchison Vale | U14
C240 | Spartans FC Youth v Tynecastle FC | U16
C232 | St Aloysius College v George Watson's College | U18
C291 | St Andrew's & St Bride's HS vs Holyrood Sec | U16
C228 | St Andrew's & St Brides v Braidhurst HS | U16
C214 | St Andrews Colts v Maryfield FC | U14
C225 | St Andrews Uni v Strathclyde Uni | Men
C172 | St Andrews University v Robert Gordon University | Wom
C247 | St Johns RC HS vs Baldragon Academy | U14
C248 | St Johns RC HS vs Harris Academy | U15
C394 | St Maurice's HS v St Margaret's HS | U14
C290 | St Ninians HS v Clydeview HS | U16
C286 | St Ninian's HS v Gryffe HS | U14
C328 | St Ninians HS v Woodfarm HS | U15
C351 | St Peters FC v Giffnock North United | U14
C471 | St Peters FC v Hillwood BC | U14
C94 | St Peters FC v Salvesen CFC | U17
C61 | Steins Thistle v Barrhead YFC | U21
C145 | Steins Thistle v Drumsagard FAC | U14
C124 | Stenhousemuir BC v Hamilton Accies BC | U15
C114 | Stirling Albion JA v Rangers SABC | U16
C434 | Stirling City FC v Armadale Calcio | U17
C179 | Stirling Uni v Edinburgh Uni | Wom
C329 | Stirling Uni v Tynecastle FC | U20
C262 | Stonehaven YFC City v Banks O'Dee Albion | U15
C223 | Stonehaven YFC v Fraserburgh Link-Up | U19
C95 | Stonehouse BC v Spartans FC Reds | U15
C333 | Stranraer FC v Annan Athletic | U17
C392 | Stranraer FC v St Cuthbert Wanderers | U17
C167 | Strathaven Dynamo v Blantyre SAC Gold | U15
C182 | Strathclyde University v Napier University | Men
C402 | Summerston BC v Oban Saints | U13
C473 | Syngenta Juveniles v Drumsagard FA | U17
C295 | Syngenta Juveniles v Kilsyth Athletic | U13
C47 | Templehall Rovers v Donside Juveniles | U14
C96 | The Celtic Boys Club v EK Caledonian Thistle | U13
C50 | Thistle Weir v Glenrothes Athletic | U13
C54 | Thornton Locos v Kinross Colts | U14
C236 | Townhead FC v Caledonian YC | U14
C294 | Townhead United v Dean Thistle | U14
C364 | Turriff United YFC v Northstar Orange | U13
C456 | Tynecastle FC v Musselburgh Windsor | U15
C97 | Tynecastle FC v Newmachar United | U15
C389 | Tynecastle FC v Spartans FC Youth | U16
C449 | Uddingston Grammar v St Ambrose HS | U15
C157 | UHI FC v Dundee University | Men
C88 | University of Aberdeen v Strathclyde University | Wom
C48 | Valspar FC v Camelon Juniors | U17
C10 | Valspar United v Cumnock Juniors | U13
C235 | Valspar United v Nith United | U13
C454 | Wallace HS v Kirkcaldy HS | U14
C479 | Wasp CC v Stirling Albion JA | U14
C57 | Wasp Community Club v Dunblane Soccer Club | U13
C67 | West Park Girls v Central Girls | 13G
C405 | West Park United Gold v Condorrat BC | U14
C337 | Whitburn FCA v Mid Calder Colts | U14
C265 | Whitburn Wolves v Broxburn Athletic Colts White | U14
C5 | Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers v Annbank Juniors | U19
C204 | Woodmill HS v Balwearie HS | U15
C11 | Woodwynd Wolves v KSC Boys | U12
Season 2018/19

D9 | Aberdeen Ladies vs Aberdeen Ladies Youth | U13G
D226 | Abertay University 1st vs University of Glasgow 1st | N/A
D418 | AC Irvine vs Ayr Boswell | U17
D484 | AC Oxgangs vs Peebles FC | U14
D187 | ACSC vs Dundee United SC | U15
D260 | ACSC vs Dundee West Royals | U14
D298 | ACSC vs Montrose Youths | U15
D163 | AFC Glasgow vs Peterhead BC | U15
D183 | Airdrie FC BC vs Blantyre SA Black | U17
D135 | Airdrie United vs Fraserburgh Link-up | U16
D27 | Airdrie United vs Syngenta Juveniles | U13
D556 | Airdrieonians Real BC vs Clarkston Athletic | U13
D591 | Airdrieonians Real BC vs Clarkston Athletic | U13
D246 | Albion Rovers YFC vs Cowie United | U17
D621 | Alford Academy vs Inverurie Academy | U15G
D132 | AM Soccer Club vs Tynecastle FC | U13
D44 | AM Soccer vs Dundee West Reds | U13
D348 | Arbroath High School vs Arbroath Academy | U18
D322 | Arbroath Lads vs Dryburgh Athletic | U13
D280 | Arbroath Lads vs Dundee Thistle | U14
D580 | Ardrossan Academy vs Kilwinning Academy | U18
D377 | Armadale Athletic vs Bathgate Thistle Black | U13
D198 | Armadale Blue vs Mid Calder Colts | U14
D365 | Armadale CFC Red vs Falkirk FCF White | U14
D261 | Armadale CFC United vs Polbeth | U12
D29 | Armadale Thistle vs Whitburn FCA | U15
D547 | Armadale United vs Mid Calder Colts | U15
D81 | Arniston Rangers YFC vs Currie Star Colts | U19
D2 | Arniston Rangers YFC vs Kelso FC | U13
D201 | Arthurlie Cantera vs EKFC Gold | U19
D577 | Ashfield Juniors vs Celtic Juniors | U14
D424 | Aston Villa BC vs Larkhall Thistle Blue | U15
D408 | Aston Villa Lions vs Carluke Athletic | U13
D35 | Ayr United vs Hamilton Accies | U15G
D402 | Banchory Academy vs Alford Academy | U15
D387 | Banchory Boys vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U17
D420 | Banchory Boys vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U17
D354 | Banff Academy vs Inverurie Academy | 19G
D39 | Banks o' Dee Albion vs Sunnybank FC Elite | U14
D152 | Banks O’Dee Albion vs ML4 United | U15
D199 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Dyce BC | U14
D238 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Dyce BC | U15
D157 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Lasswade Thistle | U14
D419 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Sunnybank Elite | U14
D1 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Wick Academy | U17
D439 | Bannerman HS vs Holyrood Secondary | U18
D503 | Barrhead YFC vs Giffnock SC | U16
D262 | Barrhead YFC vs Tower Hearts | U21
D588 | Bathgate Rovers vs Linlithgow Rose | U15
D114 | Bathgate Thistle Black vs Clydesdale FC | U13
D441 | Bayside Athletic vs Kelty Hearts | U14
D431 | Bayside FC vs Letham SC Tangerines | U17
D445 | Bearsden Academy vs Holyrood Secondary | U18
D267 | Bedlay vs Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers | U13G
D206 | Beechwood FC vs Redhall Star YFC | U14
D327 | Bell Baxter vs Dunfermline HS | U18
D352 | Bell Baxter vs Dunfermline HS | U18
D176 | Bellfield Royals vs Milton | U16
D291 | Bellfield Royals vs Valspar | U13
D85 | Bellfield Royals vs Valspar United | U14
D589 | Benarty Astros vs Fairmuir BC | U17
D18 | Bervie Caley YFC vs Kemnay FC | U13
D134 | Blackburn United vs Craigroyston | U13
D40 | Blackburn United vs Livingston FC Comm Yellow | U13
D434 | Blackburn United vs Symington Tinto | U14
D101 | Blairhall Villa AFC vs Kemnay FC | U13
D129 | Blantyre SA Black vs Largs Colts | U17
D148 | Blantyre SA Gold vs Bervie Caley Youth | U13
D509 | Blantyre SAC vs Dalziel BC | U19
D507 | Blantyre SAC vs Larkhall Thistle Blue | U15
D335 | Blantyre Soccer Academy Girls V Galston Madrid | U13G
D620 | Blue Brazil vs Glenrothes Athletic | U15
D385 | Blue Brazil vs Kennoway Star Hearts | U16
D483 | Boclair Academy vs Grange Academy | U14
D270 | Bo'ness United vs Stenhousemuir | U13G
D479 | Bonnybridge YFC vs Baljaffray Inter | U17
D253 | Bonnybridge Youth vs Stenhousemuir FC Community | U19
D551 | Bonnyrigg Rose vs Musselburgh Windsor | U15G
D338 | Bonnyton Thistle FC V Hurlford BC | U19
D93 | Bonnyton Thistle vs Giffnock Red | U14
D370 | Boroughmuir HS vs Braidhurst HS | 15G
D249 | Braehead FC vs Dunbeth FC | U14
D625 | Braehead FC vs Dunbeth FC | U14
D442 | Braidhurst HS vs Uddingston Grammar | U16
D197 | Breadalbane Strathtay YFC vs Kennoway Star Hearts | U16
D210 | Breadalbane Strathtay YFC vs Kennoway Star Hearts | U16
D471 | Breadalbane vs Letham Tangerines | U15
D248 | Bridge of Allan BC vs Stirling Albion JA | U17
D472 | Bridge of Earn vs Jeanfield Swifts | U15
D173 | Broomhill SC Lightning vs West End Reds | U13
D133 | Broughty United Panthers vs Riverside CSC | U16
D464 | Broxburn Athletic Colts vs Bathgate Thistle | U14
D491 | Broxburn Athletic Colts vs Bathgate Thistle | U14
D433 | Broxburn Athletic Colts vs Broxburn Athletic Colts White | U15
D452 | Broxburn Athletic Colts vs Linlithgow Rose CFC | U15
D513 | BSC Glasgow Lightning vs Giffnock SC | U13
D10 | Buchan Girls vs Deveronvale YFC | U15G
D530 | Burnbank FC vs Cleland BC | U13
D457 | Burnbank FC vs ML4 United | U15
D555 | Burntisland Shipyard vs Blue Brazil | U15
D231 | Cambusdoon FC vs Nith United | U14
D258 | Cambusdoon FC vs Nith United | U14
D247 | Cambuslang FA vs St Cadocs YC | U16
D423 | Cambuslang FC vs Blantyre SAC Gold | U13
D498 | Cambusnethan Talbot vs Eddlewood | U14
D218 | Campsie FC vs Moorlands FC | U14
D277 | Carbrain BC Sky Blues vs Campsie FC | U10
D265 | Carbrain Boys Club vs Milton Rovers | U10
D525 | Carluke HS vs St Andrew's & St Bride's HS | U15
D463 | Carluke United vs Armadale Athletic | U13
D546 | Carluke United vs Linlithgow Rose CFC | U13
D240 | Carse Thistle vs Dunbeth FC | U13
D165 | Carse Thistle vs Dunipace Juniors | U13
D103 | Carse Thistle vs Tranent Colts | U13
D347 | Cavalry Park vs Arniston Rangers Blue | U16
D572 | Cavalry Park vs Tynecastle | U17
D233 | CBC Hilton vs Kintore United | U13
D346 | CBC Hilton vs Kintore United | U13
D628 | Celtic FC vs Boroughmuir Thistle | U15G
D7 | Celtic FC vs Glasgow City | U15G
D32 | Celtic FC vs St Mirren YFC | U13G
D43 | Central Girls vs Central Girls Legends | U13G
D97 | Claremont AFC vs Dyce BC | U15
D500 | Claremont AFC vs Mossend FC | U16
D191 | Clarkston Athletic vs Gairdoch United | U13
D167 | Clyde FC SOF vs Condorrat BC | U15
D482 | Clyde FC SOF vs Knightswood FC | U16
D105 | Colony Colts FC vs Milton Rovers YFC | U14
D153 | Colony Colts vs Arthurlie Cantera | U19
D73 | Colony Colts vs Culter Thistle | U17
D130 | Colony Colts vs Dunblane SC City | U19
D112 | Colony Park FC vs Port Glasgow Juniors CSC | U17
D212 | Colony Park vs Culter United | U14
D245 | Colony Park vs Fraserburgh Link-Up | U16
D426 | Condorrat BC vs West Park United Gold | U15
D268 | Cove Youth FC Girls vs Banchory Girls | U16G
D381 | Coylton vs Hurlford BC | U19
D294 | Craigroyston CYFC vs Haddington Athletic | U13
D76 | Craigroyston CYFC vs Linton Hotspur FC Colts | U13
D368 | Cramlington Juniors vs CE Mercantil | U11
D474 | Crieff Juniors vs Letham Tangerines | U13
D470 | Crieff Juniors vs St Johns | U14
D475 | Crossford FC vs Pittenweem | U16
D38 | Crossgates Primrose Juniors vs Kelty Hearts CC | U14
D450 | Crosshouse BC vs Coylton FC | U15
D449 | Crosshouse BC vs Galston YFC | U14
D380 | Crosshouse vs Nith United | U14
D632 | Culloden Academy vs Nicolson Institute | U15
D36 | Culter Boys vs Glentanar CFC | U15
D41 | Culter Boys vs Sunnybank Elite FC | U19
D241 | Culter Juniors vs Portlethen SC | U13
D188 | Culter Thistle vs Portlethen SC | U17
D537 | Cumbernauld Colts Blue vs Calderbraes FC | U19
D180 | Cumbernauld Colts Blues vs Bellshill Athletic FC | U19
D239 | Cumbernauld Colts Blues vs Port Glasgow BC | U19
D593 | Cumbernauld Colts vs Airdrie FC BC | U17
D172 | Cumbernauld Colts vs Third Lanark | U17
D128 | Cumbernauld Pumas vs Riverside CSC | U14
D413 | Currie CHS vs Firrhill HS | U13
D37 | Currie Star Colts vs Leith Athletic Colts | U14
D45 | Currie Star White vs Tranent Colts Blue | U13
D15 | Currie Star Whites vs Edinburgh United | U13
D74 | Dalkeith Thistle Blacks vs Musselburgh Young Stars | U13
D99 | Dalkeith Thistle CFC vs Renton Craigandro | U13
D113 | Dalkeith Thistle vs Stirling Albion JA | U15
D417 | Dalrymple vs Glenburn | U16
D42 | Deveronvale vs Aberdon FC | U15
D364 | Deveronvale vs CBC Hilton United | U16
D46 | Deveronvale vs Newtonhill FC | U16
D94 | Deveronvale vs Tranent Colts | U16
D47 | Donside Girls vs FC Kilmarnock White | U13G
D243 | Donside Juvenile vs Cove YFC United | U14
D334 | Donside Juvenile vs Portlethen SC | U14
D126 | Drumchapel Amateurs vs Hampden Weir Recreation Amateur FC | U15
D563 | Drumchapel Amateurs vs Lochgilphead Red Star | U15
D82 | Drumchapel United vs Rangers Girls | U15
D456 | Drumchapel United vs Third Lanark | U17
D466 | Drumsagard vs Aston Villa Community FC | U14
D266 | Dryburgh Girls vs Blairgowrie & Rattray Girls | U13G
D272 | Dryburgh U15s V Dryburgh U14s | U15G
D147 | Dunbar Colts vs Kirkshaws Colts Blacks | U14
D549 | Dunbar United Colts vs Hutchison Vale | U13G
D538 | Dunbeth Black vs FC Kirkwood | U15
D69 | Dunbeth FC vs Clyde FC Comm | U16
D251 | Dunbeth FC vs Dunipace Juniors | U13
D314 | Dunblane HS vs Graeme HS | U14
D104 | Dunblane SC vs Milton | U17
D436 | Dundee North End Youths vs Forfar West End | U19
D89 | Dundee Thistle vs Kirrie Thistle | U17
D289 | Dundee United SC vs Monifieth Athletic | U13
D317 | Dundee United SC vs Monifieth Athletic | U13
D120 | Dundee West Reds vs Falkirk Foundation Whites | U14
D382 | Dundee West Reds vs Monifieth Athletic | U13
D13 | Dundee West Royals vs Mearns YFC | U14
D26 | Dundee West vs Forfar Albion | U16
D98 | Dunipace FC vs Glennifer Thistle | U13
D601 | Dunipace Juniors vs Milton FC | U13
D386 | Dyce BC Blues vs Westdyke CC | U13
D518 | Dyce BC vs Sunnybank Elite FC | U14
D421 | Dyce BC Whites vs Westdyke CC | U13
D100 | Dyce Boys Club Whites vs Westerton United Whites | U13
D574 | East End Boys United vs Dryburgh Athletic | U13
D257 | East End Lewis Youth Gold vs Deveronvale | U13
D162 | East End United BC vs Scotland Boys | U13
D102 | East Fife YA vs Bayside FC Athletic | U14
D28 | East Fife Youth Academy vs Blue Brazil | U13
D595 | East Kilbride FC vs Glenvale AFC | U17
D234 | East Park FC vs Cliftonhill Red | U13
D242 | East Park FC vs Cumbernauld Pumas | U13
D448 | Eastend Colts vs St Andrews | U17
D282 | Eddlewood BC vs Kildrum United | U15
D236 | EDFC United vs Falkirk FCF White | U15
D77 | Edinburgh City FC vs Dalkeith Thistle CFC | U15
D611 | Edinburgh City FC vs Spartans FC Reds | U19
D478 | Edinburgh City Star vs Musselburgh Windsor | U19
D355 | Edinburgh City vs Edinburgh South CFC Reds | U16
D23 | Edinburgh City vs West Calder United | U15
D331 | Edinburgh City Whites vs Craigroyston CYFC | U13
D227 | Edinburgh College vs Edinburgh Napier 1st | N/A
D328 | Edinburgh College vs Edinburgh University | Men
D264 | Edinburgh South CFC vs Blackhall Athletic | U17
D339 | Edinburgh South Dynamo vs Edinburgh Red Lions | U12
D25 | Edinburgh South Dynamos vs Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts | U12
D622 | Edinburgh United vs Dunbar United Colts | U15
D3 | EK Burgh vs Alba Thistle | U16
D508 | EK Burgh vs Newmains Hammers | U16
D510 | EK Caley Thistle vs Barrhead YFC | U15
D606 | EKFC Blue vs Arthurlie Cantera FC | U19
D630 | Ellon Academy vs Alford Academy | U15G
D485 | Ellon Academy vs Peterhead Academy | U13
D116 | Ellon Meadows vs Dundee United SC | U14
D565 | Ellon Meadows vs Middlefield Wasps | U19
D612 | Ellon Meadows vs Middlefield Wasps | U19
D161 | Erskine YFC vs Bonnyton Thistle | U14
D209 | ES Galaxy vs Dunblane SC | U16
D276 | Eyemouth United vs Kelso FC | U13
D576 | Fairmuir BC vs Kennoway Star Hearts | U14
D221 | Fairmuir Boys Club vs Blantyre Soccer Academy Black | U17
D286 | Falkirk FCF vs Bridgend BC | U16
D143 | Falkirk FCF vs Dunbeth | U14
D111 | Falkirk FCF vs Newmachar United | U16
D558 | FC Coasters vs Airdrie FCBC | U17
D33 | FC Kilmarnock Blue vs Hamilton Accies | U13G
D49 | FC Kilmarnock vs Hibernian Ladies | U15G
D87 | FDS 2003 vs Cove YFC | U16
D71 | Ferguslie Star vs St Mirren YFC | U15
D299 | Ferry Athletic Blues vs Kirrie Thistle | U19
D383 | Ferry Athletic vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17
D359 | Ferry Athletic vs Fairmuir BC | U14
D492 | Fife vs Dumfries & Galloway | U18
D631 | Forfar Academy vs Arbroath Academy | U18
D462 | Forfar Albion vs Letham Tangerines | U16
D343 | Forfar Boys vs Celtic Boys Club | U15
D516 | Forfar Boys vs East Craigie Swifts | U15
D461 | Forfar Boys vs Ferry Athletic | U13
D31 | Forfar Farmington vs Dunfermline Athletic | U15G
D274 | Formartine United vs Bjerkreim IL | U16
D186 | Formartine United vs Cove YFC | U13
D211 | Formartine United vs Cove YFC | U13
D196 | Fraserburgh Link-Up vs Banchory Boys | U17
D78 | Gairdoch United vs Cumbernauld Colts | U13
D166 | Gairdoch United vs Dunbeth FC | U16
D604 | Gairdoch United vs Professional Football Academy | U14
D68 | Gairdoch United vs Scotland BC Red | U16
D300 | Gala Fairydean Rovers vs Tynecastle FC Whites | U13
D336 | Galston YFC V Dreghorn Moorfield BC | U13
D379 | Galston YFC vs Dreghorn Moorfield BC | U13
D230 | Garnkirk United vs Gartcairn FA | U14
D232 | Garnkirk United vs Gartcairn FA | U14
D405 | George Watson's College vs Stewart's Melville College | U18
D137 | Giffnock North BC vs St Cadocs YC Saints | U15
D609 | Giffnock North vs St Cadocs | U15
D200 | Giffnock SC vs Dumbarton United | U14
D208 | Giffnock SC vs Dumbarton United | U14
D263 | Giffnock SC vs Falkirk FC | U17G
D512 | Giffnock SC vs Harmony Row | U17
D594 | Giffnock SC vs Rossvale United | U16
D171 | Glasgow Boys vs Dyce BC | U13
D140 | Glasgow City vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17G
D34 | Glasgow City vs Glasgow Girls | U15G
D50 | Glasgow City vs Hibernian Ladies | U17G
D149 | Glenbrae Colts vs Deveronvale | U14
D502 | Glenbrae Colts vs Erskine YFC | U14
D337 | Glenburn MW V Rowallan FC | U16
D476 | Glenrothes Athletic vs Abernethy | U19
D578 | Glenrothes Athletic vs Abernethy YFC | U19
D362 | Glenrothes Athletic vs AM Soccer Club | U19
D361 | Glenrothes Strollers vs Benarty Astros | U17
D511 | Glenvale AFC vs Giffnock North BC | U15
D223 | Glenvale AFC vs Tynecastle FC | U15
D311 | Graeme HS vs St Mungo's HS | U18
D349 | Graeme HS vs St.John’s HS | U18
D523 | Grange Academy vs Kilwinning Academy | U14
D579 | Grange Academy vs Kyle Academy | U16
D394 | Grove Academy vs St Johns | U14
D586 | Grove Academy vs St Johns RC HS | U17
D372 | Grove vs St Johns | U18
D189 | GT Larbert Gold vs Rosebank Thistle | U13
D504 | Haddington Athletic CFC vs Peebles FC | U13
D145 | Hamilton Accies BC vs Tranent Colts | U13
D460 | Hamilton Ladies vs Aberdeen FCL | U15G
D562 | Hampden FC vs Knightswood FC | U14
D158 | Harmony Row vs Blantyre SA Black | U17
D596 | Harmony Row vs St Andrew's BC | U19
D295 | Hazlehead Academy vs Peterhead Academy | U13
D313 | Hazlehead Academy vs St Machar Academy | U15
D629 | Heart of Midlothian vs Aberdeen FCL | U19G
D550 | Heart of Midlothian vs Penicuik Athletic | U13G
D131 | Hearts of Beath Juniors vs Heston Rovers | U16
D318 | Heriot Watt 3s vs University of Edinburgh 5th | Men
D155 | Heston Rovers vs Barrhead YFC | U16
D573 | Heston Rovers vs Galloway Thistle | U16
D583 | Heston Rovers vs Heston Rovers Colts | U16
D552 | Hibernian vs Hutchison Vale | U17G
D398 | Holyrood Secondary vs John Paul Academy | U16
D440 | Holyrood Secondary vs Jordanhill School | U16
D411 | Holyrood Secondary vs Stonelaw HS | U14
D570 | Huntly FC vs Kemnay FC | U14
D617 | Huntly FC vs Kemnay FC | U14
D615 | Huntly FC vs Kintore United | U17
D568 | Huntly vs Kintore United | U17
D544 | Hutchison Vale FC vs Longniddry Villa | U14
D575 | Hutchison Vale vs Hutchison Vale Colts | U15
D399 | Hutchison Vale vs Lasswade Thistle | U14
D597 | Hutchison Vale vs Portobello CFA | U13
D545 | Hutchison Vale vs Spartans FC Whites | U15
D438 | Hutchison Vale vs Tynecastle FC | U15
D444 | Hutchison Vale vs Tynecastle FC | U14
D30 | Inverkeithing Hillfield Strollers vs Forfar Farmington | U13G
D310 | Inverkeithing HS vs Levenmouth HS | U13
D5 | Inverkeithing United FC vs Leith Athletic FC | U13
D51 | Inverkeithing United FC vs Lothian Colts | U13
D281 | Inverkeithing United vs Bonnyrigg Rose Red | U13
D170 | Inverkeithing United vs Eddlewood FC | U13
D627 | Inverness Royal Academy vs Ellon Academy | U13
D623 | Inverurie Academy vs Banff Academy | U18G
D316 | Inverurie Academy vs Cults Academy | U18
D447 | Inverurie Academy vs Mintlaw Academy | U18
D389 | Inverurie Locos vs Hermes Youth | U19
D422 | Inverurie Locos vs Westdyke Thistle | U19
D66 | Irvine Meadow vs Dalrymple Colts | U13
D414 | James Gillespie's HS vs Firrhill HS | U14
D290 | Jeanfield Swifts Black vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17
D435 | Jeanfield Swifts Black vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17
D514 | Jeanfield Swifts Reds vs Leven FC | U17
D473 | Jeanfield Swifts vs Pitfour FC | U13
D293 | Jerviston FC Blue vs Cumbernauld Colts | U17
D468 | Jerviston FC vs Blantyre SAC Gold | U17
D415 | Jerviston FC vs Burnbank Black | U13
D193 | Jerviston FC vs Steins Thistle | U15
D358 | Kelso FC vs Penicuik Athletic | U13
D515 | Kelty Hearts CC vs Glenrothes Strollers | U17
D560 | Kelty Hearts CC vs Glenrothes Strollers | U16
D384 | Kelty Hearts CC vs Real Fife | U16
D344 | Kelty Marian Colts vs Templehall United | U17
D446 | Kemnay Academy vs Mintlaw Academy | U14
D123 | Kemnay FC vs Bo'ness CFC | U17
D214 | Kemnay FC vs Stonehaven United YFC | U17
D584 | Kennoway Star Hearts vs AM Soccer | U13
D185 | Kerse United vs Camelon Juniors | U14
D279 | Kerse United vs Glenbrae Colts | U14
D302 | Kerse United vs Glenbrae Colts | U14
D160 | Kerse United vs Glenburn MWFC | U14
D179 | Kerse United vs Hampden Weir Recreation Amateurs | U14
D222 | Kerse United vs Riverside CSC | U14
D202 | Kerse United vs Scotland BC Purple | U14
D306 | Kildrum United vs North Motherwell BC | U14
D213 | Kildrum United vs Rossvale United | U13
D181 | Kildrum United vs Summerston BC | U14
D488 | Kilmarnock Academy vs Garnock Academy | U15
D307 | Kilmarnock Girls vs Ayr United | U15G
D175 | Kilsyth Athletic vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U15
D156 | Kilsyth Athletic vs Kildrum United | U14
D321 | Kilwinning Town vs Clark Drive | U15
D24 | Kinross Colts vs Forfar Albion | U16
D553 | Kirkcaldy FC vs Thornton Locos | U13
D397 | Kirkcaldy HS vs Auchmuty HS | U14
D61 | Kirkfield Kids vs Parents | N/A
D356 | Kirkfield United vs Airdrie United | U13
D548 | Kirkfield United vs Armadale CFC Calcio | U19
D454 | Kirkfield United vs Blackburn CFC | U19
D52 | Kirkfield United vs Broxburn Athletic Colts | U14
D303 | Kirkliston South Queensferry vs North Berwick Colts | U14
D64 | Knightswood FC vs EKFC Blue | U16
D203 | Knightswood FC vs Finnart BC | U16
D608 | Knightswood FC vs Giffnock North | U14
D540 | KSC Blues vs Galston | U14
D16 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers Blue vs Nith United | U14
D278 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers White vs Ardrossan Winton Rovers | U14
D84 | Largs Thistle vs West End Soccer | U16
D542 | Largs vs AC Irvine | U17
D494 | Lasswade HS vs Dalkeith HS | U13
D495 | Lasswade HS vs Ross High | U14
D496 | Lasswade HS vs Ross High | U15
D390 | Lasswade Thistle Rose vs Gullane Athletic | U14
D522 | Lasswade Thistle vs Hutchison Vale | U14
D235 | Lasswade Thistle vs Portobello CFA | U14
D118 | Lasswade Thistle vs West Park Utd Navy | U14
D455 | Leith Academy vs Portobello HS | U15
D341 | Leith Athletic Colts vs Hutchison Vale | U16
D536 | Leith Athletic FC vs Longniddry Villa | U19
D505 | Leith Athletic vs Longniddry Villa | U19
D624 | Leith Athletic vs Longniddry Villa | U16
D194 | Lenzie YC vs Drumchapel United | U17
D480 | Lenzie YC vs Hamilton Accies BC | U16
D469 | Letham Tangerines vs Breadalbane | U14
D459 | Lewis United Rangers vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U17
D519 | Lewis United Youth vs Westdyke CC | U15
D374 | Linlithgow Rose CFC vs Kirkfield United Red | U16
D151 | Linlithgow Rose CFC vs Tynecastle Whites | U13
D366 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon vs Bathgate Thistle | U15
D410 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon vs Bathgate Thistle | U16
D453 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon vs Blackburn CFC | U17
D259 | Linlithgow Rose Maroon vs Kirkfield United | U13
D409 | Linlithgow Rose vs Broxburn Athletic Colts | U14
D376 | Linlithgow Rose White vs Broxburn Athletic Colts | U13
D205 | Linwood Rangers Red vs Baljaffray FC | U14
D62 | Linwood Rangers vs Cambuslang FA | U14
D107 | Livingston FC Community Red vs Portobello CFA | U13
D96 | Livingston FC Community vs Banks O’Dee Albion | U15
D285 | Livingston FC Community vs Kirkfield United | U14
D184 | Livingston FC Community Yellow vs Blackburn United | U13
D154 | Lochend FA vs Larkhall Thistle | U14
D169 | Lochend FA vs Lasswade Thistle | U14
D53 | Lomond Colts United vs Jeanfield Swifts | U17
D22 | Lomond Colts vs Bayside FC Colts | U14
D207 | Longniddry Villa Colts vs Selkirk FC | U15
D407 | Longniddry Villa vs Edinburgh City Star | U19
D12 | Longniddry Villa vs Leith Athletic | U13
D529 | Longniddry Villa vs Tynecastle FC | U16
D378 | Longside BC vs PBC Buchanhaven Hearts | U19
D312 | Lornshill Academy vs Denny HS | U13
D256 | Lothian Colts Blue vs Tranent Colts Blue | U13
D395 | Lothian Colts vs Musselburgh Windsor | U13
D244 | Lothian Colts vs Spartans FC Reds | U13
D497 | Lothian Thistle HV vs Kelty Hearts | U20
D524 | Loudoun Academy vs Prestwick Academy | U18
D400 | Lourdes Secondary vs Jordanhill School | U15
D432 | Luncarty Breadalbane vs Kinross Colts | U16
D308 | Madras College vs Kirkcaldy HS | U15
D342 | Maryfield United vs Mearns YFC | U14
D481 | Maryhill BC vs Professional Football Academy | U14
D304 | Maryhill BC vs Scotland BC Purple | U14
D443 | Mid Calder Colts vs Armadale United | U15
D566 | Middlefield Wasps vs Stonehaven United | U15
D613 | Middlefield Wasps vs Stonehaven United | U15
D190 | Middlefield Wasps vs Stonehaven YFC United | U15
D168 | Mill United Colts vs Motherwell Phoenix | U15
D392 | Mill United vs Villa Park | U12
D182 | Milton Blacks vs Motherwell FC CT | U15
D252 | Milton FC vs Alloa Rovers | U13
D602 | Milton FC vs Stirling Albion JA | U15
D499 | Milton Rovers vs Claremont AFC | U15
D177 | Milton Rovers vs Finnart BC | U16
D353 | Mintlaw Academy & Inverurie Academy | U18
D569 | Mintlaw BC vs Huntly FC | U16
D616 | Mintlaw BC vs Huntly FC | U16
D79 | Monifeith Athletic vs Dundee West Reds | U13
D224 | Monifieth Athletic vs Scotland BC Central | U13
D17 | Montrose Youths vs Glenrothes Strollers | U15
D567 | Mormond Thistle vs Colony Colts | U13
D614 | Mormond Thistle vs Colony Colts | U13
D592 | Motherwell FC CT vs Kilsyth Athletic | U15
D557 | Motherwell FC CT vs Milton Blacks | U15
D216 | Motherwell FC CT vs Rossvale FC Thistle | U17
D599 | Murieston United Blue vs AC Rovers | U17
D465 | Murieston United Blue vs Kirkfield United | U16
D54 | Murieston United vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17G
D55 | Murieston United vs Gartcairn FA | U13
D271 | Murieston United vs Musselburgh Windsor | U15G
D139 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Donside Girls | U13G
D283 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Dyce BC | U15
D56 | Musselburgh Windsor vs FC Kilmarnock Blue | U13G
D429 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Hutchison Vale | U14
D430 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Musselburgh Young Stars | U19
D520 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Spartans FC Reds | U19
D121 | Musselburgh Windsor vs St Peters FC | U19
D535 | Musselburgh Windsor vs Tynecastle FC | U17
D284 | Newmachar United vs Northstar CFC | U14
D600 | Newmains BC vs Linlithgow Rose CFC Maroon | U19
D215 | Newtongrange Star YDA vs Penicuik Athletic | U13
D324 | North Berwick Colts vs St Bernard's BC Midlothian | U17
D204 | North Kelvin United vs Rangers SABC | U17
D6 | North Merchiston Blacks vs Lothian Colts Blue | U13
D115 | Palace Park FC vs Deveronvale | U14
D92 | Palace Park vs Hampden Weir Recreation | U15
D391 | Peebles FC Athletic vs Gullane Athletic | U15
D275 | Peebles FC vs Edinburgh South Ospreys | U14
D526 | Pirie Park FC vs Palace Park Unity | U13
D325 | Pitfour FC vs Fairmuir BC | U16
D517 | Pitfour FC vs Fairmuir BC | U14
D360 | Pitfour FC vs Monifieth Athletic | U16
D489 | Pitfour vs Monifieth Athletic | U16
D178 | Pollok United SA vs Dryburgh Athletic | U13
D72 | Port Glasgow Juniors Reds vs Westerton United | U16
D150 | Port Glasgow Juniors SC Reds vs Falkirk FCF | U16
D90 | Port Glasgow Juniors vs Port Glasgow Juniors Reds | U16
D296 | Portlethen Academy vs Cults Academy | U14
D543 | Portobello CFA vs Hutchison Vale | U13
D273 | Portobello CFA vs Lochend FA | U14
D477 | Portobello CFA vs Tynecastle FC | U13
D619 | Portobello CFA vs Tynecastle FC | U13
D403 | Portobello HS vs Firhill HS | U16
D451 | Prestwick CFC vs AC Irvine | U17
D309 | Queen Anne HS vs Woodmill HS | U16
D11 | Raith Rovers vs Dryburgh Athletic | 17G
D57 | Rangers FC vs Celtic FC | U15G
D8 | Rangers FC vs Hibernian FC | U19G
D138 | Rangers FC vs Hibernian FC | U15G
D136 | Real Fife vs East Fife Youths Gold | U16
D437 | Redhall Star vs Kelso FC | U14
D86 | Redhall Star YFC vs Edinburgh South CFC Jaguars | U13
D323 | Redhall Star YFC vs Hutchison Vale Colts | U14
D125 | Rosebank Thistle vs Currie Star FC | U13
D427 | Rossvale FC vs ES Galaxy | U14
D164 | Rossvale FC vs Westdyke CC | U13
D67 | Rossvale United vs Giffnock SC | U16
D539 | Rossvale United vs Kilsyth CFC | U13
D333 | Rossvale vs Shettleston Juniors | U21
D554 | Rosyth FC vs Kennoway Star Hearts | U14
D14 | Rosyth FC vs Lumphinnans United | U14
D108 | Rosyth FC vs Northstar CFC Cubs | U14
D404 | Royal High vs George Heriot's | U18
D117 | Rutherglen Glencairn JFC vs Riverside FC Athletic | U19
D127 | Salvesen CFC vs Auchinleck Talbot | U19
D106 | Salvesen CFC vs Claremont AFC | U13
D146 | Salvesen CFC vs Dunbar United Colts | U13
D297 | Scotland vs England | U18
D326 | Scotland vs Republic of Ireland | U18
D58 | Shotts YMCA vs Craigshill Thistle | U13
D287 | Spartans FC Locomotive vs Newtongrange Star YDA | U14
D375 | Spartans FC Locomotive vs Newtongrange Star YDA | U14
D610 | Spartans FC Reds vs Edinburgh City Colts | U15
D75 | Spartans FC Reds vs Edinburgh City Star | U19
D534 | Spartans FC Reds vs Leith Athletic | U16
D4 | Spartans FC Reds vs Lothian Colts | U13
D367 | Spartans FC vs Aberdeen FCL | U15G
D571 | Spartans FC vs Bonnyton Thistle | U20
D581 | Spartans FC vs Kelty Hearts | U20
D527 | Spartans FC vs Lothian Thistle HV | U20
D83 | Spartans FC Whites vs Tranent Colts | U16
D301 | Spartans FC Whites vs Tranent Colts | U16
D119 | Spartans FC Youth vs Irvine Meadow | U13
D401 | St Ambrose HS vs St Andrew's Secondary | U13
D501 | St Andrews vs Harmony Row | U19
D288 | St Bernards BC Midlothian vs Earlston FC | U17
D493 | St Bernard's BC Midlothian vs Earlston Rhymers | U17
D582 | St Bernard's BC Midlothian vs Hutchison Vale | U15
D95 | St Cadocs YC United vs Lenzie YC | U17
D219 | St Cadocs YC United vs PFD United | U17
D340 | St Cadocs YC United vs St Andrews BC | U17
D350 | St Columba's HS vs Lochgelly HS | U18G
D618 | St Cuthbert Wanderers vs Heston Rovers | U14
D305 | St Johns RC HS vs Boclair Academy | U16
D531 | St Johns RC HS vs Grove Academy | U16
D532 | St Johns RC HS vs Grove Academy | U18
D585 | St Johns RC HS vs Monifieth HS | U13
D393 | St Johns vs Baldragon | U15
D371 | St Johns vs Monifieth | U16
D487 | St Matthews Academy vs Grange Academy | U13
D528 | St Maurice's HS vs St Ambrose HS | U18
D412 | St Mungo's Academy vs Holyrood Secondary | U13
D590 | St Ninian’s HS Giffnock vs Kilmarnock Academy | U15
D486 | St Ninian’s HS Giffnock vs St Ninian’s HS Kirkintilloch | U14
D561 | St Patrick's SA vs Finnart BC | U13
D607 | St Patrick's SA vs Linwood Rangers | U13
D626 | Stenhousemuir FC Community vs Syngenta Juveniles | U19
D217 | Stewarton Annick vs Brandane Bulls | U15
D63 | Stewarton United vs Prestwick | U16
D603 | Stirling Albion JA vs Stenhousemuir FC Community | U16
D330 | Stirling University vs Edinburgh University | Wom
D65 | Stonehaven vs Montrose | Ladies
D329 | Stranraer Academy vs St. Joseph's College | U18
D20 | Strathaven Dynamo vs Clydesdale | U13
D506 | Strathaven Dynamo vs Mill United Colts | U14
D250 | Strathendrick FC vs Milton FC | U16
D458 | Summerston BC vs Kildrum United | U14
D142 | Sunnybank Elite vs Hutchison Vale | U14
D428 | Syngenta Grange vs Central Boys | U13
D110 | Syngenta Juvenile Colts vs Glenvale AFC | U13
D220 | Syngenta Juvenile Grange vs Seafar Villa Cumbernauld | U13
D159 | Syngenta Juveniles vs Calderbraes FC Colts | U19
D124 | Syngenta Juveniles vs Dunbar United Colts | U15
D292 | Syngenta Juveniles vs Kirkintilloch Rob Roy | U19
D229 | Tass Thistle Blue vs BSC Glasgow Lighting | U13
D254 | Tass Thistle Blue vs BSC Glasgow Lighting | U13
D88 | Tass Thistle vs Crosshouse BC | U15
D541 | Tass Thistle vs Crosshouse FC | U15
D416 | Tass Thistle vs Galston YFC | U15
D228 | Templehall United vs Kelty Marian Colts | U17
D109 | Third Lanark AFC vs Earlston Rhymers YFC | U17
D225 | Third Lanark AFC vs Tynecastle FC | U17
D144 | Third Lanark vs AM Soccer Club | U17
D195 | Thistle FC vs Westdyke Thistle | U15
D21 | Thistle Weir vs Park Sports Project | U13
D345 | Thornton Hibs vs Abernethy FC | U19
D533 | Tower Hearts vs Rutherglen Glencairn | U21
D70 | Townhead United vs Ayr Boswell | U15
D174 | Tranent Colts vs EK Burgh United | U13
D59 | Troon Thistle vs Brandane Bulls | U15
D60 | Troon Thistle vs Brandane Bulls | U12
D521 | Turnbull HS vs Broxburn Academy | U18G
D255 | Turriff United vs Stonehaven | U13
D587 | Tynecastle FC vs Broxburn Diamonds | U16
D332 | Tynecastle FC vs Cavalry Park | U17
D490 | Tynecastle FC vs Hutchison Vale | U17
D598 | Tynecastle FC vs Musselburgh Windsor FC | U17
D357 | Tynecastle FC vs Portobello CFA | U13
D320 | University of Stirling 2s vs Robert Gordon University | Wom
D319 | University of Strathclyde vs University of Aberdeen | Men
D559 | Valleyfield Colts vs Rothes Juniors | U17
D122 | Valleyfield FC vs Hutchison Vale | U17
D19 | Valspar Colts vs Ardrossan Winton Rovers | U14
D315 | Wallace HS vs Grangemouth HS | U15
D396 | Welham Albion Warriors vs Laxey AFC | U10
D373 | West Lothian vs Forth Valley | U15
D237 | West Park United Navy vs Dunbeth FC | U16
D269 | West Park United vs Central Girls Futures | U13G
D80 | West Park United White vs Calderbraes FC | U14
D192 | West Park United White vs Rossvale FC | U14
D363 | Westdyke CC vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U16
D388 | Westdyke CC vs Dyce BC | U15
D91 | Westdyke CC vs Formartine United YFC | U13
D141 | Westdyke CC vs Kilsyth Athletic | U15
D564 | Westercommon Star vs Ardencaple FC | U16
D406 | Williamwood HS vs Gleniffer HS | U13
D467 | Wishaw WW vs Claremont AFC | U16
D605 | Wishaw WW vs Finnart BC | U16
D351 | Woodmill HS vs Dunfermline HS | U14
D425 | YFFC Jerviston vs Milton Rovers | U19
Season 2019/20

E113 | Aberdeen FCL vs Celtic | U17G
E40 | Aberdeen FCL vs Rangers FC | U17G
E228 | Aberdeen Youth vs Banchory Girls | U13G
E133 | Aberdeenshire vs North of Scotland | U15
E146 | AC Rovers Airdrie vs AC Rovers Coatbridge | U13
E10 | AC Rovers vs Holytown Colts | U13
E153 | AC Rovers vs Linlithgow Rose Whites | U14
E19 | Albion Rovers ITC vs ASA Rhinos | U13
E195 | Albion Rovers YFC vs Stirling Albion JA | U19
E51 | Armadale United vs Linlithgow Rose Maroon | U13
E29 | ASA Rhinos vs Riverside FC | U13
E44 | Auchinleck Talbot vs Tass Thistle | U14
E76 | Auchterarder Juniors vs Rothes Juniors | U15
E98 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Bayside FC Athletic | U15
E15 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Deveronvale | U17
E46 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs East End Lewis Youth | U13
E123 | Banks O'Dee Albion vs Pro Football Academy | U15
E122 | Blantyre SA Black vs Portobello CFA  | U14
E11 | Bonnyrigg Rose Whites vs Musselburgh Windsor | U13
E87 | Brechin City Youths vs EKFC Golds | U14
E96 | Bridgend BC vs Portobello CFA | U17
E104 | Bridgend BC vs Portobello CFA  | U17
E141 | Bridgend BC vs West Park United White | U15
E110 | Broughty United Pumas vs Carolside SC | U14
E88 | Burnbank FC Black vs Lothian Colts | U14
E102 | Burnbank FC Black vs Lothian Colts  | U14
E124 | Burntisland Boys vs Portobello CFA  | U13
E16 | Byron Colts vs Donside Pumas | U13
E231 | Cambusdoon vs Threave Rovers | U15G
E223 | Cambuslang Colts vs Haldane United | U13
E100 | Cambuslang Rangers vs Edinburgh City | U19
E105 | Cambuslang Rangers vs Edinburgh City | U19
E214 | Cambuslang Rangers vs Strathaven Dynamo | U14
E181 | Cambuslang Rangers vs Wishaw WW | U15
E18 | Cambusnethan Talbot vs Blantyre SAC | U15
E129 | Carnoustie Panmure vs Dundee West | U15
E43 | Celtic vs Dryburgh Athletic | U17G
E162 | Central Boys FA vs Syngenta Juveniles | U14
E20 | Central Girls Legends vs Central Girls Jaguars | U13G
E38 | Central Girls Legends vs Hamilton Academical | U13G
E227 | Clark Drive vs Cumnock Juniors | U15G
E226 | Clark Drive vs Kilwinning FA Girls Whites | U13G
E116 | Clarkston Athletic vs EK Stars | U13
E169 | Clarkston Athletic vs Scotland BC | U14
E57 | Clyde FC vs Stenhousemuir | U13G
E186 | Colony Colts vs Turriff United | U19
E33 | Colony Park vs Bridge of Don Thistle | U16
E155 | Condorrat BC vs Milngavie FC Yellow | U13
E196 | Coylton FC vs Larkhall Thistle AFC Blue | U16
E149 | Craigroyston CYFC vs Musselburgh Windsor Blues | U13
E173 | Craigroyston CYFC vs Musselburgh Windsor Blues | U13
E177 | Crosshouse BC vs Irvine Victoria | U16
E50 | Culter Boys vs City Youth FC | U16
E107 | Culter Colts vs Colony Park | U13
E219 | Cumbernauld Colts White vs ASA Vipers | U10
E114 | Dalkeith Thistle vs Cambuslang FC | U13
E52 | Dalkeith Thistle vs Edinburgh City Reds | U19
E135 | Dalry Thistle vs Coylton | U16
E67 | Dean Thistle vs Drumsagard Girls | U13G
E85 | Deveronvale vs Blantyre SA Black  | U17
E71 | Deveronvale vs Northstar CFC | U15
E4 | Deveronvale vs Westdyke CC | U16G
E39 | Donside Juveniles vs Celtic FC | U13G
E3 | Donside Juveniles vs Cove Youth | U13G
E78 | Drumchapel United Girls vs Dumbarton United | U15G
E24 | Drumchapel United vs Glasgow City | U15G
E94 | Drumsagard FAC vs Milngavie FC Blues | U14
E83 | Dumbarton Riverside FC vs Leith Athletic FC  | U17
E229 | Dunbar United Colts vs Arniston Rangers Diamonds | U13G
E193 | Dunbeth FC vs Clarkston Athletic | U13
E170 | Dunbeth FC vs Kerse United | U15
E234 | Dundee East vs Raith Rovers Raiders | U13G
E244 | Dundee Thistle vs Arbroath Harp | U14
E200 | Dundee Thistle vs Crieff Juniors | U15
E240 | Dundee Thistle vs Crieff Juniors | U15
E82 | Dundee West FC vs Gala Fairydean Rovers  | U17
E134 | Dundee West Reds vs Arbroath CSC | U13
E176 | Dundee West Royals vs Ferry Athletic | U14
E167 | Dunipace Juniors vs Clydebank FC | U19
E210 | Dyce BC Whites vs Gairdoch United | U14
E119 | Dyce BC Whites vs Thorn Athletic  | U14
E128 | East End Lewis Youth Gold vs Deveronvale Reds | U14
E28 | East Fife Girls vs Raith Rovers | U15G
E174 | Eastend Thistle vs Finnart BC | U15
E143 | EDFC vs Bonnybridge YFC | U19
E202 | Edinburgh City Blacks v Spartans FC Reds | U17
E137 | Edinburgh City vs Blackhall Athletic | U19
E148 | Edinburgh City vs Blackhall Athletic | U19
E203 | Edinburgh City Whites vs Johnstone Burgh | U17
E172 | Edinburgh South Athletico v Edinburgh South Bocas | U13
E201 | Edinburgh South Athletico v Edinburgh South CFC | U13
E179 | Edinburgh South Athletico v Nova Star | U13
E131 | Edinburgh South Athletico vs Nova Star | U13
E192 | Edinburgh South CFC vs LK Galaxy Blues | U13
E185 | Edinburgh South CFC vs Peebles FC | U14
E7 | Edinburgh South Cobras vs Civil Service Strollers | U13
E34 | Edinburgh South Colts vs Tranent Colts | U17
E8 | Edinburgh South Dynamo vs Edinburgh South Athletico | U13
E238 | Edinburgh South Reds vs Tass Thistle | U13G
E152 | Edinburgh South vs Dyce BC | U13
E75 | Edinburgh South vs Lothian Colts | U14
E90 | EK Caledonian Thistle vs Westerton United  | U15
E62 | EK Thistle vs EKYC | U16
E86 | ES Galaxy vs Blantyre SA Gold  | U14
E168 | ES Galaxy vs Gairdoch United | U13
E21 | Falkirk vs Gartcairn | U15G
E84 | Fauldhouse United vs Larbert FC  | U14
E25 | FC Kilmarnock Blues vs Hamilton Academical | U13G
E157 | FC Kirkwood vs Notre Dame SA | U16
E65 | Ferry Athletic vs Jeanfield Swifts | U16
E140 | Forfar Boys vs Carnoustie Panmure | U14
E213 | Forfar Boys vs Carnoustie Panmure | U14
E53 | Fraserburgh Link-up vs Culter Thistle | U19
E72 | Fraserburgh Link-up vs Portlethen SC | U19
E164 | Gairdoch United v Dunipace FC | U13
E221 | Gartcairn White vs Westerton Blue | U10
E184 | Glasgow City vs Boroughmuir Thistle | U19G
E26 | Glasgow City vs Gleniffer Thistle | U17G
E224 | Gleniffer Thistle vs Renfrew FC | U11
E150 | Glenrothes Athletic vs East End Boys Athletic | U14
E101 | Glenrothes Athletic vs Rossvale  | U13
E92 | Glenrothes Athletic vs Rossvale FC | U13
E205 | Glentanar CFC vs Colony Park | U13
E187 | Glentanar CFC vs Middlefield Wasps | U13
E91 | Glenvale AFC vs Clyde FC SOF  | U17
E142 | Grahamston FC vs Garrell United | U14
E217 | Greig Park Rangers vs East End Lewis Youth | U15
E212 | Greig Park Rangers vs East End Lewis Youth  | U15
E1 | Haddington Athletic CFC v Salvesen CFC Blues | U13
E111 | Hamilton Academical vs Celtic | U13G
E23 | Hamilton Academical vs FC Kilmarnock | U15G
E159 | Hamilton Accies BC vs Dalziel BC | U17
E41 | Hearts FC vs Rangers FC | U15G
E241 | Heriot-Watt University Men’s 5th V Heriot-Watt University Men’s 3rd | Men
E2 | Holytown Colts v Villa Park BC | U13
E175 | Holytown Colts vs North Motherwell BC | U17
E199 | Hutchison Vale FC v Edinburgh City FC | U17
E108 | Invergordon Girls v Thistle Girls | U13G
E233 | Jeanfield Swifts vs Bayside Braves | U13G
E121 | KCFC Blasties vs Gleniffer Thistle | U14
E48 | Kelty Hearts CC vs Blairhall Villa | U14
E225 | Kelty Hearts vs Dryburgh Athletic | U15G
E120 | Kennoway Star Hearts vs Gala Fairydean Rovers  | U14
E236 | Kilsyth Athletic Lime vs Carbrain Claret | U11
E171 | Kilsyth Athletic vs Cumbernauld Colts | U16
E130 | Kilwinning Rangers Blue vs Troon FC | U16
E36 | Kilwinning Rangers Whites vs Valspar Colts | U15
E32 | Kinross Colts vs Rosyth FC | U14
E206 | Kintore United vs Mintlaw BC | U13
E209 | Kirkcaldy FC vs Glenrothes Athletic | U15
E147 | Kirkfield United vs Broxburn Athletic Colts | U13
E81 | Kirkwood United vs Condorrat BC  | U13
E163 | Knightswood FC vs EK Burgh | U14
E49 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers Blue vs Crosshouse BC | U15
E189 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers Blues vs Fairmuir BC | U15
E95 | KSC Kilwinning Rangers Blues vs West Park United Navy | U16
E230 | Lanarkshire Hibs Green vs Rossvale Reds | U13G
E42 | Lanarkshire Hibs vs Celtic FC | U15G
E235 | Lanarkshire Hibs Whites vs Glasgow City | U13G
E66 | Larkhall Thistle vs Villa Park FC Black | U14
E207 | Lasswade Thistle Reds vs Lochend FA | U13
E188 | Lasswade Thistle vs Banks O'Dee Albion | U15
E93 | Lasswade Thistle vs Hutchison Vale FC Colts | U15
E30 | Lasswade Thistle vs Portobello CFA | U15
E97 | Leith Athletic Colts vs Salvesen CFC | U14
E103 | Leith Athletic Colts vs Salvesen Vikings  | U14
E47 | Lincraig vs Kirrie Thistle | U19
E79 | Linlithgow Rose White v Armadale Blue | U14
E190 | Linwood Rangers FC v Larbert FC | U14
E64 | Livingston FC Community Lions vs Kirkfield United | U13
E70 | Livingston FC Lions vs Armadale United | U13
E211 | LK Galaxy vs Coylton | U16
E106 | Lomond Colts vs Bayside Bulldogs | U15G
E12 | Lothian Colts vs Salvesen Blades | U14
E194 | Lumphinnans United vs Thornton Locos | U15
E215 | Middlefield Wasps vs Mormond Thistle | U14
E132 | Milan FC Red vs AC Rovers Coatbridge | U13
E89 | Milton Rovers YFC vs Westerton United FC  | U13
E154 | Milton vs Baljaffray Inter | U19
E145 | Milton vs Gartcairn FA | U17
E68 | Monifieth Athletic vs Crieff Juniors | U15
E125 | Monifieth Athletic vs Glenvale AFC  | U17
E144 | Mossend FC vs Garnkirk United | U15
E74 | Murieston Blues vs Boroughmuir Thistle Violets | U13G
E56 | Murieston United Blue vs Bathgate Thistle White | U13
E73 | Murieston Whites vs Muselburgh Windsor | U13G
E37 | Musselburgh Windsor FC v AC Oxgangs Reds | U13
E109 | Musselburgh Young Stars vs Salvesen Reds  | U13
E198 | Newmains vs EKFC Blue | U14
E204 | Newmains vs EKFC Blue | U14
E45 | Newtongrange Star YDA vs Eyemouth United | U14
E31 | Nith United vs Kilwinning Rangers Whites | U15
E222 | North Motherwell BC vs Claremont AFC | U17
E158 | North Motherwell BC vs Westerton United | U16
E14 | Pittenweem YFC v Dundee West | U15
E77 | Portlethen SC vs Thistle YFC | U15
E9 | Portlethen SC vs Turriff United | U15
E6 | Portobello CFA v Edinburgh City FC | U13
E126 | Portobello CFA vs Falkirk FCF Blue  | U17
E27 | Raith Rovers vs St James Dragons | U13G
E112 | Rangers vs Celtic | U15G
E54 | Redhall Star YFC vs Kelso FC | U14
E117 | Riverside FC vs Edinburgh South CFC | U13
E138 | Roar FC vs Calderglen Thistle Navy | U13
E243 | Robert Gordon University Women’s 1st V Dundee University Women’s 1st | Women
E5 | Rossvale Barca v Jimmy Johnstone Academy | U13
E218 | Rossvale Caledonia vs Kilsyth Athletic White | U12
E156 | Rossvale United vs West Park United Sky | U14
E220 | Rossvale vs Carbrain BC | U10
E180 | Salvesen CFC Reds vs Edinburgh City Blacks | U15
E115 | Salvesen CFC vs Dunipace FC | U13
E216 | Salvesen CFC vs Edinburgh City Whites | U17
E197 | Salvesen CFC vs Gala Fairydean Rovers | U17
E99 | Scotland BC Glasgow vs Bo'ness United  | U13
E160 | Seafar Villa Cumbernauld vs Phoenix United | U15
E178 | Spartans FC Reds vs Leith Athletic | U17
E232 | Spartans FC vs Hibernian FC | U17G
E166 | Spartans FC Whites vs Cockenzie Star | U14
E118 | Spartans FC Youth vs East End Lewis Youth  | U13
E183 | St Andrews Colts vs Forfar Boys | U14
E242 | St Andrews University Men’s 1st V University of Strathclyde Men’s 1st | Men
E127 | St Cadocs Thistle v Palace Park | U14
E139 | St John's vs Dundee Thistle | U15
E22 | St Mirren vs Celtic | U13G
E208 | St Patricks FA vs Knightswood | U14
E165 | St Patrick's SA v St Cadocs County | U14
E13 | St Patrick's Sports Academy vs St Cadocs | U14
E161 | Steins Thistle vs Aston Villa Athletic | U16
E80 | Steins Thistle vs Edinburgh South CFC Athletico  | U13
E60 | Stenhousemuir FC Community vs Seafar Villa Cumbernauld | U14
E55 | Thistle YFC vs Deveronvale Reds | U13
E182 | Thornton Locos vs Glenrothes Strollers | U16
E35 | Trondheim Athletic vs Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts | U15
E61 | Troon Thistle vs Auchinleck Talbot | U14
E63 | Turriff United vs Westdyke Thistle | U19
E69 | West Fife Juniors vs Lomond Colts | U15
E59 | West Park United v Gartcairn | U15G
E17 | West Park United White vs Lenzie YC | U15
E58 | Westdyke CC vs Dyce BC Whites | U14
E237 | Westdyke Thistle vs Stonehaven Reign  | U13G
E136 | Wishaw WW vs Camelon Juniors | U17
E151 | Wishaw WW vs Camelon Juniors | U17
E191 | Yett Farm vs Finnart BC | U15

Friday the 13th lived up to its name as news broke that the Scottish FA had decided to indefinitely suspend all football matches, ranging from the Scottish Premier League down to non-professional and grassroots football, due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster stated that it was "neither realistic nor possible" to resume with matches. The move will undoubtedly have serious knock-on effects on the world of football - notably the delay, or perhaps the cancellation, of the English Premier League that could prevent Liverpool from lifting their first league title in 30 years, as well as all the potential European qualifications, relegations and promotions that would occur in leagues across Europe.

Unlike England, Scotland has decided that this suspension will cover even youth football, which begs the question, how will young footballers be affected, and is this the right thing to do?

The implications of delaying, or cancelling, seasons and tournaments will hit professional leagues harder as there is a greater financial impact, but this is not an issue limited to the pro leagues.

Leagues and cups will potentially be left unfinished, taking away the opportunity for young players to experience the thrill of a cup final or the excitement of a league title run-in.

Although there is a low risk of a child being severely affected, the threat Coronavirus poses cannot be undermined, and the Scottish FA and government should be commended for putting in measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Originally, the government advised citizens to cancel all mass gatherings of over 500 people to prevent the spread. If this is applied to youth football, one may argue that rarely will a youth game have such a large crowd and therefore matches should not be stopped.

However, as scientists are finding out more information about the virus and how easily it spreads, seeing that people may carry the virus without showing symptoms, it is a rational idea to cancel all public events, especially ones such as football where all participants come in close physical contact with each other, making it a hotspot for the virus to spread.

Even if young players come out relatively unscathed after catching the virus, the few days they carry it without knowing could do a greater damage to others. They may come in contact with elder family members who are at a much higher risk from dying from the virus, or even their own friends or teammates who have a respiratory issue such as asthma, putting them at a greater risk.

This is why the SFA have decided that such action must be taken to minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading and in doing so saving as many lives as possible.

Although the decision to suspend all matches in Scotland is a logical one, the effects the suspension will inevitably have should not be overlooked.

The Scottish FA has not set a date for matches to return, and considering experts reckon that it could take 10-14 weeks for the virus to hit its peak in the UK, a possible return date is likely to be a few months down the line.

A long lay-off from football will unquestionably stunt the progress of youngsters around the nation, given that no matches will almost certainly lead to no training sessions, too.

Months’ worth of hard-work and practice will have to be sacrificed for the health of the nation. As upsetting this may be to players and coaches, it is a necessary compromise to ensure that virus is dealt with and then we may return to normality.

This will indeed prove to be disruptive and discouraging to players and fans alike, but it is something that must be done for the greater good of the people.

The Scottish FA has announced that all domestic and grassroots games in the country have been suspended indefinitely.
The decision comes in response to recent concerns about the spread of Coronavirus. As a result the Scottish FA and the SPFL have agreed to suspend all games.
In a statement from the Scottish FA, Chief Executoive Ian Maxwell has said,  “Since the guidance outlined by governments last night we have been engaged in extensive dialogue to clarify the position and implications of that guidance for Scottish football.
“Today’s announcement is made in the interests of public health but, equally, the health and safety of players, match officials, and staff across the game. This is of paramount importance as the country enters the ‘delay’ phase of the coronavirus pandemic.
“It is also why the Scottish FA is compelled to ensure that the suspension is cascaded through the non-professional and grassroots games until further notice.”
Neil Doncaster, SPFL chief executive, said: “As everyone knows, this is a fast-moving and unprecedented situation for the entire country.
“We have been in intensive and detailed discussions since last night and have also been taking on board the experience of our counterparts in England and across Europe. As a result, the board of the SPFL has agreed this morning that all league fixtures this weekend and next midweek will be postponed until further notice.
“The health and safety of fans, players and officials is absolutely paramount. We have not yet had any confirmed cases of Coronavirus amongst players in Scotland, but, given the nature of this outbreak, it seems only a matter of time.
“We realise that many people will be bitterly disappointed, and we would obviously prefer to be in a position where we can continue as normal, but that’s neither realistic nor possible.”
The Scottish National Team hasn’t been able to qualify for a major tournament for 22 years, with their last big stage showing being the 1998 World Cup. Now, though, Scotland has a golden opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Euros.
Since 2017, Scotland have won 12, drawn two, and lost six competitive matches, with the team under Steve Clarke winning four and losing four. The only losses under Clarke have come at the hands of Belgium and Russia. During his still-young tenure, Greg Taylor, Ryan Christie, Michael Devlin, Ryan Jack, and Eamonn Brophy have all made their debuts.  
Next on the fixtures list is the must-win game against Israel, for which Clarke has requested that the Scottish Premier Football League helps as best as they can.
Taking on Israel to have a shot at Euro 2020

On 26 March, Scotland will welcome Israel to Hampden Park for the first game of the Euro 2020 Qualifying. The draw has certainly fallen in Scotland’s favour as, when the teams met in the Nations League group stage, the home team won in their respective legs.
Although not the manager at the time, Clarke hopes that his players can channel the experience of them winning 3-2 at home in November 2018. Both of those games were incredibly closely contested, and even though Scotland sit a good 36 places above Israel in the FIFA World Rankings, it’s tough to split the teams.
On paper, the Israel match couldn’t be closer, but given their recent run of wins, and the fact that it’s at home, Scotland is just ahead as the favourite in the football betting at 4/5 to progress to the decisive phase. With Israel out at 7/2, it’s clear that people are trusting in Clarke to pull through. 
However, the fixtures come thick and fast for the team. If Scotland beat Israel, they’ll then have to face either Norway or Serbia in the decisive game for Euro 2020 Qualification.
A shift in SPFL schedule could help a lot
As it stands, the SPFL is to play on 21 March, with the potential of a couple of games taking place on the 22 March. Both Celtic and Rangers are still competing in Europe, and if they win their ties, they could be playing on 12 March and 19 March in the Round of 16, pushing their SPFL games back to Sunday.
In order to get extra time for preparations, Clarke has asked the Premiership to have a “common sense” approach and move the Saturday fixtures to the Friday, if not postpone the slate of games. He’s gained plenty of support from league managers, including Derek McInnes and Steven Gerrard.
The Scottish national team featured 12 players from the Premiership, of which five were from the Old Firm clubs. Should the fixtures not be shifted back or postponed and Rangers and Celtic make it to the next stage of the Europa League, the likes of Greg Taylor, Callum McGregor, Ryan Christie, Ryan Jack, and James Forrest would only have three days to prepare for the huge match against Israel.
It’s very likely that a decision to shift the fixtures won’t be decided until the after the Rangers vs Braga and Copenhagen vs Celtic ties have concluded (27 February). If the SPFL giants are no longer competing in Europe, it would make sense for the league to move its fixtures to help the national team succeed.
There’s a lot of support from within the league to shift its games to help the Scottish national team. With it being such a close game, Scotland could do with all of the help that they can get against Israel and potentially against Serbia or Norway.
Tuesday, 11 February 2020 20:20

Vacancy: Board Member

Written by
Youth Football Scotland (YFS) is seeking additional non-executive directors to expand its current board.
Positions are voluntary and involve attending monthly meetings, in addition to assisting with other strategic level tasks.
YFS is currently going through a very exciting phase. Having firmly established our unique organisation at the heart of the youth football community, steps are being taken to accelerate our social impact and provision of education through football. Our YFS Media sub-brand, which facilities to provision of media to commercial clients across the globe, with profits reinvested in the social aims, is also steadily growing. We seek individuals that want to join us and help shape that journey.
We are particularly keen to hear from anyone with knowledge or experience in the third sector, education, marketing or fundraising. However, all applications will be considered on their individual merits.
To apply, please send a copy of your CV and/or a covering letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., explaining why you would be a strong fit for the YFS board.
For more information on YFS, visit: http://www.youthfootballscotland.co.uk/aboutyfs2
The nominations for the Scottish Women's Football Youth Player of the Year 2019 Award have officially been announced.
The shortlist of six have had fantastic seasons for their respective clubs, with many making their way to the Scotland Youth International squads over the past year.
The award will be presented at the SWF Annual Awards show on the 30th November at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel.
Now let's take a closer look at our six nominees:
Aaliyah-Jay Meach - Dundee United
The Dundee United stopper is no stranger to acclaim having collected five caps for the Scotland Women's Under 17 squad.
Her club side have enjoyed a decent campaign in the SWPL 2 this season and still have an outside chance of finishing in the top three. Meach's contribution to that effort has not gone unnoticed and has earned her nomination for this award.
Addie Handley - Boroughmuir Thistle
Addie Handley has had a breakout year this season and has broken her way into the Scotland Under 17 squad this season, making four appearances this year.
At the time of writing Handley's Boroughmuir Thistle currently sit in third place in the Under 15's Performance League. To have achieved all of this at 15 years old is an incredible achievement and one worthy of a nomination for this award.
Alicia Yates - Hibernian
This year will be one to remember for Alicia Yates. Not only did she add to her Under 17's caps, she also made her first-team debut for Hibernian.
Yates took part in the recent European Qualifiers in Edinburgh and helped her side qualify for the Elite Round with a place in the European finals on the line. The Hibs Stopper has proven herself over the years to be one to watch in the future.
Bayley Hutchison - Aberdeen FC Women
This is the second time in a row that Bayley Hutchison has been nominated for this award, and for good reason. She recently accumulated her 13th cap at Under 17 level and opened her account for the national side with a late goal in a 3-1 victory over Slovenia
She has also been an instrumental part in Aberdeen's quick return to the SWPL 2 and has a great chance of winning this award come November.
Lucy Sinclair - Glasgow City
Lucy Sinclair has always been a prospect in the women's game having won the Under 17's Scottish Cup last year and has recently broken into the first team at Glasgow City.
On her first start for the Scottish Champions she managed to score her first goal against Spartans and also earned her first call-up and cap for Scotland in a 4-0 win over Montenegro. Sinclair is surely among the leading contenders for the award.
Mason Clark - Rangers
Mason Clark has also enjoyed a good season at Rangers this campaign. The midfielder earned her first cap for the Scotland U15's squad against Wales and was also part of the West Regional Performance Squad.
An outstanding achievement for the youngster on top of being nominated for this award.
Congratulations to all nominees and good luck on the 30th November!

Both under 20’s conferences in the East of Scotland League are shaping up to be exciting seasons so far. In both conferences there has been plenty of highly competitive matches with lots of goals being scored across each league. 

In conference A Edinburgh City appear to be somewhat of a runaway leader, winning all 8 of their games so far. In the process they have scored an impressive 42 goals, the best in league, and have only conceded 8, the joint best defensive record. Their most recent triumph being a 5-0 away win against Edinburgh United. Below City, Dundonald Bluebell currently lead the chasing pack in second.

However, they are themselves only separated from 7th placed Edinburgh United by 4 points in what is sure to be an exciting chase. At the other end of the table, Edinburgh University find themselves firmly at the bottom of the league, having only managed to gain a solitary point from their first 8 league matches. Above them however the league is incredibly tight and a couple of good results would surely move them up the table with 8th place Dalkeith Thistle only 7 points ahead at this stage. A new addition to the scene is gambling slot machines.

In conference B it is Stirling University and Bonnyton Thistle who jointly lead the way after 8 games apiece. The top half of the table is so close with only 6 points separating 1st and the 8th placed team Musselburgh Athletic. Stirling Uni, as well as topping the table, boast the highest number of goals scored with 38 in their 8 league matches so far. They also possess the joint best defensive record, along with Heriot Watt University, having both only conceded 9 goals up to this point in the campaign. One of the leading providers is Canadian Online Casinos 2019.

Propping up the table are Newtongrange Star, who have struggled so far losing all 7 of their games conceding 49 goals in the process. They will be looking to end this run in their next league game away to Broxburn Athletic, who themselves sit second from bottom only 6 points ahead of Star. 

With the season only in its infancy there is still plenty to play for in both conferences, however it seems as though Edinburgh City may be hard to catch in Conference A, only time will tell. In conference B though it’s a different story where any one of the top half teams could push for the coveted top spot and the place in the inter-conference playoff. There are now many online new slot games to play.


YFS Vacancy | Media Team Recruitment & Development Manager

Youth Football Scotland (YFS) is excited to begin the recruitment process for a brand new role within the organisation. The 'Media Team Recruitment & Development Manager' will kick off in season 2019/20 and play an imperative part within our growth strategy.
YFS launched as a social enterprise in 2010. At that point we had secured grant funding, which allowed us to focus primarily on our charitable aims. The backbone of this operation was the creation of the ‘YFS Journalism & Media Team’. We created a unique programme that matched aspiring journalists, photographers and videographers with local youth football games and events.
Since then our team of 100+ members has covered matches the length and breadth of Scotland, giving profile to teams from the age of 5 upwards and in doing so building the CV of our volunteers and teaching them the professional disciplines and personal life skills of reliability and creativity. Most were young people or students, looking to make their way in the world of journalism. Others were older and just looking to give something back to the sport.
This team of people created a remarkable feel good vibe around the sport. Our channels were packed full of interesting stories about achievements on and off the pitch. We are proud that more and more of the team progressed into the world of professional sports media. Our alumni are now spread across Scotland’s top clubs, media outlets and some even ply their trade internationally.
It is a model that worked perfectly with both internal team members and external users – our social aims were being met in abundance.
However, despite being brilliant, exciting and absolutely unique, match coverage in itself didn't bring in revenue and our startup funding was fast running out. A change of approach was needed. While keeping the concept alive YFS has split focus for the last four years in pursuing several new revenue streams and now has a sustainable business, generating income through offering services to the youth football community and to sporting organisations around the world through the new ‘YFS Media’ brand. We are lucky enough to have worked in eighteen countries, across four continents. It didn’t happen overnight, but we got there. We now have a busy office with a small but dedicated team of staff.
However, the split focus has led to a decline in our presence on the ground at Scottish grassroots level. Less journalists making their way through our ranks and less young players reaping the rewards. We are now in a position to focus again on our original social enterprise concept of building the skills and confidence of young journalists through their love of football. Whilst also building the confidence, pride and self esteem of our young players by seeing their match reported with the seriousness and care that the mainstream press apply to the professional game.
We want to bring that magic back. We are seeking somebody to do it. We want them to recruit, train, develop and nurture our media team members; to create amazing opportunities for them that make them feel part of something and want to come back season after season, until they take the next step into the world of professional sports media.
Are you the person to bring it all to life? The right candidate needs to be a leader with incredible drive, strong innovation, excellent people skills and a genuine love of youth football in order to match journalists to games, brief them and take in their copy. You have to enthuse about the brilliant successes and encourage the improvers. A background in sports media is advantageous, but not the most important factor. If this sounds appealing, YFS would like to hear from you.
Working Hours
40 per week. Expectation to work weekends when required, with time taken back during the week. Can vary according to the football calendar.
Office base in Edinburgh. Opportunities to cover events throughout Scotland through YFS and throughout the world courtesy of YFS Media.
Dependent on Experience.
A current driving licence and regular access to a car is required.
To Apply
Please apply by sending a covering letter about yourself and why you think you are right for this post to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with your CV, by 1st November.