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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 14:25

Linlithgow clinch double with dramatic cup win

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Boroughmuir HS
Linlithgow Academy
Beith 40
Nimmo 30
Adamson 67


Senior Lothians Cup - Final
Spartans Academy

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Linlithgow Academy got the better of Boroughmuir High School in an all action Senior Lothian Schools FA Cup final at Spartans Academy. Daniel Nimmo headed Linlithgow ahead but Angus Beith scored a superb equaliser for Boroughmuir to make the score 1-1 at half time. Second half goals from Conor Adamson and Michael Currie sealed cup glory for the West Lothian side, securing them the league and cup double.

A mild night in North Edinburgh played host to a highly anticipated final, with both teams having long finished their league campaigns. Linlithgow had won the West Lothian Schools title with a 100% record, whereas Boroughmuir had came fifth in a very competitive Lothian Schools FA top flight. Both sides had excelled in the cup, coming through testing semi finals to make the showpiece match. Linlithgow got the better of Balerno, whereas Boroughmuir saw off Newbattle.

The early exchanges saw both side cancel each other out for long periods. The ball spent a lot of time in midfield, and whilst passes were sprayed along the excellent artificial surface in their dozens, no killer ball unlocked either defence in the first 30 minutes.

The deadlock was broken shortly after the half hour mark in favour of Linlithgow. A set piece was swung in and Daniel Nimmo was alert enoug to steal in front of the advancing goalkeeper and divert the ball into the net.

With the half drawing to a close Boroughmuir pushed forward in search of an equaliser and were presented the ideal opportunity with a free kick on the edge of the penalty box. Angus Beith won the battle with Alex Wyper to take the kick, with a little assistance from captain Lewis Scott, and justifiably so, given his terrific effort which found the back of the net.

Half Time: Boroughmuir High School 1-1 Linlithgow Academy

Boroughmuir started the second half brightly but struggled to break down a resolute Linlithgow defence. Wyper saw a lot of the ball on the wing, but the Edinburgh school struggled to fashion any goalscoring opportunities.

Inevitably, having soaked up the pressure, Linlithgow managed to take the lead midway through the half. Another set piece, this time a corner kick, was swung into the Boroughmuir box and defender Conor Adamson was on hand to show the instinct of a striker and poke the ball home.

Linlithgow's Michael Adams forced Andrew Dunnet into a fine save as they pressed for a clinching goal.

Shortly after going behind, things went from back to worse as Lewis Scott was shown a red card for a rash challenge.

With ten minutes to play Boroughmuir went down to nine men, with Alex Wyper seeing red after a late challenge on the Linlithgow goalkeeper.

To their credit, even with the numerical disadvantage, Boroughmuir continued to push forward. This provided space for Linlithgow on the counter attack and they exploited it fully. A direct through ball saw Michael Currie time his run to perfection and find the top corner with a fine finish.

The game was essentially over as a contest but there was more disappointment for Boroughmuir. Beith was shown a second yellow card for dissent, rounding off a frustrating evening for the Edinburgh school.

Linlithgow held on with ease and celebrating clinching a superb double. Having won the West Lothian Schools FA title for the two years previous, this team continues to go from strength to strength.

Full Time: Boroughmuir High School 1-3 Linlithgow Academy

Boroughmuir High School Linlithgow Academy
Blair Lawson
Lewis Scott
Calum Windram
Gavin Reid
Andrew Dunnet
Angus Beith
Murray McCallum
Ruairidh Barlow
David Jeffries
Thomas McRoberts
Callum Watson
Luke Botia
Alex Wyper
James Williamson
Jordan Hamilton
Daniel Nimmo
Jamie Bouhaddou
Mark Finnigan
Fraser Law
Michael Currie
Conor Adamson
Michael Adams
Jack Morris
William Neill
Andrew MacDonald
Sean McLaughlin
Ross Barber
Jake Percival
Paul McLaughlin
Calum Windram worked tirelessly from the first whistle to the last, remaining a focal point for his team as their numbers dwindled.
Linlithgow defended excellently throughout and Daniel Nimmo was the pick of the bunch.
Wednesday, 22 May 2013 09:23

Windsor hold off Leith charge to make final

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Leith Athletic
Musselburgh Windsor
Johnstone (2)


U15 Division 1 League Cup - S/F
Leith Links

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Musselburgh Windsor beat Leith Athletic 3-2 in the semi-final of the South East Region Youth FA’s first division League Cup semi-final. The Windsor outfit tore in to their opponents at Leith Links in what for them must have been the perfect start. The home side were rocked back on their heels as the fired-up side from East Lothian set about them. I want to say how good it was to be at Leith Links to see this game, as I love being there among so many real football people.

The semi-final lacked nothing in excitement and neither did both sides lack support on this very good night for youth club football. I hope you will forgive me if I also say Leith Athletic and Musselburgh are among my favourite football clubs as well. I was like a pig in poo. Don’t panic... Don’t panic... Could well have been the watchwords for the Leith defence in the opening spell. Goalkeeper Jordan Pettigrew and his mates in the Leith rearguard were under enormous pressure from the first whistle from one of the best referees I have seen in any level of football - Kevin Ferguson! He was positively brilliant in every way and like all great referees, it was hard to remember he was on the pitch. Well done, Kevin, and so too to everyone who contributed to this wonderful game of football.

The euphoria among the Windsor fans spilled over each time No 14, Jack Gilchrist, attacked on the right wing. Jack the Lad, this boy and what a player. Not among the most muscled on the pitch, but with such a great attitude and hunger for the game of football and boy, could he shift along. Yes, as a pig in poo, I was in my element! Leith also got going early on, but they ran in to a very compact and well-organised Windsor defence. And what does Euan Tarry’s mother feed him on? The big No 4 in the royal blue of the Windsor defence is a big lad and he packs a wallop, when he clears up at the back or when he tackled opponents. I think it would be correct to say several Leith players felt the full force of big Euan.

Not far behind, either, was No 5, Jamie Strachan. In a Leith attack, No 8 Coll Reekie, charged down an attempted clearance from Windsor keeper, Jack Stewart, but the danger passed and it was up to the other end. Sean Gilroy (No 6) showed his intent with a good shot but it went in to the waiting hands of Leith goalie, Jordan Pettigrew. Hang on to your hat and everything else, was an appropriate warning to the Leith goalie. The hordes in the royal blue had him in their sights. Not all one way, however, as Andrew Taylor (No 11) and No 2, Ross Aitchison - who I thought had a very good game indeed - fired shots in to let Stewart know he was not going to have it all his own way.

Then Jack Lansborough decided it was time those on the Windsor touchlies knew what he was capable of. Power packed shots at goal, although his first attempt was well off target. Aitchison halted the very talented Windsor No 10, Kieran Johnstone - another very strong young footballer - in his tracks with a well-timed tackle. I am enjoying this I said to myself but I hoped no one heard me as they would have got well away from me. Oh, and to my left, who should be there but the glamorous grannie from Craigleith, Gail Swanson, along with one of her grand-daughters and they had their own we game of football going. Enough of that however, as Gail did not have any sausage rolls with her for the auld yin to eat. Again!

On the pitch, it was slam, bang, I’m your man, as big Jack Lansborough literally took my breath away with an astounding shot from 25 yard out that did not just enter the Leith net, as the ball exploded behind the diving Jordan Pettigrew and the singing and dancing started in earnest on the Windsor touchlines. Well, it is a bit over the top to say that, but you know what I mean! Jack Gilchrist was like a boy/man possessed on the right touchline and the Windsor No 14 did not pull out of any tackle, regardless of how big his opponent! I think Jack must have been fed on raw meat for his tea! 

Hello, hello, what is going on as Windsor went 2-0 up! Kieran Johnstone was on target in this assault on the Leith goal and his header from an Arran Currie free kick went in to the net at the left-hand post. Come fly with me - was that what I heard from Windsor coach, John Cullen, as he took to the air to celebrate that goal? And with only 15 minutes on the clock the mighy Musselburgh side were 2-0 in front. Was this in the script? Not on your Nellie!

Calum Smart (No 9) had a go at reducing the deficit, but failed! Then another chance for Leith to open their account when Windsor No 5, Jamie Strachan, brought down Marco McBride on the right. Coll Reekie sent his delivery straight to Stewart on that occasion. Curie it was who took all Windsor’s free-kicks within sight of the Leith goal and another from 30yds out troubled the home defenders again. Johnstone, in fact, appeared to have orders from on high (I don’t know if John Cullen had returned to earth) to shoot on sight and another whiz-bang effort was fired at the Leith goal by the Windsor No 9. But things got decidedly worse for Leith when another Curie free-kick from the right was headed home by Kieran Johnstone. That made it 3-0!

Again, Musselburgh attacked on the left and it was the power-packed Kieran Johnstone who smashed a wonderful shot just over the Leith crossbar. When Jamie Strachan joined in the Windsor attacks - that was nor fair, Jamie, as you belonged in the centre of defence - but Ross Aitchison, again, cleared the danger and the Leith contingent breathed again. Meanwhile the shouts and squeals from Gail Swanson and her grand-daughter drew my attention away from the game. Nifty footwork from the glamorous grannie from Craigleith.

Get back to the game, you stupid auld fool! OK! When Lieth No 10 went on a run, in stepped Euan Tarry to win the ball, Wow! The Windsor No 4 made it look so easy! Leith got more in to the game and play flowed from end to end. Jamie Chapman (No 5) was outstanding in the home defence! Great game, Jamie! Coll Reekie continued to fire in shots to teast Stewart in the Windsor goal, but even Gary was in inspired form. He, too, had a wonderful game to remember. Leith needed to score a goal to get back in to the game. But, it was tough, mighty tough for the boys in the famous black-and-white Leith jerseys. No lack of effort, in my opinion, but they were up against a very good Windsor mob. Oh, sorry, team!

While Leith continued to improve, there was no let-up from Windsor. Thou shalt not pass, could have been the watchwords for the big defenders in the royal blue of the house of Windsor. Ha, Jack Gilchrist (remember him) reappeard on the right for Windsor and he powered in another glorious shot at Pettigrew. Leith’s workrate improved and a free-kick from 30 yards out was sent in to the danger area in front of Stewart, but the ball was well-and-truly blootered away!

Ewan Stark (14) and No 9, Calum Smart, were so busy for Leith, but the ball just would not run for them. Conal Prior set off on a good run to roars from the home fans, only for Jack Gilchrist (remember him) got back to tackle the Leith No 14 and take the ball away. Jack, Jack, you weren’t supposed to be back in defence! Prior then threatened any low-flying planes with a wild, wild shot that disappeared to God alone knows where. Another ball, please! Aitchison set up another move for Leith on the right and the ball was passed quickly and accurately to Smart and then on to No 17, Marco McBride - only for the move to break down. Chapman sent a good clearance in to the Windsor half of the tight pitch but that too was snapped up by the big Windsor defenders.

Sean Gilroy (No 6) sent in another superbly taken free kick and the ball was heading in under the Leith crossbar, until Pettigrew stretched himself to his full height, to parry the ball then grab it at the second attempt. Then Leith Links erupted when the home side reduced the deficit to 3-1 shortly before half-time. Another well-taken free kick in to the Windsor goal was tipped towards the right-hand post by Stewart and Coll Reekie knocked the loose ball over the line. That was the score at the break and lo and behold, Gail Swanson, came up to offer me a liquorice sweet, just one, but I had to be thankful for small mercies. 

The same applied to Leith. Their solitary goal even at that stage of the game, did not look enough, so they had it all to do in the second half. A great second half I have to say. And Calum Sandison came on for the home side and it was the No 15, who inspired his team-mates with his very good attitude. Where was he in the first half, I asked myself again? It was a rousing second half and Leith, I have to say, threw everything at Windsor in a bid to reduce the deficit. That was when Musselburgh goalie, Stewart, really made his mark on the game. 

The very special spirit that marks all Leith Athletic teams came to the fore in a blistering second half. Stewart was immense for Musselburgh and his brave, daring saves at the feet of opponents were quite magnificent. Pettigrew was also in action many times and both keepers, in fact, saved certain goals. Calum Smart looked certain to score for the home side but Stewart won the ball at the feet of the Leith No 9. That was a pivotal moment in the game, as the home side desperately needed a goal. Musselburgh No 14, Jack Gilchrist collided in a sickening accidental challenge with Leith No 5, Jamie Chapman, in a Windsor attack. After treatment, Gilchrist recovered but Chapman had to be helped off and he took no further part in the semi-final. He is such good player, too!

Jay McManus featured in another raid on Stewart's goal and he fed the ball through for Callum Smart to have a go, but Stewart saved and cleared. Leith poured forward on the left but Euan Tarry was almost contemptuous in the way he won tackles and cleared up for Musselburgh. The game roared on and Leith just did not get the breaks they needed.

It was a great semi-final and as time ran out on the home side, Conal Prior forced the ball beyond Stewart to make it 3-2 with only minutes left to play. It took a wonderful tackle from Windsor No 8, Sean Ballard, to halt another good Leith attacking move. While Sandison virtually ran his heart out in a bid to get an equaliser for the home side. It wasn’t to be, however and it will be Musselburgh Windsor that now go on to play Hutchison Vale in what should be a great final. I don’t know, don’t know when, but I know we will meet again some sunny day. Oh, got a wee bit carried away there.

It was a great night at the Links and what a pleasure for me to see how well kept the old clubrooms are maintained and also the immaculate condition of the pitches at Leith Links. That is the way to show respect to our young people. Well done, Leith Athletic and good luck to Musselburgh Windsor, they passed all my expectations. Great game and a great night!

But only one sweetie from my greatest fan, glamour grannie Gail Swanson. How miserable is that, I ask you? Happy holiday in Portugal, Gail.

Full Time: Leith Athletic 2-3 Musselburgh Windsor

Leith Athletic  Musselburgh Windsor
Jordan Pettigrew
Ross Aitchison
Rory Pilbeam
Murray Scott
Jamie Chapman
James Burt
Lee Thomson
Coll Reekie
Calum Smart
Ewan Stark
Andrew Taylor
Conal Prior
Calum Sandison
Jay McManus
Marco McBride

Jack Stewart
Gary Howie
Euan Tarry
Jamie Strachan
Sean Gilroy
Blair Millar
Sean Ballard
Aaran Currie
Kieran Johnstone
Darren Dreever
Jack Gilchrist
Adrian Shala
Cameron Wilson
Jack Landsborough
Jack Rough
Chris Robertson
Jack Stevens
Jamie Chapman was excellent in defence for Leith Athletic, winning tackles, headers and making good decisions on the ball.
Gary Howie produced save after save in the Musselburgh goal, to help them see off a resurgent Leith team.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 11:21

Dalkeith back to winning ways in league

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Leith Athletic Colts
Dalkeith CYP
Under 13's SERYFA Division 2
Leith Links
Leith hosted Dalkeith at Leith Links with Dalkeith eager to put their cup final defeat on Friday behind them and concentrate on winning the league. Dalkeith went into the game 5 points ahead with two games left and looked the most likely to score right from the first whistle. Both teams got the ball down and played some great football.

In a tight 1st half it was Dalkeith's impressive striker Owen Winnik who opened the scoring with a rocket of a shot from the edge of the box, and Dalkeith should have made it two following a great move from Matthew Scotland whose composure on the ball and range of passing was a joy to watch. He played a perfectly weighted ball to Fraser Walker whose shot went just wide.

Dalkeith were dominating the midfield due to Matthew Scotland and Calum Beilski who both passed the ball and kept possession time after time, playing with a great deal of composure and vision setting up attack after attack. Winnik went close again when the Leith keeper failed to hold Walkers shot but but Winnik blasted over the bar from 6 yards.

The Dalkeith defenders were also doing a great job keeping the Leith attacks at bay, especially Robert Cole and Jake Beveridge who both dealt comfortably with everything Leith threw at them. Leith had their defender Cameron Coppola to thank for the game not being over by half time with some fantastic defending. Leith had their chances too with Jake Montgomery making a great run but his shot was wide. Just before half time following more great play from Dalkeiths midfield duo, Scotland and Beilski, Owen Winnik popped up to grab his second goal.

The second half saw Leith come back into it after scoring a great goal, but Dalkeith stepped up a gear and Lewis Latimer who had had a quiet 1st half on the right moved up front and scored two quick goals to make it 4-1. This was a great example of youth football with both teams playing attractive football but at the end of the day it was Dalkeith who were the hungrier team and well deserved their victory.

Full Time: Leith Athletic Colts 1-4 Dalkeith CYP


Bishopbriggs Acad.
Lasswade HS
Burgon 37
Selkirk 22
Dilwarth 32, 44
Morris 34, 49, 59
Lennie 64


U15 SSFA Shield - Semi Final
Spartans Academy

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Bishopbriggs Academy made the trip to Edinburgh to face Lasswade High School in the semi finals of the Under 15 Girls Scottish Schools FA Shield. A rampant display from Lasswade saw them run out 7-1 winners. First half goals from Nicole Selkirk, Eilidh Morris and Aimee Dilwarth set the Midlothian school on their way, before Shannon Burgon gave Bishopbriggs a glimmer of hope. However, Morris completed her hat-trick, Dilwarth doubled her tally and Niamh Lennie completed the scoring to round off a fine afternoon for Lasswade.

Bishopbriggs started the competition with away victory in the capital, overcoming Boroughmuir by the slimmest of margins. They then romped to victory over Our Lady's HS Cumbernauld, Preston Lodge and Lesmahagow HS in the subsequent rounds.

Lasswade began their SSFA Shield campaign with a comfortable victory away to Denny HS, but then had to negotiate tricky ties against Dalziel HS, Websters HS and Our Lady & St Patrick's HS, winning by two or three goal margins on each occasion.

The match kicked off at Spartans Academy with the weather erratically switching between sunshine and rain. Lasswade got off to a bright start with Hibs Girls' star Lauren Watters stamping her mark on the game in the early minutes. As well as pulling the strings in the centre of the park, she got forward on a number of occasions and saw her first two efforts deflected wide and saved respectively.

It wasn't long before the Lasswade pressure was rewarded with the opening goal of the match. Natasha Selkirk found space on the left hand side of the area and guided a shot underneath the crossbar and out of the reach of Bishopbriggs' goalkeeper Katie Robinson.

Watters then set Aimee Dilwarth through on goal but she was swarmed and crowded out by white and blue shirts. At the other end, Bishopbriggs had their first chance, with Sophie Sweeney hitting a 25 yard drive narrowly off target.

Lasswade then doubled their lead and what a goal it was. A great piece of defending by Caitlin Lynch stopped a Bishopbriggs attack, before she found Watters with space in the centre of the pitch. Watters exchanged passes with Nicole Selkirk, before setting Eilidh Morris free on the right hand side. With most of the crowd expecting a shot, Morris deftly squared the ball for Dilwarth who applied the finish (click here to watch video of goal).

The momentum continued in favour of the South East side, and goal number three wasn't far away. Watters notched up another assist, playing in Morris who produced an accomplished finish to find the back of the net.

With the half time whistle imminent Bishopbriggs were desperately in need of a lifeline, and it came. Shannon Burgon capitalised on a rare defensive lapse from Lasswade, finding space and time inside the penalty area to calmly place the ball beyond Megan Steel. It proved to be the final goalmouth action of the half.

Half Time: Bishopbriggs Academy 1-3 Lasswade High School

Bishopbriggs started the second half with a more attacking outlook, and had the first chance after the restart. A free kick was awarded 25 yards from goal, but Sweeney's effort was narrowly over.

Lasswade soon found their rhythm again and as with the first half, attacks meant goals. Dilwarth scored her second of the match with an opportunistic effort, swivelling on the edge of the box and scooping the ball over the goalkeeper and underneath the crossbar.

Goal number five once again came from a Watters delivery. Her corner kick found the expertly timed run of Morris, who glanced a header past Steel.

Bishopbriggs' tried their best to attack, with Celtic star Sweeney the main outlet. However, she and her team-mates came up against and inspired Lasswade defence, which saw Bethany Simpson and Lynch step in and win the ball time and again.

At the other end, Lasswade weren't quite finished yet. Amber Scotland picked out Morris with a perfectly weighted pass. The in form striker then drove towards the penalty area before unleashing a superb strike across goal into the far corner (click here to watch video of goal).

The scoring was rounded off in the 64th minute, and it was potentially the best strike of the lot. Niamh Lennie pounced on a loose ball on the angle of the Bishopbriggs penalty area, and placed a fantastic shot into the top left hand corner. 

The final minutes ticked away with the main theme being 'can Lauren Watters get a goal'. The midfielder hit post, bar, and brought out some fine saves from Steel, but had to settle for her hat-trick of assists.

It's worth noting that nearly the entire Bishopbriggs squad have two years still to play at this age group, meaning they could be a force to be reckoned with in the next couple of seasons. Reaching the semi finals was a fine achievement.

Next up for Lasswade, in the final, will be Woodmill High School of Fife. Having beaten much fancied Aberdeenshire side Mintlaw in the final four the previous day, it looks likely to be a cracking national final. The match will take place on Wednesday 5th June, 7:30pm kick off at Spartans Academy.

Full Time: Bishopbriggs Academy 1-7 Lasswade High School

Bishopbriggs Academy Lasswade High School
1. Katie Robinson
2. Emma Wylie
3. Amy Rae
4. Becky McEwan
5. Holly McAllister
6. Shannon Burgon
7. Sophie Sweeney
8. Lauren Fox
9. Emma Purdie
10. Caitlin Bain
11. Tierney Spears
12. Natalie Seebaluck
14. Rachel Cuthbert
1. Megan Steel
2. Bethany Simpson
3. Gemma McOwen
4. Lauren Watters
5. Nicole Selkirk
6. Caitlin Lynch
7. Charley Paterson
8. Niamh Lennie
10. Eilidh Morris
11. Natalie Wilson
12. Aimee Dilwarth
13. Courtney McDonald
14. Natasha Selkirk
15. Amber Scotland
It was a tough afternoon for Bishopbriggs but Shannon Burgon didn't stop working and was rewarded with a goal for her efforts.
Nearly every red shirt could stake a claim for the award, but it's hard to see past Lauren Watters. She ran the show from the first whistle to the last.
Monday, 20 May 2013 16:25

Newbattle hold off Ross High to secure cup

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Newbattle HS
Ross High
Own Goal



U16 Lothian Schools FA Cup - Final
Spartans Academy

Scott Thomson

By Scott Thomson
YFS South East Region Reporter
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A second-half fight back from Ross High was not enough as Newbattle edged their opponents 3-2 in the final of the Lothian School’s Cup at under 16 level.

A goal apiece for Stuart Johnston and Tyler Connachan looked to have given Ross High hope in the second-half but Newbattle held on for what proved to be a narrow victory.

It didn’t look like it would end that way after Newbattle had romped into a three goal lead by half-time with number 9 Darren McCraw proving to be a real handful for the Ross High defence.

Both sides had started the cup final frantically, with neither side willing to keep the ball for long as they sent it up field to their attackers in the opening fifteen minutes.

Ross High’s defence had looked composed and alert in the early exchanges but they were undone after 17 minutes when McCraw found the top corner from the edge of the box.

A great ball into the box from Cameron Hall found McCraw whose half volley from his left foot found the top corner after Craig Kinnear, in goal for Ross High, could only get a hand onto it.

Newbattle got their second midway through the first-half from a free-kick but Ross High ‘keeper Kinnear should have done better to save the shot.

Declan Heron took the dead ball attempt and there appeared to be little danger as Kinnear grabbed the ball in his hands only for him to let it slip and roll into the net, a mistake the goalkeeper will want to forget.

Ross High tried in vain to pull a goal back and Connachan came closest after he cut in from the left but his attempt was straight at Newbattle goalkeeper Jordan O’Brien.

The pace of the Newbattle frontline was causing problems for the Ross High defence, in particular Heron was a real danger while Connor Lawrie showed excellent footwork down the left wing.

They added a third before half-time when Kyle Melrose showed great determination to get to McCraw’s ball across goal and he fired into the net.

Half Time: Newbattle High School 3-0 Ross High School

Many a side would have crumbled after going into the interval 3-0 down in a cup final but Ross High showed an eagerness to get back into the match and this was demonstrated when their manager brought his players out onto the pitch five minutes before the match resumed for the second-half.

Newbattle looked like they had one hand already on the cup by half-time but Ross High showed immense character to bring themselves back into contention in the second-half.

Johnston kick-started an unlikely comeback 15 minutes into the second half when his left footed shot from just inside the area found the net.

Connachan then summed up the character of the Ross High side when he showed great willingness to get their first ahead of O’Brien to beat him to the loose ball, before pushing it past him and tapping into the net midway through the second-half.

Despite turning round their first-half showing, Ross High had few other chances to score in the second-half other than the two goals they got and Newbattle held on to win the trophy.

Full Time: Newbattle High School 3-2 Ross High School

Newbattle High School Ross High School
1. Jordan O'Brien
2. Russell Hogg
3. Cameron Hall
4. Declan Dalgleish
5. Ross Currie
6. Blair Innes
7. Connor Lawrie
8. Euan Russell
9. Darren McCraw
10. Ros Moir
11. Kyle Melrose
12. Kieran Somerville
14. Lewis Hogarth
15. Declan Heron
16. Matthew Nisbet
17. Ryan Kingwell
1. Craig Kinnear
2. Ryan Dawson
3. Jamie Foy
4. Jamie Campbell
5. Jack Shanks
7. Kieron Watters
8. Stewart Johnston
9. Jack Gilchrist
10. Tyler Connachan
11. Jack Pullar
12. Kenny Pye
15. Ewan Porteous
16. Connor Farrell
17. Rhys French
18. Brodie Ross
19. Sean Mackie
Darren McCraw was instrumental in the first-half which inevitable won his side the match, he worked tirelessly upfront and took his goal really well.
Tyler Connachan was important upfront for his side in the second-half, the tall striker held the ball up well and interlinked with his midfielder's and was key to his teams revival. 


Broxburn Ath Colts
Syngenta Grange
Little 9
Craig 37


U17 WLAYFC County Cup - Final
Almondvale Stadium

Chris Rumbles

By Chris Rumbles
YFS South East Region Reporter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In many ways one could argue that the old footballing cliché 'a game of two halves' was simultaneously proven and disproven during the course of Broxburn Athletic Colts U17s DP Systems County Cup Final against Syngenta Grange U17s. Two goals at the start and at the end of the first half put Broxburn in a commanding position. However, with Broxburn being reduced to ten men early in the second half, Syngenta had a new found impetus.

Broxburn assumed the role of cliché debunkers as though Syngenta flooded forward after Duncan Coyle's dismissal on 50 minutes, the Colts looked just as comfortable as they were with their full complement of players. Lining up with a modified 4-4-2 formation, Broxburn sought to give licence to fullbacks Coyle and Dick to get forward at every opportunity with Liam Forbes in the holding role. Syngenta went with a classic 4-4-2 as the team looked to get the talented Dylan Robb involved as much as possible.

The warning signs came early for Syngenta. Broxburn striker Russell Little's combination of strength and pace was proving hard to handle for the Syngenta rear-guard. Jack Morris was called into action twice in the opening 6 minutes, pushing a Little drive from outside the box round his right hand post before Little again drew a save from Morris after a delightful looping ball from Ross Nimmo. Syngenta's continuing struggle to pacify Broxburn's Little reached its conclusion after 9 minutes when the powerful striker provided a beautiful left foot curling finish into the top corner after Kyle Goldie's excellent trickery down the left wing.

Syngenta were largely restricted to long-range efforts as they struggled to make things stick with Ian McIntyre and Dylan Robb up front. Broxburn were dictating play with greater composure and quicker passing than their opponents. McIntyre squandered a half-chance for Syngenta on the edge of the box after the ball broke kindly to him but the forward side-footed his effort well over.

A couple of substitutions by Syngenta almost helped changed the game instantly on 33 minutes. Adam Murdoch almost made the perfect start to his appearance with a cross-cum-shot that Scott Moffat just about managed to pluck from the air before looping over him and into the Broxburn goal.

Broxburn replied in kind by proceeding up the other end minutes later to take advantage of a defensive error. Syngenta centre back Conor Adamson mistimed a header after a long ball and that enabled Broxburn's Grant Craig to slip in and capitalise, despatching the ball coolly past Jack Morris after a one-on-one that was to be the last action of the half.

Half Time: Broxburn Athletic Colts 2-0 Syngenta Grange

Syngenta's three half-time changes looked to have lifted them when two minutes into the half Benn Hutchison put a header over from Dyaln Robb's corner.

However, the game looked set to change when Duncan Coyle was sent off for Broxburn on 50 minutes after an off the ball incident with Syngenta substitute Robbie Neill who had reacted to an awkward Coyle challenge. Neill received a booking for his troubles but the pendulum had not quite swung to his team.

After reshuffling, it was Broxburn who created the first clear-cut opportunity following Coyle's red card. A Broxburn corner on 61 minutes allowed captain Mark Finnigan to direct a header goalwards which had to be cleared off the line. Broxburn were continuing to play their game, passing with supreme confidence. Ross Nimmo's defensive and offensive work was second to none though Syngenta substitute Jonathan McClure offered a stern test for the Broxburn winger.

Syngenta continued to press Broxburn as they looked for a way back into the game. An enterprising run down the left wing by McClure resulted in a teasing cross that Robbie Neill almost managed to fashion a goal from via an improvised back-heel. Moffat could calmly claim Neill's weak effort but Dylan Robb had the Broxburn goalkeeper panicking on 75 minutes when, after a couple of keepie uppies on the edge of the box, the striker hit a half volley that came back off the bottom of Moffat's left-hand post.

Despite some further speculative efforts from Syngenta, Broxburn remained comfortable and rarely look flustered. The hard work put in by the likes of Nimmo, Little, and Craig, to name a few, ensured that Broxburn would hold on to their lead and see a much deserved trophy come their way.

Full Time: Broxburn Athletic Colts 2-0 Syngenta Grange

Broxburn Athletic Colts Syngenta Grange
1. Scott Moffat (GK)
2. Kyle Goldie
3. Mark Finnigan (c)
4. Russell Little
5. Cameron McBride
7. Ross Nimmo
9. Grant Craig
10. Michael Gilmour
11. Liam Forbes
16. Steven Dick
18. Duncan Coyle 
8. Euan Pryde
12. Anton Cully
14. Michael Currie
1. Jack Morris (GK)
2. Connor Adamson
3. Jordan Barrowman
6. Benn Hutchison
7. Connor McCrae
8. Ian McIntyre
10. Dylan Robb
11. Angus McIntyre
16. Adam Young
17. Corey Burnett (c)
18. Jordan Mitchell
4. Scott Kilgour
9. Robbie Neill
12. Jonathan McClure
14. Adam Murdoch
Ross Nimmo put in an outstanding performance that just about outshone an excellent team performance. Workmanlike yet highly inventive.
Jonathan McClure was brought on to try and exploit the Broxburn right-side and was a constant threat full of tricks. Produced excellent last-ditch tackle right at death to prevent potential third.
Monday, 20 May 2013 15:01

Windsor 19's crowned league champions

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Musselburgh Windsor FC Under 19s clinched the 1st Division of the South East Region League in style on Monday 29th April, beating their local rivals Haddington Athletic 4-1, at the Whittinghame Drive 3G complex in Haddington.

Cheered on by a large Windsor support the boys were two up at half time, thanks to goals from Jordon Burrows and Keiran McHarg. Haddington pulled a goal back at the start of the second half, but the Windsor responded immediately, scoring a third with a tremendous strike from Ryan McConville. The points and the league title were wrapped up when Ewan Ralton scored a fourth with 20 minutes to go.

The team played their final away game in the league on Saturday 11th May, beating Tweedmouth 3-1. This win means they have a 100% record in the 10 away games this season, a tremendous achievement by this squad, who are the youngest in the league, with all members still in their first year at U19 level. Many of the boys have also been with the club for more than 10 years and, after a few heart-breaking attempts at the league, this was at last one to saviour.

Musselburgh Windsor now play 3 semi-finals in the space of 5 days, starting with the Federation of Hibs Cup against Bonnyrigg at Pinkie St Peters School on Saturday 18th, followed by the League Cup away to Leith Athletic on Monday 20th and finishing with another game at Pinkie on Wednesday 22nd against Hutchison Vale.

Monday, 20 May 2013 13:06

Five star Tynecastle add to trophy haul

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Leith Athletic '97
Tynecastle FC

Own Goal


U16 Colin Greenhill Trophy - Final
New Dundas Park, Bonnyrigg

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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On the first time this trophy in memory of the late Colin Greenhill, who worked on the Evening News Sports Desk and contributed to the popularity of Local Heroes in the paper, it was Tynecastle that ran out deserved winners. The Leith Athletic players, who have won  promotion from Division Two to the top division for next season, it was surely part of a lesson they must take on board if they are to play with the big boys. Tynecastle set the tone of this final, played in front of Mrs Gillian Greenhill and members of her family, and it was a times a test of character for the Leith outfit. Gillian Greenhill was very pleased about the good spirit in which the game was played in front of a good turnout of spectators at the home of Bonnyrigg Rose JFC.

There was so much to enjoy in this game, particularly the play of the Tynecastle players. Recent winners of the SJFA Scottish Challenge Cup in Airdrie, they looked like winners from the opening whistle from Borders referee, Jim Darling. It was a game that needed a strong referee, and Jim fitted the bill exactly. He had to red card a Tynecastle defender early in the second half - last man when the defender brought down a Leith attacker on a run at the Tynecastle goal on the right.

There was an incident when the Leith coach thought the Tynecastle goalie, Billy Taylor, had handled the ball outside the 18 yard box. I was in line with Taylor at the time and on the same side of the pitch and I can assure everyone, the goalkeeper was not outside his box when he got his hands on the ball. However, I did think it was a pass back and possibly the keeper should have had a free-kick awarded against him. That did not happen, but it surely upset the Leith coach.

Tynecastle were a squad positively bristling with class players at this level and, my, how well did they play with the advantage of the slope of the pitch. The Leith defence were forced back as No 14, Ciaron Small, ran riot on the right for Tynecastle. Another of the best players in maroon jerseys was No 19, Joe Walker, and I thought he had a great game. Leith goalie, Campbell Johnston, was the busiest player on the pitch and he was definitely in the firing line in the opening stages when  the Leith goal was virtually under siege. Ryan Currie, No 15, was another dangerous player in attack for Tynecastle.

The first of the seven goals in this final came in the 9th minute, when Ciaron Small scored from a pass from Greg Kerr. I feared for Leith at that stage, as I did not want to see them over-run. But, with the hour, cometh the man - in this instance, Leith No 5, Keith Turner! Playing in the centre of defence, Turner was nothing short of magnificent. What a star and he went on to deny Tynecastle time and time again with good tackles and interceptions. Leith No 11, Lewis Robertson, delighted his team’s fans on the terracing with some great skills. That was followed by a surging run on the left from Tynecastle No 3, Calum Cowan, who ended his run with a super strike at the Leith goal. Johnston saved that but he was beaten again when Ryan Currie tapped home goal number two for Tynecastle, from a pass from Matthew Graham.

It was all going the way of the team based in Balgreen, close to Saughton Park, where they have two of the best maintained pitches in Edinburgh. It was Tynecastle No 8, Jason Kerr, who had a role in all of his side’s best moves. Then Leith had a good spell and Leighton Paterson showed up well in good raids on the Tynecastle goal. But no breakthrough! Another thumping shot from Joe Walker troubled Robertson in the Leith goal and Robertson only managed to get a hold of the ball at the second attempt. At the Tynecastle end, goalie Billy Taylor booted a shot from Paddy Ryan off the line.

The game turned to the other end and eager beaver Tynecastle No 15, Ryan Currie, led the hunt for a  third goal. His shot went wide of the target, then Greg Kerr was caught offside. Calum Cowan (No 3) had, I thought, a field day out on the left for Tynecastle and he easily brushed aside the challenge from a Leith player to set up more and more attacks on Johnston’s goal. Robertson set up Brandon Brammar to have a go at opening Leith’s account, but the No 15 shot wide.

Play, again, switched to the Leith end and once more it was No 14, Ciaron Small who was involved in the move that saw Joe Walker grab a third goal for Tynecastle when he fired home a loose ball in the Leith goalmouth. There was no sign that Leith were going to score a goal at the top end of the ground, but they surely did just that, with Paddy Ryan earning the thanks of his team-mates. And all this had happened in the first 30 minutes of the final. Keith Turner halted Ciaron Small on another great run with a superbly timed tackle. Great play, indeed, from both players.

There was always the threat Tynecastle could score more goals, each time they attacked the Leith goal. Matthew Graham (No 11) had a very good spell for the boys in maroon. With half-time looming, Tynecasle went 4-1 in front, this time a good cross from the left, delivered by Calum Cowan going in to the net off a Leith defender.

Half Time: Leith Athletic '97 1-4 Tynecastle FC 

At the start of the second half, a Tynecastle player was red carded for a last man tackle that brought down Murray Dickson (No 14) on a wonderful run on the right. The free-kick was just outside the 18 yard box and my oh my, Brandon Brammer fired the ball past the Tynecastle wall in to the net at the right-hand post and it was 4-2.

Was it the moment in the game for Leith to take control of the game? It just did not happen and for a while the exchanges got just a wee bit tough, can I say?

Brammer hit another shot from long range at the Tynecastle goal, but it did not trouble Billy Taylor. A free kick on the left to Tynecastle resulted in a good effort from Matthew Quinn. This exceptionally good defender shot wide of the Leith goal.

Tynecastle got back their rhythm and soon, they were celebrating another goal. It was a lovely goal at that, with Kyle Mitchell sending the ball over Campbell Johnston in to the Leith goal and that made it 5-2 for Tynecastle.

Leith lifted themselves and played their hearts out, but they were up against a very good, well coached and disciplined outfit. The pace of the game did not slacken for one second and Tynecastle contined to look the better side as they mounted attack after attack on the Leith goal.

Before the final whistle, Tynecastle No 4, Matthew Quinn, sent in a great ball at the Leith goal and No 17, Liam Thomson, got his head to the ball only for Campbell Johnston to pull off a great save.

It was still 5-2 at the final whistle and on to the prize giving with Mrs Gillian Greenhill, widow of the former Evening News Sports Sub-Editor, doing the honours in a lovely closing ceremony to the first time the handsome trophy was played for. And that, my friends, is match report.

Full Time: Leith Athletic '97 2-5 Tynecastle FC

Leith Athletic '97 Tynecastle FC
Campbell Johnston
Ryan Colbert
Darrell Oag
Keith Turner
Chris Slater
Jesse Tucker
Leighton Paterson
Dale Maitland
Patrick Ryan
Lewis Robertson
Jack Watt
Murray Dickson
Brandon Brammer

Billy Taylor
David Wright
Calum Cowan
Matthew Quinn
Alex Bertram
Craig Russell
Jamie Purves
Jason Kerr
Greg Kerr
Kyle Mitchell
Matthew Graham
Mark Shiells
Ciaran Small
Ryan Currie
Tony Milne
Liam Thomson
David Henderson
Joe Walker
Keith Turner put his body on the line time and again at the heart of the Leith Athletic defence.
Ciaran Small opened the scoring for Tynecastle and never looked back, putting in a fine display.



Hutchison Vale
Cavalry Park
Feachen-Hamilton (3)



U15 John McConnell Cup - Final
New Dundas Park, Bonnyrigg

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Two more youth finals at the home of Bonnyrigg Rose JFC new Dundas Park. And two more memorable and enjoyable games of football. The first of the double-header of finals featured Hutchison Vale and Cavalry Park in an under-15 finale.

The first half of this game was the best I have seen in all the finals I have covered this season. It was full of very good, high quality football and Cavalry Park were nothing short of magnificent in the way they took on, head on, the Scottish Cup winning Hutchison Vale. This very good under-15 Vale outfit showed in a final at Hearts FC last week just how good they are as they ran out 4-0 winners against Tynecastle in the Federation of Hearts Supporters Clubs final.

There are players in the current Vale squad who are a lesson to others hoping to make careers for themselves in the greatest team game in the world. One in particular who I think has developed magnificently is Vale No 10, Ethen Feachen Hamilton. In this latest final in Bonnyrigg, Ethan was the star of the show as far as I was concerned. I also complimented Ethan for his display in the cup final at Tynecastle. I thought he played a blinder in that game and he repeated that performance against Cavalry Park. One of his goals in the second half was quite fantastic and, in youth club football, truly staggering. Here then, is a player who has grown in stature, got stronger, is very quick and talented when on the ball and, possibly, most important of all - developed the right attitude! How important all these points are for every boy playing in youth club football. I have seen many good young players over many years, but Ethan is one of the most talented and exciting of them all. It strikes me that players will only get out of football what they deserve if they put the effort in to improve all aspects of their game, such as Ethan appears to have done. The same, I add, as in life in general.

If I had anything to do with Cavalry Park, I would have been very proud of the players for the way they took the game to Hutchison Vale in this busy, busy cup final. Youth club football at its best, very best. Harry Davies (No 18) and his team-mate in the No 9 jersey, Ross Lamb, led by example as Park set about their more illustrious opponents. Cal Sheridan (No 8) looked in great form for Vale, with big Lewis Swaney (No 19) another who has improved out of all recognition. In fact, I could say this about every player on view in the under-15 cup final at New Dundas Park, shrouded in mist for most of this game.

Tom Carter was the referee in charge of this wonderful example of youth club football and he was all over the big pitch as both teams played the most enjoyable forms of attacking football. Surely, that is how all football games should be played, not the rubbish as seen live on TV in the name of Scottish professional football. There was not dull moment in this epic game in Bonnyrigg. I don’t know what Harry Davies had for breakfast on Sunday, but he played at the top of his form as he went on the hunt for the opening goal. Another very good prospect, I think. You know wot I mean, ‘Arry?

The Vale keeper and his fellow defenders were at full stretch in their own bid to contain the eager Cavalry Park attack. It was so entertaining to watch. Outstanding, in fact. Then Cavalry Park No 14, Sam Laverty, showed his skill and determination as the raids on the Vale goal built up. But it was not all one-way traffic, not at all. The talented Vale players made sure of that and it was Park keeper, Kerr Robeertson who was in the thick of the action as the pace of the game increased. Davies and Lamb hammered away at the Vale defence at one end, while Ryan Fox (No 9) and Swaney were prominent when Vale went on the hunt for a goal. Laverty and Lamb were in the thick of the fray at the Vale end again and CP were awarded a free-kick in a good position. It was a poor delivery from the free-kick but the action continued in the Vale goalmouth with Davies getting stronger and stronger. However, he ran up against Vale’s inspirational skipper, Cameron Begbie. The Vale No 5 is not as strongly built at this stage in his life as the aggressive Davies, but Begbie was more than a match for the CP attacker. Cool, calm and collected is a good way to describe Cameron Begbie who loves to play passes (precision slide-rule passes) out of defence.

I can only repeat the name of Harry Davies however, as this well-build young player did everything in his power to make the breakthrough at the Vale end. To say the game flowed is an understatement on my part. It was a truly beautiful game of football, a final in every possible way. Vale’s attacks built up with the ball being passed about. Great goalmouth action at both ends but the feeling existed that Vale could score the opening goal. Hamilton was buzzing about and the way he hit left-foot shots at the CP goal was nothing short of frightening.

Regan Hendry came more and more in to the game. Another cracker of a player, I just have to add. Scott Christie, in the No 3 jersey, grew and grew in stature for Cavalry Park. Lamb, whose fleece was not whiter than snow, tried to make the breakthough at the Vale end with long-range efforts that, possibly, were a wee bit niave on his part! Davies sent over a cross from the right and No 8, Aidan Holligan, got his head to, but no problems for the Vale keeper. Brandon Archibald was in great form for CP when Vale attacked and Brandon and his pals in the CP defence had their hands full, I can tell you! More wonderful play from Ethan Hamilton and equally good defending from CP. Christie looked even better on the left for CP as Vale let it all go, go, go! Gabrie Auriemma (No 14) joined forces with Regan Hendry in another grear Vale move. Gabrie’s shot went wide of the CP left hand post.

At this stage in the game, I could feel the bacon roll I bought along with a cup of coffee before the start, lying in my stomach. Not a good idea to eat bacon rolls for someone my age. Still, Gail Swanson was not there with sausage rolls. So, bacon rolls and coffee it was for the auld yin!

Regan and Hamiton featured in another raid on the CP goal, but no problems for keeper, Kerr Robertson. Then Christie again on the left for CP followed by Hamilton for Vale in more great great play. Jack Kidney (No 10) took centre stage in the next assault on the Vale goal and there was a break in play while attention was given to the Vale goalie, who took a sore one while challenging for a through ball. Yes, it was real fire-in-the-belly stuff! In the 34th minute a great roar went up from the Cavalry Park fans on the terracing as their team opened the scoring. Great play on the right from No 2, Callum Shields, and he sent over a picture of a cross to No 8, Aidan Holligan, who scored with a looping header at the left-hand post to put CP 1-0 in the lead. Have you experienced the feeling in a game of football when the ball seemed to hang in the air before coming down to land in the net. Well, that was what it was like watching Holligan’s header. It seemed to take ages before it came down to land in the net. Ah, ha, what celebrations followed and rightly so.

Kidney hammered a shot off Begbie in another raid on the Vale goal. The same two players in contention for a through ball, but yes, great turn by Begbie and a superb clearance. At the CP end, Hamilton lashed a thundering free-kick from 35yd out over the crossbar. Some of the clearnaces from both goals were don’t mess with me, variety! In the 39th minute of this great final, Vale scored an equaliser. What a bloody goal if was from Hamilton, too, and the ball simply ripped in to the CP net at the top left-hand corner. Then Lamb hooked a shot wide of the Vale goal and another good promising move featuring Lamb, Rowen Shaw (No 17) and Cai Smith (No 5) broked down. Vale No 16, Innes Goodall, let fly at the CP goal from the right, but the ball was booted off the goal-line by a defender and it was still 1-1 at the break

Should I go for another bacon roll and coffee, I asked myself. Better not, or I might make a mess of myself. Play safe, Ian.

Half Time: Hutchison Vale 1-1 Cavalry Park

After such a tight, glorious game in the first half, six more goals came along in the second half, five of them for Hutchison Vale. It was truly bewildering to see how well this team played in the second half. Very good players in every position and how they made CP suffer. The final scoreline of 6-2 was a travesty for the team from east Edinburgh. But Vale simply tore in to their opponents and the goals came along at regular intervals. I must say, too, the quality of football from both sides was exceptional.

Vale were the better team and they went on to show just how good they are. In the sixth minute of the second half, Swaney powered his way up the left wing and, as he does, sent over a super cross for Hamilton to put Vale 2-1 in the lead. Was it a good goal? It was another stunner in my opinion.

Lamb sent another free kick sailing away over the Vale crossbar but in the 10th minute of the second half CP scored a dramatic equaliser from a spot-kick. Lamb, it was, who scored from the spot to make it 2-2. A glimmer of hope, therefore, for CP. Vale No 17, Cameron McAlpine sent in a ball that landed nicely for No 9, Ryan Fox, his shot looked easy for the CP keeper, but the ball spun out of his hands and on to the top of the crossbar and behind for a corner. Phew! From the corner kick, Cal Sheridan hooked a shot wide of the CP goal. Sheridan, need I say it, is another great prospect.

The pressure built up on the CP defence as Vale controlled the play. Enter stage left, Regan Hendry, and the Vale No 11 made it 3-2 with yet another superb shot. CP brokee the siege and No 17, Rowen Shaw, showed how good he is on the right, but - damn it - offside against CP ended that promising piece of play. Hamilton, meanwhile, caused havoc in the CP defence every time he was on the ball - or should it be boil? Archibald continued to shine for CP with good defending.

It was, indeed, a great final and in the 26th minute of the second half, Vale went in to a two-goal lead, with the talented Ryan Fox on the mark this time. Another well-taken goal! Three minutes later it was 5-2 and Hamilton again tested the strength of the nets at New Dundas Park with a shot of breathtaking proportions.

Fox won another corner for Vale and when the cross came over, Cal Sheridan was crowded out by the CP defenders. Davies re-emerged at the other end, but it was a lone furrow for the CP No 18. Arran Singh came on for Vale to show off his lovely close skills and it was the Vale No 19 who was involved when his side scored the final goal of the game, with Gabrie Auriemma applying the final touch to make it 6-2 for Hutchison Vale. Forget the scoreline, however, this was a brilliant final between two very good and disciplined sets of players.

I just have to add this. It was Vale No 16, Lewis Swaney, who gave away the penalty that resulted in CP equalising. Now, it befalls me to say: DOWN(ED) BY THE SWANEY once again. Sorry, Lewis, I just can’t resist it! 

The John McConnell Cup and individual awards were presented by Douglas Dalgliesh, on behalf of the club dear to the heart of the late John McConnell.

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 6-2 Cavalry Park

Hutchison Vale Cavalry Park
Byron Gibb
Cameron Milne
Fraser Paton
Sam Birch
Cameron Begbie
Thomas Prior
Shaun O’Donnell
Cal Sheridan
Ryan Fox
Ethan Feachan-Hamilton
Regan Hendry
Gabrie Auriemma
Cameron Fraser
Innes Goodall
Cameron McAlpine
Arran Singh
Jack Cook
Lewis Swaney
Kerr Robertson
Calum Shields
Scott Christie
Cai Smith
Kobi May
Aidan Holligan
Ross Lamb
Jack Kidney
Michael Cockburn
Sam Laverty
Brandon Archibald
Alexander Simpson
Rowen Shaw
Harry Davies
John Timmins

Ethan Feachan-Hamilton is having the season of his life and his hat-trick rounded off an unbelievable display.
Harry Davies was the star man for Cavalry Park. His work rate was an example to any player at youth level.

Sunday, 19 May 2013 22:27

Rose Girls blossom in Scottish Cup

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Linlithgow Rose CFC Girls
Scone Thistle
13's Scottish Cup R1
Linlithgow Rose CFC Girls progressed to the second round of the Scottish Cup after convincing victory over visiting side Scone Thistle.

Drookit. Wet. Soaking. Drenched. All words that could be used to describe the girls from Scone and Linlithgow at the end of their Scottish cup tie. No quenching the spirit in which the game was played though – both teams did their utmost to play football in increasingly appalling conditions.

The rain started about 5 minutes before kick-off, and it took both teams a few minutes to get used to the slick conditions underfoot. The Rose were settling into their stride probing and testing down the wings with Rheanna and Lucy, but with Scone posing some threat themselves. In 9 minutes, Scone were awarded a free kick about twenty yards out which was nicely struck and took a nasty bounce past the unsighted Beth to put Scone ahead.

The introduction of Kirstie a minute later though electrified the game. A dangerous thing it would seem in the wet conditions, with her excellent strike within ten seconds of entering the fray apparently triggering some previously undetected underground wiring. We wouldn't have known about this, but there was clearly no other explanation for her Dads leap out of his chair other than that it had several thousand volts running through it.

A minute or so later, a corner on the left was whipped in by Kirsty for Captain Cozza to net on her birthday to put the Rose ahead – a fitting reward for her all round performance. Kirstie was put through by Ellie shortly after , then bagged her hat-trick rounding off with a cool finish 5 mins before the break in an impressive display of finishing.

Half time came, and there were very wet but very happy girls. Some of the football had been stunning. Clinical finishing from Kirstie, Cozza and Tara, inventive work in the midfield with Lucy, Ellie, Rheanna, Kirsty and Anna; solid, composed defending from Zoe, Laura and Hannah, and intelligent goalkeeping from the ever intelligent Beth!

The second half was maybe a bit more one-sided than the first, but total respect must be given as the girls from Scone kept playing the right way and keeping looking to play good football - Beth was by no means a spectator in this game.

Rheanna had clicked in storming-down-the-wing-with-menace-and-purpose mode (a quite intimidating prospect for us watching on the sidelines, so the effect on 12 year old girls one can only be imagine), trying shots and crosses until a particularly fine run saw Laura finish neatly, with the same instinct for finishing seeing her react first to a shot off the post to grab her second a few minutes later.

Kirsties all action style netted her a fourth with a long drive, before Anna chipped in with a thumping low drive. The scoring wasn't over, with Tara getting a hat trick in the last few minutes to finish the game with a comprehensive win that was no reflection on a more than capable Scone team.

Our visitors were very gracious in defeat, and it's always good to make new friends in the game – we wish them all the best for the season ahead, and we're sure they'll do well.
As for the Rose? It's a joy to watch these girls play – little coaching needed, mistakes brushed off with a smile, and great camaraderie through the squad, with great support also from non-playing girls and parents on a rotten day.

The Rose were again truly excellent on the pitch, with every individual contributing to the team's success.
Well done girls, proud of you all as always.

Report from Linlithgow Rose CFC website
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