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South East Region Archive (1523)


Armadale SC
Mid Calder Colts
McGuire 4, 19
Bell 36 (Pen)
Dobias 13, 20
Jones 23
Smith 57


U15 'A' Presidents Cup - Final
Stoneyburn Juniors

Damon O'Connor

By Damon O'Connor
YFS South East Region Reporter
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A classic showdown at the Stoneyburn Juniors pitch saw Mid Calder Colts U15’s squad pick up an epic 4-3 victory over Armadale SC to lift the cup. The match saw a relentless attacking display from both sides and was contested until the very last gasp. The Colts will certainly have gone home feeling elated that they had come out champions after a final that will definitely be remembered.

After a delayed the start, the final of the WLAYFC Cup was certainly highly anticipated. It wasn’t just the fans arriving looking excited, with even the sun showing up to beam down on the proceedings. And with the goals that both teams had in store, neither fan nor sun could go home disappointed when the full time whistle sounded.

The match started quickly and furiously with Armadale SC taking the game to Mid Calder and keeping the ball in an attacking position. Grant Bell put the pressure on the Colts early with a dangerous cross and a long range effort, both coming in the first 2 minutes of the match.

And it was only 2 minutes after this that Armadale were rewarded for their quick attacking start. A classic quick break from midfield to attack saw a good ball looped into the box and met by a crashing Callum McGuire volley into the bottom left corner of the net. The cup final had already exploded into action after 4 minutes!

The Armadale pressure continued in the first 10 minutes, with Grant Bell again taking charge of the ball and firing several dangerous crosses into the area. It was a nervy start for Mid Calder and a second volley from McGuire was sliced just wide after 9 minutes. The determined tackling of Jack Hart was keeping the Colts together at the back following the Armadale goal.

All it can take to eradicate a slow start is one moment of magic. That’s exactly what happened for Mid Calder after 13 minutes of play when Mateusz Dobias won the ball in midfield and breezed past several players on the left side of the pitch. A cut in past the remaining defenders and cool bottom corner finish later and the match was level at 1-1.

Dobias inspired both teams to try their hands at midfield dribbling following his goal, trying to outsmart the opposition in the middle of the park. But the match took another twist on the 19th minute due through a deflection. An awkward bounce through the Mid Calder defence saw McGuire flying towards goal. A quick touch past Elliot Scott and the ball was again rolling into the net for 2-1 Armadale.

The match was firing on all cylinders, with the players moving end to end at rapid pace. The customary lull after a goal had never been considered by the two teams on cup final day and quite unbelievably, it was only a minute later before another equaliser levelled the match. Dobias, this time on the right side of the pitch, sailed in a long ball from way out. The keeper could hardly believe it as the long effort suddenly dipped into the top corner of the net to make to score 2-2.

Dobias was looking lethal at the beginning of the match and was one of the main reasons behind the furious start to the match. After 23 minutes, he was again in possession and was dribbling past several players. The defence stepped up to win the ball, but a pass found it’s way through to Christopher Jones who finished from close range to give Mid Calder the lead for the first time in the game.

Mid Calder certainly looked capable going forward as the half progressed and Robbie Rodgers was creating a lot of chances with an excellent display of long throws. With Connor Armitt also working his way into the box and having several attempts flash just wide, the Colts were looking to take charge.

But as the match reached the final 5 minutes of the first half, it was the run of Armadale’s Stephen Sinton which made the difference. Receiving the clever pass from McGuire, Sinton skipped quickly past his man but was brought down in the area. The penalty was given and when Bell stepped up, he made no mistake in converting the chance to level the scores at 3-3.

The match continued to go from end to end in the final minutes of the half, with Dobias looking dangerous for Mid Calder and Sinton doing the same for Armadale. McGuire may have snatched another goal at the end of the half, but a great save from Elliot Scott denied him. Scott certainly deserved the praise directed his way. Although he is generally an outfield player, it was he who bravely accepted the role between the sticks for the cup final after a goalkeeping crisis at Mid Calder.

The half time whistle brought an end to what was a high speed, thrill ride of a first half. Both teams looked enthusiastic at the football being played as they left the pitch to plot their next move.

Half Time: Armadale SC 3-3 Mid Calder Colts

The second half began with crunching challenges showing tow midfields ready to fight for control of the match. The first 10 minutes of the half saw Mid Calder still looking dangerous through Dobias and Armitt. Both players worked into the defence and applied pressure perfectly.

As ever in a final, you can never get too comfortable in attack. Armadale enforced this point with a quick break, Sinton releasing Corrigan down left side before the ball linked through to McGuire. Although his turning shot went wide, McGuire was still looking confident following his first half performance.

Both teams were edging forward in their own ways. After 17 minutes of the 2nd half chess match, it was Mid Calder who finally took back the initiative. A good creative build up from Sean Strachan saw him beat his marker before chipping the ball through to Dobias. Another quick flick past the keeper and it was Callum Smith who was there to header home and give the Colts an unbelievable 4-3 lead.

It was typical of the match that little over 5 minutes later, Armadale were facing an open net. A quick break past the defender and then the keeper from McGuire almost created another equaliser but his shot was blocked when several Mid Calder defenders leapt forward to block the shot and keep one hand on the trophy.

As the match passed the hour mark, Mid Calder certainly were not looking like relinquishing this grip on the cup. The linking football between Smith, Armitt and Strachan complimented the sweeping runs of Dobias brilliantly.

A final such as this would not have been complete without an inevitable late scramble. Armadale certainly looked formidable in attack as the match ticked towards the final whistle. Two minutes before full time and McGuire was again brushing past his man to drill a shot at goal. Another great save from Elliot Scott denied the equaliser.

McGuire’s final attempt at goal came in the 2nd minute of stoppage time as he hurtled after a long ball into the Mid Calder half. One quick touch into the air saw him loop the ball over two defenders to leave him one on one. The Colts held their breath as one and were delighted to see their stand in keeper rush out to make another fantastic block.

The final whistle sounded after a heap of late Armadale pressure, and the Mid Calder Colts finally grasped the cup. The unbelievable final had seen both sides seize the advantage with admirable attacking performances, both sides turning defence into attack at the flip of a coin. In the end, the Colts took the match just beyond their opponents and thoroughly deserve their new title as champions.

Full Time: Armadale SC 3-4 Mid Calder Colts


Armadale SC Mid Calder Colts
1. Ian Radka
2. Mathew Nicolls
3. Jack Johnson
4. Shaun Thomson
5. Alex Graham
7. Grant Bell
8. Kealin Lennon
9. Callum Corrigan
10. Callum McGuire
11. Ross Mack
14. Stephen Sinton
15. Robert Radka
16. Derek Radka
17. Jamie Macdonald
1. Elliot Scott
6. Callum Smith
7. Connor Armitt
8. Nathan Sharratt
9. Declan Knox
10. Tom Cairns
11. Christopher Jones
12. Regan Armstrong
14. Jack Hart
16. Robbie Rodgers
18. Mateusz Dobias
19. Jack Fyfe

Grant Bell although the match had a lot of quick dribbling and counter attacks, it's still important to have a player ready to battle for the ball and take control in midfield. I felt Grant did a great job of applying pressure for Armadale. He won the ball well, played a lot of good passes and was very well positioned throughout the match.
For me, Mateusz Dobias was so dangerous throughout the entire match. He was capable running at the defence from any position and was good in front of goal when a chance came his way. He was vital in creating space for his team and openig up the opposition.

Wednesday, 05 June 2013 12:40

Brave Foxes Shott down in cup final

Written by


Shotts YMCA Red
Fauldhouse Foxes
McGeouch 15,17
King 39
Dick 42


U15 Bob Malcolm Cup - Final
Stoneyburn Juniors

Damon O'Connor

By Damon O'Connor
YFS South East Region Reporter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Twitter: @DamonOConnor1

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It was a day to remember for the Shotts Under 15 squad as they lifted the WLAYFC cup after a classy victory over a valiant Fauldhouse Foxes side. It was a more than impressive attempt from a Fauldhouse side who started the game with only 10 men, and every one of the Foxes played with unbelievable spirit. But in the end, it was the polished, intelligent football of the Shotts YMCA Red outfit that came out on top and took the gold.

The day promised to be a victory for youth football right from the start, with the sun blazing down on the players and the pitch looking in brilliant condition. When the first ball was kicked at 11:10am, everyone was definitely in the mood for the final.

The first 5 minutes saw Shotts immediately show their attacking ability, Declan Muir having an early shot blocked on two occasions. The pace of Andrew Paterson running at the Fauldhouse defence showed they had several options going forward.

The pressure continued for Fauldhouse in the first 10 minutes, and the best chance came when Dylan King found himself on the end of a quick ball through for Shotts. Just a minute later and again Shotts found themselves threatening to take the lead with a well worked move ending with Gary Mcgeouch just blazing wide from a good position in front of goal.

Anyone who has watched Fauldhouse play this season will know they are incapable of taking pressure without showing off their own attacking ability. A determined performance from Kerr Fraser and some clever looking footwork from Martin Hughes kept Shotts from relaxing at the back. But the resistance took a massive blow when Fauldhouse no10 Jack Kelly clashed hard with the opposition and found himself being escorted from the pitch after 12 minutes. The Foxes were brave, but could only do so much to prevent their dangerous opponents from exploiting the extra space.

The pressure proved too much after 15 minutes. A perfect ball through from Muir splitting through the depleted Fauldhouse side saw striker McGeouch beat the keeper and finish into the open net to give Shotts their first goal of the final.

Fauldhouse barely had time to collect themselves when Shotts were again flooding forward and picking apart the defence. A series of composed passes and the ball was again falling for McGeouch who made no mistake in rifling home his second of the game after 17 minutes.

The scoreline reflected a fantastic start from Shotts. But the bravery of the Fauldhouse boys was also on show, displayed especially in the form of Jack Kelly. The injured man entered the fray again to help out his team.

Fauldhouse continued to try their best on the ball, but the battles on the pitch were won mainly by the Shotts side. Sandy Robertson and Luke Brown were linking effortlessly up the left side of the pitch. After 32 minutes the Fauldhouse boys were again watching a great ball float through to McGeouch, though the striker’s header was pushed onto the bar by a fantastic Kieran Gowans save.

The first half ended with another blow to the Foxes’ trophy hopes. After a 5 minute period of pressure, the ball set up well for Dylan King who swept home a third for his side and sent Shotts into half time with a 3-0 lead and a lot of confidence.

Half Time: Shotts YMCA Red 3-0 Fauldhouse Foxes

As Fauldhouse retook to the field, it became apparent that their injured man would no longer able to continue and it would be 9 Foxes that would continue the battle. However, it became apparent quickly that there was no white flag being waved despite the numbers.

In his new lone striker role, Kerr Fraser looked fired up and was chasing down every ball. It was his pressure that forced a corner just 2 minutes into the second half. Anyone who thought it was game over were left scratching their heads after a great corner was swung in and the towering Calum Dick powered his header home for 3-1.

The second half had welcomed in a fiery and tactically sound Fauldhouse team, in defence as well as attack. Shotts tried several attacks, using the pace of Paul Hughes up the wing and the presence of striker McGeouch but each time found themselves blocked by a determined Fauldhouse wall.

Sandy Robertson had a great game and came close to breaking down Fauldhouse. Working into the box, his rifled finished forced another good save from Gowans.

More tactics from Fauldhouse saw the offside trap catch out Shotts several times. After 55 minutes played, Dale Baxter saw his goal disallowed after he got on the end of Dylan Pringle’s blocked shot. He done well to get there, but the goal was called for offside and the determined defending from Calum Dick, Paul Davidson and a host of other Fauldhouse players was shining through.

The final half hour of the match showed an incredible amount of drive from Fauldhouse. This was centred around the movements of \Kerr Fraser who continually chased every ball and refused to let Shotts relax with the ball at the back. Several long Shotts and quick interceptions threatened to give his side an opening.

However, in the end the leading Shotts side showed the composure of champions and saw out the remainder of the match. When the final whistle was blown, it could not be denied that they’re clever, possession football had earned them the top prize. Both sides had put down the very best of performances and when it was announced at the awards ceremony that “there were no losers in a final”, this was more than true for Fauldhouse.

Shotts YMCA Red U15’s lifted the trophy after a hard fought 3-1 victory, and provided a great advert for brilliant attacking football in the youth game.

Full Time: Shotts YMCA Red 3-1 Fauldhouse Foxes


Shotts YMCA Red Fauldhouse Foxes
1. James Davidson
2. Greg Murray
3. Luke Dwyer
4. Jamie White
7. Dylan Pringle
8. Sean Cairns
9. Sandy Robertson
10. Luke Brown
11.  Connor Mathews
12. Gary McGeouch
14. Paul Hughes
15. Robbie Mclean
16. Dylan King
17. Andrew Paterson
18. Declan Muir
20. Dale Baxter
1. Kieran Gowans
2. Martin Hughes
3. Fraser Young
5. David Paterson
6. Paul Davidson
7. Callum Kirkland
8. Alex Mcmahon
10. Jack Kelly
11. Kerr Fraser
15. Stephen Potter
17. Calum Dick

In addition to the Man of the Match award awarded officially on the day, I'd also elect Gary McGeouch for the accolade. He may not have finished every single attempt on the day, but it takes a lot of character to score at all in a final let alone two. It's a striker who puts away a few chances that a team can win matches like this and Gary always looked dangerous.
Kerr Fraser side may have lost, but they were certainly brave in defeat. There wasn't one player who underperformed and they fought ot overcome the number deficit. For me Kerr Fraser takes Man of the Match because for the entire game, I did not see hims top working or chasing the ball. He created opportunities from nothing and most importantly, did not let the oppostion relax on the ball.
Tuesday, 04 June 2013 18:17

Leith spot on to win Dalkeith cup final thriller

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Dalkeith CYP
Leith Athletic
Jamieson (2)

Own Goal


(AET, Leith Athletic win 5-3 on penalties) 

U19 SERYFL Division 1 LC- Final
Olive Bank

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Every word of this match report will be one of praise for both teams who produced such a total thriller of a final on a night that was just nigh perfect for football, good football at that. This latest in the long number of finals staged by the SERYFA was, especially, an example of the most wonderful and satisfying display of sportsmanship and good spirit that it was possible to see. Leith Athletic and Dalkeith, you did football proud last night! Leith Athletic and Dalkeith, you were nothing short of magnificent!

Sit back, therefore, and let me praise every player, match official, coach, spectator and if there was a dug in Oiive Bank - well it was brilliant as well. I am almost salivating as I think of all the good things in this final. It was the second time Leith have walked away with the silverware at this neat and tidy home of Musselburgh Athletic JFC - and the best pies in Scottish Football (Lovable Hughie Ferguson told me so!). From the opening whistle from referee, Alan McEwan, this game rocked and rolled. The crowds, most of them on the sunny terracing on the side of Campsie Primary School (what were these people doing on the roof I asked myself?) shouted and bawled their way through this amazing game. The referee, as usual, got laldie (is that the correct spelling)! No change there, then! I watched in awe at the coolness under pressure of Leith’s skipper, No 6, Lyndon Leonard. One cool customer in the centre of defence, but more about him and his immediate opponent, the brilliant Dalkeith No 9, Chris Jamieson, the son of the former Hibs player, Willie Jamieson!

Good players emerged all over the pitch (which, I have to say, could have done with a cut) and Dalkeith No 8 Liam Fellenger, another whose father played for the Hibees, looked a class player. Callum Mein, No 8 in the famous Leith colours, delivered an excellent free kick in to the danger area in front of Dalkeith keeper, Connor Lunn (I don’t know if his dad played for Hibs). Mein’s free kick cannoned off Dalkeith No 16, Daniel Greig and that produced the first corner of the game. I thought Leith had the better of the opening excchanges but even I was not prepared for what followed in this titanic encounter in the sun. And so, Leith pounded away at the Dalkeith goal and here, I want to mention Dalkeith No 16, Daniel Greig. What a great prospect he is and with his throw-ins at either side of the pitch were like guided missiles, better than free-kicks and corners, in my humble opinion. How did Daniel get so much power in to his throw-ins? If I find out, I will let you know. Enough of that, Ian, get on with lavishing more praise on the players.

So, Darren Gallagher (No 7), Callum Mein and Sean Macpherson impressed in Leith attacks on the Dalkeith goal, while Fellenger, whose dad played for Hibs (oh, I have already said that) and Mark Lawrie, No 3, were prominent for Dalkeith. Now, I have to say I have no idea if Mark is any relation to the Annie Laurie immortalised in song so long ago! Jack Brien (No 4) had a lethal left foot and his clearances out of defence were awesome! OK, too well hit at times as well. But I like Jack and I have known him and others on the pitch for a long time. All strapping, handsome young men with their respective lives ahead of them. And good luck to all of them. I was impressed by Dalkeith striker, you know, Chris Jamieson and if you think I am going to mention he is the son of Willie Jamieson who played for Hibs, you are correct! Chris looked a very skilful player indeed, not like his dad, I have to add!

In another alll-out Leith attack (where the hell did these young players get their energy from?) it took a great clearance from Daniel Greig to clear the danger. In a Dalkeith attack, Leith keeper, Reece Smail, had to come quickly off his line to clear from Jamieson. At the other end, Leith No 9, Ross Davies, let fly at the Dalkeith goal with an absolute piledriver of a shot and that produced a great tip over the crossbar from Dalkeith keeper, Connor Lunn. The corner, taken on the left by Mein, was grossly overhit. Dalkeith No 14, Chris McCartney, and I don’t know if his dad played for Hibs either) sent in a great free kick and the ball rocketed towards Smail, but it was headed away. Phew! Sean Macpherson then showed up well with a well-timed tackle on Chris Cairns. The game moved at express speed from end to end and the excitement brought out the shouts and roars from the fans.

Leith continued to look the better side but that went for nothing in the 18th minute when Willie Jamieson’s son, Chris, produced his very own little bit of magic to the left of the Leith goal, some 25 yards out. The boy Jamieson, not his old dad, lit up Olive Bank with a stunner of a shot and the ball flashed past the bewildered Reece Smail in to the right-hand corner of the net to put Dalkeith 1-0 in the lead. It was Happy Days Are Here Again among the Leith players and their fans on the sidelines. Let us get at them, was the Leith reply! Led by Mein and Davies. Woof, another cruncher of a tackle from Daniel (in the lion’s den) Greig on Jamieson, and another free-kick to Leith. Cleared easily, I have to admit! Dalkeith then attacked on the right and in stepped Jack (the lad) Brien to blooter the ball away.

Enter then another Dalkeith hero in the shape of Tyron McLean, in the No 2 jersey. Tyrone’s workrate was staggering! And, just to confuse me a wee bit (not much) Tyrone played on the left side of defence for the team from Midlothian (yes, I know my geography!). He set off on a surging run but it was a case of Thou Shalt Not Pass mentality from Lydon Leonard & Co. Have I mentioned Liam Greig (No 7) or his father so far? I cannot remember, but Liam was another very good player in the Dalkeith colours. I notice I jotted down on my notebook how well organised and strong the Dalkeith defence was, when - guess what? Leith equalised! Another brilliant free-kick headed from the right in to the near post and with Lunn rooted to the spot, it was big No 16, Ryan Ward, who managed to stick the ball in the Dalkeith net. I promised Ryan’s dad, Freddie, I would mention his son, so there you are Freddie and thanks for the offer of a pint in the pub nearby! I could fill a book about Freddie Ward and the greatest amateur side I have ever seen, the Jolly Farmer/Waverley side of so long ago that won the Famous Grouse Sunday Amateur Cup. I could tell you of the truly epic encounter this team had with Moodiesburn, from Glasgow, at Southhouse Basin! But I won’t!

So, where am I? Oh, yes, big Ryan had done the dirty on Dalkeith in the 32nd minute and from then on till half-time, Leith were back in the drving seat. Here, then, I have to introduce Sean Melvin. The Leith No 17 had a fantastic game and, once again, I have no idea if his dad played football, Possibly not, but he could have got a game for Hearts or some other of our crap professional teams in Scotland.

Oh, and while I am at it, Sean Alexander was another star in the Leith ranks. But all that praise counted for nothing when Dalkeith went back in front, at 2-1, just before half-time. It was another stunner of a goal, too, from Chris Jamieson, out on the left again from a free-kick and I doubt if the flying Reece Smail had any real chance of stopping the ball as it careered in to the net, again at the right-hand post. Bedlam in the Dalkeith ranks once more! Wonderful to watch!

It was 2-1 at the break and time for a wee breather. Where was Freddie Ford (no, I have not a clue which senior side Freddie played for) when I needed him and a cool glass of your best cider, landlord, in the pub nearby! But, unlike all the big(?) games at Hampden and elsewhere, there were no freebies at Olive Bank, just honest young, great, wonderful, magical, sporting, talented young footballers.

Half Time: Dalkeith CYP 2-1 Leith Athletic

And the second half was positively mouthwatering!

Do you ever get the feeling at a game that a lot more is going to happen. Well, I had that feeling after the break. In the 4th minute of the second half, Leith equalised and it was a tragedy for Dalkeith No 3, Mark Lawrie, as a free-kick delivered from the left hit the unlucky defender and from him in to the net and it was still 2-2. There were no more goals in the rest of normal time, but goodness me, it was a total thriller of a game. I moved my position to the other side of the pitch, close to the dugouts and the bulk of fans.

My enjoyment increased serveal fold as I listened to the banter and also managed to check if I had the goalscorers correct. Despite the lack of goals, everything else was there to see and enjoy. Goalmouth thrills - in abundance. Mistakes at both ends and the poor referee was lamblasted by the bigmoouths on the terracing who have never refereed a game in their lives. Alan McEwan is an honest referee and I just could not figure out what the bigmouths were shouting about. Dalkeith’s No 6, Scott Waugh, was outstanding in defence for his team as play surged and I really mean, surged, from end to end. Hell, I could not see down the touchline. Jings, as Oor Wullie would say. Crivvens! Help Mah Boad! Et al!

In no time at all, it was full-time! Hi, check your watch Alan McEwan! The second half must have flown past and I did not want it to end. Play to the finish, I muttered under my breath! Oh, so they were and 30 minutes of extra time to come. Bring It On! Bloody Hell!

In the 5th minute of extra time, Dalkeith scored again and they led 3-2 and it Steven McKenzie, it was who profited from very poor defending by Leith away out near the left corner flag, and the Dalkeith No 12 somehow or other managed to send a shot past Reece Smail in to the far corner of the Leith net. I just could not believe my eyes. That was a positively ridiculous/great goal! Needlesstosay, the roars from the Dalkeith contingent must have been heard far away in the Midlothian town.

Two minutes later, it was 3-3 with another totally crazy goal from No 7, Darren Gallagher, and the Leith players let fly at the Dalkeith goal from far out on the very left touchline and the ball, well, how can I describe the pace Darren’s shot - like an express train and it was still heading down the East coast when the ball exploded in to the Dalkeith net at the near post. At the finish, I asked Darren if he meant to score. I have to take him at his word and he said he did mean to score. A team-mate added: “It was meant to be a cross!”

Whatever, they all count as they say and with the teams locked at 3-3 it was on to a penalty decider and the sky had started to get dark. No floodlights at Olive Bank, so get on with it and the Leith players certainly did just that. All five of their penalty takers - Darren Gallacher, Sean Melvin, Josh Riddell, Jack Brien and Euan Morrice, scored from the spot. Euan’s dad had to hide his eyes as this sone took Leith’s final spot-kick. “I just could not watch Euan take the penalty, I was so nervous!”

Sadly, for the brave, wonderful Dalkeith team, only Scott Waugh, Jason King and Mark Lawrie found the back of the Leith net. Reece Smail saved Steven McKenzie’s spot-kick and, as they say, it was all over bar the shouting!

Harry Smith, president of the SERYFA Under-19s, did the honours as the light continued to fade over Olive Bank. The memory of this final will remain with me for a long time to come. Tonight, in fact, when I travel to Haddington, to see the final of the Under-19 Royal Edinburgh Cup, at Millfield. It is between the crack Hutchison Vale side and Haddington Athletic Colts. Another cracking game is in prospect.

I would love to name everyone who was at Olive Bank. The atmosphere and banter were captivating for me. I had found my home and the greatest team game in the world. No wonder I love football with such endless passion. The players, the coaches, fans, etc etc - I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAME! Thanks, from the very bottom of my heart! Every player is special to me when I watch youth club teams in action. And it was just that at Olive Bank.

Full Time: Dalkeith CYP 3-3 Leith Athletic (Leith Athletic win 5-3 on penalties)

Dalkeith CYP Leith Athletic
Connor Lunn
Tyron McLean
Liam Fellenger
Chris McCartney
Shaun Taylor
Scott Waugh
Liam Greig
Mark Lawrie
Chris Jamieson
Chris Cairns
Jason King
Steven McKenzie
Jamie Ramsay
Daniel Greig
Scott Frankland
Jae Baxter
Reece Smail
Josh Riddell
Ryan Agate
Jack Brien
Sean Davidson
Llyndon Leonard
Darren Gallagher
Callum Mein
Ross Davies
Sean MacPherson
Conway Hunter
Liam Conaghan
Euan Morrice
Sean Alexander
Ryan Ward
Sean Melvin
Lewis Wardrope
Daniel Greig was in inspired form for Dalkeith - an outstanding performance.
Leith's character was typified by Callum Mein - who kept working tirelessly and creating chances, even when the chips were down.

Tuesday, 04 June 2013 14:26

Windsor clinch league trophy in style

Written by
Musselburgh Windsor FC Under 19's clinched the 1st Division of the South East Region Youth Football League in style on Monday 29th April, beating their local rivals Haddington Athletic 4-1, at the Whittinghame Drive 3G complex in Haddington. Cheered on by a large Windsor support the boys were two up at half-time, thanks to goals from Jordon Burrows and Keiran McHarg. Haddington pulled a goal back at the start of the second half, but the Windsor responded immediately, scoring a third with a tremendous strike from Ryan McConville. The points and the league title were wrapped up when Ewan Ralton scored a fourth with 20 minutes to go.

The team played their final game on Thursday 31st May, and the presentation of the league trophy was made after the game by Dave Young, President of the South East Region Youth Football. The team finished 11 points clear of the second placed team in the league. They also completed the season with a 100% record in the 10 away games. This is a tremendous achievement by this squad, who are the youngest in the league, with all members still in their first year at U19 level. Many of the boys have also been with the club for more than 10 years and, after a few heart-breaking attempts at the league, this was at last one to saviour.

The team are photographed with the League trophy.

camerongunnOver 1,200 primary school aged children from across the Scottish Borders participated in the 10th Borders Sport and Leisure, Festival of Football (June 2nd). The annual Festival which is supported by Borders Railway is one of biggest participation events in Scotland and the largest event of its kind in the South East Region. A record 114 teams took part making the 10th anniversary event the biggest yet. The tournament was held at Netherdale in Galashiels with games taking place on a round robin basis. The event also featured the cup finals of the SBJFA for U13s ,U14s, U15s, and U17s.

The event is organised by Borders Sport & Leisure in conjunction with the SBJFA and the Scottish FA and honours the memory of Selkirk teenager, Cameron Gunn who died whilst playing football aged 19 in 1991.

Ewan Jackson, Chief Executive of Borders Sport and Leisure, said: “This was a fantastic day and it is brilliant to see this event go from strength to strength. About 2,500 people attended the Festival between competitors and supporters, the largest number to date. This Festival plays a key role in encouraging Primary School pupils to play football and it was really rewarding to see so many young people enjoying competitive sport."

Drew Kelly, Scottish FA Development Officer, said: "This year’s Festival was a huge success with all the children playing the game in great spirit and showing some impressive skills. The event is supported by the teams and officials involved in the SBJFA league and represents the pinnacle of their season. We are really grateful for all the help and support they provided on the day."

David Drummond, Regional Manager Scottish Football Association - South East commented :"A key objective of the Scottish FA is to grow the number of participants involved with the game. Working in partnership with Borders Sport and Leisure allows us to support clubs through our many club development initiatives and provide opportunities for thousands of young people to access football. It is events like today that really demonstrate the strength of our grass roots game and reminds us of just how important partnership working is for our game to prosper".

The results of the SBJFA cup finals (held as part of the Festival of Football) were as follows:

Under 13s – Jack Gilchrist Cup
Gala Fairydean 2 – 1 Hawick (after extra time)

Under 14s – Bruce Scott Cup
Gala 2 – 5 Eyemouth (after extra time)

Under 15s - Cameron Gunn Cup
Gala Fairydean 6 – 1 Hawick

Under 17s Chris Doyle Cup
Duns 3 – 1 Hawick
Monday, 03 June 2013 17:24

Vale Colts stun Tynie with superb cup final win

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Hutchison Vale Colts
Tynecastle FC
Edgar 4
McLaren 63


U14 South East Region Cup - Final
New Countess Park, Dunbar

Michael Ahari

By Michael Ahari
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Hutchison Vale Colts stunned rivals Tynecastle in the Final of the U14 South East Region Cup Final at New Countess Park in Dunbar.

An early strike from Matthew Edgar was followed up by a nonchalant finish from Ross McLaren seven minutes from time. It was a game in which Tynecastle were dominant for large spells but lacked the killer touch in front of goal.

Whilst Hutchison Vale's U13 Scottish Cup winning outfit had done battle with Tynecastle in most competitions this season, today was the day of the 'Colts - newly promoted to the top flight this season. Whilst Tynecastle saw off Vale in a thrilling semi final, Hutchie Colts had brushed aside the challenges of Bo'Ness United, Edinburgh United, Grangemouth Colts and Livingston Hearts to seal their place in the Dunbar showpiece game.

A derby nonetheless, the tense start didn’t go unnoticed, and it was no surprise that the opening goal came from a set piece. Keeper Fraser Briton couldn't collect an incoming corner, and Edgar scrambled it home from 3 yards - the delight etched on his face as the Scottish Champions trailed.

Tynecastle responded with a Tod Rowell strike which clipped the outside of the post, and weak header from the towering Cameron Dawson. But the Hutchison Vale defence, and in particular Struan Robb, was resolute.

Matthew Brady squandered another chance for Tynecastle as he blazed a shot well over on the angle.

Although chances were aplenty for Tynecastle, they were always vulnerable on the break as Ross Watters demonstrated when he fired a shot just over after Callum Crawford was dispossessed inside his own half.

Murray Rose almost made sufficient use of his height with a flick on from a near post corner. But Dawson at the back post could not convert to his, and his team’s, frustration going into the break.

Half Time: Hutchison Vale Colts 1-0 Tynecastle FC

Hutchie should have expected a second half surge from their powerful opponents, and they were given an immediate hint of what was to come as Robb was forced into a goal line clearance as Brady curled the ball past Ben Corrall.

Dawson saw an effort saved before his point blank range header sailed over the crossbar. An off day for the front man coupled by a valiant Hutchie defensive performance was causing Tynecastle serious problems as they shoved centre back Rose into an attacking midfield role for the final fifteen minutes.

And the Balgreen outfit were punished for their mishaps as McLaren appeared on the edge of the area to calmly curl home with the outside of his right boot. Briton was static in the goal and the Tynecastle bench silenced. Needless to say, McLaren wheeled away and was mobbed by his ecstatic team mates.

The boys in maroon continued to throw everything at the black and gold of Hutchie, but it was to no avail. Corrall pulled off save after save, with his defence putting in a heroic shift as well. As the minutes wore on the confidence levels grew for Vale and scrambled clearances turned to composure as they saw out the game.

The dejection from a team who have dominated domestically all season was tangible as they trudged off the pitch at full time. Tynecastle have had a tremendous season, but today wasn't their day. Hutchison Vale Colts celebrated upsetting the odds and pulling off a victory that will be remembered by their players and supporters for many years to come.

Full Time: Hutchison Vale Colts 2-0 Tynecastle FC

Hutchison Vale Colts Tynecastle FC
1. Ben Corrall
2. Jack Markham
3. Joseph Beaton
4. Jack Murray
5. Struan Robb
6. Che Cousland
7. Ewan Curle
8. Lewis Adjodani
9. Ross McLaren
10. Ben Philp
11. David Anderson
12. Nathan McCulloch
15. Fraser Martin
16. Ross Watters
18. Matthew Edgar
1. Fraser Briton
2. Brok Robertson
3. Bruce McCrorie
4. Ben Voy
6. Murray Rose
7. Callum Crawford
8. Liam Willis
9. Cameron Dawson
10. Murray Hand
11. Matthew Brady
12. Robbie McPherson
14. Tod Rowell
16. Jay Kilboy
17. Lewis Docker
18. Cameron Liddell
Ben Corrall was simply outstanding for Hutchison Vale Colts. He had no right to make half of the saves he did. Flawless performance.
It was a frustrating afternoon for Tynecastle but that didn't deter Robbie McPherson from constantly creating chances for his team mates.


Hillfield Swifts
Victoria FC
McGraw (4)


U19 South East Region Cup - Final
New Countess Park, Dunbar

Kieran Green

By Kieran Green
YFS South East Region Region Reporter
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The final of the three South East Region Cup finals on the Saturday at New Countess Park in Dunbar was a very one sided affair, with Jordan McGraw taking the headlines, scoring 4 of his side’s 5 goals against Hillfield Swifts. The match was end to end up until the point McGraw scored his first goal. 4-0 at half time, Hillfield attempted to mount some sort of a comeback early in the second half, but it just wasn’t to be their day.

Hillfield started the brighter of the two sides, and Dylan Wilkinson lofted a free kick into the heart of the Victoria penalty box, but keeper Fraser Richardson claimed the ball well in amongst the crowd of players.

Pinball in the Hillfield penalty box, and Victoria almost snatched the lead. Kieren Watson almost able to poke the ball into the net, but big centre half Alistair Brown cleared the danger for Hillfield.

The deadlock was soon broken, as Victoria did take the lead. A wonderful cross from the right hand side from Jordan Frame, met the head of Victoria striker Jordan McGraw, and number 99 Dale Mason in the Hillfield goal could do nothing about the bullet header. Both sides evenly matched so far in this match, and Victoria grabbed the first goal. 1-0 Victoria.

Hillfield had a great chance to equalise straight from the kick off. Joshua McGonagal fired a 25 yard free kick over the bar and out of the ground onto the grass banks behind the goal.

Hillfield striker Wilkinson received the ball on the left hand side of the box, and he twisted and turned and cut in and out to shake off two defenders. However, he lacked support and attempted the shot from a very tight angle. Easily saved by Richardson.

The match was a very end to end spectacle, and Victoria at this stage could have doubled their lead. Frame on the right hand side again, whipped in a great cross, but there were no takers.

Hillfield’s talisman Wilkinson was causing the Victoria defence so many problems. He broke clear of Andrew Fraser, and appeared to be brought down inside the area, but the referee waved away his claim. From my angle, I felt it was a definite penalty.

On the counter attack, Jordan McGraw doubled his and Victoria’s lead. A ball over the top from Michael Walczowski into the feet of McGraw who’s finish was composed and he made it 2-0 to Victoria.

Their 2 goal advantage quickly became 3. Hillfield lost possession of the ball from their kick off, and Walczowski was on hand to play another great ball over the top of the Hillfield back 4, from McGraw to complete his first half hat-trick. He waited and waited for Mason to commit himself and he calmly finished into the bottom corner of the net, to make it 3-0 to Victoria.

Hillfield tried to find a quick response, and they almost did. Wilkinson was played in by Jack Matson, but Richardson was out quickly to get a touch on the ball and divert it inches wide of his post. A fantastic save by the goalkeeper, who has been rarely troubled in the first half.

If the game wasn’t over at 3-0, it definitely was at 4-0. Not McGraw this time, but he was the provider for Darren Cooke’s wonder strike. McGraw cut inside from the right hand side, and layed the ball off to Cooke, and Cooke unleashed a cracking right foot swerving shot into the top corner of the net. An absolutely brilliant strike from 25 yards out. A very comfortable 4 goal advantage for Victoria, who have took control of this game from the minute they scored their first goal.

The front two for Hillfield of Sam Glancy and Dylan Wilkinson were trying ever so hard to find a way back into the game for their side. Both players were attempting to find space for shooting opportunities to test Victoria keeper Richardson, who has only had one save of note to make so far. More a spectator than a player in all honesty.

Hillfield won a free kick to the right hand side of the 18 yard box, around 25 yards out. Euan Munro took the free kick, and it nestled safely in the arms of Richardson. A fairly comfortable save for him to make, the only consolation for Hillfield that it was a shot on target, and they forced a save out of Richardson.

Half Time came at the wrong time for Victoria, who were in complete control of the match. Half time gave Hillfield a chance to regroup and for their coach to give some words of wisdom to his players to mount a possible comeback.

Half Time: Hillfield Swifts 0-4 Victoria FC

Victoria were first to have a go in the second half. Lee Jack fizzing in a cross from the left hand side, passing the front post marker, but cleared for a corner by Brown. The corner was taken by Lee Jack, right “into the mixer” as they call it. Almost a fifth for Victoria as Andrew Laird fired over from 6 yards out. The ball came at him at such a pace, but he should have finished it. He fell to his knees with his head in his hands, looking at the ground in disbelief.

Hillfield centre half Brown took it upon himself to launch an attack for his side. A powerful run of around 60 yards ended up in him firing a very fierce shot just over the bar. Unlucky was Brown, he the centre half, almost, showing his strikers how it’s done.

Victoria almost make it 5-0, and Jordan McGraw could’ve grabbed his fourth goal. He cut inside from the left hand side, took a touch to set himself, and his curling shot crashed against the top of the bar and to Hillfield’s relief the ball was out of play for a goal kick.

McGraw did find his fourth goal soon after he rattled the bar. Niall Fitzpatrick played in McGraw and he took one touch and curled the ball into the far corner, past the helpless Mason in Hillfield’s goal. Not much of a celebration from McGraw, but I suppose scoring 4 goals in a major cup final isn’t much of a big deal.

With the game wrapped up, and cruising at 5 goals to the good, Victoria were reduced to 10 men. Niall Fitzpatrick saw red for an off the ball incident, which appeared to be a kick in the midrift of a Hillfield player. 

It just wasn’t to be Hillfield’s day atall, as they had all sorts of bad luck. Players falling over their own feet, tripping over the ball, hitting fresh air shots. It isn’t nice seeing any team fold in a cup final, however credit goes to Victoria, they have taken their chances.

The Final whistle did eventually go to signal the end of what seemed to be a very long second half. Victoria took firm control of the match from the minute they scored their first goal, with Jordan McGraw putting in a man of the match performance with his 4 goals, and setting up Darren Cooke for the other. A very good day for Victoria, but a hard one to take for Hillfield.

Full Time: Hillfield Swifts 0-5 Victoria FC 

Hillfield Swifts  Victoria FC
1. Todd Grandison
2. Jack Hynd
3. Euan Munro
4. Liam McCulloch
5. Alistair Brown
6. Jack Matson
7. Mark Antony-Yorkston
8. Sam Robertson
9. Dylan Wilkinson
10. Sam Glancy
11. Joshua McGonagal
12. Ben Robertson
14. Ewan Watson
15. Blair Duff
16. Wesley Lockwood
17. John McMulkin
99. Dale Mason

1. Fraser Richardson
2. Scott Baillie
3. Lee Brown
4. Andrew Buchanan
5. Darren Cooke
6. Dillon Finesy
7. Niall Fitzpatrick
8. Jordan Frame
9. Andrew Fraser
10. Lee Jack
11. Andrew Laird
12. Peter Lynn
14. Ryan McCrone
15. Jordan McGraw
16. Jordan Rennie
17. Fraser Stobie
18. Michal Walczowski
19. Kieren Watson
20. Cameron Gamble
Hillfield had pretty much an off day this afternoon. However, striker Dylan Wilkinson tried his hardest to find a way back into the game for his side. He worked hard doing the donkey work up top and was causing the Victoria defenders a few problems now and again. 
No doubt at all as to who steals the man of the match award for Victoria. Four goal hero Jordan McGraw was the standout player in the match, and it wasn't just for his goals. His link up play was superb and managed to sneak in an assist to round off his afternoon. Outstanding performance from McGraw


Cavalry Park Colts
Tynecastle FC
Russell (2)


SERYFA 21s Cup Final
Countess Park, Dunbar

Chris Martin

By Chris Martin
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Tynecastle 21s comfortably brushed aside Cavalry Park Colts 21s in the SERYFA Cup final with a 5-0 scoreline on what were perfect playing conditions at Countess Park in Dunbar.

The opening stages of the game were nothing but physical as both teams looked to control the game and break the deadlock, they obviously knew the first goal was going to be vital.

It was Tynie 21s who were to threaten first. After a superb kick from goalkeeper Jordan Dunsmore, the ball managed to bounce over the Colts last man and reach Scott Coleman who hit an early shot from the edge of the box towards goal that forced a fine save out of Andrew Mackay. It was a sign of things to come, as Tynecastle weren’t going to sit back in the game.

Just two minutes later Tynecastle had taken the lead. A good corner whipped in by Daniel Gemmell found centre-back Gavin McCarthy who headed in past the stranded Cavalry Park keeper. It was this sort of aerial advantage which was going to pay dividends across ninety minutes for Tynie as they looked to win everything in the air, not only in defence but from their set-pieces too.

Although Colts had began on the back foot they started to look a bit livelier and wanted to respond to going a goal down. In the tenth minute the midfield looked to assert themselves and chase the ball more. John Robertson in particular looked to do this and won the ball around thirty yards from goal, after sprinting forward ten yards he struck the ball hard towards the net but it sailed agonisingly over the bar. 

So far the Tynecastle defence had stood firm, and continued to do so, restricting the Cavalry Park attack to long-range efforts, although they were getting closer. They then looked to exploit the left hand side and get Lewis O’Conner more into the game as he had good pace and determination about him, but credit to Andrew Munro who looked solid at the back. It was a sign of things to come as Munro and his other defenders were to have a great game all afternoon for Tynie.

With Colts unable to respond to going a goal down, Tynecastle looked to take advantage and in the twentieth minute they did just that. Just inside the opposition half Steven Togneri played a free kick from distance into the area which wasn’t dealt with by the Colts rearguard. The ball fell to Coleman who rounded the onrushing Mackay and put the ball in the back of the net. The pressure was really off the Tynecastle forwards, who were able to rely on their defence all afternoon.

For the remainder of the half both sides looked solid at the back, especially Tynecastle who showed fantastic focus and discipline. Their good communication served them well. It was end to end stuff, but neither side could create anything in the final third.

Just before half-time Cavalry Park came closest to getting back into the game; a deflected shot by Steven MacGregor had won a corner and egged on by their coach they looked keen to get back in the final. The resulting set piece was whipped in by Chris Joyce which found Stewart Adams, unfortunately for Cavalry Park though he could only put his header over the crossbar.

Half Time: Cavalry Park Colts 0-2 Tynecastle FC

The second half began and Tynecastle immediately looked to attack, despite being comfortably 2-0 ahead. The ball was worked well around midfield from the right wing to the centre and a superb ball was played ahead of Lewis Russell who ran onto it, away from his man, and slotted home with precision past Mackay. It wasn’t going to be the last time he had to pick the ball out the back of the net.

Colts were really trying to get a foothold in the game, and despite encouragement from the sidelines, were really unable to create something of any substance. The Tynecastle defence continued to quell the creativity of the Cavalry Park side that had gotten them to the final. Another shot from distance aimed to threaten the Tynie goal, Greg Douglas this time having a pop, but Dunsmore was equal to it.

Five minutes later Tynecastle had scored a fourth and the Colts looked dejected, they knew it was game over. Gordon Harris was the creator, skipping past his man on the right hand side and delivering a quick low cross which Russell put away with ease, his second of the game.

Tynecastle continued to dominate and bagged goal number 5 in the sixty-fifth minute. Yet another corner won by Tynie was delivered into the area and Gordon Harris made no mistake, plundering a header past the despondent Cavalry Park goalkeeper. The Colts centre-halfs were all at sea and looked very disorganised, clearly lacking in confidence having already conceded 4 goals.

Despite leading by 5 goals the Tynecastle defence continued to look focused and were not complacent at all, they were determined to have a clean sheet. So when Cavalry Park sought to grab a consolation in the game, the defenders were not having any of it and stood firm.

Before the end of the game Colts made a handful of changes and really wanted to make some form of mark on the final. They were finally fashioning some proper chances, but it was all too little too late. An early ball curled into the box reached Adams but he couldn’t convert the header, the ball flying over the bar.

Just before the ninety minutes were up Cavalry Park came closest to grabbing a goal. They were awarded a free kick twenty-five yards from goal which Douglas was to take. He struck the ball sweetly over the wall which dipped and looked to be heading in, if not for a superb save by Dunsmore.

Soon after the referee blew the full time whistle and the game was over. Tynecastle had done it, they had won the cup final and in emphatic fashion five goals to nil.

Full Time: Cavalry Park Colts 0-5 Tynecastle FC

Cavalry Park Colts Tynecastle FC
1. Andrew Mackay
2. Chris Joyce
3. Lewis O'Conner
4. Alan Murray
5. Greg Douglas
6. Christopher Barron
7. Stewart Adams
8. John Robertson
9. Kris McLoughlin
10. Steven MacGregor
11. Fraser McKinlay
12. Liam Tomassi
13. Lyle Finney
14. Liam Handren
15. Bruce Cunningham
16. Michael Park
17. Johnny Malcolm
18. Ryan Cockburn
19. Conner Combe

1. Jordan Dunsmore
2. Steven Togneri
3. Greig Jardine
4. Gavin McCarthy
5. Andrew Munro
6. Ross Yeoman
7. Scott Houston
8. Scott Wright
9. Lewis Russell
10. Scott Coleman
11. Gordon Harris
12. Craig Spalding
14. Stephen Lee
15. Dale Heatlie
16. Daniel Gemmell
17. Scott Hume
18. Lewis Knight
19. Stewart Ogilvie
20. Callum MacDonald
21. Andrew Summers
22. Sean Diamond
Stewart Adams provided the only real form of quality on the day for Cavalry Park. Despite the scoreline being against them from the off he never let his head go down and encouraged his players to press on and score.
Lewis Russell caused problems all afternoon for the Colts defence, they couldn’t cope with him. He looked self-assured and dangerous on the ball throughout the ninety minutes. Really though it was a great team performance from Tynie in all areas of the pitch.
Tuesday, 04 June 2013 17:28

Ten man Tynie no match for Hutchie

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Hutchison Vale
Tynecastle FC
Fox 1, 21, 31
Milne 8
Swaney 25
Cook 38
Goodall 40
Fraser 56
Auriemma 60


U15 South East Region Cup - Final
New Countess Park, Dunbar

Jonathan McIntosh

By Jonathan McIntosh
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Hutchison Vale met Tynecastle in the South East Region Under 15's Cup Final at New Countess Park, Dunbar.

Tynecastle needed to play the full match with ten men, due to injuries, cup tied players and suspensions and, despite some valiant defending from goalkeeper Kieran Green and the back four, they were unable to stop the Hutchie onslaught.

Hutchie took the lead in the opening minute. Ryan Fox’s shot went into the bottom right corner of the net, after a good passing move from the well drilled Hutchie side.

Cameron Milne added the second goal for Hutchie in the eighth minute, finishing powerfully into the bottom right corner from 30 yards out.

Tynecastle had their first sniff of action in the 13th minute. Lloyd Livingstone’s shot sailed wide of the left upright.

Hutchie added a third in the 21st minute. Fraser Paton’s cross was deflected by Green but Ryan Fox was on hand to finish the move off from inside the six yard box.

Lewis Swaney added another four minutes later. He lobbed the ball into the net from the left side of the penalty area. 

Ryan Fox completed his hat trick before half time. Paton’s low cross met the Hutchie striker who shot into the top left corner.

Tynecastle managed to get forward just before the break, but Livingstone’s shot went wide.

Half Time:  Hutchison Vale FC 5-0 Tynecastle FC
Hutchison Vale did not take their foot off the gas after the restart. After a lot of pressure inside the penalty area, the ball fell kindly to Ethan Feachen-Hamilton, but his shot was superbly diverted wide by Green.

A sixth goal was added in the 43rd minute. Arran Singh’s shot was saved well by Green, but Jack Cook lapped up the rebound to add his name to the scoresheet. 

Innes Goodall scored to make it 7-0, volleying into the net after Feachen-Hamilton’s perfectly placed cross.

Hutchison Vale appeared to be content to play the ball around the ten man Tynecastle team after the seventh goal. Instrumental midfielders Regan Hendry and Feachen-Hamilton were taken off as Hutchie looked to see out the match.

By this point, no one could blame the Tynecastle team for dropping their heads, and some meaty challenges were to follow. Lewis Mackay and Daniel Headspeath were booked for fouls in the last quarter of an hour.

Hutchie Vale were to add two more goals before full time. In the 56th minute, Cameron Fraser scored the best goal of the match. He Lionel Messied himself past two Tynecastle players before lashing the ball across goal into the bottom left corner.

Fraser turned provider four minutes later. His deep ball into the area found Gabrie Auriemma who headed the ball delicately over Green into the net.  

Referee Alan Downie finally relieved the ten men of Tynecastle of their duties, and Hutchison Vale, once again, lifted the South East Region Cup.
Full Time: Hutchison Vale 9-0 Tynecastle FC

Hutchison Vale Tynecastle FC
1.   Byron Gibb 
2.   Cameron Milne
3.   Fraser Paton
4.   Sam Birch
5.   Cameron Begbie
6.   Thomas Prior
7.   Shaun O'Donnell
8.   Cal Sheridan
9.   Ryan Fox
10. Ethan Feachen-Hamilton
11. Regan Hendry
14. Gabrie Auriemma
15. Cameron Fraser
16. Innes Goodall
17. Cameron McAlpine
18. Lewis Swaney
19. Arran Singh
20. Jack Cook
53. Kieran Green 
2.   Daniel Matthews
3.   Daniel Headspeath
4.   Aaron Nugent
5.   Scott Cameron
6.   Robbie Renwick
9.   Shane Waterston
10. Lloyd Livingstone
11. Dylan Fagan 
15. Bradley James Sinclair
16. Sonny Swanson
17. Lewis Mackay

Ryan Fox's hat trick put the result to bed after just half an hour. After that, Hutchie were able to cruise to the result. 
Tynecastle always faced an uphill battle after starting with ten men but Daniel Headspeath battled bravely at left back to stop Hutchie from reaching double figures.


Hutchison Vale
Loanhead Miners
Rose 18
G. Lamb 68
Brockie 29


U13 South East Region Cup - Final
New Countess Park, Dunbar


By Craig Wilson
YFS South East Region Reporter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Twitter: @Real_C_Wilson
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A day of finals at Dunbar's New Countess Park was kicked off in the sunshine with the Under 13's South East Region Cup final between Hutchison Vale and Loanhead Miners Youth. 

Hutchison Vale were the favourites, having already secured the Stewart Brien Cup and being just one victory away from the league title. Loanhead would be no pushovers though, and were looking to make it third time lucky after defeat in their previous two cup finals this season. Their convincing semi final victory over Tynecastle showed that the Midlothian side meant business.

In the early stages both sides created opportunities. Hutchison Vale had two opportunities in quick succession, the first shot well saved by Loanhead 'keeper Bryan Cairns and the second a lob by Grant Rose was just too high. Loanhead's best chance came when Kyle Brockie's shot was saved expertly by Hutchison Vale 'keeper Ross Coats.

Shortly afterwards Hutchison Vale grabbed the lead when the impressive Rose made no mistake. He received a pass from Euan Henderson and expertly finished giving Cairns no chance. The goal gave Hutchison Vale added confidence, however Loanhead were closing down their opponents at every opportunity. This high pressing soon was rewarded. The Hutchison Vale defence got into a mix up at the back and with Hutchie 'keeper Ross Coats out of his goal, Brockie slotted home.

Following this goal the game seemed to become even more open. Brockie again went close whilst Hutchie and Henderson created an opening. His shot though, went wide of the post.

Half Time: Hutchison Vale 1 - 1 Loanhead MW Youth.

The game continued in the same competitive fashion in the second half and both sides had chances to grab the lead. In the second period both sides saw attempts hit the woodwork.

Loanhead's Kyle Brockie saw his curling right footed effort rebound off the post as Ross Coats watched on. Euan Henderson of Hutchie burst through the Loanhead defence but his shot despite beating Cairns struck the bar.

Ben Swan of Hutchie also came close but he was denied by the excellent Cairns. Hutchie were now dominating and much of the play was in the Loanhead half but they continued to stand firm at the back.

Cameron Watson was one of the key defenders in blue. Grant Rose, the Hutchie striker, was showing moments of brilliance and his cross come shot also beat Cairns but again the ball rebounded back of the upright.

With extra time looming the game was finally won. Henderson of Hutchie managed to cross in the area and his ball landed perfectly at the feet of Gregor Lamb, who made no mistake with the finish.

There was only two minutes remaining when the goal was scored but still Loanhead gave their all and they almost got an equaliser as the ball broke in the box but they were denied by firm defending and the ball broke away harmlessly.

The referee soon blew for time. A great game and credit to both sides for putting everything into it.

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 2 - 1 Loanhead Miners Youth


Hutchison Vale Loanhead Miners Youth
1. Ross Coats
2. Harris Neillings
3. Leon Ronaldson
4. Mac McCloy
6. Jordon Meere
7. Calum Hall
8. Jack Temple
9. Grant Rose
11. Gregor Lamb
12. Sean Paterson
14. Euan Henderson
15. Ben Swan
16. Mark Brooks
17. Connor Lamb
18. Ryan Foggo
19. Donald Tait
1. Bryan Cairns
2. Cameron Watson
3. Matt Crosbie
4. Ewan Hopper
6. Nicholas Weir
7. Matt Reitvelt
8. Keiran Williamson
10. Declan Glass
11. Bradley Barratt
15. Kyle Brockie
16. Nathan Tettleh-Larkey
17. Ryan Cottrell
18. Michael Brown

Grant Rose - The striker was always a threat and grabbed the opener. Was the width of the post away from a second goal.
Bryan Cairns - Excellent performance from the 'keeper. Made a couple of excellent saves including one just after half time when Swan was through.
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