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Sunday, 28 April 2013 21:24

Determined Leith beat Star to lift cup

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Currie Star
Leith Athletic Colts
Fellenger 15


U13 Belmont Vauxhall Cup - Final
Saughton Enclosure


By Robin Haskins
YFS South East Region Reporter
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As the din died down from the previous cup final at Saughton Enclosure, the two teams finished their warm ups and gave the air that they were ready for the main event, the match we had all come to see, and strived passed the bustling queues, through the main gate and entered the arena.

Once inside, their focus was honed in further exercises out on the perfect green pitch and as they got control of the adrenaline and mastered their anticipation, the drum beat increased to a fevered tempo and they were suddenly lined up and ready to go.

Already at match pace, Currie’s Russell Cairns burst into the limelight with superb technical play from the centre circle start, going forward and playing in Andrew Lickley down the right, then Cairns again demonstrably a quality footballer, appeared out on the right wing himself and won a free kick after jinking the ball around an opponent. He floated it beautifully and Dean Galloway reached back and directed it on goal and there was a first chance for the keeper Lewis Reid for Leith Athletic to bring it into his and his team’s possession.

Cameron Laurie for Currie Star got the ball out to a colleague before Leith got a hold of it and played it around the back line and off down the right, Leighton Rodgers forward to Cameron Fellenger who clearly had an ease and eagerness with which he could attack the full back. He pushed the defence back and played the ball into the centre to Jake Montgomery who found a ball to Mikey Monaghan which was slightly ahead of him but Fellenger turned on the acceleration and nearly got to it himself.

The play came back into the middle to Monaghan and then Currie recovered the ball and released it to the right wing, relieving pressure, before a period where Leith moved it around defence and midfield gallantly and with composure. They picked their moment and defender Jack Enguidanos slotted it down the line to Rodgers who combined well with Fellenger who brought play into the centre and linked up with Montgomery and Monaghan, proving that this forward line for Leith not only had some considerable talent but that they were coached well and knew their way around the field of play.

A couple of throw-ins and offside calls ensued and it was startling to observe both sides, whose overall play up thus far had been of the highest order, Currie looking incredibly well versed in possession and their ability to open up the opposition defence time and time again was incredible, indeed it was testament to Leith that they had the nous to repeatedly hold their line and catch Currie offside on enough of the occasions to warrant an untouched goal.

In addition to this spectacle of football, the communication within the teams was exceptional, both talking in depth about positional aspects and vocally motivating themselves as a collective, the coaches should be proud that their approach to the game was being so vividly reflected on the field.

Michael Shaw came inside for Currie and ghosted in, spreading the ball out to the right of the box where Robbie Beveridge made the block but Montgomery took the rebound and shot and it was Beveridge again in the way. Fellenger nipped in and collected it, taking a couple of well implemented step-overs to make space for Rodgers who came in on the overlap down the inside right.

With ten minutes gone, Beveridge passed it through the centre to Cairns who continued play down the outside right before it was brought in centrally for a shot to be hit. Another offside call stymied a Currie attack before Robbie Campbell had a speculative effort.

Currie Star were now dominating midfield and Leith had a high line that, with coaching staff continuing to speak to their players, was still holding impressively.

Andrew Lickley and James Cameron had to work the ball clear of defence after Fellenger and Lewis Eddington had fashioned a neat attack for Leith. They nipped away at the ball though and recovered it before darting forward, Fellenger got to the byline and cut inside, he paused to throw the defender and gain himself some room to step into and shot hard and low, accurately into the bottom right corner of the goal. A massive cheer went up from the support and Leith Athletic had edged into the lead at the fifteen minute mark.

Currie Star went on the offensive, determined to bring the game level. Cairns with a darting run into the area and a hard low shot with his left foot that beat keeper and looked in all the way but it squirmed agonisingly past the post.

Just now the dark clouds above forced the floodlights to glow ever brighter and the rain was starting to increase from a patter. Cairns again burst into the box and fired in a left footed strike, this time taking a deflection and winning a corner from which he did will to get an overhead kick connected but it looped away passed the post.

After 20 minutes, Currie’s persistent attacks were beginning to subside a little and Montgomery for Leith was able to get the ball and keep it in the midfield before putting it out wide for Rodgers. Currie were back on it quickly enough with another attack that was thwarted before Leith came forward to no avail and then Campbell formed the pinnacle of an attack down the right, he edged his way into the box waiting for further support to arrive inside but after the end-to-end last 5 minutes, energy was low and none came so he took a shot and connected well but it flew over.

The rain was bucketing down lightly now but only serving to dampen the volume of the support on the side lines as both teams continued to battle it out with as much vim and vigour as they had started with. Campbell and Cairns were causing havoc going forward for Currie and Leith were under all the pressure being forced further and further back, the rain not assisting their high line defence. Beveridge won a corner, Leith’s Fellenger looked lively and got the ball clear but Cairns found it and scythed his way through almost the entire Leith team into a veritable cul-de-sac on the edge of their area. He managed to keep possession and does well to release the ball short out wide right to a colleague who took a first time side footed cross come shot which powered toward the goal and the keeper, Sean Colley did well to hold it.

As the pressure on Leith’s goal heated up again in the pelting rain, a corner led to a melee in the box, feet trying to poke it goalwards, swinging legs trying to clear it, but Leith won out and forged a first attack for a good few minutes and Eddington was at the other end almost getting a toe to it before the keeper.

Currie went on the attack down the left wing and it eventually got played inside and a fine shot came in and whistled past the post before Leith made a substitution with Jordan McCulloch coming on at the half hour mark.

Monaghan and Fellenger worked an attack down the right with the skill we had come to expect of them by this stage and released Montgomery down the outside in to the area. He got to the line and the defender did well to turn him off the ball and he tenaciously got round him and gets a foot to the ball to bring it in off the line but the referee, calls it as out and has to talk to Montgomery as we all hear, “but the ball was in ref!!” shouted audibly through the rain! Leith recovered it and win a corner down the right but they didn’t have time to take it as the half time whistle was blown.

Half Time: Currie Star 0-1 Leith Athletic Colts 

As the 2nd half started the rain continued to pour down, the flotilla of umbrellas stayed up and the game players were grateful to be able to run around and keep warm. One or two defenders were rolling their sleeves over their hands in an effort to shake off the shivers but they all pressed on as the action resumed.

Cairns came in off the left and into the centre holding on to the ball for ages and avoiding six or seven players before his pass out to the left brought an offside call against Currie. Laurie found himself isolated in defence and played a safe and neat ball out right to his nearest teammate who couldn’t quite reach it and Laurie motivates his team, encouraging them to stick together as the rain looked to be subsiding ever so slightly.

Cameron goes forward with intent against the touchline before centring the ball to Max Bendle who took a shot. Currie were continuing the 2nd half as they ended the 1st, consistently on the attack and putting Leith under pressure, Leith with the lead and plenty of ability to attack and extend their advantage at any point.

As the rain stopped, substitute Sam Anderson took a shot on the follow up and Currie continue, attacking down the right and the left, from deep and from further up field, pressing Leith back but Leith were resolute and constantly able to work the ball clear and forward up the pitch.

Campbell broke free for Currie and almost got a toe to the ball for a clear chance but the goalie comes out and gets down to the ball to save well coming off his line.

15 minutes into the 2nd half and Fellenger was almost released at the opposite end but Currie were battling well and won 3 corners in succession, each of which Leith cleared well and eventually with some respite.

On 20 minutes a free kick to Curre was floated in and cleared, Leith playing in Mikey Monaghan with a fine through ball. Then Campbell won a free kick for Currie on the edge of the Leith area and they discover there are 13 minutes left to get the game back into their own hands. The free kick comes in and Lewis Reid does well to hold it.

Michael Shaw reached the byline and sent in a fine, deep cross that he had to dig out, it went straight across the face of the Currie goal and a teammate almost cut it back from beyond the far post but it hit the side netting. Shouts of “C’mon Currie!” were heard as they pressed forward against the clock, but Shaw again was denied a good through ball in behind by an offside call. For now, it was Currie’s turn to defend and earn their right to stay in the game in the closing stages.

Monaghan for Leith even put the ball in the back of the net with a lofted shot having broken clear but his delight was cut short with another offside shout. The ball for him by Shaw was exceptional and he was playing terrifically just now for Leith, totally allowing his team to catch their breath and singlehandedly relieving the pressure on them in these important late minutes of the game.

Currie were feeling the desperation and were resorting to forcing the play with some longer balls in attack, but Shaw again turned his man earned another shot for Leith going forward. Then Currie break free and into the Leith box and their shot, I think from Cameron Laurie, went just wide!! This game has been amazing to watch and is a fantastic advert for the quality and determination that exists at this level.

For Currie again, Cairns burst down the wing and then came inside along the byline showing tremendous skill as he had done throughout, sending in a rasping cross that fizzed past the face of the goal and two or three Currie players stretched all their sinews but couldn’t quite get there and held their heads in their hands, how did that not go in!!??

Laurie took his turn again and went past 2 players down the left this time, he came inside and slotted it through a crowd directly into his teammates in the area but they were just out of luck with being in the right position for a chance.

Andrew Lickley burst away after a Leith free kick down the field for Currie again and couldn’t quite cut inside and release the through ball he wanted but his team get a throw before Dean Galloway put in a fierce tackle after a rampaging run inside the Leith area. He was determined to clinch the equaliser right at the end with another surge forward down the right wing from defence almost causing the mayhem it desired. However, it was just not to be for Currie tonight as the referee blew his whistle and full time was upon us. Leith were ecstatic and the team immediately rushed to embrace and formed a jumping huddle in the middle of the pitch as all their supporters and coaches came across to join them.

Leith Athletic Colts had seen out the majority of the game with Cameron Fellenger’s clinically created and executed goal after 15 minutes and had continued to play exceptional football throughout the remainder of the game but Currie will consider themselves thwarted by lady luck and the harsh and wet conditions tonight as they too demonstrated exceptional levels of footballing quality, a range of attacking and passing that was a grand testament to their coaches and families and there was a certainty as they collected their runners-up medals that it was not to be the last time they graced a cup final.

Leith celebrated with fervour and, collecting their winners’ medals, deserved this victory for the skill they had going forward and the collective attitude and determination they showed to hold on to the lead for the rest of the came as they held a high line and formed attacks from midfield with accuracy and guile, persistently forcing Currie to have to remain alert at the back.

Overall, this was an incredible game, packed full of skill and structural organisation, passing quality and intensity that was not hindered for 5 minutes by the rain so huge congratulations must go to both sides and they can be sure they will contest many medals in future by taking these very qualities forward with them.

Full Time: Currie Star 0-1 Leith Athletic Colts

Leith AC Cup Winners

Currie Star Leith Athletic Colts
1. Sam Colley
2. Ewan Mitchell
3. Calum Henderson
4. Jack Passmore
5. Ross Inglis
6. Dean Galloway
7. Max Bendle
8. James Cameron
9. Robbie Campbell
10. Russell Cairns
11. Cameron Laurie
14. Sam Anderson
15. Andrew Lickley
16. Nathan Gilmour
18. Robbie Beveridge
1. Lewis Reid
2. Ellis Low
3. Jack Enguidanos
4. Ben Scott
5. Cameron Coppola
6. Jake Montgomery
7. Leighton Rodgers
8. Cameron Fellenger
9. Mikey Monaghan
10. Lewis Eddington
11. Michael Shaw
12. Jordan McCulloch
14. Lennon Clark
15. Kieran Milne
16. Victor Vavela
17. Erland Paraiwa
Russell Cairns played exceptionally well from the first whistle and carried on searching for that elusive equaliser right to the end.
Cameron Fellenger scored the crucial and brilliant winning goal.
Sunday, 28 April 2013 17:22

Laverty heads Currie to cup final glory

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Currie HS
Lasswade HS
Laverty 62


U15 Edinburgh SSFA Cup - Final
Forrester HS 3G

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Currie High School met Lasswade High School in the 2012/13 Edinburgh Secondary Schools FA Cup final at Forrester High School's artificial pitch. A fiercely competitive game was eventually settled by a superb Sam Laverty header in the second half, clinching the cup for Currie.

Neither side had excelled in their respective league campaigns this season. Lasswade compete in the top flight, with Currie in the second tier and both looked set to finish in the top half without being in title contention. However, the cup had been where both teams had game to life. Currie had beaten Gracemount and Lasswade had overcame Newbattle in the semi final stage - ending the hopes of the two teams who are vying for the Division 1 title.

The match kicked off with sunshine but a nippy chill in West Edinburgh. A high tempo was set from the first whistle, with neither team prepared to let the other settle on the ball. 

With three minutes on the clock, the match's first chance came about. Dillon Cairns was alert to beat Lasswade goalkeeper Johnny Crutcher to the ball, but his first touch took the ball frustratingly out of play.

At the other end it wasn't long before Lasswade carved out an opening of their own. Roan Turkington showed a clean pair of heels to the Currie defence and rounded goalkeeper Callum Thomson. However, Thomson had done enough to force the forward wide and Euan Smith stuck to Turkington like glue before making a vital block.

The teams continued to match each other stride for stride, with plenty of good passing and first touches on show, but little in the way of goalmouth action. Whenever it looked like a player was breaking through on goal Crutcher and Thomson time and again proved alert to sweep up and deny a shooting opportunity.

One final chance fell before the half and it was Currie's. A Dylan Cairns corner was only cleared as far as Greg Page, who chested the ball before unleashing a half volley just over the crossbar.

The referee's whistle went for half time, with the tie completely in the balance.

Half Time: Currie High School 0-0 Lasswade High School

When the second half got underway there was little change to the pattern of play. Neither side wanted to make the mistake which would lose their team the cup - which is always a strong possibility whenever the deadlock isn't broken in the early stages of a final.

The first chance of the second period fell to Lasswade. A free kick was swept in from the right and met at the back post by Callum Smart, but he could only glance it beyond the target.

Lasswade went close again, when Smart turned provider and fired a low ball across the six yard box. Chris Drummond beat his marker to the ball, but arrived too early and could only leave the ball behind him.

Currie began to take the upper hand with possession and they went close when Connor Holleran half volleyed narrowly over the crossbar. It was a warning Lasswade didn't heed, as a series of set pieces finally resulted in a goal. Another excellent Dillon Cairns corner kick delivery was guided into the far corner by a deadly accurate Sam Laverty header (click here to watch video of the goal). Currie went wild, they knew they now had one hand on the silverware.

Nearly twenty minutes remained, but given the lack of goalscoring opportunities, it looked an uphill struggle for Lasswade to pull themselves back into the match. Currie continued to defend excellently, with Andy Walters instrumental in the centre of the four. There was a scare when Page headed over an isolated Thomson from a Lasswade set piece, but to the relief of everyone in grey shirts, it also cleared the crossbar.

The minutes ticked away and the match official blew for the final time, crowning Currie High School as cup winners. Both sides embraced each other at full time in good spirits, epitomising the sportsmanship which had been on show throughout the match. In reality it could have went either way, but Currie deserved their victory and lifted the cup with pride.

Full Time: Currie High School 1-0 Lasswade High School

Currie High School Lasswade High School
1. Callum Thomson
2. Sam Laverty
6. Greg Page
8. Connor Holleran
3. Lewis Connor
14. Ross Cairns
4. Josh O'Brien
7. Murray Drew
17. Dillon Cairns
9. Williams Jansch
5. Euan Smith
16. Andy Walters
15. Ally Bashiekh
10. Robbie McKenzie
11. Jack Harkness 
1. Johnny Crutcher
2. Jack Shaw
3. James Wilson
6. Cameron Allan
5. Max Roarty
15. Greig Young
10. Blair Jones
14. Chris Drummond
7. Luke Crawford
11. Callum Smart
12. Ross Pratt
9. Jose Herreros
8. Rowan Turkington
4. Michael Anderson
Currie were rock solid at the back and Andy Walters was the pick of four excellent defenders. His pace solved many a potential problem.
Ross Pratt showed energy from the first whistle to the last and matched it with good technique whenever on the ball.
Saturday, 27 April 2013 22:59

Never say die Dunbar stun Woodmill in semi final

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Dunbar Grammar
Woodmill HS
Stark 67, 74
McAlpine 77
Donaldson 2
Dolan 42


U15 SSFA Shield - Semi Final
Spartans Academy

Jonathan McIntosh

By Jonathan McIntosh
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Dunbar Grammar booked their place in the Scottish Schools’ FA Shield final after a stunning late comeback against Woodmill High School at Spartans Academy. With 13 minutes remaining, Dunbar were two goals down but they somehow turned the scoreline around to win 3-2.

Ewan Stark grabbed a brace before Cammy McAlpine scored a late winner for the East Lothian side. Donaldson and Dolan scored at the start of each half to give Woodmill a 2-0 lead.

Donaldson’s early goal came after just 20 seconds. He retrieved a cross from the left wing and directed the ball into the bottom left corner.

Stark got Dunbar’s first chance of the match in the fifth minute. He shot wide of the target after being set up by McAlpine.

Woodmill took the initiative in the early stages but were unable to convert a number of corners. McDonald headed wide of the target in the 13th minute.

Three minutes later, Jamie Chapman played the ball to McAlpine on the right by-line. The Dunbar player’s cross was cleared back to Chapman whose shot curled wide of the left post.

In the 22nd minute, a neat passing move nearly led to Liam Gregory’s equaliser. His bicycle kick from the edge of the area went wide.

Donaldson was causing problems to the Dunbar defence again after 25 minutes. He drove past Rory Pillbean but his lob shot went narrowly past the right post.

Dunbar won a free kick on the verge of half time. Coll Reekie played the ball short to Chapman whose long range shot flew over the cross-bar.

Half Time: Dunbar Grammar School 0-1 Woodmill High School

Woodmill looked to have secured victory at the start of the second half. Dolan headed the ball past Dunbar goalkeeper Stuart Allan with their first attack.

Three minutes later, Crawford headed wide left of the goal after a neat passing move by the Woodmill team.

A quick Dunbar counter attack nearly finished with Gregory pulling a goal back. He headed into the side netting after Ryan Young's cross.

In the 62nd minute, Stark dribbled skilfully into the penalty area, but his shot was caught comfortably by Woodmill goalkeeper Donaldson.

Dunbar pulled a goal back with 13 minutes remaining. McAlpine cut in from the right wing and played a low cross to Stark who placed the ball into the bottom left corner.

The equaliser arrived in the 74th minute. Good passing play finished with Stark firing the ball into the bottom right corner.

McAlpine sent the Dunbar support into raptures in the 77th minute. He dribbled down the left wing and cut inside the box. The Dunbar attacker coolly slotted the ball into the bottom right corner of the net.

Dunbar will play Bannerman High School at Tynecastle Stadium on 15th May.

Full Time: Dunbar Grammar School 3-2 Woodmill High School

Dunbar Grammar School Woodmill High School
1 Stuart Allan
2  Luke Archibald
3 Rory Pillbean
4 Conal Devon
5 Jamie Chapman
6 Ewan Stark
7 Coll Reekie
8 Andrew Taylor
9 Ryan Young
10 Liam Gregory
11 Cammy McAlpine
12 Charlie Skidmore
14 David Darling
15 Jack Armstrong
16 Liam Browne
17 Bradley Wright 
1 J Donaldson
2 L Hunter
3 C Rogers
4 C Lane
5 A McDonald
6 R Crawford
7 L Donaldson
8 S Ferguson
9 R Watt
10 Z More
11 G Dolan
12 J Paton
14 C Bal
15 L Dyke

Ewan Stark never gave up and was rewarded with two late goals for his team.
Donaldson's strength and direct running caused Dunbar problems all evening.


Broughton High School
Turnbull RC High School
U15 SSFA Shield - R5
Broughton HS
Broughton High School of Edinburgh hosted Turnbull RC High School of East Dunbartonshire in the last sixteen of the national schools competition. Both sides had came through tricky fourth round ties, with Broughton beating Braidhurst and Turnbull victorious against Linlithgow.

The home side strolled through the first half, passing the ball well and racing into a 4-1 lead.

After the break Broughton lost their shape, and let Turnbull back into play The visitors took full advantage and pulled a goal back. 4-2.

Broughton answered straight back 5-2, followed with the final goal of the day, 6-2.

The six goals for Broughton, from came from five different players. Washe Manyathelo (2), Keiran Brien, Lewis Eddington, Aaron Cowper-Barrie, Steven MacKay.

Next up for Broughton is a quarter final away to St. Andrew's High School of Coatbridge. Should both sides comes through their quarter finals, a Lothians semi final derby against Musselburgh Grammar would be on the cards.

Full Time: Broughton High School 6-2 Turnbull RC High School
Saturday, 27 April 2013 16:32

South East on track for cup final double

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The Under 15 South East Regional squad headed to Dundee on Friday afternoon to play a double header against East region (Dundee and Fife) and the North (Aberdeen). At stake was a place in the Inter-Regional Cup final on 9th June.

The first game was against the East and whilst the South East opened brightly it was to prove that their inability to put the ball in the net would work against them, and so it proved in 21 minutes when the East with a corner from the right managed to scramble the ball into goal.The South East seemed shaken by this and raised the pace of the game and were rewarded just before the break when an equaliser came from Bradley Sinclair.

The East came storming back at the start of the second half and the South East defence had to withstand a few shaky minutes, eventually they started to come back and the changes at the break started to tell with Aaron Currie playing wide on the right, he was stretching the East defence and it was from his deep run that brought the second goal when he beat several players to cross for Robbie Renwick to shoot the East into the lead. This was the big change and the South East lads played some great football from here on with a further goal from Bradley Sinclair and further encounters from Aaron Currie, Sean Waterson and Ewan Stark took the total to six.

With only thirty minutes allowed as break prior to the North game it was always going to be an uphill struggle for the lads, and so it proved when after 20 minutes of the first half the North were awarded a controversial penalty, but the North player put the kick away well. The South East were finding it difficult and with the light fading fast they made what changes they could at the break to boost the flagging troops and as they came close to scoring a few times in the second half, it was down to Robbie Renwick to score the equaliser with just five minutes remaining to finish off a good night for the South East lads.

Now it's the waiting game for the South East Region, who require any result other than a six goal North Region victory in the final group match.

The South East Region's Under 16 side succeeded in qualifying for the Inter-Regional Cup final. At the older age group there was no North Region side, meaning it was a straight play off between the East and South East. The South East Select defeated their opponents by one goal to nil. Not a classic performance in respect of quality football but a game that showed great resolve to win the battle. The only goal came late on in the first half when striker Greg Kerr's near post run was rewarded after a super Andrew McNee cross.

9th June will see both of the East Conference winners take on the winners of the West Conference, which at both age groups is the SYFA West Region.


Craigroyston CYFC
Redhall Star YFC
Shanley 58
Parente 8, 25


U13 Polar Foods Cup - FInal
Saughton Enclosure

By Craig Flannigan
YFS South East Region Reporter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Redhall Star put cup heartbreak behind them to win the Polar Foods Cup Final at Saughton Enclosure.

Two weeks ago, the Division 4 leaders were beaten on penalties by Blackhall Athletic in the AC Taxi Cup final, but there was to be no mistake this time with an assured victory courtesy of two first half goals by Lorenzo Parente, despite Ryan Shanley pulling one back for Craigroyston in the second period.

Redhall went into the game favourites, undefeated in the league this season and 15 points ahead of Craigroyston, but the opening exchanges were even and keenly contested.

The first clear cut opportunity for either side resulted in Redhall taking the lead, Parente through one on one with Jamie Ross and the striker coolly slotted home in the eighth minute.

Craigroyston almost equalised on 13 minutes, a powerful free-kick effort from Darren Hunter was spilled by Ryan Green, but the keeper recovered before the ball crossed the line and quickly set up a Redhall counter, with the dangerous Parente shooting wide at the near post.

The second goal for Redhall came on 25 minutes after another swift counter attack. Cameron Archibald put through Shanley who rounded Green, but he was unable to get sufficient purchase on his finish allowing Marc Daniel Hannah to clear off the line. Redhall broke up the park and Parente doubled the lead with another astute finish.

Craigroyston had opportunities of their own before the end of the half, and only an excellent save from Green denied Lewis Watson a minute before half time.

Half Time: Craigroyston CYFC 0-2 Redhall Star YFC

The second half was only two minutes old when the impressive Green was again called into action, saving a snap-shot from 10 yards by Hunter.

As the half went on Redhall looked increasingly comfortable, they were dealing well with Craigroyston's attacks and looked the more likely to score, a Jack Anderson half-volley from 25 yards went just past the post on 51 minutes.

Craigroyston appeals for a penalty fell on deaf ears in the 55th minute when Shanley and Green collided in the area, but three minutes later Shanley scored a great header from another excellent corner by Nathan Fallon.

The goal buoyed Craigroyston, Fallon's effort from a free-kick in the 62nd minute was just over the bar, though would have left Green with no chance had it been on target. The resulting goal kick was intercepted by Hunter but his shot was wide, and a minute later Redhall were having to scramble clear from a testing cross from Fallon.

However, Redhall weathered the storm and as the final stages approached they were the team attacking as if they needed a goal, it seemed as if the pain of losing just weeks ago was spurring them on, with Ross having to save bravely from Nathan Robertson in the final moments.

Full Time: Craigroyston CYFC 1-2 Redhall Star YFC

Craigroyston CYFC Redhall Star YFC
1. Jamie Ross
2. Brandin Sharpe
3. James Tipton
4. Bryan Dudgeon
5. Cameron Archibald
6. David Douglas
7. Nathan Fallon
8. Darren Hunter
9. Liam McDermid
10. Ryan Shanley
11. Lewis Watson
12. Brandon Sives
13. Deroin Simpson
14. Declan Howlett
15. Jamie Hunter
1. Ryan Green
2. Marc Daniel Hannah
3. Thomas Robertson
4. Jack Anderson
5. Andrew Gordon Dixon
6. Ross Graham
7. Blair Salvona
8. Max Dumayne
9. Lorenzo Parente
10. Ryan Greig
12. Nathan Robertson
14. Lloyd Gauld
15. Adam Robertson
17. Bockaire Sonnah
Nathan Fallon consistently delivered excellent balls into the box, was unlucky with a free-kick and was Craigroyston's most dangerous player
Lorenzo Parente as well as grabbing the crucial goals with two excellent finishes, the striker worked non-stop for his team.
Friday, 26 April 2013 19:44

History making Cramond are sevens kings

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Cramond travelled through to Toryglen, Glasgow on 22nd April 2013 with a large travelling support to try and repeat their Scottish Cup success last season. 600+ teams had entered this years’ Lloyds TSB Scotland National Soccer Sevens Tournament and this years’ Final was a true representation of Scotland with teams from as far as Kilmarnock and Inverness. The following 8 teams from all over Scotland attended as Regional Group Winners:

Annanhill PS, Kilmarnock
Clerkhill PS, Peterhead
Cramond PS, Edinburgh
Cumbernauld PS, Lanarkshire
Hermitage PS, Helensburgh
Lochardil PS, Inverness
Moorfoot PS, Gourock
Torbain PS, Kirkcaldy

Cramond were drawn in Section 1with Hermitage, Annanhill and Clerkhill.

Game 1 – Hermitage

Hermitage had beaten last years’ finalist Bargeddie in the previous round and they were a strong counter-attacking side. However Cramond were very focussed on the task ahead. The defence of Ross Lowder, Ross McGrail and Hector Gray stood tall and were well marshalled by goalkeeper Ben Ritchie. The midfield of Callum Yeats, Lewis McCann and Joe Tait (made great runs and crosses from right wing) kept the ball well and created opportunities. Aaron Pressley and Craig Anderson worked very hard up front. Aaron Pressley took 2 of the chances scoring with a header and also a rocket strike from the right wing into left corner. 2 nil - great start.

Game 2 – Annanhill

Annanhill had won their first game 1 nil and came into the second match with confidence. They also came with an excellent reputation given they have several players in the Ayrshire Select team (current leaders of the Scottish Schools Regional Championship). However Cramond started very strongly, captain Callum Yeats was linking very well with Aaron Pressley, showing cushioned touches and excellent first time passing and dynamic movement. Lewis McCann, Joe Tait, Hector Gray and Craig Anderson were also linking well in midfield and their passing and strong running and good technical skill with the ball was creating chances. Ross Lowder, Ross McGrail and Ben Ritchie (2 good positional saves from headers from set pieces) kept another clean sheet. A powerful trailblazing strike into roof of the net from Lewis McCann and then 2 good composed finishes from both Aaron Pressley and Josh Lamond led to a 3 nil victory.

Game 3 – Clerkhill

Much travelled Clerkhill came all the way to Toryglen after only qualifying in Dundee last Thursday. Clerkhill started well but when Lewis McCann scored the first goal from a wonderful solo effort beating 3 players and scoring with a composed finish, Clerkhill drifted out of the game. Lewis McCann scored another 2 excellent solo efforts with composed finishing in the game and Aaron Pressley also scored with a well timed instep finish which wrong footed the goalkeeper.

Final – Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld had won Section 2 on goal difference with an impressive 2 wins and a draw. Being the local team they brought a huge vocal support. Cumbernauld started very well and had the Cramond defence under pressure from the kick off. 2 vital blocks from Ross McGrail (one on the line) and a couple of smart saves from Ben Ritchie thwarted Cumbernauld and gave Cramond confidence. After the initial scare, Cramond defence pushed further up the pitch. Precise passing from Ross Lowder and Ross McGrail was enabling the midfield of Callum Yeats, Lewis McCann and Joe Tait to pick up the ball in space, play quick passes and put Cumbernauld under pressure. Aaron Pressley scored 2 fine quick fire goals to send the large band of Cramond fans into party mode. The entire team now began to keep the ball very well and created several opportunities. Sublime touches from Craig Anderson, driving runs into space from Hector Gray and definitive movement and hard work from Josh Lamond kept up the good work. In final minutes, Josh Lamond broke through to finish a one on one with their goalkeeper to send the Cramond support into raptures.

This was an incredible performance from Cramond Primary School. The boys are very talented but their commitment, determination and togetherness as a team is what won the tournament. A special mention to the Primary 7 supporters and teachers and parents – the banners, support, encouragement and enthusiasm inspired our boys to victory – many thanks. To win the LLOYDS TSB SCOTLAND JUNIOR SEVENS last year was a major achievement. To then follow up with the LLOYDS TSB SCOTLAND NATIONAL SOCCER SEVENS this year is absolutely magnificent. Cramond Primary School have made history as the first primary school team to win the Scottish Cup 2 years in a row.

Arboretum - Playable
Campbell Park - Closed
Duddingston/Cavalry Park - Pitch 4 playable
Colinton 7’s - Playable
Colinton 11’s - Playable
Currie - Playable
Drumbrae - Playable
Gyle - Pitches 1, 2, 3 closed
Jack Kane - Playable
Meggetland (including 3G) - Playable
Kirkbrae/Double Hedges - Playable
Paties - Playable
Ratho - Playable
Roseburn - Closed
Seafield - Playable (Pitch 2 unplayable)
Saughton - Playable
Saughton Enclosure - Playable
Sighthill - Playable
Silverknowes - Playable
Wardie - Playable
Warriston - Playable


Spartans FC Youth
U13 SERYFA Division 1
East Pilton Park
This was an eagerly anticipated game involving Spartans v Tynecastle with the last game being a close 3-2 win for Spartans – their first over Tynecastle in a while therefore Tynecastle had revenge in their sights.

The match was played on the bumpy East Pilton Park on a windy but bright Tuesday evening with Spartans winning the toss of the coin to shoot with the wind at their backs.

The match kicked off with Spartans pushing down on the defence from the kick off using the wind behind and the pace of Washe Manyethelo and the pace and strength of Matthew Brown upfront to break through the Tynecastle defence with the first attack resulting in a goal kick to Tynecastle. The Tynie keeper did well to have a good kickout into the strong wind and arrived at his midfielder to create a Tynecastle attack that was broken down by the Spartans defence just inside the penalty box and cleared by Taylor Gillon to Robbie Lamb down the pitch to create a Spartans attack that was switched through to Lewis Mackinnon who managed a good shot on goals and was well saved by the Tynie keeper.

A few minutes later, Spartans broke down the Tynie attack which led onto the first goal coming in from the right-hand side. Lewis Mackinnon was on hand to slot the ball over the line from close range to make it 1-0 to Spartans.

Tynie took centre and broke into attack and again the Spartans back line broke this down. The defence was solid, with nobody getting a shot on goal. Spartans broke down the pitch on the left hand side with Lewis Mackinnon managing to get down the wing with the Tynie player knocking the ball out for a throw in. Mackinnon took the throw in and from the shot that came after from Andrew Dempster that was net bound the Tynecastle defender saved the ball with his hand and the ref blew his whistle for a penalty and showed the defender a red card.

Aaron Cowper-Barrie stepped up to take the penalty but his left foot strike on goal was well saved by the Tynie keeper. Tynecastle were encouraged by this save and went onto create a dangerous attack down their left hand-side with a cross coming in just over Spartans keeper Craig Wylie in goals and thankfully for Spartans no one from Tynecastle was in the box to take advantage.

Spartans then broke again after a little bit of football 'ping pong' between both sets of midfielders the ball broke again into the Tynecastle box from Lewis Mackinnon on the left where it was knocked into the box and Washe Manyethelo knocked the ball over the line 2-0 to Spartans.

Fifteen minutes had gone at 2-0 to Spartans, with a Tynecastle player sent off, but they gathered themselves and pulled a goal back after a good attack through midfield out to the left and a goal for Tynecasle's No. 10 just inside the Spartans keeper right hand post. Tynecastle coaches and parents were offering encouragement to their players, and likewise Spartans.

The Spartans coaches made their first change Washe coming off and Connor Young going on.

Spartans took the kick-off and almost immediately were on the scoresheet again with a well worked ball down the right hand side with Robbie Lamb crossing into the Tynecastle Box for Andrew Dempster to score with his right foot from 8 yards out. Tynecastle players heads were starting to drop but still were encouraged by their coach.

Tynecastle’s next attack was cleared down the pitch which started from the defender, Tailor Gillon, on the right hand side of his box, by passing it to Robbie Lamb and inside again to David Whalen who knocked the ball up the park for the bouncing ball to be stolen in the air away from the Tynecastle player by Matthew Brown who knocked the ball into the Tynecastle box for Connor Young to slot the ball home from 6 yards. Spartans were playing really well; passing, moving and switching play.

Half Time: Spartans 4-1 Tynecastle

The second half started with two Spartans changes - Mitchell Haddow now in goals and Ali Hogg now playing the left wing.

Spartans were quickly put under pressure and from a Tynecastle attack down the Spartans left hand side with a mix up between the defenders and the goalkeeper allowing a shot to be parried and then slotted home by the Tynecastle striker. There was a further Spartans change with Matthew Brown coming off and Kalvin Nicol coming on to play up front alongside Connor Young.

From the kick-off, Connor Young scored again for his second with a good move down their right hand side. The ball was crossed in over the front of the 18 yard box where Young collected the ball, beat one player and slots the ball home again, and his team mates pile on him as they celebrate the goal.

There was a further change as Keiran Connell replaced Lewis Mackinnon and he was straight into the action, making a great tackle to win the ball on the right and passing through Andrew in midfield then via Josh-Slow Clayton across midfield and again out to Connor Young to run through the centre of midfield and score low down to the keepers left.

The Tynecastle players were not happy and kept trying to create chances and get through down the left handside with a well hit shot from the edge of the box but it is well saved by Mitchell Haddow down low at his right hand post. More attacks from Tynecastle came but Jay Conner at centre half cleared well on several attacks.

With twelve minutes to go the Spartans coaches were still giving the team encouragement, and they responded with another well worked attack finished with a tremendous shot from Josh Slow-Clayton that just rose over the bar.

From a goal kick taken by the Tynecastle keeper, the ball is cleared by David Whalen in defence and picked up by Josh who passed out to Keiran Connell on the right and another attack began as he crossed into the box the ball bounced around with the Tynecastle players slow to react and Kalvin Nicol nodded the ball over the line from a yard out.

Persistence paid off with some great tackling from Ali Hogg to win the ball. He managed to get a great cross in to the box, but its cleared and comes out to the right, where Taylor Gillon lobs the bouncing ball into the box and after a scramble Kalvin Nicol nods the ball over the line from 6 yards out.

Spartans made a further substitution with hat-trick boy Connor Young coming off and Matthew Brown going back on and almost immediately he scores after a mistake for the Tynecastle defence drilling the ball low and hard to the keeper's left.

Full Time: Spartans 9-2 Tynecastle
Thursday, 25 April 2013 11:40

Currie Star complete the double in style

Written by


Currie Star
Star 'A'


U14's David Innes Cup Final
New Victoria Park, Newtongrange


By Craig Wilson
YFS South East Region Reporter
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The David Innes Cup was played out in front of a decent crowd at the impressive New Victoria Park in Newtongrange and the crowd were rewarded with a competitive game which ended in a convincing win for Currie Star, who sealed their second cup win of the season.

The game started with a bang when Star 'A' went close to taking a surprise lead. Jack McNab clipping the outside of the post as he caught a glimpse of goal.

The game wasn't to remain level for long when a penalty was correctly awarded to Currie. It was a penalty in the 'stonewaller' category. Currie's hero from the Ian MacKay Cup final a few weeks ago Billy Nicoll converted the kick and gave his side an early advantage. Cameron Scott soon added a second goal when he volleyed in after good play by Dylan Caldwell.

Star 'A' attempted to fight back as the half went on and were unlucky not to at least get one goal back. The lively Robbie Gay came close on a couple of occasions. His closest attempt skimming the post on the way out for a goal kick.

Half Time: Currie Star 2-0 Star 'A' 

The second half continued in much the same way. Currie were happy to sit in and try catch Star 'A' on the counter attack. Star 'A' backed by a big local support were trying to get men forward but they failed to create a chance of real note whilst Currie Star always looked a threat.

Gay again was the biggest threat but his luck was deserting him at the crucial time. A Dean Cameron free kick from the edge of the area was just too high in another of Star 'A''s in vain attempts.

As with all good high profile matches this game even had a pitch invader in the shape of a 2 or 3 year old lad keen to get involved in the football. Thankfully the far side referee's assistant was on hand to usher the wee lad back to his parents!!

The threat that Currie Star were posing was soon turned into goals when James Summers converted to make it three. The striker who was outstanding in the second period burst through on goal and whilst his initial shot hit the post he managed to slide in and convert the rebound. Dylan Caldwell added a fourth goal late on when his shot deflected in off the unfortunate Star 'A' 'keeper.

Full Time: Currie Star 4-0 Star 'A'

Currie Star Star 'A'
1. Robert Watt
2. Taylor Reynolds
3. Cameron Milligan
4. Harry Taylor-Kavanagh
5. Brendan McGinn
6. Cameron Scott
7. Stewart Rowney
8. Kieran Walton
9. Declan Davidson
10. Dylan Caldwell
11. Richie Wood
12. Billy Nicoll
14. James Summers
15. Maxwell Farrer
16. Liam Berry
18. Luke Scullion
1. Garry Lennie
2. Greg Droudge
3. Jamie Monaghan
4. Sean Rice
5. Thomas Wishart
6. Gregor Pollock
7. Matthew Smith
9. Ben Kettrick
10. Jack McNab
11. Adam Reid
12. Liam Devine
14. Robbie Muir
15. Stephen Charters
16. Robbie Gay
17. Dean Cameron
James Summers put in an excellent second half performance and was rewarded with his goal.
Robbie Gay worked tirelessly throughout and was unlucky to be on the losing side. On another day he'd have fired his side back into the match.