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Locos gear up for Bonnybridge test

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Colony Locos manager Alan Calder has admitted that there has been a bit of a buzz in the town in the lead-up to his side's Scottish Cup semi-final against FC Bonnybridge. Calder said: "The Locos have helped us organise the game and they've done a lot of work in the lead-up to the game, we've just been promoting it to start with and we've received lots of good feedback from people and also all of the other squads and also local teams including Amateur and Junior teams.
"It's a difficult one because the town is so buzzed for the game and i'm trying to keep the players on their toes for the league games however the guys are looking forward to it and so am I.
"The Scottish Cup is something that means a lot to me, I actually played in a Scottish Cup semi-final when I was a youngster for Colony and that was also at Harlaw Park.
"I lot of the players that i've spoke to are speaking about what type of crowd that we're expecting however on the day everybody will be there to support you however first and foremost, you worry about the guy that's next to you and the guy that's going to be up against you.
"Those are the things that matter on the day, everybody that's there on the day is going to be backing you so your not there to worry about them, your there to worry about the guy from FC Bonnybridge."
Locos approach the semi-final without a win in their last 3 outings and Calder added about the last couple of weeks when he said "The defeat against Stonehaven was probably hard to take as they played really well, 1st 20-25 minutes we played some fantastic football and then we seemed to panic.
"I think that we've been so used to winning games that we seemed to put into our heads that we're unbeatable, the disappointing thing about Stonehaven was that we lost our composure.
"We were 4-1 down at one stage against Banchory so everybody started looking at each other to try and drive the team forward again and then in the last 10 minutes we were absolutely superb and actually had enough chances to win the game, when your fighting on so many fronts with the league and also with the Scottish cup on the horizon then there's so many things to think about.
"The guys at this age have got University applications to think about, working, and there will be a lot of 18th birthday parties so there's a lot of things on these guys plates, what we've always said to them all is what they get out of football is what they put into it.
"At this stage of the season, we're on schedule for where we want to be and we're ahead in some things, we set out at the start of the season to try and win the league, to do really well in our local cup competitions and the hope to do okay in the Scottish Cup, we've got potentially 8 games left, 8 wins and we've got four trophies."
Two Colony Locos players took time out before their 1-1 draw away at Formartine United to look forward to the game. We 1st start off with Mike Watson and he said "I'm looking forward to it, hopefully we can get a big crowd down for the game, it'll be a big occasion and a big day and hopefully we win, that's what we're aiming for.
"I hope there's about 300 in attendance for the game, it will be the biggest crowd that i'll have played in, Banchory are a very good side and totally deserved their win, there's been a lot of friends asking when the game is, what's happening and asking if we'll win the game."
Watson then joked when he said "Alan wasn't as good as us when he was a youngster, we've all been good mates since day 1, if we get to the final then that'll be the biggest thing for our team, it's just a good squad of boys playing football together."
Defender Phillip Woodgreaves also looked forward to the game by saying "It's a great achievement for all of us so i'm just looking forward to it, there was a few tough reuslts on the way to the semi-final, the penalty shoot-out against Glenburn, that was tough for all of us.
"I am looking forward to getting into the final and hopefully we can get there, we're going to try and keep the ball down and just play like we normally play, training has been intense and it's been a lot more harder than it has been in the last couple of weeks it's been tough.

David Reid | YFS North Region Journalist
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