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Arbroath grab three points with first half goal

Dundee FC 0

Alan 20

Arbroath FC 1

Michael Colville | YFS East Region Journalist
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It was a cold day at Craigie Park, but both Dundee and Arbroath were fired up to try and grab a vital three points. It was hard to say who would come out on top today as both teams have been on good form.
Arbroath started the game off well, putting Dundee under a lot of pressure. Their first chance came early as a chipped ball was played into the box for Patrick Martin who then headed it to Dayle Robertson. Robertson then sent a powerful header at the goal but John Bonnar made a superb save.
Dundee were passing the ball around well but struggling to create chances, whilst Arbroath were still looking dangerous. Robertson was through on goal again but Sean Gallacher tackled him well whilst inside the box. 
Arbroath grabbed the first goal of the game in the 20th minute, Patrick Martin sent a brilliant low cross into the box for Scott Alan who then smashed it into the bottom corner making it 1-0.
Dundee started to create some better chances, with some nice passing moves from Callum McHardy and Dale Davidson. Josh Skelly came close to equalising after beating an Arbroath defender with a quick cut back and then sending a curled shot towards goal but it was blocked. 
Arbroath nearly increased their lead just before half time after Dayle Robertson managed to control the ball in the box and hit a low shot at goal but Bonnar got down well to save it. The half time whistle blew shortly after and Arbroath were 1-0 up. Dundee were passing the ball around well and had a couple of close chances, but Arbroath were working hard and creating some great opportunities. 
The second half kicked off with a very even start, as both teams were fighting hard for possession and desperate to grab an early goal. Patrick Martin almost scored but his great shot was denied by an even greater save from Bonnar. 
Dundee had some very close chances to equalise, as they started to press Arbroath more and split them apart with quick passing. Josh Skelly was once again close to equalising for Dundee as he cut past a defender in the box and shot towards goal but it was saved with ease by Lenny Wilson. John Black had a tremendous long shot saved by Wilson, the ball then fell to Dale Davidson who hit it at the goal but it was cleared off the line. 
Arbroath nearly increased their lead again after Patrick Martin’s header rattled the cross bar. Pat Smith almost scored as well after chipping the keeper inside the box but Sean Gallacher cleared the ball before it could reach the goal. 
It was a very evenly matched half as both teams were working really hard to try and grab a goal, but Arbroath held on to their lead and finished at 1-0. Arbroath’s attacking was superb and constantly looked dangerous. Dundee played some fantastic football, as Alex Gibb and Josh Skelly linked up well upfront and had some close chances to equalize. Arbroath were constantly fighting hard for the ball and managed to defend brilliantly.


Dundee FC
Arbroath FC

1. John Bonnar
2. Greg Warwick
3. Liam Gibb
4. Cameron Black
Sean Gallacher
5. Dale Davidson
6. Max Avolio
7. John Black
8. Josh Skelly
9. Calum McHardy
10. Matthew Davidson
11. Robbie Casey
12. Alex Gibb

1. Lenny Wilson
2. Sam Burnett
3. Andy Hampton
4. Ross Mitchell
5. Kyle Findlay
6. Keiran McWalter
7. Jamie Thomson
8. Scott Chris
9. Patrick Martin
10. Dayle Robertson
11. Scot Alan
12. Pat Smith
14. Paul Weir
15. Josh Chalmer

Star Player
Dundee FC
Arbroath FC
Dale Davidson was my home star player as he worked hard through out the match and had a couple of close chances.
Kieran McWalter was my away star player as he also worked hard through out the game, winning the ball consistently in the midfield.
Magic Moment
Dundee FC
Arbroath FC
John Blacks long shot effort was my home magic moment as it was one of Dundee's best chances and would have been a tremendous goal.
Scott Alan's goal was my away magic moment as it was a superb goal and won the match for Arbroath.

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