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Launch of 2014 Youth Football Discussion Project

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Youth Football Scotland is pleased to announce the launch of our 2014 Youth Football Discussion Project. To join in, click here to create a free account and join in. Over the last couple of years we have enjoyed a fantastic response to our social media pages. However, it is not helping us properly harness the strength in numbers of our community, the way a proper discussion forum would. The project aims to provide a safe and moderated online environment to allow the following:

- Players, coaches and parents should be able to flag up bad practice taking place at grassroots football clubs - anonymously and without naming the club involved - in order to get advice from the rest of the youth football community (and people who've potentially had the same experience) about how to tackle the issues. Examples could be a player being frozen out unfairly; poor/questionable administration procedures; a coach using poor training methods.

- Good practice and success should be able to be shared with the rest of the community. When someone at a club does something new and it goes well, they can let everyone else know and field questions those people may have about trying it for their own club. Examples could be a fundraising activity; team building session; training method; method of improving player health/diet.

- Thorough discussions can be had over key issues and ideas - with positive action coming as a result. Examples could be methods of tackling poor touchline behaviour; creation of new tournaments and events; changes to the structure/format of competitions that should be suggested to the relevant bodies.

We hope you all agree that the above would all be positive and create opportunities to improve all aspects of youth football, on and off the pitch.

Since soft launching last week a number of topics has already been discussed at length. A selection of the most popular ones are below, click on the title to view and join in the debate:

- Should there be an Under 18 league?
- How much should a club charge for subs?
- Should there be a limit on squad sizes?
- Is there too much pressure on young players?
- Should there be a national league for the strongest youth teams?
- The rise in standard of girls football.
- Over priced facilities.
- Coaching players in specific positions.
- Scottish players in the USA.

To view all of the most recent discussions, click here.

Dedicated discussions and voting polls are also available for each of the TWS Scottish Youth FA Cup competitions. They can be found at the links below:

U13 | U14 | U15 | U16 | U17 | U19 | U21

In addition to the national interest topics, you can also discuss local and regional topics. An individual discussion area has been made for every SYFA age group in each region and separate areas for girls football, school football and pro youth. To view the full list click here.

If you're keen to get involved, what are you waiting for? Just click here and you can join in straight away. If there is a topic you would like to discuss but are unsure of how to begin the debate, feel free to reply to this email requesting advice.

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