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Aberdeen edge Edinburgh with last minute winner

Edinburgh 2

Puller 43, O'Hara 51

Aberdeen 3

Moultrie 29, Milne 53, Silvers 79
  • Friday, 15 November 2013
  • Spartans Academy
  • Under 15´s
  • Scottish Schools FA National Trophy

Sascha Bolder | YFS South East Region Journalist

The first couple of minutes saw a more determined Aberdeen side putting the home team under pressure. More than once, Edinburgh’s defenders played risky passes and unnecessarily lost hold of the ball in dangerous situations. The Aberdeen strikers and midfielders were always alert and lurked for chances to steal the ball. Nevertheless, they were not able to create scoring opportunities in the first phase of the match.
After ten minutes, the Edinburgh side got on their feet and eventually had the first chance of the game. Trevor O’Hara entered the box, sidestepped two defenders and was aiming at releasing a drive from close range but Aberdeen’s goalkeeper Cameron Jarvie left his goal just in time to clear the ball.    
From that moment on the match was very even, both sides kept the ball on the ground, built triangles and showed they know how to play good football. However, what was missing were scoring chances as both teams relied on safe passes rather than trying to outsmart the opponent’s defence by doing something unexpected. 
After a while, it was the Edinburgh side again that had the next big chance of the match. Lewis McKay broke through on the left wing in the 25th minute and passed the ball to O’Hara who was standing at the 18 yard line. However, O’Hara’s second chance of the match did not find the way into the net, either, as Jarvie could parry his shot into the bottom left corner.
Two minutes later, Aberdeen had their first big chance of the match, resulting from a careless and too short pass an Edinburgh defender played to one of his team mates. Josh Milne anticipated well and all of a sudden, the Aberdeen striker was clear through on goal but failed to beat Fraser Briton.
The scoring was finally opened in the 29th minute when Aberdeen was awarded a penalty kick. Before, Matt Cumming and Laurie Cunningham had found a leak in Edinburgh’s defence with a fine combination and had passed the ball into the path of Cameron Moultrie who entered the box on the left-hand side and lay on the ground after having felt the touch of an Edinburgh defender. The penalty kick resulting from that was converted into the bottom right corner by Moultrie himself.
  • Half Time:
  • Edinburgh
  • 0-1
  • Aberdeen

Only three minutes after the match had been restarted, Edinburgh scored the equaliser. A corner kick from the left hand side delivered by McKay was headed out of the box again by an Aberdeen defender and came back to McKay who was hence given a second chance to deliver a crossball. His pinpoint ball sailed into the six-yard box and found O’Hara whose header could be parried by Jarvie with a brilliant safe. However, the ball bounced to Harry Puller who did not have trouble knocking home from short range.      
In the following, both teams were able to create more scoring opportunities, the match was completely open and both teams could have taken the lead.
It was the home team that, in the 51st minute, scored again. After a high and long cross ball delivered from the right wing, Ogi Yildirim hit the post with the header. From there, the ball bounced back to the six-yard line from where O’Hara sent it home.
However, Edinburgh’s being in the lead lasted for two minutes only. A free kick from 25 yards from the right hand side was headed out of the six-yard box by the Edinburgh defence but came to Milne who found himself unmarked ten yards from goal, sidestepped a defender and netted into the bottom left corner.
With the score being levelled again, both teams were looking for the one special moment that would finally earn them the victory. However, for a long time it seemed the match would end with a draw. But only one minute before the final whistle, Aberdeen was awarded a free kick 22 yards from goal. Three Edinburgh defenders formed a wall to cover the right side of the goal but the shot released by Ryan Silvers hit the ankle of the player standing left in the wall and from there, it bounced to the inner side of the post and into the net.
  • Full Time:
  • Edinburgh
  • 2-3
  • Aberdeen



1. Fraser Britton
2. Sean McCorkingdale
3. Lewis McKay
4. Josh Williamson
5. Harry Puller
6. Callum Fitzpatrick
7. Ethan Houliston
8. Trevor O'Hara
9. Kyle Hunter
10. Kyle Bell
11. Ogi Yildirim
12. Ryan Farrell
13. Damien Mullen
14. Lewis Glasgow
15. Jack Murray
16. Liam McCabe

1. Cameron Jarvie
2. Craig Armstrong
3. Joe Barclay
4. L. Wood
5. Lewis Paton
6. Matt Cumming
7. Jack Odlin
8. Laurie Cunningham
9. Josh Milne
10. Cameron Moultrie
11. Ryan Silvers
12. Oscar Slater
13. Scott Brooks
14. Cammy Stephen
15. Ethan Garden
16. Kalvin Mundie

Star Player
Trevor O'Hara distributed the ball very well, had a couple of good opportunities and put his team in front in the 51st minute.
Cameron Moultrie was a constant danger for Edinburgh's defence.
Magic Moment
Bouncing back so quickly after having been down at half time proved the Edinburgh boys' morale and fighting spirit.
Of course, scoring the winner only one minute before the final whistle was a magic moment not only for Ryan Silvers but for the whole Aberdeen side.
Club Views
Graeme Newall, coach of Edinburgh, said: "We played really well today, we were just a bit unlucky and didn't take our chances."
Mr. Daglish, coach of Aberdeen, said: "It was quite an even game, both teams had chances to win. I am delighted we picked up the winner just in the last couple of minutes."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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