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Tuesday, 17 September 2013 17:02

Clinical Star edge Colts in spicy Currie derby

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Currie Star FC
Currie Boys Colts
Jenkins 15
Harrison 79
Palmer 89
Lumsden 49


Craig Gowans Memorial Trophy
Dovecot Park
14 September 2013

Sascha Bolder
By YFS Editor 1
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Whenever two equally strong teams play against each other, it is the little things that decide which team wins the match. Often, the only difference between the opponents is that one team has made use of their opportunities while the other has not. An example of that was Currie Star’s 3-1 win in their derby against Currie Boys Colts in the first round of the Craig Gowans Memorial Trophy at Dovecot Park last Saturday. In a very even match, both teams could have gained the victory but as the home team was more clinical in front of goal, they progressed to the second round.
Being a derby between two Currie teams, the match had a very special charm anyway but it was even more interesting as so far, both teams had won all of their matches in their respective sections of Under 17 Division 2. So it was not only a cup match and a derby but also a clash between the second best team of the table in Section A and the best team of Section B.  
Taking that into consideration, it was no wonder that neither of the two teams began dominating the match. In fact, the two teams did very well, played on the wings and spread the play. However, players on both sides struggled a bit with the conditions on the rather bumpy pitch which, made it difficult to control the ball and create opportunities. That is why in the first half, scoring chances were quite scarce.
In the 15th minute, Currie Star’s Jordan Jenkins breathed life into the match when he scored a beautiful goal with a shot into the upper right corner from the 18-yard line. This seemed to give the team more confidence and from that moment on, Currie Star was slightly the better team, winning more of the individual battles and creating a few more chances than their opponents.
Being down by one goal did not mean Currie Colts buried their heads in the sand, however. They created a couple of chances, too, and with a little bit of luck they would have equalised but all their shots either missed or were parried by Star’s goalkeeper Dwayne Johnstone.
Colts’ best opportunity to score the equaliser was in the 34th minute when a corner kick from the left side could not be cleared properly by Star’s defence so that the ball bounced through the box, landing on a visiting forward’s foot who toe-poked it onto the post.

Half Time: Currie Star FC 1-0 Currie Boys Colts 
Immediately after the match had restarted, Colts found the luck which had deserted them in the first half. Again, it was a corner kick that caused trouble in the defence of Currie Star and again, the ball was bouncing around the box. This time, Colts' forward Jack Lumsden reacted quicker than anybody else and put the ball into the net from short distance in the 49th minute.  
With the score being level again, Currie Star upped their game and put Colts’ defence under pressure with clever passing and fine dribbling. In the 56th minute, Danny Calra ran down the pitch on the left wing and swung a cross to Jenkins who was standing in the box but failed to score due to a brilliant save by goalkeeper Robbie Costello. It remained dangerous for the Colts’ defence and eventually, Jenkins got in possession of the ball again. This time, he managed to beat Costello but the referee judged him in an offside position.
Colts did their best to relieve the pressure and create scoring chances on their own but neither Zeus Jimenez’ shot from 13 yards nor Calum Scott’s shot from long distance hit the target.
With eleven minutes remaning, Currie Star made a big step towards the second round of the Craig Gowans Memorial Trophy. Once again, it was a corner kick that created a dangerous situation but this time it was Colts’ defence that could not clear the ball. Somehow, the ball hit the crossbar and from there it bounced back into the goal area and Jordan Harrison headed it into the net and put his team in lead again.
With only a few minutes left to come back, Colts went for an all out attack but Star’s defence limited Colts to just two more scoring chances. The best of these was Ross Mitchell’s shot from 9 yards which narrowly missed the lower right corner of the goal.
In the last few minutes, Currie Star limited themselves to counter attacks. Eventually, one of these decided the match when Jamie Palmer scored in the 89th minute from a difficult angle on the left-hand side of the box. His well placed effort left the goalkeeper without any chance.
Overall, a very balanced match with two good teams, but Currie Star entering the next round of Craig Gowans Memorial Trophy. 
Full Time: Currie Star FC 3-1 Currie Boys Colts 
Currie Star FC Currie Boys Colts
1. Dwayne Johnstone
2. Angus Luff
4. Tichina Fonteyn
5. Mateusz Klewtnock
6. Marc Clark
7. Jordan Harrison
8. Alex Falconer
9. Danny Calra
10. Greg Benson
11. Jordan Jenkins
14. Ewan Gillie
15. Mark Stafford
16. Liam Stewart
17. Jamie Palmer
18. Jamie Cowan 
1. Robbie Costello
2. Scott Alexander
4. Lewis Burns
5. Calum Scott
6. Kyle Craig
7. Jack Lumsden
9. Ross Mitchell
10. Ben Leicester
11. Daniel Flett
14. Thomas Steiner
16. Zeus Jimenez
17. James Paris
52. Ellis Crawford
Jamie Palmer ran his heart out, won important battles and scored the goal that finally decided the match.
Jack Lumsden found the net and was unfortunately not to add to his tally.
Ian Morris, head coach of Currie Star FC, said: "It was a competitive match and a brilliant derby."
Stuart Alexander, head coach of Currie Boys Colts, said: "The difference was that Currie Star scored the goals and we didn't. Good luck to them in the next round".
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