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Sunday, 19 May 2013 10:14

Vale to the four with Tynecastle cup victory

Written by  Ian Mackay
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Hutchison Vale
Tynecastle FC


U15 Fed of Hearts SC Cup - Final
Tynecastle Stadium

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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On to the home of Hearts FC on Thursday night, for the final of the Federation of Hearts Supporters Under-15 Cup between Scottish Cup winners in this age group, Hutchison Vale and Tynecastle FC.

Vale ran out 4-0 winners and I for one was glad when the final whistle ended the game as Tynecastle looked to be spent force. Vale won 4-0 and their performance in the second half was simply fantastic.

Vale opened the scoring in the 30th minute when a wonderful shot from No 10, Ethan Feachan-Hamilton was brilliantly blocked by Tynecastle keeper, No 53, Kieran Green, but Vale did score in that move with a header from No 14, the very good Gabrie Auriemma.

This final was certainly a game of hard knocks! Referee, big Dougie Gordon - need I add a great, loyal friend of mine - had to speak to a few players when the tackling got tough, mighty tough. And Dougie also had to speak to Tynecastle No 16, Sonny Swanson, and dare I say it, show a yellow card later on when Gail Swanson’s adored son expressed his opinions again to the match official.

Other yellow cards were shown as well. Yes, I think I could say it was a game of hard knocks. But it was a sore second half for the boys in maroon as Vale changed things around following the break and brought on big, powerful No 16, Innes Goodall and No 9, Ryan Fox. The game changed completely in favour of Hutchison Vale.

As the Tynecastle defence struggled to handle the much move powerful and skilful Vale raids on their goal, it was only a matter of time until more goals went in. Regan Hendry scored Vale’s second goal from a superb header and Vale were well and truly on their way.

Tynecastle never gave up, but on the night, Vale’s good players really looked just that - good, very good players. Following Regan Hendry’s goal, along came another for Vale and it was the talented Ryan Fox who scored to make it 3-0. But the moment I was waiting on duly arrived when Vale scored again to make the final scoreline 4-0. 

The scorer of that goal was big, I mean big, Lewis Swaney and I can now publish what I have always wanted to when watching this Vale side and it is: “Downed by the Swaney!” Similar to the title of the song - Down by the Swaney. His goal at Tynecastle was the final sore blow Tynecastle had to suffer in front of very good turnout of fans. You have to admit, DOWN BY THE SWANEY has a certain ring to it. NO! OK, I will shut up now!

And laugh, I nearly wept as I sheltered in the Westfield Stand as the rain swept in. However, I’m happy as I got to print DOWN BY THE SWANEY! A fantastic game of football, well done to both sides.

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 4-0 Tynecastle FC


Hutchison Vale Tynecastle FC
Byron Gibb
Cameron Milne
Fraser Paton
Sam Birch
Cameron Begbie
Thomas Prior
Shaun O’Donnell
Cal Sheridan
Ryan Fox
Ethan Feachan-Hamilton
Regan Hendry
Gabrie Auriemma
Cameron Fraser
Innes Goodall
Cameron McAlpine
Arran Singh
Jack Cook
Lewis Swaney
Kieran Green
Daniel Matthews
Daniel Headspath
Aaron Nugent
Scott Cameron
Robbie Renwick
Daryl Henderson
Dan Hanna
Sean Waterson
Lloyd Livingstone
Dylan Fagan
Lloyd Fiddler
Mark Mathison
Bradley James Sinclair
Sonny Swanson
Lewis Mackay

Regan Hendry was outstanding for Hutchison Vale, a fantastic performance.
Kieran Green pulled off a number of excellent saves for Tynecastle.

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