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Sunday, 16 September 2012 20:40

Dazzling display by Star stuns Colts

Written by  Ian Mackay
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Currie Star FC
Edinburgh City Colts
Walker (5)
Jennings (2)
McGarrity (2)
MacDonald (3)



U17 Victor Paris Bathrooms Cup 


By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region & Local Heroes Unlimited Reporter

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The two under 17 youth club football games at Meggetland produced a total of 24 goals between them. The first, a Victor Paris Bathrooms Cup tie, went to extra time and it was totally bewildering to me - and certainly Edinburgh City Colts coach, Shaun Kerr - to see Currie Star run out 9-5 winners! Throughout normal time - although there was nothing normal about this cup tie at all.

Edinburgh City Colts looked the better of the two sides. They went in to a deserved 2-0 lead with goals from Daniel MacDonald. Please, have sympathy as there are plenty more to come!

It was a tough game for match official, young Dale Miller, to referee as Edinburgh City Colts defended high up the pitch. The word ’offside’ manifested itself throughout the tie and most times it came from the mouth of Shaun Kerr. Dale, I think could have positioned himself in line with the Colts defence and he would have got most of his decisions correct - and pleased Shaun Kerr in the process. But the young referee chose instead to follow the game and, in consequence, he certainly had a rough time trying to gauge offside on such a big pitch as the one at Meggetland - one of the best football playing surfaces I have seen.

Still, the Colts looked to be comfortable with their 2-0 lead and possibly they should have scored a couple more goals, but they didn’t. Instead, it was Currie who scored shortly before the break when No 18, Liam Walker, found the back of the net.

Half time: Currie Star FC 1-2 Edinburgh City Colts

It was 2-1 for the Colts at the start of the second half - an incredible second half I must add. It was ‘loony tunes’ at times and a wee bit difficult to see all that went on. Currie No 7, Mark Jennings, set up Walker to score a second goal for their side and it was 2-2.

Send for the fire brigade, to hose down Shaun Kerr, for whom I have the greatest sympathy. Offside, bah, humbug! But it was smiles all round on the Colts touchline when Michael Laurie unleashed a piledriver of a shot from the right of the Currie goal and the ball literally ‘exploded’ in the net behind Currie keeper, Matthew Fairfell. Colts were back on track and when MacDonald scored from close in to put the Colts and Shaun Kerr 4-2 in front and there appeared to be no way back for Currie.

They looked to be out of it and if I say, and I hope you understand this, I thought MacDonald was offside when he scored! Yes, I was at that end of the pitch and when I mentioned it to my pal by that time, Shaun Kerr, he replied: Yes, but we will take it. In this game you have to take all the breaks!” So, Currie trailed by two goals, but hold on, what the hell was that? Liam Walker ran through on his own-some from the right of the Colts’ goal to plant the ball in the back of the net, behind keeper, Alan Grant. Was Liam offside? I don’t know as it was the other end of the pitch, but Shaun Kerr appeared to think he was offside. The frustration of the Colts coach was very apparent! I’ll say!

That reduced Colts’ advantage to 4-3! Hold on to your underwear! The game really took off and it was Currie who attacked the Colts goal and boy oh boy, all hell broke loose when Mark Jennings went down in the box. Petalty for Currie! Callum Jackson took the spot-kick and the ball went in to the Colts net off the inside of the left-hand post.

With time running out, the atmosphere at the game was tense (an understatement on my part). Shaun, bless him, was ‘doing his proverbial nut’ on the Colts sideline! The parents of the Edinburgh City players were stunned in to silence. Now, what on earth happened next? Oh, yes, the Colts went 5-4 in front and it was the best goal of the game in to the bargain, from Ross Stewart and what a goal it was. A thunderbolt of a shot that raged in to the Currie net. Surely, that goal would put a lid on the pressure cooker of a cup tie!

Be ye of little faith, Ian! Get your counter out! Currie No 12, Chris Fairfell, went off on a superb run up the left and he delivered a good cross in to the Colts goal and, lo and behold, there was Liam Walker at the far post to squeeze home the equaliser and it was 5-5.

Extra time, then! And I don’t know whether ‘the roof fell in’ on the Colts, or even greater magnitude, ‘the sky fell in’ on Shaun Kerr and his players! Currie scored five more goals! Connor McGarrity scored a sixth goal for Currie. And Mark Jennings added another to make it 7-5. McGarrity piled on the agony for the Colts when he scored an eighth goal for Currie! McGarrity struck again. And it was left to Liam Walker to finish Currie’s scoring. Were some of the goals offside? I will leave that to the thunderstruck Shaun Kerr and the parents of the Edinburgh City Colts to decide.

To the great, great credit of both teams, it was handshakes all round at the finish. It is a game I will certainly remember along with everyone connected with Currie Star. As for extra time, well belonged indeed to Currie Star. Good luck to Currie and I am sure I am not alone, when I say once again how much I felt for Shaun Kerr. Who, indeed, would be a football coach?

Final score AET: Currie Star FC 9-5 Edinburgh City Colts

Currie Star FC Edinburgh City Colts
Matthew Fairfell
Ross Bell
Connor Lawrie
Stuart MacDonald
Jack Hawthorne
Mark Jennings
Callum Jackson
Fraser Kirkham
James Scullion
Connor McGarrity
Chris Fairfell
Rory Greaves
Ricki Henderson
Liam Walker
Alan Grant
Craig Lamb
Scott Davidson
Ross Stewart
Michael Lawrie
Brodie McLean
Connor Watson
Stuart Kerr
Ryan Kerr
Daniel MacDonald
Matthew Davitt
Glenn Innes
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