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Love a Bet on the Footy? Here's our Best Football Betting Sites

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Betting on soccer can be an exciting and innovative way to root for your favorite team. Many players are excited to bet on their favorite team this season, if you’re a big football fan, you should check out the latest footy offers. This article compiles the absolute best sites for football betting as of 2019. There are countless ways to root for your favorite team and betting on the game is a favorite for many. Soccer is known as football in most parts of the world, including the UK. Football betting sites help fans to get involved in their favorite teams. 


Bet365 is one of the most popular and commonly used sites for soccer betting. The site has been top rated as it offers millions of fans the perfect place for their football bets. The site offers bets for leagues both located domestically and abroad. They offer an attractive welcome bonus for brand new sign ups. Therefore Bet365 allows players access to the best range of bets with other fans. A deposit of £5 is required to begin betting. However, users are able to receive up to £100 in bet credits. This is very important as bet credits can be used on all areas of the site. Football betting sites such as Bet365 are an interactive and unique platform for all types of soccer fans.

Unibet Football 

Unibet Football is another popular and highly rated site for soccer betting. They offer a welcome bonus to all new users. The benefits includes £40 cash back. Unibet has been one of the most popular sites for soccer betting as of recent. The site also allows users to bet on other leagues outside of the UK. This helps to make the process interesting as it provides a unique way to experience international soccer. This also helps to build an international fan base of a variety of different teams. Unibet football can be used at any time during the season. This helps as it enables more fans to connect and interact with one another. Encouraging healthy competition is a fun aspect of league bets. 

Coral Sports

Coral sports is another top site for soccer betting in the UK. The website offers incentives to new users that can be used as soon as the sign up process is complete. The site features an interactive platform for fans to bet on their favorite teams in the league. If fans want to bet on other leagues, they can easily do so through Coral Sports. Coral Sports offers versatility for existing customers as well. Coral Sports offers benefits for tournaments as well. This is a popular incentive that allows fans to place bets on their favorite tournaments. Tournaments are exciting matches for teams in the league. Coral Sports offers benefits and incentives for playoff games as well. As teams get closer to the finals, the bets typically increase as well. 

Ladbrokes Football

Ladbrokes Football is another popular website for bets in the United Kingdom. The benefit of Ladbrokes Football is in their versatility. The site offers all different bets, even for international leagues. International leagues are growing in popularity, especially in the UK. Some of the most popular bets placed on Ladbrokes Football include World Cup and championship bets. The World Cup often encourages many bets for the winning team. This is very important as it connects soccer fans with each other. There may be certain restrictions that apply to bet incentives. Therefore it is important to confirm which rules may apply to you before beginning a bet with the site. The site offers user-friendly set up and streaming for matches. They allow users to bet on the match as it streamed. This is a very unique feature not commonly offered. 

MansionBet Football 

MansionBet Football is a reputable betting site in the UK. They have been featured for their exciting bonuses such as £50 welcome voucher. This is very important as it allows new fans and users to experience all MansionBet has to offer. MansionBet has been able to support both local and international league bets. International bets feature a unique range of teams such as German leagues. The UK league also encourages fun bets for fan's favorite teams. Many loyal online users bet with MansionBets for their favorite teams. The latest matches are available on the official site. 

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