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Why does the Scottish youth academy structure require changes?

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The Scottish football team aren’t exactly one of the top guns in European football but they could be if the youth academy structure was changed. Currently, top clubs are struggling to find quality in their youth setups because there isn’t enough competitive football in the lower levels to help better players. If multiple changes were made in the academy youth structures there’s no reason why Scottish teams wouldn’t be able to thrive on a European scale, and that also means the international teams could get better too. The youth setup needs an overhaul in Scotland for multiple reasons, and if it doesn’t get the changes it needs then Scottish football is only going to carry on ticking over rather than grow with other top European sides.
The Youth Development Needs Change to Help Scotland Become Competitive
Scotland have had their moments on a global scale when it comes to battling for minor honours but they don’t have the firepower to keep them competitive against the likes of France and Germany. The youth academy structure can be changed dramatically to help this and even though it will take years of effort to perfect – it could be well worth doing if it means Scotland reach the quarter, or even semi,-finals of the top competitions.
Lower-Tier Clubs Will Have a Better Chance of Improving
With better youth academies in place, it could make for a strong Scottish Premier League altogether. Currently, Celtic are the major players in the league and are winning it every year – this is great for Celtic, but it’s not so good for the lower teams wanting to get competitive. You only need to look at the English Premier League to see how competitive it is and why it’s one of the biggest leagues in the world – and that’s simply because there are plenty of quality academies in England. Every year the Premier League offers up something different and it’s proved by the fact Leicester won the league last year at odds of 5000/1.
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Even Top Teams Will Benefit from a Better Youth Academy Structure
Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen and the other top teams in Scotland are all going to benefit from a better youth setup just as much as the lower-tier clubs. Access to better youth prospects is only going to make them better on a European level when it comes to the Europa and Champions League. It also means that clubs in the league have more chance of making money in the transfer market because they will be able to sell their youth prospects to the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal - the benefits of a better youth setup are endless.
While implementing a new youth academy setup now will take years to achieve it’s something that needs to be done right now to save Scottish football. If clubs want to better their futures they all need to get behind the Scottish FA to ensure something happens quick. Footballing members such as Malky Mackay are all behind a project called “Brave” – and it’s a project that’s trying to promote Scottish football and to get more of the footballing community involved in making sure it’s a long-term success. It’s not a matter of if Scotland will get competitive in the future thanks to a better youth setup, it’s a matter of when – and it also means neutral Scottish football fans will have better entertainment when all clubs can compete at a higher level.
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