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Three fun activities football fathers will enjoy

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If you have a child or children who play football and consider yourself a ‘footie father’, chances are that you used to play football as lad yourself. Playing and being surrounded by those who do play the sport can turn you into a real football fan, loving every moment of the kids’ games as well as all the professional teams battling it out on the telly. So besides playing and watching football, and encouraging your children to be the best players they can be, here are some fun activities that you as a football father may enjoy.
1)      Online football betting
As a football fan you probably have acquired a lot knowledge about the game over many years. A good way to channel that knowledge into something fun and exciting is to try some football online betting offers. Free bets’ website offers you comprehensive betting offers that have some pretty great free bets for you to claim! By registering with Coral bookmakers through the Free bets website, you become eligible for 30 Pounds of free bets! They also offer football insurance for your bets, so that you can be refunded in certain conditions. Coral betting is also available on your mobile device. This means that you can place bets timeously wherever you are, easily and conveniently.
2)      Playing football console games
For those who do not play football themselves anymore due to getting older, or sustaining an injury, this activity might be something that will really interest you. Playing football console games like the newly released Fifa 17. Such a football simulation game can be a lot of fun; and it is a good replacement if you really miss playing football yourself, but are physically unable to play anymore. In addition, playing football video games is something that can be a bonding activity to do with your child, if age appropriate. The graphics on the new Fifa 17 game are pretty impressive, so that is definitely worth a try when you have some time!
3)      Writing about football
Writing about football is something that many football fathers really enjoy. Whether you privately keep a football journal with all the memories of your children’s football accomplishments, or some kind of more formal and public form of writing. Some people find it very rewarding to start their own football commentary and news blog to keep them occupied. If you have never had a blog before, do not be too worried! Blog sites like WordPress are fairly simple and straightforward to understand and use. Being able to use WordPress sites is also a really good skill to master and have in your back pocket; you never know when you might land up putting that knowledge to work! There is also a really great amount of comradery and friendship within the sports blogging community. Writing is also a really good means of expressing yourself in a creative manner and sharing your viewpoint and opinions with the world.  
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