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Five Ways to Zip into Team Spirit

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Whether you’re on the court or in the field, team spirit is a crucial part of your team’s success. Team spirit can bring a team together. It can also aid in bringing the team closer together. There are hundreds of ways for a team to build team spirit. From custom props to intangible expressions from the heart, your team will appreciate your efforts in creating team spirit that abounds.

Here are five ways to express team spirit.

Gifts to Remind

One of the best ways to bring about team spirit is to get your team a gift that will remind them of team goals and working together. There are various gifts that can be given that are perfect for creating team spirit.

  • Custom t-shirts

Get your team custom t-shirts made with the team name and in your team colors. Let your team wear them in other places outside of the game. Your team will appreciate the gesture and will also have a sense of being a part of a team with their matching t-shirts.

  • Custom Zipper pulls

This is a unique gift for all members of your team. These custom zipper pulls for team players allow you to customize them with a photo of your choice. You can also add text and color to customize to match your team spirit! Get your team a special gift to wear on their sport jacket or gym bag. This is the perfect custom gift for everyone on your team.

  • Team Photo

Have everyone get together and take a group photo. Make everyone a copy and place in a special frame. This will remind your team members what it is like to be in a team.

Pep-Talk Them Up

You can give your team instant team spirit by giving them a pep talk not just during the game but before and after. Make an effort to pep them up as you see the team members in daily life as well as before the game. You can also pep them back up after a loss on the field or court. Let them know you are proud no matter what happens. Win or lose, allow them to understand that acting as a team is successful on its own.

Praise, Praise, Praise  


There’s nothing better than complimenting your team. Take a few minutes to go through each team player and list things they are great at. Have the team do the same and create a board to place in the locker room. Whenever your team members see it, they will be instantly reminded of the amazing team they are on. You can also go around the room and let them all speak about the amazing job they do on the field. Let them lead the conversation.

Have a Pep Rally

A not so old tradition, the pep rally, is still a great way to show team spirit today. Gather your team members together to have an old fashioned pep rally for all to see. Let them give speeches and show off their skills whether inside or outside. Gather together the cheerleaders, the team and the coaches and have some fun. For added fun, let your team dress in all of their team colors from the top of their head to their feet. Get everyone involved!

Set Proper Goals

Perhaps the best way to raise team spirit is through the reaching of team goals. Set reasonable goals for your team that they can meet with a little effort. Once they are met, set more goals that coincide with them. These goals will contribute to the team’s sense of wellbeing and overall attitude about the game. Make sure these goals are communicated to the players as well.


It’s simple to show team spirit, however, it can be challenging to create it. With these five ways to evoke team spirit, it will be simple to zip right into. Let your team rise to the occasion and shine by giving them a token of the team, an amazing pep talk and proper goals to meet.

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