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Banks O'Dee Albion Battle their Way to Scottish Cup Final

Lewis United Youth 2

Foy 29', Duncan 58'

Banks O'Dee Albion 3

MacLeod 21', Reid 23', McKenzie 68'
  • Sunday, 20 March 2016
  • North Lodge Park
  • Under 16´s
  • Scottish Youth FA Cup - Semi Final

Claire Gulline | YFS Aberdeen Senior Reporter
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North Lodge Park provided the setting of the North region 2000’s Scottish Cup semi-final derby between Lewis United Youth and Banks O’Dee Albion. It was Banks O’Dee who secured their place in the final with a hard-fought 3-2 win. Their goals were scored by Hamish MacLeod, Mark Reid and Calum McKenzie, while Lewis’ goals were scored by Mitchel Foy and Liam Duncan.

A minute’s silence was observed before the kick-off for sixteen year-old James Stewart, who sadly lost his life following a battle with cancer earlier in the week. The Banks O’Dee team, many of whom had known James personally, sported black arm bands.

Banks O’Dee had the first chance of the game after pressing forward with a series of passes. Connor Wood arched the ball towards the goal from wide to the right but hit the top of the net.

Albion then looked to have opened the scoring with just two minutes played as Jason Ritchie chipped the ball in past Lewis United goalkeeper, Euan Morrison, from close range  but the flag was up and the goal disallowed for offside.

However Lewis were soon pressing and had their first chance of the game through a free kick at thirty yards. Cameron Cook sent the ball into the box where it brushed past the defensive wall and was knocked wide.

Lewis continued to create chances with Jap Leiper putting a great ball through for Liam Duncan but Banks O’Dee goalkeeper, Vitali Sahhalevtis, raced forward to smother the ball.

Mark Reid and Calum McKenzie linked up for Banks O’Dee, with McKenzie pressing forward but Cook cleared before he could make a shot at goal. Albion were then awarded a corner. Calum Beattie sent the ball into the box where Wood struck it just wide.

Duncan and Leiper made another break for Lewis but Sahhalevtis once again raced forward to clear the ball before either player could take a shot at goal.

Banks O’Dee were awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards. Calum Beattie sent the ball into the box where Hamish MacLeod got a touch on it to send it into the net and open the scoring in the twenty-first minute.

Albion were quick to press on with their lead and in the twenty-third minute, Reid raced past the defence and into the box where he slipped it past Morrison and into the net to extend their lead.

Lewis United were instantly looking to fight back and Duncan found space and laid the ball back for Logan Johnstone at twenty-five yards but Sahhalevtis kept the ball out.

A corner provided another chance for Lewis, and Kyle Smith sent the ball into the box. It was initially cleared by Albion’s defence but Kyle Smith continued to look for a chance and shot from twenty-five yards and wide to the right but Sahhalevtis made a fantastic save to prevent Lewis from scoring.

However Lewis soon saw the benefit of their insistent attacking play, with Duncan and Leiper setting up some interchanging play. Leiper drove the ball down the wing and into the box, crossing the ball to Mitchell Foy who tucked it into the net in the twenty-ninth minute.

Eager to extend their league again, Wood passed the ball out wide to MacLeod but Johnstone looked sharp in defence to deny MacLeod the opportunity to shoot. Albion were then awarded a free kick at twenty-five yards and wide to the right which Beattie sent into the box but Lewis United cleared the danger to close the half.

  • Half Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 1-2
  • Banks O'Dee Albion

Lewis United started the second half with some real pace and were awarded a free kick early on ten yards into Albion’s half. Cook put the ball out wide to David Edwards but Banks O’Dee held tight in defence to deny Edwards any chance to shoot.

Reid broke down the wing and put the ball into space for Wood but Cook looked sharp in defence and cleared the initial danger. Albion were awarded a corner, and Jason Ritchie crossed the ball into the box but Leiper headed it clear.

Lewis were awarded a free kick just inside Albion’s half which Cook sent straight into the arms of Sahhalevtis, with a great strike.

Another Banks O’Dee free kick was awarded at eighteen yards and wide to the right. Beattie sent the ball into the box and Ritchie back-heeled it just wide of the net.

After building some momentum in attack, Lewis were pressing forward and Duncan pierced through the defence and tapped the ball into the net to draw the score level in the fifty-eighth minute.

The intensity of the game went up a gear following Lewis’ equaliser with both teams determined to get the winning goal that they needed. Banks O’Dee were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box in the sixtieth minute. Beattie sent the ball to Ritchie who tapped it into the net but the celebrations were short lived as, for the second time in the match, the goal was disallowed for offside.

Lewis continued to fight back, and Kyle Smith shot wide to the right and twenty-five yards but Sahhalevtis made a fantastic save to keep the ball out. Albion then drove the ball up field where the scenario was repeated, this time with Shaun Cameron shooting from out wide only for Morrison to make the stunning save.

Wood jinked the defence to reach the box but could not slip the ball beyond Cook who was proving impenetrable in defence. Wood laid the ball back for McKenzie, who was just inside the box, but his shot went over the crossbar.

However McKenzie was soon pressing again and he weaved around the defence to create an opening and slip it in past Morrison in the sixty-eighth minute to regain their lead.

Edwards was looking for the chance to score but Banks O’Dee held their defence strong. Leiper and Duncan linked up inside the box but the danger was cleared by Sahhalevtis.

Both teams continued to press and look for chances but both teams held tight in defence. With so much at stake, the passion of both teams was evident culminating in a second yellow card and subsequent red card being shown to Gregor Thom in added time. However there was no time for either team to do anymore and Banks O’Dee secured their place in the final.

  • Full Time:
  • Lewis United Youth
  • 2-3
  • Banks O'Dee Albion


Lewis United Youth
Banks O'Dee Albion
1. Euan Morrison
2. Logan Johnstone
3. Brian Mair
4. Jay Leiper
5. James Robson
6. Gregor Thom
7. Kyle Smith
8. Cameron Cook
9. Adam Smith
10. Aaron Leslie
11. Liam Duncan
15. Calum Mitchel
16. Adam Joji
17. Alex Kelly
18. Jamie Morrison
19. Mitchel Foy
20. David Edwards
1. Vitali Sahhalevtis
2. Jason Ritchie
3. Calum Beattie
4. Ben Ross
5. Andrew Wood
6. Alasdair Shrive
7. Hamish MacLeod
8. Joseph Bisset
9. Mark Reid
10. Calum McKenzie
11. Shaun Cameron
12. Cameron Imrie
14. Lewis Duffy
15. Greg Pirie
16. Cameron Ross
17. Connor Wood
Star Player
Lewis United Youth
Banks O'Dee Albion
Liam Duncan - He linked up well with Jay Leiper throughout the game to create chances and pierced straight through the defence to take his goal, drawing the score level at a crucial time in the game.
Connor Wood - He looked electric whenever he had the ball. He put his great pace and footwork to use to create chances for himself and his teammates.
Magic Moment
Lewis United Youth
Banks O'Dee Albion
Lewis United's first goal was well worked. The interchanging play between Duncan and Leiper was seen throughout the game but Leiper was able to spot the opening for Mitchel Foy who took the chance well. The goal gave the team a visible lift and brought the side back into the game.
McKenzie's winning goal was well worked and was a highlight for the team, regaining their lead. The final whistle would also have been a highlight as the team realised that they had made the Scottish Cup final.
Club Views
Lewis United Youth
Banks O'Dee Albion
Liam Duncan, goal scorer for Lewis United Youth, expressed his disappointment at the result but spoke of the focus for the rest of the season. "We hope that Albion will slip up in the league and that we can get back into the league. Hopefully we can win the league and we're still in one cup. Hopefully we can get to the final and win that."
Patrick Ritchie, the manager for Banks O'Dee Albion, said, "That was a great result- we're delighted with that. We were 2-0 up and thought we were cruising but they got themselves back into the game before half-time. We said to the boys the next goal would be vital. If we had got the third goal that would have been game over but credit to Lewis who battled back to make it 2-2." On preparing for the final, he said, "Last year, we didn't know our opponents and didn't know what they were like. We knew what we were facing in Lewis so I guess we have to see what the other result is. We know Rossvale- we put them out in the quarter-finals last year. I think Fauldhouse will be very good so we don't know who's going to be at Airdrie but we're just delighted to be there and we can worry about who we're playing against at a later date."
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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