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Video: Former Blue Brazil player and Edinburgh Fringe funnyman Iain Stirling

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Iain Stirling, the stand-up comedian and former CBBC presenter is back in his hometown of Edinburgh performing at the Edinburgh Fringe. He spoke to us about his Fringe show that is being performed at the Pleasance Courtyard throughout August.

The Liverpool fan, who was "never that good" at football, played for his school when he was younger, and spent time at Blue Brazil too.

"So I played for my school, I went to Liberton High School, so I played for  my school," Iain said. "They were actually fairly decent you know, and then I played for a team, I think it might have been Caley Thistle, I can't remember, we were called the Blue Brazil, I remember that."

Iain, who does the voiceover for ITV's Love Island, told us about his show and what to expect when you come and see it, “So it’s just 50 minutes of me telling jokes, there is no theme, nothing sad happens, I just tell funny stories for 50 minutes to an hour chatting to people and then go home”, he said.

"You've got to come up with a title in March but I didn't know what the show was about and then the day the title was due in my management phoned me up and said, 'You need to come up with a title', so I just said that title and I've regretted it every day since," Stirling said. "I think I've got the worst title in the Fringe."

Some of Iain’s biggest inspirations when he was growing up were people like Billy Connelly, Derek Tiernan and Andrew Maxwell. Iain also went on to explain that he remembers seeing acts like the Mighty Boosh performing in the streets of Edinburgh. All of these acts played a big part in inspiring Iain as a comedian.

While here in Edinburgh performing, Iain has become so popular that he has been given extra dates at the Fringe.

"It’s mad, my room is quite big for me this year you know," Iain said. "Normally you're in like toilets and office spaces and bunkers and portacabin and I'm in an actual room that is designed for people to be watching someone talking.

"It’s actually really flattering when people come. I do appreciate it."

It was Iain's love of Monty Python that inspired him to become a comedian. He said: "When I was 16 me and my mate just knew someone that ran a venue and then we asked them if we could have the venue for four days. We wrote a sketch because we were obsessed with Monty Python back then, so we wrote like this rip-off of Monty Python essentially and then done that for like 5 days or something, this little venue on the Royal Mile."

"If you just want an evening of laughs and jokes, I'm your man."

You can find Iain on twitter @Iaindoesjokes, or on his website, www.iaindoesjokes.com.  

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