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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 13:27

Joy of six for rampant cup winning Vale

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Hutchison Vale
Musselburgh Windsor
Cummings (3)



U19 Fed. Of Hibs SC Cup - Final
Olive Bank

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Hutchison Vale handed out a real beating to under-19 league champions, Musselburgh Windsor in a cup final at Olive Bank. Yes, they did! The final score in favour of Hutchison Vale was 6-1 but it could have been even worse for Windsor as goalie Daniel Laing saved hls side time and time again with wonderful saves and blocks, in the first half! In front of another good crowd many of whom bought the ‘best pies in Scottish Football’ at the refreshments kiosk, it was a cracker of a game.

Played at great pace and with no shortage of good individual skills and impressive team play. Vale looked in the mood from the opening whistle from strong referee Paul Crosbie and his good assistants, Callum Bryson and Nathan Dunn. It is never easy to control teams of under-19 footballers, but big Paul Crosbie was always in control of this cup final - although several of the more vociferous on the terracing at the school side were loud in their frustration at Paul’s decisions at times. But, as a neutral, I thought the match official was excellent. I would say that, as I support all referees whenever I can.

This final scoreline at the finish can be put down, simply, to the effectiveness of the Vale attack and the ineffectiveness of the Windsor attack. Goodness me, how the Musselburgh side are missing the good play from the injured Jordan Burrows and skipper, Jack Moffat. In comparison, Vale had fired-up attackers in abundance and they attacked the Windsor goal from all areas of the pitch at Olive Bank. Sad to say, but vandals had set the port cabin toilets on fire so these public facilities were boarded up. It was nothing short of tragic to see the damage caused, considering the amount of work done by volunteers at the home of Musselburgh Athletic JFC in a bib to keep the club afloat and part of the local community.

The game got underway at an electric pace, with Vale on the move up the left, the ball switched quickly and accurately between Chris Hendrie, Ryan Malcolm and Jason Coyle. That got the final up and running and that was the way this game was played. Windsor countered with good play from Craig Turnbull and Ewan Ralton, two more very good young prospects. Big Daniel Laing, as usual, looked fantastic in the home goal. Let’s face it, he had to be as he faced possibly the best and most impressive player on the pitch in Vale No 9, Jason Cummings. I think I can say Cummings had a ‘blistering’ game! Oh, yes he did!

Musselburgh again forced their way in to the game with a superb free kick and it almost produced an opening goal, with a fierce shot at big Thomas Cordery (in the Vale goal) taking a deflection off a defender and going behind for a corner on the right. Game, on, big man! When the corner came over in to the Vale goalmouth, Windsor No 4, Craig McLeod, rose high above everyone else to head the ball wide. Up to the dressing rooms end of the ground and hot-shot Cummings hammered a shot wide of Laing’s goal. Vale pushed forward in search of an opener. Oh, yes they did and the crowd roared, at whoever they wanted! I don’t think it was me, thankfully!

In the ninth minute of this cracker of a game, Windsor scored. Patrick Harrold supplied an excellent pass for Jack McIntyre to force the ball over the Vale goal-line at the left-hand post. Harrold, I thought, was one of the most accurate passers of the ball in midfield for Windsor, but he got subbed at half-time, so that put my gas at a peep! After going 1-0 behind, Vale upped the pace like crazy! Cummings, who appeared to me to have a ‘shoot-on-sight’ approach to the game, lashed shots in at and wide of big Daniel in the Windsor goal. Harrold then produced a bad tackle on Vale No 6, my great friend of many years, Connor McGregor, and the free-kick was in a good position. But the delivery was nice and easy for big Daniel in the Windsor goal. In the second half, Daniel was in ‘the lion’s den’ with a vengeance. But, more of that later!

Play pounded on and the crowd roared, when Cummings and Coyle combined on the left, but what a weak shot at the home goal! That was followed by another great move from Vale, with Rob Dent involved this time, then on to skipper Chris Deigon and then McGregor who switched the ball out to the left, to the waiting No 11, Ryan Malcolm - who shot in to the side net! Aye, Coyle and Cummings again, but Laing blocked the shot for a corner. Turnbull hauled down Cummings in another raid on the home goal and that produced a spectacular fall from the Vale No 9 - and another free-kick. Malcolm took the free-kick and hit a scorcher of a shot straight at Laing, and the ball rebounded off the big goalie’s chest and was cleared away. But it almost produced an equaliser for Vale.

The Windsor defence, with Dan Moffat in great form, had to work hard again to clear a high ball in to their goal from Vale No 8, Chris Hendrie. And that was the tone of the game, blistering pace up front from Vale, good raids on the Vale goal, it was as they say ‘a cracker’! Chris Deignon continued to impress for Vale with his runs up the right wing, while a high lob from Windsor No 8, Dan Moffat, failed to trouble Cordery & Co. Rob Dent again led the way for Vale in another good move before Deignon fed a pass through for Cummings to hammer a searing shot wide of the Windsor goal. A goal just had to come for Hutchison Vale and it surely did, halfway through the first half. A good ball from McGregor was not cleared by the under-pressure Windsor defence and there was Cummings, who else, to plaster the ball over the line and it was 1-1.

From then on, it was mostly all about Hutchison Vale. Windsor’s attacking options appeared to me to be very limited and in fact, the Vale defence were never really troubled. A poor clearance from Laing went straight to Cummings, but the Vale No 9 this time dallied too long and the chance went abegging. I thought Windsor No 3, did so well both in midfield and defence. But, what do I know? The home side then created a good move, with Jack Thomson and Craig McLeod involved up the left wing. That, too, was halted before Windsor got near the Vale goal. A free-kick to Windsor brought forth the comment from the terracing: “Referee, you’re having a laugh!” But I did not see a smile on Mr Crosbie’s face. Possibly I missed it in the heat of the moment. Windsor again on the hunt for a second goal with the two Jacks - Thomson and McIntyre - leading the way. Another comment from the terracing: “Is that not a push, ref? Oh, it was only with one hand!” Ha, ha, the banter was good! McIntyre was brilliant up front for Windsor, but he was ‘ploughing a lone furrow’ as they say! 

The presssure on the Windsor defence was relentless and Kieran McHarg was one of the stars in defence for Windsor. Dent worked so hard on the right to create chances for Vale while the powerhouse shooting of Cummings was a constant threat to the home side. Hendrie headed wide of Laing’s goal in another raid but Vale DID score again, shortly before half-time, when Cummings ran in on Laing’s goal and placed the ball wide of the advancing keeper in to the net and it was 2-1 at the break.

I just did not know what action Windsor could possibly take to halt this Vale outfit. To my surprise, they took off Harold (what do I know) and brought on No 15, Ben Stewart. Goodness me, and how Ben made his presence felt, getting himself booked in to the bargain. Free-kicks galore mounted up for Vale and Cummings sent one of these wide of the target. A wee bit improvement required there, then, Jason? The pressure on the struggling Windsor defenders mounted... and mounted! No 7, Ryan McConville, was even back to help his Windsor defenders clear up a good Vale raid. Then Ralton broke away for Windsor, but his shot went in to the side net. Ben Stewart, a hard working No 15, set another move up for Windsor and Ralton and McConville kept it going - before the Vale defence stepped in to clear the ball.

I have to say, there was a better shape to the Windsor side at his stage (but what do I know?). It was the calm before the storm broke! And, break, it most certainly did! A free-kick to Vale was taken away out on the right by Hendrie and aimed at the back post. The ball was headed back across the Windsor goal and Rob Dent it was who headed the ball past the diving Laing to make it 3-1 for Vale. That was it, the dam burst and the Windsor defence went well and truly under! Deignon made it 4-1 as Vale threatened to run riot.

Windsor managed to break on the right, but No 7, McConville, shot wide. Poor Ben Stewart, his aggressive tackling brought him his second yellow card from Mr Crosbie and Windsor were then a player short. One of their coaches was also sent away from the side of the pitch and that indiscipline had a heavy price for Windsor. Cummings made it 5-1 before Coyle, another good player (what do I know?) lobbed the ball brilliantly over the advancing Laing to make the final score 6-1 for Hutchison Vale,

Quite unbelievable scoreline and it was then the turn of their coach, Alan Watson, to get the treatment from his jubilant players. They picked Alan up and tossed him up in the air time after time, until the wee man was like a sack of rubbish. Alan came down to earth with a real bump and then the Vale players piled on top of him. And that is what Alan got for seeing his team win the Hibs Federation of Supporter Clubs Cup!

Meanwhile, I was speaking to Jason Cummings granny, the lovely Margaret Ferguson (the Sophia Loren of Olive Bank), and I persuaded her brilliant grandson, Jason Cummings to pose with Margaret for a picture.

The trophy and medals were presented by that Rambo Jambo, Harry Smith, an official with SERYFA and the SYFA. To say Harry does not like the Hibees is a great understatement on my part, but he was all smiles and good manners when handing over the Hibs fans cup to Hutchison Vale - through gritted teeth!

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 6-1 Musselburgh Windsor

Hutchison Vale Musselburgh Windsor
Thomas Cordery
Chris Deignon
Ross McNaughton
Matthew Joint
Lewis Todd
Connor McGregor
Rob Dent
Chris Hendrie
Jason Cummings
Jason Coyle
Ryan Malcolm
Jon McNally
Matthew McGuire
Declan Moffat
Jamie Blair
Lee Ballantye
Daniel Laing
Patrick Harrold
Craig McLeod
Kieran McHarg
Jack Moffat
Ryan McConville
Dan Moffat
Jordan Burrows
Craig Turnbull
Kevin Keane
Jack Thomson
Jack McIntyre
Gary Scott-Learmonth
Ben Stewart
Wayne Simpson
Ewan Ralton
Jason Cummings netted three times to top off a superb all round performance. He was unplayable at times.
Daniel Laing was in good form for Musselburgh, making a number of good saves against his former team.


Video highlights from the Scottish Independent Schools FA Cup final at Tynecastle Stadium. For a match report and photo gallery of the game, click here. For extended highlights in DVD form, click here.

Monday, 27 May 2013 19:58

George Heriot's souvenir DVD

Written by
Due to the amount of footage/photos YFS has from George Heriots' history making 2012/13 season, we have decided to provide a special souvenir DVD. The DVD can be bought for £10 or three copies for £15. It will be available to order until Friday 31st May and sent out by post on the week commencing Monday 3rd June.
The DVD includes the following:
George Heriot's School vs Stewart's Melville College
SISFA Cup Final - Extended Highlights (Double the length of the free to view online highlights) and high resolution photos, including the team photo at Tynecastle Stadium, with the cup.
George Heriot's School v Glasgow Academy (Seniors)
SISFA Cup Semi Final - Footage including one Heriot's goal and high resolution photos.
George Heriot's School vs Newbattle HS (Seniors)
LSFA Division 2 League Decidder - Footage including Heriot's goal and high resolution photos.
George Watson's College vs George Heriot's School (Seniors)
2011/12 SISFA Cup Semi Final - High resolution photos.
All photos are without the YFS Watermark. 


Monday, 27 May 2013 18:43

Tranent hold nerve to pip battling Hutchie

Written by


Hutchison Vale
Tranent Juniors

(AET, Tranent Juniors win 5-4 on penalties) 

U21 Stuart Brown Cup - Final
Penicuik Park

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Tranent Juniors won the last of this season’s under-21 finals when they beat Hutchison Vale at the home of Penicuik JFC. This was a tough game for both sides, particularly when it came to scoring goals. No goals were scored throughout normal time and in extra time as well. The magnificent trophy, therefore, was won by Tranent in a penalty decider. But, even then, it went to ‘sudden death’ before Tranent won 5-4.

On my way to this neat and tidy stadium with its very own spectacular backdrop of the Pentland Hills, I came in to Penicuik by the back road and passed the sunlit park opposite to the local high school. Archers were setting up their targets for this most dedicated of sports and it must be difficult for all archers to hit the quite small target, with the bullseye in the centre of the circle. It must, indeed, take a lot of practising.

Both Tranent and Hutchison Vale could also have done with a lot more practise when it came to hitting the target in this very enjoyable cup final. The number of chances created by both sides - and missed - was astonishing. Vale keeper, Chris Malcolm, and the monster mash in the Tranent goal, Ross McMullan, both had great games, but to say both sides had an off-night when it came to scoring goals is for me to be economical with the truth. While standing among the fans on the terracing, I felt the frustration when chances were set up and scorned, time and time again. And, for that, I also can point the finger at the respective defences. Sorry, I missed out ‘outstanding’ defences!

Why are the players I saw in action at Penicuik not playing at a higher level? There were great performances on that pitch, yes, yes, I know, both keepers were outstanding! But what about Tranent No 4, Mike Porteous. He had, I thought anyway, a great game. Blair was in good company, with others in the Tranent rearguard also very impressive. In the famous colours of Hutchison Vale, from goalkeeper out, they looked as solid as a rock (and a hard place)! During the game and extra time, I had to add that, attacking moves at both ends of the well-prepared pitch came to grief. Thou shalt not pass! You bet and having mentioned the word ‘pass’ I will go on a wee bit and moan my guts out - as I do occasionally (but no one takes any notice any more) about the number of misplaced final passes in this game. Oh, me, Oh, my! Free kicks in abundance, and none of them produced a goal! Corners to the right of them, corners to the left of them - huge throw-ins and these two bloody spoilsports Malcolm and McMullan, performing brilliantly in keeping shots from entering both nets, aye, it was certainly frustrating. ‘Give me my bow of burning gold, give me my arrows of desire’! Attacks, we had a few, too few to mention etc etc!

Yes, indeed, both Tranent and Hutchison Vale did it their way. Possibly, they knew it would go to a penalty decider and, therefore, they kept their ‘powder dry’! If you know what I mean - does anyone know what I mean, you may ask? Still, it was very exciting and the action was, shall I say, non-stop! Defences dominated however! And some of the clearances from both defences made me wince! Did the ball (balls) really deserve that sort of treatment? At other times, lovely spells of passing and movement. That is my kind of football, long forgotten I think at the top level of the game in Scotland! So, a wee look at my notes! There, I had down the name of Tranent No 5, Blair Murray. Also, No 11, Ross Parker (another good player); No 7 Cameron Reynolds! In fact, there was no hiding place out on the big pitch, so I will name all of them (if I can read the names scribbled down quickly in the referee’s room).

Oh, Billy Connor was in charge of this game, and he was also top class. Caused a wee bit anguish at times among the players on both sides when he turned down impassioned pleas for penalties and other fouls. Come on, come on, Tranent and Hutchison Vale, it was a game for men, not wimps! And what is this I see before me - the name of Tranent No 10, buzz-bomb Anton McKillop. Anton will, I think, want to forget his attempts to score. Oh, Anton, dear me, dear me! I don’t think I have to say any more and the climax for him came in the penalty decider. I will say not any more other than ‘come fly with me’ in relation to where he sent his spot-kick! Possibly, at this point, you will allow me to speak about the setting sun over the Pentland Hills? No! OK, I will leave out that beautiful moment and concentrate on the game.

I could go on to repeat the names of every player that took part. Damn, I could even add the names of all the kind people watching the game. How kind and polite they all were to me. Huh, you again, I thought you were deid! Oh, no, not you! I am just being silly, as I was overwhelmed by the welcome I got at Penicuik. Lovely place, lovely people! And George Park was collecting the entrance money at the game. Now, George is one of the finest men I have met in my entire life. An absolute gem of a human being if I could add. As for finding a ‘gem of a goal’ on the pitch, well not at this game until the penalty shoot-out took place. Before then, I noted down the names of Vale’s Ali Adams, of James Gay, of Robbie Mason, all with so much to offer except then it came to sticking the ball in the pokey! And so on... and so on! Miserable buggers the lot of them - no goals! It was all planned, I know it.

It was such a lovely night in Penicuik and once again, I will try to mention the sun setting over the Pentland Hills. No, you don’t want to know about that! OK, on then to the penalty decider. The tenseness I experienced when watching Gary Cooper (who) in that film, decades ago, was nothing compared to what went on in the centre circle and the terracing at Penicuik.

Hutchison Vale went first. Gay missed. The cheers and groans from everyone watching started! Craig Wojtowycz, scored for Tranent. Liam Grant netted for Vale and it was 1-1. Blair Murray restored Tranent’s lead at 2-1. Ryan Davidson scored and it was 2-2. David Ross made it 3-2 for Tranent. Mark Mitchell rammed home his spot-kick and it 3-3. Up stepped Sean McGinn for Tranent to make it 4-3. Robbie Mason equalised and it was left to Anton McKillop to wrap up the proceedings with Tranent’s fifth penalty. The Tranent No 10 was left holding his head in his hands as the ball took flight and disappeared away over the covered enclosure behind the Vale goal. Cheerio ball, good night Anton.

Vale were back in contention after each side had taken five spot-kicks. But, bloody hell, Sean Guiney fired his spot-kick off the right hand post. As Mike Porteous walked the walk to take Tranent’s next spot kick, assistant referee Kevin Lindsay, said to me: “If this penalty goes in, best to get out of the way of the Tranent players mad dash to congratulate Porteous. The Tranent No 5 did score and the Tranent players were off running. Anton McKillop et al!

And now I finally come to the greatest moment of all in this cup final. The presentation of the individual awards and the beautiful cup in memory of Stuart Brown, a young man who played in the under-21 age group until his death at an early age. Stuart’s brother, Keith Brown, did the honours once again and before the losing Vale players got their medals, the Tranent squad formed up in two lines for an avenue for the Vale players to walk through to applause from the winners Vale then did the same for Tranent and it was all sunshine and smiles at the end of a great great night for football. Such wonderful sportsmanship and respect shown by all the players and officials deserves as much publicity as possible. For me, it set a new bench mark for all other youth club football teams to follow. 

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 0-0 Tranent Juniors (Tranent Juniors win 5-4 on penalties)

Hutchison Vale Tranent Juniors
Chris Malcolm
Liam Grant
Sean Guiney
Andy Cosgrove
Ryan Ferguson
Derrick Duffy
Mark Mitchell
Martyn Robinson
Ryan Davidson
Robbie Mason
Ali Adams
Darryn Habangana
Louis Swanson
Zane Nicolson
James Gay
Willie Hare
Ross McMullan
Ryan Hall
Darren Ramsay
Mike Porteous
Blair Murray
Liam McFarlane
Cameron Reynolds
Craig Wojtowycz
David Ross
Anton McKillop
Ross Parker
Sean McGinn
Robert Wood

Chris Malcolm put in a fine display between the sticks to keep a clean sheet over the full 120 minutes.
Like opposite number Malcolm, Tranent's Ross McMullan was equal to anything Hutchie threw at him.



Spartans FC
Tynecastle FC
Atkinson (pen)


U17 Craig Gowans Mem. Cup Final
Tynecastle Stadium

Ian Mackay

By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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Saturday, May 25th, 2013, was another of the most magical days in my life. I was at Tynecastle Stadium to report on and take pictures of the Craig Gowans Memorial Cup Final between Spattans and Tynecastle under-17s. I and everyone else who was at the home of Hearts FC was in the company of Sheila and John Gowans and their lovely daughter, Lyndsay to see this final, the latest in memory of their beloved son and brother, Craig, who died so tragically almost nine years ago now (how time flies) while with Falkirk FC. Craig’s brothers, Dean and Darren, were not there as they were stuck in an airport trying to get a flight back to Edinburgh.

For me, it was such a special occasion as I am a close friend of the Gowans family. I try my best to support their work in helping the Sick Kids Foundation. I was at Sunndach House in Livingston last year to record and take pictures of the presentation of a specially adapted mini-bus that is used to take out or trips, the young severely disabled young patients who live in this lovely home staffed by the most dedicated nurses and staff it is possible to find in the world. Sunndach is a gaelic word meaning joyful place. While at the presentation I found out why it is such a joyful place. That moment, another of the most wonderful times in my entire life, came when charge nurse Maureen Theurer and other nurses came out to get their pictures taken with the young children. There I was, big, so-called tough and wise old Ian, with tears in my eyes as I photographed the Gowans family and the nurses with the young kids. I try to find God wherever I go in life and I certainly found God in that part of Livingston. The sun shone that day and the legendary Darren Jackson was also at Sunndach as he is another great supporter of the Gowans family.

It is Darren who organises the main event at Saughton Enclosure each year on the Craig Gowans Memorial Day. This year, on Sunday, June 16th, a team of former Rangers and Celtic legends will provide the opposition to a Hutchison Vale Select Squad. Vale are another great contributor to the Craig Gowans Memorial Fund. More than £6000 was raised at last year’s event. It would be true for me to say I love Sheila and John Gowns; their lovely daughter Lyndsay (and her flying hocky sticks, she gets upset when she is sent to the Sin Bin), and also Dean and Darren. Two more wonderful young men, indeed. Sheila checks on me both morning and night, every day of every week and I have been honoured to go out with them for meals and to the cinerma when they can take a break from their busy and successful lifes as business people in the City of Edinburgh. There is a well-cared for Memorial Garden to Craig in the grounds of Stewart’s/Melville School in Edinburgh. Craig was a highly skilled pupil and artist at the school and the garden is lovingly cared for. A bright, vibrant heather plant is in the garden too, in memory of my wonderful, dearly, so dearly missed wife, Sarah (Ray).

So, this is an easy match report for me to publish. Nothing was going to spoil my day and nothing did, either. It was a great game in every way, full of superb young players and how skilful they all looked to my tired old eyes. I enjoyed another nice wee moment when the players went in to prepare for the opening parade. Two footballs were lying near me on the far side of the ground and although I knew many people were watching me I had a couple of wee kicks at the balls - but not strong enough to put them in the back of the net. Ha, ha, where is the oxygen? And, during the game, when the ball was wellied in to the upper reaches of the stand where I was on my own, I (stupidly) decided to go and look for it. I duly found the ball and carried it back down the steep steps to the side of the pitch. My knees ached, my breathing was laboured! Try not to collapse, Ian! I pretended I was OK but took care to sit down until I got over my exertions.

There is no way any of the young players who took part in the final were either short of breath or had aches and pains to slow them down. This was a high-tempo game of football and one of the goals was, arguably, one of the best seen in a youth game for years and years. Spartans, who won the Scottish Youth FA’s Challenge Cup recently at Airdrie, looked in good shape at the start. No 9, Blair Atkinson, one of their best players. How well this young striker is developing and I have watched him over many years, from schools’ football and now in the youth leagues. And in Duncan Player (No 4), Spartans had again in my humble opinion, one of the best players on the pitch. Duncan certainly has something special in the way he plays.

As the game progressed (and how), it was Tynecastle who got over their uncertain start to finish up 2-1 winners. No 7, Connor Brydon, was one of their star players and he was involved in so many of their best moves. I’ll add No 14, Blair Rutherford and a very special, cool, calm and collected No 3, Harry Oliff, to that list and I hope to mention all the rest of the players in this match report. It was a free-flowing final in every way and how well play flowed from end to end. The confidence of the Spartans side gave them an early edge, or so I thought, but gradually the hard word and industry of the Tynecastle players brought about a charge. Gregor Lockhart (No 6) was great in midfield.

Then Spartans were given a massive lift when a free-kick awarded to them by brilliant referee, James Sim, was changed on the advice of assistant, Michail Tsagkarakis, to a penalty! Blair Atkinson had in fact, been brought down on his great run from the right of the Tynecastle goal, INSIDE the box. Blair, who never stops amazing me with his ever improving skills, took the spot-kick and Spartans were in front by 1-0! That goal came in the 4th minute and, just for a wee while, Tynecastle struggled to get over the set-back. But not for long! The boys in maroon took up the challenge from Spartans and the final really took off. Scott Siegel (No 5 in the Tynecastle ranks) made his mark with good play, while Spartans goalie, the magnificent Callum Speedie, saved well from No 7, Connor Brydon. It was, as they say ‘one hell of a game of football’! Have a wee seat (thousands of them to choose from) and sit back and enjoy the game) and so I did just that!

Jordan Brown (No 11) was superb for Spartans when they attacked and, as the game and afternoon, hotted-up, the ball took a bit of a hammering. Woof! Keep yer heid doon, Ian! I thought as the ball took a real belting from up and under clearances. And, what was that on the pitch, Spartans looked to be losing their touch and Tynecastle it was who looked good. Very interesting and for some reason, I felt a wee bit disappointed when the ball went out of play. I really enjoyed it when the young players on the pitch kept the ball down and played passes. As usual, a lot of free-kicks were awarded but most of them caused little or no problems to either goalie. That is until the 20th minute (where had the time gone)! Tynecastle were awarded a free-kick away out on the right, in the shadow of the aging main stand at Tynecastle Stadium, and up to the mark stepped No 19, Bradd Campsie. What followed will live in my memory as he hit the ball and it left his boot travelling at the speed of sound (an overstatement on my part, but to hell), and it hit the back of Speedie’s net still travelling like a runaway train. It was 1-1 and the big yin disappeared under a mass of celebrating Tynecastle players.

I was up out of my seat and trying to clamber over the wall to join the celebrating players. But infirmity took over and I sat down but surely one of the all-time great goals I have seen in youth club football. Oh, yes it is! Campsie, I wonder if he is a relation to the motor-mouth Campsie who used to commentate on football for STV. I think that Campsie also won the Brain of Britain title on TV! But, I digress! The Tynecastle No 19 went on to have one of the best games of his entire life. Immense, in every way! In Tynecastle’s next raid on the Spartans goal, bit Duncan Player blootered a clearance away up to the other end. There is nothing to match the finer touches in football?

Spartans were rattled and it showed in their play while Tynecastle were on a high! Scott Siegal went down in a tackle and had treatment - a chance for the players to take water on board! Bruce Scott came on for Spartans and looked very good. A very good sub if you don’t mind me saying so! A good move between Scott and Atkinson resulted in a very tempting cross from the left, but Bradd Campsie it was who cleared the danger. At the other end, the Spartans goalie repeatedly came off his line to clear - Speedie by name and action. It was 1-1 at the break. A very good first half of good positive football.

Half Time: Spartans FC 1-1 Tynecastle FC

It was a blistering second half and Tynecastle introduced No 15 to the fray, Danny Baron. Possibly, the biggest player of them all complete with yellow boots! Yuck! Barron was involved immediately and he combined with Lockhart in a good move but that was cleared by Spartans No 8, Jamie Dishington (dare I say it, another good young prospect) up to Atkinson, but the Tynecastle defence was as tight as a frog’s backside (water tight). Oh, boy, it was a rousing cup final and Ryan Travis was forced to give away a corner in another Spartans attack. From the corner, the ball was headed behind the Tynecastle goal.

Another good Spartans move, this time involving Connor Brydon, Gavin Stevenson and Sean Williamson (No 9) whose shot cannoned back in to play off the right-hahd post. That was followed by a lung-bursting run down the left by Spartans No 2, Kerr Allsn, but he had to settle for a free-kick about 30yd out. Oh, no, the free-kick went straight in to the hands of Tynecastle’s inspired goalie, Cameron Tulloch. Jordan Brown then set up Atkinson for a shot at the Tynecastle goal, but the ball flew over the crossbar. The game livened up even more and it really was a final to savour. Kerr Allan, superb play, set up Jordan Brown to fire a great shot at the Tynecastle goal, only for Tulloch to throw himself at the ball and save. Great play, Cameron!

More and more players shone in every area of the big pitch and the pace of the game never slackened. In the 25th minute of the second half, Tynecastle went 2-1 in front and it was another superb goal. No 3, James Redpath, it was who suppled the cross from the left to the near post and No 16, Liam McNeill, it was who delighted the Tynecastle contingent and possibly sickened the Spartans contingent when he scored Tynecastle’s second goal.

Spartans certainly did not take that set-back lying down. Kerr Allan was inspirational in his runs out of defence and more free-kicks than before followed on as the tackling became a wee bit desperate. One free kick to Tynecastle went to No 19, remember him, Bradd Campsie, and he - to my abject horror - smashed the ball in to the top deck of the Gorgie Road stand! Help ma’ boab, as Oor Wullie would say. Crikey jings! But there was no doubt in my mind which of the two sides sparkled in the closing minutes. And it wasn’t Spartans! Speedie continued to play as a good sweeper at the back Then Campsie produced a brilliant saving tackle to win the ball from Duncan Player, up in attack in a last throw of the dice by Spartans. 

Towards the end, superb play by Spartans No 9, Atkinson, took him around his marker but his good shot came back in to play off the right-hand post. I have to say Spartans threw everything at the Tynecastle defence and it was desperate at times. Fantastic to watch however, but this was just not Spartans day. Tynecastle were deserved 2-1 winners at the close of a great Craig Gowans Cup Final. My heroes, Sheila, John and Lyndsay, made a wonderful group photograph for me and it was this magnificent family that did the honours in the presentation of individual awards and then the wonderful moment when the lovely trophy was handed over to the safe keeping of the Tynecastle captain.

Let the party begin! And it did! I, was presented with a special medal by the Gowans family, along with a good bottle of wine and Thornton’s chocolates. What a great day for everyone at Tynecastle and indeed, for the South East Region Youth FA officials. It was truly a perfect day and a great credit to the image of youth club football. 

Full Time: Spartans FC 1-2 Tynecastle FC

Spartans FC  Tynecastle FC
Callum Speedie
Elliot Carruthers
Duncan Player
Kerr Allan
Harry Oliff
David Scobie
Jordan Brown
Sean Stewart
Jamie Dishington
Andrew Mair
Scott Irving
Daniel McIvor
Kyle Holdcroft Doig
Stephen Havelin
Blair Atkinson
Bruce Scott
Cameron Tulloch
Darren McCowat
James Redpath
Ryan Travis
Scott Siegal
Gregor Lockhart
Connor Brydon
Euan Lannon
Sean Williamson
Azad Okan
Blair Rutherford
Danny Baron
Liam McNeill
Gavin Stevenson
Clayton Crowther
Bradd Campsie
Duncan Player was colossal at the back for Spartans. Not much got by him, as per usual.
Bradd Campsie scored at one end and denied countless Spartans attacks at the other.

Sunday, 26 May 2013 20:41

Hutchie hit back to claim cup

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Hutchison Vale
Currie Star
Swan 22
Henderson 55
Rose 60
Hall 65
Passmore 20
Cairns 23



U13 Ken Ritchie Cup - Final
Soaghton Park

Joe Birchenall

By Joe Birchenall
YFS South East Region Reporter
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Despite finishing the first half 1 – 2 down, Hutchison Vale managed to launch a comeback and defeat Currie Star 4 – 2 in the final of the Ken Ritchie Cup. Passmore gave Currie the lead after 20 minutes but their lead was short lived as Swan equalised from the spot for Hutchie just 2 minutes later. But, again, the score line wasn’t to last as mere seconds later Cairns had restored the Currie advantage which the held on to until half time. The game restarted and after 18 minutes Henderson had put Hutchie level, for the second time, before Rose and Hall added the third and fourth respectively to fire their team into a 4 – 2 lead at full time.

Conditions were ideal as the teams met at Soughton Park and, with both having lifted silverware in their previous fixture, the game promised to be a good one. Currie kicked off, with both teams lining up with four at the back, five across the midfield and a lone striker up top.

Hutchie’s Euan Henderson had the first real chance of the game as a botched clearance from a corner found him on the edge of the six yard box. Under pressure, the midfielder had to hit the bouncing ball a little earlier than he would have liked and, with the ball refusing to fall fast enough, he was just unable to keep his shot down.

Russell Cairns answered back for Currie as he managed to pick up the ball following an attempt to play the ball out from the back at a goal kick. Cairns beat his marker to the ball before firing from distance and, although his shot was of target it should have served as a warning for Hutchie as seconds later, after another attempt to play the ball out from a goal kick, Currie did take the lead.

Jack Passmore dispossessed his defender and without even a touch to control the bouncing ball sent it over the head of Robbie Stirling with the most delicate of chips on 20 minutes. The young man finding the top corner at the far post with an un-saveable shot to hand his team the lead.

Within seconds of the goal Gregor Lamb had won Hutchie a penalty after he had lured his defender into committing a clumsy challenge in the box. Lamb went on to miss the following penalty but was fouled again as he followed up the rebound and the referee pointed to the stop for a second time inside a minute. Ben Swan stepped up to take the second spot kick and, although Sam Colley managed to get a hand to the shot, found the net with a low shot to the bottom right of the goal to draw the score level on 22 minutes.

Seeing their lead vanish Currie looked to respond, and respond they did through a Russell Cairns free kick seconds later. The shot was taken from a long way out and Stirling may feel he could have done better, but the strike was true and the ball only just dipped under the bar to cap a frantic few minutes. 1 – 2 Currie Star.

Max Bendle and James Cameron were working hard in the centre of the park to neutralise the Hutchie threat, but also to get forward in support. Bendle looked to have found himself in front of goal after weaving past two defenders but opted to pass instead.

The score line looked an accurate representation of play as the first half drew to an end, but Hutchie remained a threat to the end. Currie had Euan Mitchell to thank as the defender broke up a counter and won possession after showing great bravery to challenge for the ball – an injury looked a far more likely outcome than the ball. Russell Cairns came close to scoring with a final free kick before the whistle sounded.

Half Time: Hutchison Vale 1 - 2 Currie Star

In the first half Currie had exposed a few frailties in the Hutchie defence as willing runners had proved difficult to track and Robbie Campbell had held the ball up well making his defenders jobs tricky. Hutchie hadn’t been helped by poor distribution from set plays which had been a hindrance to developing an attacking rhythm, as had the tenacity of the Currie players. In contrast to Campbell, Gregor Lamb had looked a little isolated up front for Hutchie, but he had still found chances. With the teams lined up to start the second half, Hutchie would want to find a more fluid way to link the midfield and attack to find a way back into the tie.

Almost straight from kick-off Hutchie looked rejuvenated and after just six minutes Euan Henderson had found himself one on one with Sam Colley. Henderson latched onto a lovely lofted pass from deep midfield and lost his marker before releasing a shot that had the better of Colley but was cleared en route to goal. More direct and much better from Hutchison Vale though.

Henderson found himself on goal again moments later after another weighted pass from midfield defeated the Currie backline but Henderson was unable to direct his shot on goal. Undeterred, the Hutchie youngster continued to press forward as his team began to dominate possession and was rewarded for his efforts with 20 minutes of the second half played. A deft flick took him past three defenders and he raced into the box before showing composure to place the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal. A well worked, and well taken, goal to draw the game level at 2 – 2.

In a reshuffling of tactics and formation Hutchie’s Grant Rose, who had played at centre half in the first half, found himself up top in the second period and was looking to wreak havoc as the burly number nine looked dangerous whenever he was on the ball and had provided his team with a target going forwards. Unluckily, he rattled a shot from distance off the cross bar after being released down the right wing by a stunning ball from Calum Hall.

But, like Henderson before him, Rose wasn’t about give up and coming so close looked more to have annoyed the striker than anything else. With his next touch of the ball he went past two defenders before hammering another shot from distance – and with this one he made no mistake. It was a scorching shot that spun into the roof of the net after sailing over the hands of a hapless Sam Colley, giving Hutchie the lead for the first time with 10 minutes to play.

By now the same fight that Currie had shown in the first half was beginning to wane and Hutchie were in the ascendancy. Clearly feeling confident after taking the lead for the first time, they continued to press forward and Henderson was unlucky with a dipping volley that flashed just wide of the post.

Calum Hall was having more luck than his teammate though, as he played a corner short before picking up the return pass and firing in what initially looked like a cross but ended up lodged in the bottom corner of Colley’s net with only 3 minutes remaining. It was a remarkable goal that provided more or less ensured victory for Hutchie after a resilient and exciting second half performance.

Grant Rose had another one on one but Colley stood up long enough to keep the score at 4 – 2. While at the other end, Harris Neillings denied Robbie Campbell’s final chance with a strong tackle and Hutchie held on to earn a hard-fought but deserved victory, adding to the silverware already acquired this season.

The game was a closely contested affair for most of the game but the deployment of Grant Rose up front for Hutchie changed the complexion of the game. In the first half Lamb had looked isolated but having Rose playing higher up the pitch allowed him and his teammates, noticeably Henderson, to push forward in attacking positions. Currie can be proud of their performance as they battled hard for most of the game and arguably didn’t deserve to concede four goals but ultimately they ran out of steam a little. Hutchie asked more questions of their opponents late on and came out on top after a clinical second half performance. 

Full Time: Hutchison Vale 4 - 2 Currie Star
hutchisonvale13s 2

Hutchison Vale Currie Star
GK. Robbie Stirling
2. Harris Neilings
3. Leon Ronaldson
4. Mac McCloy
5. Steven Mackay
7. Calum Hall
8. Jack Temple
9. Grant Rose
11. Gregor Lamb
12. Sean Paterson
14. Euan Henderson
15. Ben Swan
19. Ryan Foggo
 1. Ross Coats 
1. Sam Colley
2. Ewan Mitchell
3. Calum Henderson
4. Jack Passmore
5. Ross Inglis
6. Dean Galloway
7. Max Bendle
8. James Cameron
9. Robbie Campbell
10. Russell Cairns
11. Cameron Laurie
14. Sam Anderson
15. Andrew Lickley
16. Nathan Gilmour
Grant Rose changed the game when he went up front with his power and was a constant threat. Arguably helped by a much improved Hutchie team in the second half.
Robbie Campbell was a constant outlet and on another day could have had more luck in front of goal.
Dean Montgomery, Manager, said: "I’m gutted, but we worked so hard up against a team like Hutchie when we’re never expected to win. In the last 10 minutes I think Hutchie showed just a little more. As soon as they got that goal we were chasing the game slightly instead of pushing on. But full credit to the boys, to get two goals against Hutchie is excellent. I’m disappointed we lost but not at the manner in which we lost, I’m proud of the boys."
Monday, 27 May 2013 01:00

Boys from Belfast beaten by Dunbar

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Dunbar Grammar
St Mary's Grammar



U15 British Isles Trophy
Toryglen Regional Football Centre

Rob McCarry

By Robert McCarry
YFS West Region Reporter
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Two of the current titans of British schools football were set to collide at Toryglen today as the champions of Northern Ireland, St Marys, came over from Belfast to face a Dunbar team that had only weeks previous lost a thrilling Scottish cup final on penalties to Bannerman and qualified for this tournament by dint of being the host nations runner-up.

South Glasgow was bathed iun sunshine for an evening kick off in the shadow of Hampden and we were treated to action right from the off, from what was almost the first attack of the game the ball broke to Dunbars livewire forward Conal prior in the box who made no mistake with his first time shot on giving Conor Smyth in the opposition goal no chance with a sweet half volley to give his side the lead inside ten minutes.

The boys in blue from the east coast looked to hammer home their advantage having gained an early lead but the travelling team from Belfast refused to be bowed and pressed hard to get back into the matc with Michael McCusker and Tiaran Keenan in particular looked effective whenever they were in possession and when they weren’t they summed up their sides high tempo attitude.

A corner in provided a great chance for the boys in green and yellow as Eoghan McCabe tracked the ball well but his flicked header failed to trouble Stuart Allan in the Dunbar goal whilst Prior was a constant threat at the other end as they looked to attack on the break.

As one would expect from two such high quality sides chances were at a premium and the majority of play was taking place in the middle of the park, Dunbar in particular were showing commendable patience in avoiding simply throwing the ball forward and quite often moving in the opposite direction and involving keeper Allan as they understood the value of possession and preserving their lead.

Half Time: Dunbar Grammar 1-0 St Marys Grammar

Despite having only recently travelled by coach and ferry and missing five of the players who had helped their side triumph in their national final against Lisneal Pat Bradys team were showing exceptional resolve to remain competitive but Dunbar were the ones in control here and they were looking to turn the screw as we kicked off the second half.

Early interplay between Ewan Stark and Coll Reekie ended with the Scottish side earning a free kick on the edge of the box and Reekie stepped up to send the free kick over the wall but also the bar before winger Ryan Young showed his marker a clean pair of heels and raced up the wing before crossing low and hard just ahead of Smyth and presenting Cameron McAlpine with an easy finish from only a few yards out.

If anyone thought going two goals down would finally break the visitors resolve they’d have been sorely mistaken as Belfasts finest redoubled their efforts to get back into the match but however hard they tried Dunbar had an answer with Rory Pilbeam at the back especially effective using his pace and intelligence to track down countless through balls and was the rock upon which each wake of attack seemed to break.

Andrew Taylor almost made at three as his header from a corner beat Smyth only to be cleared off the line only to be met by McAlpine who returned it goalwards where it was stopped at the last yet again.

With the match reaching a conclusion Tony Reekie was keen to make sure all his players got a run out and began sending substitutes on and it would be one of them who put the finishing touch to this consummate performance. Liam Browne collected the ball outside the box and struck the ball well but it was Keenan trying to duck and avoid his effort that saw it deflect off his back and with no time to react Smyth watch helplessly as the ball spun past him and into the net to make it 3-0 and end this pulsating match.

FullTime: Dunbar Grammar 3-0 St Marys Grammar
Dunbar St Marys
1 Stuart Allan
2 Luke Archibald
3 Charlie Skidmore
4 Cameron McAlpine
5 Jack Cook
6 Jamie Chapman
7 Ryan Young
8 Andrew Taylor
9 Ewan Stark
10 Liam Gregory
11 David Darling
12 Bradley Wright
13 Rory Pilbeam
14 Conal Prior
15 Liam Browne
16 Coll Reekie
1 Conor Smyth
2 Jay McGreevy
3 Gerard Marken
4 Michael McCusker
5 Kevin Cunningham
6 Tiaran Keenan
7 Eoghan McCabe
8 Caolan Malloy
9 Branan McConvery
10 Thomas McGreevy
11 James McCann
12 Michael Nolan
14 Lee Caldwell
15 Karl McAllister

Rory Pilbeam was calm, composed and controlled he made defending look effortless as he snuffed out countless attacks.
Michael McCusker put in a towering performance in the middle of the park, he moved with the pace and power of a train and never stopped fighting.


Dunbar Grammar
Seaton Burn College
Young 59


British Isles Cup - Section B
Toryglen Football Centre

Darren Carrigan

By Darren Carrigan
YFS West Region Reporter
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The semi final of the British Isles cup pit Dunbar Grammar up against Seaton Burn College at Toryglen under beautiful sun. The teams kicked off to a positive start as both had half chances, Seaton on their left and Dunbar on their right – though both chances didn’t look threatening and sailed wide.

Dunbar took heart from the early attack as Bradley Wright followed it up by playing in Cameron McAlpine on the right, he did well to cut inside the Seaton left back but Joe Wilson came across to send it away.

Dunbar picked up the clearance and Conal Prior took on two defenders to find space before Leslie McAuley sent it away. Dunbar had a good spell of play, landing at the feet of Ryan Young who let the ball come across his body for a shot with the outside of his foot – it looked good most of the way but it curled an inch wide of the post to the relief of Matthew Parker in goals.

Prior was again the start of Dunbar pressure this time driving up the centre to find 5 yards of space, he took a low shot but Parker dived well to palm it away. Rory Pilbeam played a nice ball forward from a free kick inside his own half onto the head of Andy Taylor though the effort went loose into the box.

After a scramble the ball fell to Coll Reekie, who left the two defenders pressuring him for dead as he took it past them with ease. He played a nice ball in, but the Seaton defence managed to get it clear. It was Reekie who chased back to collect the loose ball and he fired an absolute rocket of a shot off of the bar.

Dunbar piled on the pressure with lovely football giving them an edge over Seaton who look to be outclassed and unsettled.

Liam Gregory picked up the ball at the half way line and showed top quality skill as a pair of stopovers gave him the space to flick the ball on to Ewan Stark but Stark’s shot was blocked by a mass of Orange Seaton jerseys.

Seaton won a free kick close to the halfway line as Nathan Jeffrey is fouled but the long cross attempt was easily headed away by Jack Cook.

The game became more physical as both sides put in solid but fair tackles - the latest of which leaving Reekie with a debilitating ankle injury.

He still managed to take the corner but it didn’t match his previous deliveries, evidently the injury was taking its toll.

Seaton use the opportunity to break with Josh Callan, he beats Pilbeam and looks to sprint towards goal but Pilbeam recovered well to slide in hard for a picture perfect tackle.

Reekie collects from the defence and he finds Ewan Stark’s run, who tried to flick it on to McAlpine. McAlpine takes it down and weaves in and out challenges with a fantastic display of skill and agility, his low shot testing Parker again who only managed to put it out wide.

Prior picks out McAlpine in the next play and he did well to get past the challenge from Joe Wilson but when he shot he was off balance and put it over the bar.

Liam Gregory made a brilliant run on the left from deep in his own half to the opponents’ 18 yard box and Ryan Young does well to dummy the ball to compliment the run but Callan slid in hard to deny the Dunbar winger.

Dunbar didn’t stop pressuring Seaton as it was Stark who next pushed forward, beating two defenders before he blitzed the ball towards the top corner only for Parker to again maintain the deadlock with a great save.

The play resumed as Taylor took the corner, he did well to pick out Young from the tangle of bodies but Young couldn’t direct his header and put it wide though Parker looked beaten for the first time since the opening whistle.

Dunbar dominated the first 30 minutes, Seaton didn’t settle into the game at all and only the talent of Matthew Parker kept them within sight of Dunbar.

Half Time: Dunbar Grammar 0-0 Seaton Burn Grammar

The second half kicked off and right from the get go Dunbar resumed their pummelling of Seaton’s goal. Reekie ran rampage taking the ball past 3 before taking a low shot from 20 yards. The shot didn’t match the build up however as it only bobbled into Parkers gloves. It was Stark who collected the goalkeeper’s punt and he had plenty of room to think what pass to play, he found Taylor breaking down the right side of the park with 10 yards to spare, but when he tried to square it his pass went right across goal out of the park.

The goal kick fell to Jamie Chapman who had yet to showcase his talent; he brought the ball forward slowly – looking for any option to play a pass. He couldn’t find a spare man so took a shot from 45 yards which looked dangerous and had Matthew Parker worried until the last minute where it went wide by half a yard.

Seaton could not clear their lines form these goal kicks as it fell back to Chapman who opted for a quick cross deep into the 18yard box this time. The ball curved beautifully in the air and landed right at the feet of Ryan Young, though his first touch let him down and the ball ran out of play.

This time it was Gregory who picked up and attempted goal kick, he sprinted down the right side and took on the defender – he looked for a square pass but Wilson came across to deny him any joy.

Dunbar continued to pile on the pressure as Seaton attempted to play short passes on their right wing only for Young to intercept the ball and turn the challenge. He played a heavy touch to allow himself a run but Scott Beattie slid in to put the ball out.

Cameron McAlpine collected the ball in the final third showing nice skill as he took it by two defenders, but Leslie McAuley took him down to give Dunbar a free kick 25 yards from goal.

Andy Taylor lines up the free kick as Dunbar throw bodies into the box to try and win the header, Taylor has other plans however as he tries to pick out the top right corner. Matthew Parker flew through the air to deny him and manages to punch it out.

James McAuley collected the ball for Seaton in the midfield and the Dunbar defence looked nervous and untested as he accelerated forward. He had limited support and fired off an effort from over 40 yards that sailed high and wide. Dunbar reacted to the half chance by piling on yet more pressure, McAlpine charging down the right before finding Stark’s run up front. Stark runs onto the ball 1 on 1 with Parker but Parker made himself big and dived well, even managing to put it wide in a top notch goalkeeping effort.

Chapman broke away next for Dunbar passing the Seaton left winger’s tackle and finding Ewan Stark. Stark looks to take on the defender but Nathan Calvart does well for Seaton only conceding a corner when things looked dangerous.

Ryan Young’s clever run found himself in space again and he received a nice diagonal pass from Stark, but it was Leslie McAuley who was the star of this move as he threw everything he had into the last ditch tackle, perfectly timing the risky tackle as the last man to keep things level approaching the 45th minute.

Dunbar threw everything into their attacks with McAlpine setting up moves 3 times in the next 5 minutes. Two of his shots were blocked and then his attempt to square it to Gregory was denied by Conor Reid whose desperate clearance made it to the gloves of Stuart Allen.

Allen held the ball for the first time and played a massive long punt from hand all the way over the Seaton defense landing perfectly onto the foot of Ryan Young who had ran in behind the defence. Matthew Parker had to come off his line for a 1 on 1 20 yards out, Young was very composed as he calmly lobbed it over Parker to put Dunbar 1-0 up on the last minute as it would remain until the ref blew full time.

Dunbar now face Bannerman in an all Scottish final of the British Isles Cup.

Full Time: Dunbar Grammar School 1-0 Seaton Burn Grammar

Dunbar Grammar Seaton Burn Grammar
1. Stuart Allan
2. Charlie Skidmore
3. Rory Pilbeam
4. Ewan Stark
5. Jamie Chapman
6. Jack Cook
7. Coll Reekie
8. Andy Taylor
9. Ryan Young
10. Liam Gregory
11.  Cameron McAlpine
12. Bradley Wright
14. Conal Prior
15. Liam Browne
16. David Darlie
17. Luke Achribald
1. Matthew Parker
2. Joe Shanley
3. James McAuley
4. Leslie McAuley
5. Joe Wilson
6. Nathan Calvart
7. Conor Reid
8. Ben Noble
9. Nathan Jeffrey
10. Luke Betts
11. Scott Beattie
12. Connor Robson
13. Dean Phiri
14. Josh Callan
16. Darren Barlow
Cameron McAlpine looked dangerous from whistle to whistle, had several chances which were unlucky not to go in.
Matthew Parker Had a great game, unlucky to be on the losing side and kept Seaton in the game.
Cameron McAlpine, Dunbar, said: "We had a tough game of it, though overall we deserved the win as we controlled the game.I thought I played well and I thought I deserved a goal out of it today."
Matthew Parker, Seaton, said: "I think I played alright today and I thought that this team would be a good challenge. I feel that we could have done better in the game though they were a better team."
Saturday, 25 May 2013 18:23

Determined Hillfield fight back to clinch cup

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Fernieside FC
Hillfield Swifts
Own Goal



U15 SERYFL D2 League Cup Final
Saughton Enclosure

Chris Martin

By Chris Martin
YFS South East Region Reporter
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The conditions were perfect; the sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in sight as the light shone down upon the Saughton enclosure turf. Supporters, family and friends had come out in droves to cheer on Fernieside FC and Hillfield Swifts in what was to be an entertaining yet dramatic 15s League Cup final.

The game began with flurries of hard challenges from both sides. It started as a scrappy affair with each team keen to establish themselves early on. It was clear this was going to be a physical encounter, and this theme was to continue throughout the match.

The first real opening of the game went Hillfield’s way. Logan Donaldson got goal side of his man in the box and put the ball in the back of the net, only to be disallowed by the referee on the grounds of shirt pulling. 3 minutes later though they did take the lead. In the ninth minute a corner whipped into the box wasn’t dealt with by the Fernieside defence and Donaldson was on hand to prod the ball into the roof of the net.

Hillfield were dominating the early stages and looked value for their lead, but Fernieside weren’t going to concede the game that easily. 15 minutes in Ben Gardiner looked to level things. He drifted into space away from his marker, before receiving the ball on the edge of the box and cutting past his man, but only to fire a tame shot wide of the far post.

Fernie started to really get into the game, and with coach Lawrie Baillie shouting encouragement from the touchline they looked inspired. They came close to levelling the game in the twenty-fifth minute. A throw in on the right hand side was nodded on by the ever present Gardiner to the path of Brandon Smith, who scuffed a tame shot wide. His disappointment was clear to see by all.

Both teams were looking to counterattack before the break, Hillfield wanted to extend their lead, whilst Fernieside were looking for a way back into the game. It was the latter which struck on the thirty-fourth minute levelling the final in rather fortuitous circumstances. Fernie’s Boyeny Ajangnay had showed superb defending at right-back in the opening half an hour and looked to bring the ball forward. He took the ball past the Hillfield left-back and delivered a precision ball into the area. Gardiner leapt for it, and missed it by inches, but luckily for Fernieside the ball rebounded off the head of Hillfield centre-back Webb who put the ball into his own net past Macauley Jarrett.

The first half was almost over when Hillfield almost took the lead for a second time. A great corner in was met by the head of Zack More who’s powerful header was met with a fingertip save by Reece Sneddon to touch the ball over the bar.

Half Time: Fernieside FC 1-1 Hillfield Swifts

With things all square at half time it was all to play for in the second half at Saughton, and in no time at all Fernie took the lead. After good work on the flank Ben Gardiner delivered a good low cross into the middle of the park. It evaded his original target and reached Brendan Ogg who, from 25 yards, struck a powerful shot off his laces past the outstretched Jarrett into the bottom left corner. Hillfield looked shell-shocked.

The creator of the goal then looked to bag one for himself minutes later. Gardiner with a turn of direction and trickery hit one from the edge of the box which Jarrett touched round his post for a corner.

The tables were turned at the beginning of the second half, and Fernie looked good value for their lead. They were dominating the game and looking dangerous. Possession began to move back and forth, Fernieside wanted to extend their lead and Hillfield wanted a way back into the game. The next goal was always going to be crucial.

Hillfield almost pulled the game level in the sixth-fifth minute when Ryan Marshall struck a brilliant shot from 20 yards, which really deserved to go in, but goalkeeper Sneddon was equal to it, and had done well to keep the Hillfield attack at bay so far in the game.

Minutes later though, he couldn’t prevent Hillfield from scoring a well worked equaliser. After some intricate and patient passing in midfield, Tommy Simpson played the ball inside to Lewis Hunter. After one touch to control the pass he struck a marvellous effort towards Sneddon’s goal. The sheer power of the strike was too much for the goalkeeper to keep out and the scores were level.

Time was ticking on and both teams were looking to grab the winner and avoid extra time. It was end to end stuff, which provided a great spectacle for all those in attendance.

With five minutes of the game to go Hillfield snatched a late, yet controversial winner. Logan Donaldson did well on the left-hand flank to get past his man and deliver a precise cross into the area where Sam Horstmann was waiting. Horstmann, 8 yards out, hit the ball onto the underside of the bar, it then came off the right-hand post and down to the ground where goalkeeper Sneddon smothered it. But according to the linesman, not before it had crossed the line. The goal stood, and a deflated Fernieside were unable to fight back with 5 minutes of time remaining. 

Fernieside will probably feel like they wasted too many opportunities when they could have put the game beyond doubt, but credit must be given to a resilient Hillfield side who never gave up and fought back to clinch the trophy. They deserved it.

Full Time: Fernieside FC 2-3 Hillfield Swifts


Fernieside FC Hillfield Swifts
1. Reece Sneddon
2. Boyeny Ajangnay
3. Ryan Forrest
4. Callum Sibley
5. Brendan Ogg
6. Brandon Smith
7. Andy Garson
8. Jordan Dolan
9. Jamie Baillie
10. Connor Stockley
11. Charlie Stewart
12. Jacob Hutchison
14. Lee Dillon
15. Matthew Warner
16. Reece Cron
17. Ben Gardiner
1. Macauley Jarrett
2. Lewis Hunter
3. Aaron Paar
4. Tommy Simpson
5. Brandon Hildrew
6. Sam Horstmann
7. David Green
8. Cameron Watt
9. Zack More
10. Ryan Dunn
11. Ross Stuart
12. Aaron McGonigal
14. Logan Donaldson
15. David Webb
17. Ryan Marshall
18. Andrew MacDonald
Lee Dillon was a force to be reckoned with in midfield, passed the ball around nicely, good link-up play, and had good awareness of where his teammates were at all times.
Zack More was a threat all afternoon, on the ball he looked in control and dangerous and the Fernie defense didn't know how to deal with him. 
Graeme Sibley, assistant coach of Fernieside FC, said: "We're disappointed to concede such a late goal but congratulations to Hillfield. They never gave up. That's why they're the best team in the league."
Paul Hortsman, coach of Hillfield Swifts, said: "We're very pleased, we made it hard for ourselves but we got the result and that's the main thing."
Saturday, 25 May 2013 18:10

Heriot's hold off SMC to win SISFA Cup

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George Heriot's
Stewart's Melville
Cockburn 26
Todd 31
McVey 40


SISFA Cup - Final
Tynecastle Stadium

Michael O'Brien

By Michael O'Brien
YFS South East Region Reporter
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George Heriot’s held on to their one goal advantage to beat Stewart’s Melville College in the SISFA Cup Final. The two Edinburgh schools contested in what was a very open game at Tynecastle Stadium and despite continued pressure from Stewart’s Melville, it was Heriot’s who went on to lift the trophy, winning two-one.

The opening five minutes of the match set the scene for what was to follow in terms of the open and attacking way in which the game was played. Of both teams, it was perhaps Stewart’s Melville who started the brighter of the two and if there was to be a goal in the opening stages it was likely to fall in their favour. Peter Mair came close to opening the scoring from them through a Ross Matthews cross. His close range effort was blocked by Heriot’s keeper Finn Donaldson who did well to react quickly and get down low to make the save.

Stewart’s Melville continued to press however and a couple of great runs up the right wing by Liam Ireland added to the pressure they were providing for the Heriot’s defence. Through an Ireland cross, Jonny Court found himself with a chance on the edge of the box but he could do no more than direct his effort over the cross bar. Perhaps the best chance of Stewart Melville’s dominant opening spell fell to Moray Kerr. After Court had provided a dangerous cross across the front of the Heriot’s goal, Kerr only had to connect with the ball to score it seemed. He did so but to the disbelief of the large crowd sitting in Tynecastle’s main stand, his effort went agonisingly wide of the target.

After a nervy start, Heriot’s began to work their way back into the game. Their first clear cut opportunity to score fell to Matt Underhill after Max Todd had played a dipping ball over the Stewart’s Melville defence. Underhill let the ball bounce and attempted to lob keeper David Sharkey, however the ball flew just over the cross bar. Heriot’s were to benefit from their new found condfidence in attack however when Lewis Cockburn’s goal found them in front with twenty minutes played. Through good link up play between Devin Burnside and Underhill, who had skipped past two defenders, the ball fell to Cockburn just inside the area. He calmly dispatched his effort to Sharkey’s right hand side, giving his team the lead in the final.

Stewart’s Melville looked disheartened at the fact they found themselves one goal down in the game after such a convincing start. Their woes were to increase however as Heriot’s had to wait no more than five minutes to double their lead. Their second goal of the game came in style as Todd picked up the ball from around fifteen yards out. Fooling the defence with a drop of the shoulder, he cut inside and with just the keeper to beat he slotted the ball into the net with his left foot cueing wild celebrations from the Heriot’s support as their team was now two goals ahead.

Stewart’s Melville were aware that if they were to get their way back into the game then a goal before half time would be crucial. With this in mind, they began to press higher and promisingly they were creating chances and playing as they had done to begin the match. Captain Cammy McCall produced some fine tackles to keep Heriot’s at bay and encouraged his team to drive forward. Moray Kerr played a great cross to Court which he met with a strong header but Donaldson did well to hold the effort.

It was not long before Stewart’s Melville pulled a goal back though. Ireland’s cross from the left flew across the face of goal, asking for someone to convert the chance. McVey was there at the back post to do exactly that, giving his side hope of a comeback with five minutes before half time.

The rest of the first half played out with Stewart’s Melville perhaps the better team, showing that as their confidence improved, so did their football.

Half Time: George Heriot’s School 2 – 1 Stewart’s Melville College

The second half contrasted the first slightly as the pace of the game slowed a little. While Stewart’s Melville looked for an avenue back into the game, Heriot’s did not attack with the same speed that they had in the first half and chose to sit deeper in defence. This allowed Stewart’s Melville to press higher and they took advantage of this as they looked to score an equaliser.

A chance created by a typical move between Ireland and Court was evidence of this. As the ball came over the Heriot’s defence to Ireland, he steadied himself and hit a left-footed strike goalward. Heriot’s keeper Donaldson produced a fine save to deny Ireland a goal however. Ireland was then to be responsible for creating a goalscoring chance for his team mate Bruce Scott. Ireland’s brilliantly weighted pass found Scott who took one touch but just as he was about to hit his shot the ball bobbled slightly and as a result the shot was mishit.

Heriot’s were not without chances of their own however. They came close to extending their lead when Murray Cockburn played the ball to Jordan Law just inside the box. Law released a left-footed shot but could only drag his effort wide of the target. From this chance though Stewart’s Melville broke on the counter attack and almost scored at the other end. From goalkeeper Sharkey’s kick, the ball bounced dangerously in Heriot’s half. Grant Cowan latched on to the loose ball and hit a powerful strike that hit outside of the post.

Perhaps the best chance of the second half fell to Peter Mair. Using his pace he ran past three Heriot’s defenders and into the box. With a clear angle on goal, and as the crowd held its breath, Mair hit a strike that instead of flying into the top corner of the net as looked certain, the ball sailed high over the crossbar. It is with this effort that Stewart’s Melville College could have assumed it was not to be their day. Luck certainly was not on their side but credit to the Heriot’s defenders for dealing with attack after attack from Stewart’s Melville.

With the game creeping in to stoppage time, the result of the match seemed more and more certain for Heriot’s as they managed to hold on to the ball at all costs. As the referee blew his final whistle, Tynecastle’s main stand erupted into cheers and the Heriot’s players celebrated with relief after seeing off tough competition and constant pressure from Stewart’s Melville.

It is Heriot’s then who lift the SISFA Cup after a thrilling battle with their Edinburgh counterparts Stewart’s Melville College. Credit must be given to the way in which Heriot’s held on, particularly in the final stages of the match, when Stewart’s Melville came so agonisingly close to equalising and taking the game to extra time.

Full Time: George Heriot’s School 2 – 1 Stewart’s Melville College

George Heriot's School Stewart's Melville College
1. Finn Donaldson
2. Kai Mackie
3. Elliot Dixon
4. Fergus Wright
5. John Pearson
7. Euan Lannon (C)
8. Lewis Cockburn
9. Jordan Law
10. Max Todd
11. Matt Underhill
15. Devin Burnside
17. Murray Cockburn
20. James Bishop
23. Isaac Thomson
26. Leo Morawiecki
27. Chris Thomson
1. David Sharkey
2. Moray Kerr
3. Euan Laidlaw
4. Kieran McVey
5. Andy Ross
6. Cammy McCall (C)
7. Sam Tulloch
8. Bruce Scott
9. Jonny Court
10. Peter Mair
11. Liam Ireland
12. Grant Cowan
14. Ollie Duffy
15. Ross Matthews
16. Matt Davitt
17. Eliott Carruthers
Euan Lannon led by example in the midfield, calm and confident on the ball and constantly commanding the team.
Liam Ireland was the stand out man for Stewart’s Melville. Made good use of his pace down the right wing and linked up well with Jonny Court who also had a great game.
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