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Edina Hibs CFC narrowly defeated in the Scottish Cup

Written by  Edina Hibs CFC


Edina Hibs CFC
Rangers SABC
U14's Trans World Soccer SYFA Cup
Bingham Park
20 November 2014
It was a tough day for Edina Hibs 2001's this weekend as the reigning champs were knocked out of the Trans World Soccer SYFA Cup. Their keeper gave us his take on the match...
Today was a very difficult day as Edina Hibs went up against Rangers SABC. Edina started the game well with and were given many chances to make the advantage tell, but we were only able to finish one goal before half-time.
At the start of the second half Rangers came out really sharp and were able to score an equilizer after a great pass and finish.
We came back really well though and with a good cross, Dean Burgess swept in and tapped in to make 2-1.
Rangers though, to their credit came back into the match and in the last 10 minutes they scored.
It was absolute chaos at the very last minute as Edina put in a venemus cross from a corner and somehow we couldn't score.
Extra time was without much incident, with both teams trying to keep compact and composed. It went down to penalties. We went first and took the penalty, but failed to score with Rangers converting theirs.
The exact thing happened again as we missed again, with Rangers converting.
We scored our third penalty and things began to swing in our direction as I managed to save two penalties in a row to deny Rangers victory. With us scoring our remaining penalties, it went to sudden-death.
With the pressure on though, we missed our sixth penalty, and it was a chance for Rangers to win it. Despite diving the right way and the Rangers effort hitting the post, it unfortunately went into the net and sealed the Glasgow side's place in the next round. 
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