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Pre-season interview: Grange FC U13's

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Grange FC U13’s were one of many teams to attend Youth Football Scotland’s summer club day on July 27th at Grangemouth Stadium which was aimed at clubs within the Central Region. The afternoon was an enjoyable one for the kids that saw them take part in an “Accuracy challenge” and  a “Crossbar challenge”.
The aim behind this kind of event is to promote grass roots football but also to provide the kids with a great day out. Photos and videos from the Central Region event can be found on Youth Football Scotland’s website. 
Meanwhile the team’s coaches stepped aside to have a word with Youth Football Scotland’s attending media team. Graham Payne from Grange FC U13’s was one of those.
Grange FC 2001's
Q) How do you feel last season panned out for you, as it was your first season playing 11-a-side football?
A ) “Overall It was a relatively good season for us last season, as we pushed for the league however just falling short. 
“The jump from 7-a-side to 11-a-side is definitely a difficult one but the boys showed they were more than capable by topping the league for the majority of the season but fell away when we came up against some tough opponents towards the end of the season.
“We also played some impressive football throughout the course of the season, which was pleasing.” 
Q) What are your expectations for the upcoming season ahead?
A) “We will try and get them to play some more of the good football they showed they achieve last season and with one season of 11-a-side experience under our belt that can only be good going forward. The boys should be able to cope no problem next season.
Obviously after topping the league for much of last season but not winning it, we would like to win the league this season”
Q) Finally, the whole idea behind today’s event is to promote grass roots football within Scotland and to give the kids something entertaining. As a coach what did you think about today and would you like to see more of it? 
 A) “Today has been brilliant for the kids as it is something enjoyable and a bit different. That always helps as usually the team is just playing game after game so it is good for them to be involved in something diverse.
“I would definitely like to see more events along the same lines as these as they are a good team building exercise.”

Ryan Crombie | YFS South East Region Journalist
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