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Rossvale League Cup Champions after tense penalty win

Written by  Rossvale FC


Cumbernauld Colts
Rossvale BC
U15's Cumbernauld & Kilsyth League Cup Final
Boradwood Stadium
19 May 2014
Rossvale FC Team: Grant, Hayden, Aiden, Ryan, Stefan, Brandon, Ryan, Alistair, Robbie Burns, Benji, Michael 
Subs: Robbie Bulloch, Joseph, Chris McS, Liam
Rossvale went into this game minus 2 players, Christopher Lyons and Paddy Gallagher, both illegible having played in previous rounds for other teams.
The game started with both teams being aggressive and you could really sense that this was going to be a game of chess. The referee had a good control of the game but there were a few decisions that went against Rossvale.
Rossvale had a solid looking defence and this then made our midfield look very tight as a unit for the first half. The chances that Cumbernauld had was an opening on the edge of the area but the player shot weakly at Grant, Michael had a chance at the other end but shot wide. 
Another chance on 20 minutes fell to Michael who shot and as the ball rebounded back, it was Robbie burns who  took advantage at a tight angle and he slotted it home to put Rossvale in front. 
Later with a few skirmishes at goal here and there for both sides, Rossvale ended up with a clear one on one with Benji and the Colts goalkeeper and as the goalkeeper challenge came in, both hit the ground, the Rossvale support screamed for a penalty, twice, as when Benji got up for the rebound he was grounded by the goalkeeper. The keeper was subsequently taken off in quite a bit of pain. 
At the other end about 5 minutes later there was a melee for the ball and the ball broke out to near the inside middle edge of the penalty area and as the Colts forward was about to shot, a superb tackle by Ryan stopped the player in his tracks and then Stefan cleared. 
Right at the end Rossvale left back who was limping and was replaced by Robbie Bulloch who slotted straight into left back. Robbie was made to work hard but he coped really well at everything that was thrown at him.
Half Time: Cumbernauld Colts 0 Rossvale BC 1
The second half Rossvale didn’t seem to take the game to Colts or their new keeper, neither was tested for at least 10 minutes. A chance fell to Michael with great feet and managed to get away from his defender he made space but after doing all the hard work he shot tamely, straight into the keeper. 
Not long after, Colts won the ball out on the right wing and fired the ball into the right back position and as our defence hesitated, the left wing snuck in and took control of the ball and slotted the ball past Rossvale keeper. This seemed to give the impetus that Colts needed and everything was starting to go through the Colts midfield as Rossvale midfield attacked there seemed to be no communication and this seemed to give the Colts midfield plenty of time on the ball. 
Midway through the second half there was another melee in the Colts penalty area for the ball and the ball fell kindly to Alistair and as he took a step to power the ball into goal, another superb tackle by the Colts defender to clear the ball out to the right hand side of the park. 
With ten minutes to go a Ryan free kick from defence was heading towards goal and the ball cleared everyone except the onrushing Robbie Burns who didn’t realise he had the whole goal to pick from, he slipped the ball wide from 8 years out leaving Colts off the hook. 
Near the end of the final whistle, Colts had a chance but shot inches wide and then right before the end Rossvale received a free kick under 10 yards out from the Colts penalty area. As the Colts keeper was on the right hand post, organising his wall, Stefan took a quick free kick to everyone’s disbelief, including both sets of the coaching staff and the ball just went over the bar. If it had hit the net, Rossvale would have won the cup there and then with a great bit of quick thinking by Stefan although it would have been unfair for Colts as they were the team who shaded the second half.
Full Time: Cumbernauld Colts 1 Rossvale BC 1
Extra time started and you could see both teams were tired as they all, to a man, had ran themselves into the ground but they all knew they had to do if for another 20 minutes.Michael had a chance to score when he climbed highest above everyone but he headed over. If he had directed it down there would have been no chance for the keeper. 
Colts had a chance when their play down the right wing was solid and a good one two left the right midfield inside and he shot and you could see it was heading in and Grant, somehow, managed to finger tip the ball onto the side of the post and out for a corner, another great save. Cumbernauld looked as if they were controlling play in midfield but once they got to the Rossvale defence, this is where it petered out 
The game was end to end and chances for both teams, Brandon was upended right on the penalty box and with the resultant free kick and the ball was skied high and wide, to the Rossvale supporter’s disappointment. 
Rossvale looked the stronger at the end of extra time, breaking down Colts advances and then counter-attacking. All the boys of both teams were physically shattered and they all had to muster themselves for the penalty kicks ahead.
After Extra-Time: Cumbernauld Colts 1 Rossvale BC 1
Colts took the first kick and stroked it confidently past Grant, then Alistair did the same for Rossvale. 
Then the Colts player’s kick was taken just as good as the first and Grant dived the right way but the kicks were perfect. Benji took his kick and beat the keeper but skied the ball miles over the bar so Colts were right up for it.
Their next kick the player hit the ball to the left and Grant was unlucky not to stop the ball as it went underneath his hand. So Colts were 3-1 up, then Stefan went up and he took his kick, the coolest person in the park and nonchalantly passed the ball to the goalkeepers right. 
The game was brought back to 3-2 then the Colts player took his kick and the ball hit the bar. This then left our central midfield maestro, Robbie Burns to walk up and take his kick and hit the ball with no urgency past the keeper, (we all asked him was it a scuff!, he said it was meant). 
That was the game level. The final Colts player came up and took his kick and the ball rebounded back off the post. Possibly the final penalty kick to win the league cup fell to our center forward, Michael, who coolly buried the ball past the keeper and then the whole team to a man went mad.
Rossvale BC are the 2013/14 League Cup Champions.
Full Time (Penalties): Cumbernauld Colts 1 (3) - (4) 1 Rossvale BC
Man of the Match award went to our Rossvale Midfield general, Alistair Russell
The whole team were magnificent; playing a cup final against an opponent whose home ground is on the park the very final is being played. Grant our goalkeeper, never put a foot wrong, always great positioning to make a Colts decent shots look simple. The defence were solid, marshalled by Ryan with Hayden and Stefan colossus in the area and Aiden and then Robbie Bulloch making the defence a complete unit. 
Rossvale restricted Colts to long range shots for the entire game apart for the Colts best chance which Grant saved or catching Colts offside on numerous occasions. Rossvale midfield of Brandon and Gibby worked tirelessly and Alistair and Robbie Burns swapped places when each one attacked, the other stayed and with Michael and Benji none stop running, you could see the whole team fought for each other. 
With Liam and Joseph not putting a foot wrong it was a team effort that won the cup. A mention about Cumbernauld Colts team; they were also magnificent and worked tirelessly as a team and honestly did not deserve to lose the game, They should all be proud of how they played and conducted themselves. This was another great advert for the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth District Under 15 League.
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