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Accies comfortable against Colts

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Hamilton Accies
Cumbernauld Colts
Under-15 CKDYL
05 May 2014
In a must win crunch match Accies rode their luck. It was a day for the fair weather supports as the clammy weather ensured only the hardiest of fans needed no jacket. As the crowds gathered and the joggers rested it was a place for kingsmen to clash yet again at Hamilton Palace. As the game kicked off the pace was rapid - both teams trying to establish dominance in the crucial first 10 mins.  It was Fraser Macallenan and Bradley Seaton who settled the midfield down, gathering the ball at their feet and passing, as if every touch was at the scrutiny of the royalty, who so often frequented the palace, decades earlier.
As the back four were awarded the role of marshal and guarded the line fortress style, as Cumbernauld attack line searched for a way through. Lewis Mooney, stood solid throughout, his new found energy and speed neutralising any threat coming his way, like an Olympic athlete getting better - every matchRab Griffiths issuing orders, as and when, the troops needed and in a timely fashion - getting his motivational shout just right to keep the lads in order. As the opportunity arose, he was able to push forward supporting the midfield as required. John Rowan, on fire, as his interceptions were stealth like, stopping any attack the Cumbernauld boys could muster, with immaculate tackling, that  is only seen by the true professionals. Jack- our man at the back, yet again gave the performance of his great season,
Emulating that of any game of this season, as the consistently good defender worked in tandem with his back line to drive attacks forward and instigate the last line.
All 4 protecting Jordan Pettigrew, who only had to deal with the odd threat of a high ball from a set piece. He would come and intercept the ball with unguilding ease as his huge stature commanouded the 18 yard box. The wing men of David Thomson and Connor Smith, were to treat the adoring fans of fancy footwork and magical goals, as the teams pressed each other for the ball.
1st up was Smith as he led the charge to goal, with several runs down the wing. His effort was finally rewarded with the ultimate strike from 25yards. As he lined up the shot he noticed a divot in the grass. His skill so great he pin pointed his shot. as the keeper dived out stretched, there were no gadgets he could use to stop the awkward bounce, engineered by the Connor magic.. As the ball bobbled over the keepers hands and trundled painlessly into the net. 1-0 the Accies.
Evan, Cal and dean were fed with crosses and if it had not been for the interceptions the trio could have racked up a right royal treat. Today it was not to be their finishing day however their work ethic could not be faulted as the trio worked to  protect the ball and if lost - get it back.
Half Time: Hamilton Accies1-0 Cumbernauld Colts
Nathan and Adam came on - sparking fresh legs and enthusiasm into the accies performance as they searched for and found the right performance befitting any champion.
It was an amazing goal that secured the 3 points for team and county. David Thomson, sprinted down the right faster than Lee Clark himself. As he looked up, the quality striker, noticed the keeper off his line. A long looping shot, which many thought was an intended cross, was inch perfect, as it cracked off the inside of the keepers left post and into the net. His celebrations welcome, at any Hogmany Party, in Edinburgh, no matter the time or day.
Calum Douglas, chased every ball, hunting them down faster than a blood hound however it will remain a mystery as the consistent striker
The grass was heavy and the air left the players sapped of energy - regular changes on the pitch by the coaches ensured each and every servant to the cause was rested and offered their best. A plan that proved fruitful. 
Full Time: Hamilton Accies 2-0 Cumbernauld Colts
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