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Hamilton and Westwood to face replay

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Westwood Rovers
Hamilton Accies
U15's Central Region Cup 1/4 Final
27 February 2014
Its official - Worst weather an Accies team had played in for 100 years. Mimicking history of the actual Hamilton Accidemicals FC, with the same result from 100 years ago, of a 1-1 draw against Dundee FC in the same football week.

It was a game that would be challenged by an equally competitive opponents - to a boy they were each a man. Westwood Rovers were roaring for the challenge as they left the warmth of their home dressing room.  The Accies out early despite the weather continued with their warm up and shooting strategy - which proved invaluable for the final explosive kick of the ball. With driving rain blinding all, there was no need for the ref to wet his whistle - the game began.
Westwood threatened first within 3 mins - had it not been for Accies right winger Evan Duffy's quick thinking, following magnificent tracking back and timely off the line clearance they could easily been one up - Accies replied with a break through on keeper only to have their chances thwarted by a good save.
It was a tetchy game. The high winds blowing the ball like a flyaway at the beach although it was no day for the "Raybans". 

Westwood fought well and although the Accies never really got any break of the ball, it was Accies centreback Lewis Mooney who blasted home from 25 yards breaking the deadlock with a power drive that left the keeper no chance.
Accies remained on top for the rest of the first half - with missed chances it probably was not enough to go in only one up. 

Half Time: Westwood Rovers 0-1 Hamilton Accies
Not once did the weather let up and with a quick turnaround it was the Accies who kicked off the second half. 
Westwood took the wind to their advantage pummeling the Accies defence like a full flooded "Niagara Falls" however the defence to a man stood strong with Keeper Jordan Pettigrew doing a little more than what he was used to.  Taking an injury he was not going to lay down however Rab Griffiths ensured the bye-kicks were cleared safely. 
During one of the Westwood attacks the ref blew for a free kick, of which the no.9 striker took full advantage of the wind, to level the score. 
Ref tried to keep up with play however the tempo of the game meant even the greatest athlete in the world would have felt the degree of difficulty. With a few offside calls there was one in particular, that did cost Accies their second goal when Callum Douglas burst through to finish with confidence only for the game to be called back.
Full Time: Westwood Rovers 1-1 Hamilton Accies
Extra time was called after the ref blew to end the match, his icicle pop he was using still not at subzero. An excellent game for football lovers.
Accies were lucky when a magnificent headed interception by Adam Mckeown saw the ball bounce off the inside right post of his own goal, skim across the face of goal, spinning inwards, only to go skimming past. A lucky escape? Or simply the perfect clearance to the inch.....

There was no key to unlock either defence and a penalty shootout blown for.
After Extra Time: Westwood Rovers 1-1 Hamilton Accies
A thrilling penalty shoot-out proceeded with a number of twists and turns. It was decided after the match that the game would need to be replayed on Sunday 2nd March, venue to be announced. 
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