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Rangers score four to reach semi finals

Rangers SABC 4

Wilson (3), Paulley

Jerviston FC 0

  • Tuesday, 04 February 2014
  • Greenfield Football Centre
  • Under 13´s
  • TWS Scottish Youth FA Cup - Quarter Final

Darren Carrigan | YFS West Region Journalist
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A windy day heralded the Scottish Cup Quarter Final; Rangers SABC would be host to Motherwell’s Jerviston FC. Rangers had the first move of the game, moving forward with Luke McNiven on the right. He dribbled into the middle creating space on the right for an overlap before Luke Higgins cut out the attempted killer ball.
It was a high impact game with both sides giving their all to cancel out the opposition’s attack, with Rangers looking the more likely to score. But a quick corner from Andrew Gallacher and Dean Bell almost caught the Gers defence napping.
David Sinclair was the first goalkeeper to be called upon though, as the wind caught a Rangers clearance all the way to his penalty spot. But the Jerviston goalie’s safe hands were never in doubt.
Sinclair was called on again by Louis Gordon’s shot. The midfielder picked up the ball off some patient play around Jerviston’s area and it was all that Sinclair could do to tip it wide with his full stretch dive.
Dylan Brown took the corner and this time Sinclair was helpless as it bounced down to Andrew Paulley who hammered into the back of the net on the half volley.
Jerviston looked to respond immediately, as Kian Marshall was pulling the strings of every attack with tremendous vision and creativity. But it was apparent that both teams had done their homework, as Zach Brown was on hand to deny Jerviston time and again.
The game went back and forth, with neither team progressing beyond the midfield – Rangers looked the more dominant however evidenced by John Gilmour beating the offside trap with lightning pace. A deft touch through his marker’s legs took him into shooting range but Luke Higgins absolutely flew in, to dispossess him.
Rangers continued their momentum, the next attack leading to Luke McNiven being fouled just inside the penalty area – the ref blew for a penalty and John Wilson took it himself. He picked out the corner and despite his best efforts Sinclair couldn’t reach – making it 2-0 to Rangers.
Play seemed to stall as Jerviston reeled. Both touchlines were doing what they could to give their team the edge but neither seemed able to break each other down and soon the ref called for half time.
  • Half Time:
  • Rangers SABC
  • 2-0
  • Jerviston FC
Off the restart Jerviston looked dangerous and it was Marshall looking to create the chances for others, but after picking up a long pass Andrew Gallacher - he looked good to score until Brown again came in hard to deny him.
The Jerviston midfield took the game to Rangers in the opening third of the second half, they were finding Marshall but even he couldn’t find a way to break down the Rangers back line. Even a stunning reverse pass that laid off Matthew Sinclair but Rangers’ Lee Gemmel tracked back a good 18 yard difference to slide in and only concede a corner.
The corner was taken short and Bell tried a curling effort that narrowly missed the top corner and was just inches away from Gallagher’s head and every Jerviston player and fan couldn’t believe how close it was.
A Rangers corner two minutes later fell just as close. A defensive error lead to a Marc Dickson shot from less than a yard. He found the inside of the post but Sinclair managed to keep it out somehow.
Rangers piled on the pressure as Marc Dickson came alive, splitting the defence and getting 1v1 but Sinclair denied Rangers for the umpteempth time – tipping it just wide. 
But Rangers went three goals to the good, John Basielle picking out John Wilson who scored his second with an excellent header.
Not many keepers can concede three and keep playing their best but David Sinclair did just that, denying Marc Dickson and John Bastielle twice each.
Jerviston kept trying to battle back, crosses being fired in that were only kept out by the aerial prowess of the Rangers back four. Paulley in particular was a sky general in the closing period.
Excitement abounded when Jerviston won a hard fought free kick on the 19 yard mark. Ryan Mimnanova had come off the bench and his delivery showed just what he could do, nailing the air above the penalty spot with precision. But the Rangers wall was too strong and minutes later Wilson broke up the field and put the final nail in the coffin with his hat trick. Recieving the ball on his bad foot he took one touch and clamly found the roof of the net to give Rangers a solid 4-0 victory.
It wasn’t the game neutrals expected, as both teams tailored their line ups to try and halt the other’s attacking prowess, but Rangers’ attackers were just too good and not even the star performance of David Sinclair could keep them out. John Wilson deserved his hat trick, he worked hard for every ball and got rewarded for his effort.
  • Full Time:
  • Rangers SABC
  • 4-0
  • Jerviston FC


Rangers SABC
Jerviston FC
1. Robbie Walker
2. Joshua Gordon
3. Lee Gemmel
5. John Wilson
6. Dylan Brown
7. Brogan Watson
8. John Gilmour
9. Luke McNiven
10. John Basielle
14. Marc Dickson
15. Euan Andrews
16. Andrew Paulley
17. Louis Gordon
18. Zach Brown
1. David Sinclair
11. Mitchell Clark
16. Eamonn Higgins
22. Luke Higgins
2. Dyuth Brannan
6. Kieran Lawson
20. Dean Bell
8. Matthew Sinclair
15. Andrew Gallacher
23. Kian Marshall
29. Robbie Duddy
10. Ryan Mimnanova
13. Reece Cathcart
14. Jay O'Neill
19. Harry Gardner
26. Max Baird
Star Player
Rangers SABC
Jerviston FC
John Wilson, had a great game and deserved every single one of his three goals.
David Sinclair, was absolutely stunning. His save count was easily in the double digits and despite the result shone the brightest on the park.
Magic Moment
Rangers SABC
Jerviston FC
Paulley’s opener. A superb volley in a difficult position, the goal and the outpouring of joy from the players was fantastic to see.
Sinclair’s miraculous save in the second half. Managing to react quickly enough to snatch the ball to his chest off the line after a point blank shot.
Club Views
Rangers SABC
Jerviston FC
John Wilson said; “I’m glad we made it through, obviously we want to do the best we can and I’m happy I managed to do so well.”

His coach Kyle said; “That was a great result for us and John turned in one of his typical performances. Looking ahead though, there’s a lot of good teams and I want to test our mettle against Harmony Row.”
Sinclair said; “I’m glad we had a good game and now we just have to keep our heads and do what we can to win the rest.”

His coach Eddie said: “Like people say there are no bad teams in a quarter final, I’m a bit gutted because if we played the way we played in earlier rounds we could have gone a lot further – but we’re winning the league right now and there’s still a lot to work towards for the end of the season.”
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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