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Video: Grahamston BC Football Festival highlights

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On the 28th & 29th of December Grahamston BC hosted their U14's Football Festival at Broadwood Stadium. Ten teams competed throughout both days in a league format with 25 minute games. Rossvale FC ran out eventual Saturday winners without conceding a single goal throughout the festival, whilst Grahamston BC held of tough competition to be crowned Sunday victors. The teams taking part were Cambuslang, Grahamston, Renfrew Vics, Rossvale, Syngenta, West Park United, EK Burgh, Milton Rovers & Lanarkshire SC.
You can watch highlights from all 20 games plus interviews below (if you are having difficulty watching the videos below, click here to visit the Youtube page)
Game 1: Grahamston vs Renfrew Vics
Game 2: Cambuslang vs Rossvale
Game 3 Renfrew Vics vs Syngenta
Game 4: Grahamston vs Cambuslang
Game 5: Syngenta vs Rossvale
Game 6: Renfrew Vics vs Cambuslang
Game 7: Grahamston vs Syngenta
Game 8: Renfrew Vics vs Rossvale
Game 9: Cambuslang vs Syngenta
Game 10: Grahamston vs Rossvale
Post-match interview with winners Rossvale
Game 1: Grahamston vs West Park
Game 2:  EK Burgh vs Lanarkshire SC
Game 3: West Park United vs Milton Rovers
Game 4: Grahamston vs EK Burgh
Game 5: Milton Rovers vs Lanarkshire United
Game 6: West Park United vs EK Burgh
Game 7: Grahamston vs Milton Rovers
Game 8: West Park United vs Lanarkshire SC
Game 9: EK Burgh vs Milton Rovers
Game 10: Grahamston vs Lanarkshire SC
Post-match interview with winners Grahamston BC
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