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Monday, 08 October 2012 10:53

Bonnyrigg and Linlithgow serve up classic draw

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Bonnyrigg Rose Red
Linlithgow Rose Black
U13 SWF South East - Hayley Lauder League
With a nip in the air but not a cloud in the sky it was a perfect morning for football. Bonnyrigg and Linlithgow separated by only one point in the league it was shaping up to be a big game for both sides. Linlithgow lined up with Phoebe in goals, Hannah and Jacqueline at the back. Megan, Emma McL and Rachel across the middle and Lisa up front. With the sun so strong, winning the toss could have been important and Linlithgow were lucky to have the sun at their backs in the first half. From the off Linlithgow made their intentions known, with the ball won in midfield Emma made her way forward but was stopped in her tracks by Bonnyrigg at the edge of the box. Bonnyrigg tried to advance but Emma won the ball back and slipped the ball out to Megan on the right side. Megan continued to move forward and played Emma in but with Bonnyrigg's defenders advancing, Emma snatched at her shot and it missed wide to the left.

Bonnyrigg played a long ball from the goal kick. It was well won by Jacqueline who then skipped past her opponent. Jacqueline played the ball out wide to Rachel on the left and continued her run. Rachel played the ball forward and was picked up again by Jacqueline. Her shot was a good one but was well held by the Keeper. With Bonnyrigg in possession again they were trying to get forward by the Blacks were giving them no time on the ball and Megan's persistence on the right wing paid off as she won it back. Megan laid the ball off to Lisa, and Lisa was unlucky to see her shot cut out by the defender. The Black's pressure paid off with 4 minutes on the clock. With the ball cut out by Megan on the right, she played it through to Emma who skipped past two defenders and fired the ball past the keeper, 0-1.

At the restart. Bonnyrigg moved the ball towards the Linlithgow goal but a great tackle by Hannah brought their attack to an end. Hannah found Megan with her pass but as she tried to turn her player, the Bonnyrigg player poked it out for a throw. The next couple of minutes saw both sides competing well in the middle of the park without either team able to make much progress. The next shot came Bonnyrigg's way but Phoebe got herself well behind the ball and clutched it to her chest. Phoebe played the ball out to Jacqueline who had Rachel in front of her on the left.

Jacqueline played the ball to Rachel's feet and Rachel showed pace going down the wing but her pass inside was cut out by the Bonnyrigg player. With that Bonnyrigg were on the attack and moved the ball quickly up the park but a well timed tackle by Jacqueline stopped the attacker getting her shot away. Jacqueline then played the ball to Rachel who made a quick pass to Emma in the middle of the park. Emma continued to move forward and took the ball into the box. Emma unleashed a powerful shot but it was straight at the keeper. The Bonnyrigg keeper did well to make the initial stop but as the ball feel at her feet, Emma pounced to knock it into the net, 0-2 with 9 minutes played.

Bonnyrigg restarted the game and were a positive force going forward. Had it not been for some strong defending by Hannah, Bonnyrigg may well have got themselves back into the game. Hannah stood strong at the edge of the box and stopped the attacker taking a shot but the ball cannoned off her and out for a Bonnyrigg corner. Some good defending from the Blacks saw the corner come to nothing but although they cleared the ball, Bonnyrigg were first to it and the striker hit a powerful shot that whistled wide of the upright. With Bonnyrigg sensing a way back into the game, they continued to push for an opening. Hannah and Jacqueline were a formidable force at the back and with each providing cover for the other as they were forcing the attackers out wide, Phoebe was also well up to the task of holding onto a couple of shots that did manage to squeeze past the defenders. As Hannah stopped yet another attack, she played the ball through to Megan but Megan's pass was knocked out for a Linlithgow throw.

The break in play saw Linlithgow make some changes with Hannah, Rachel and Lisa making way for Ellie, Tyler and Fiona. The pressure continued from Bonnyrigg but Fiona took up where Hannah left off and made sure their latest attack came to nothing. As much as Linlithgow were trying to increase their lead, Bonnyrigg were defending high up the pitch and the Black's couldn't find a way through. With Fiona and Jacqueline now combining well Bonnyrigg were reduced to taking long range shots and their next attack saw the ball sail past the post from a good strike. However on 23 minutes Bonnyrigg got the goal their persistence deserved with a well taken strike beating Phoebe at the far post, 1-2.
With their tails up, Bonnyrigg searched for the equaliser but Linlithgow soaked up the pressure without making much progress themselves. Play became quite scrappy in midfield with both teams seeing good tackles but then unable to get any advantage and play the ball forward. But as half time approached, it was Bonnyrigg who took the upper hand. The attacker got her shot away but was caught well by Phoebe. Phoebe played it out to Jacqueline who was very quickly closed down by the attacker and although she tried to turn the player, the attacker nicked the ball and slotted it past the onrushing Phoebe, 2-2 with 27 minutes played. And so it finished after 30 minutes and probably a fair result at half time.
Half Time: Bonnyrigg Rose Red 2-2 Linlithgow Rose Black

The second half began like the first, with the Linlithgow girls straight into attack. With Hannah having replaced Jacqueline at the back, Hannah had the ball played to her feet from the restart. With a lovely pass through to Megan the Black's were advancing up the pitch. Megan was then fouled and Emma was straight over to take the free kick. With a great strike the keeper did well to tip it up and unluckily for the black's it came off the bar but landed on the wrong side of the line and Bonnyrigg were first to the loose ball to knock it away. From the resultant corner the Bonnyrigg Keeper made an excellent save and hit the ball clear. Bonnyrigg were on the move and picked up the ball deep in their own half and with some neat passing were soon bearing down on goal. Fiona blocked the ball and Emma picked up the pass on the edge of the box. Emma played the ball to Lisa and continued her run, Lisa played it back to Emma who took it wide right and then slipped the ball back to Lisa but Lisa's shot was blocked by the Bonnyrigg defender, a lovely move that deserved a goal.

The girls were working well, Ellie was continuing her recent good form, battling away for everything. But Bonnyrigg were advancing again and the play was going from one end to the other. Hannah kept her side in it again with another strong well timed tackle and got the ball away to Emma. With Lisa having made a great run up front, Emma tried to find her with the pass but the pace of the ball took it away from Lisa and the Bonnyrigg keeper was able to collect the ball. Bonnyrigg made good progress with the ball at their feet and were able to get a shot off 10 yards out which was brilliantly saved by Phoebe but it was the Bonnyrigg attacker who was first to the loose ball and knocked it into the empty net, 3-2.
From the kick off, Linlithgow seemed slow out the blocks and Bonnyrigg were enjoying time on the ball to make their passes. Fiona and Hannah were having to work hard to keep Bonnyrigg out. Megan was also back on defensive duty and helping her team mates stay in the game. Lisa was working hard in the centre of midfield and Tyler was trying to put the pressure on up front. After some good play by Tyler to keep the ball moving in the box, it fell to Megan who didn't have much time to take the shot but was unlucky to see it go wide of the post. Again play was quite scrappy with neither side able to take advantage but it was Bonnyrigg who finally found their way to goal again. With some neat passing they found themselves at the edge of the box. Phoebe was out well and saved the initial shot, in fact it looked like Phoebe had the ball in her hands on the ground but the Bonnyrigg attacker got hold of the ball and knocked it into the net.

Phoebe had taken a sore one but thankfully was able to continue. From the restart, Bonnyrigg were on the attack again. Jacqueline put a stop to it on the edge of the box and with quick feet was past two Bonnyrigg players and on her way up the park. She kept her run going and although the Bonnyrigg players were trying to force her wide, she got to the by-line and cut back inside slotting the ball home on a very tight angle. Having covered the length of the pitch it was a tremendous solo effort to get the Black's back into the game, 4-3. You could sense that Linlithgow were now intent on getting something and they were piling on the pressure. Megan, Lisa, Emma and Jacqueline all had shots in the next couple of minutes but some outstanding defending by Bonnyrigg saw the scores remain the same. However, some beautiful passing saw Linlithgow bring the game level. Jacqueline found Emma in the middle of the park and Emma knocked it onto Lisa, Lisa played it back out to Emma who took the ball and the defenders out wide and with Lisa now free in the middle of the box, Emma passed it through and Lisa calmly knocked it into the net, 4-4.

With 10 minutes left Linlithgow looked for the winner and Emma was unlucky not to convert any of her chances. Tyler was pressing hard and was also unlucky to see one of her shots go just wide of the post. Linlithgow were trying like terriers but the ball just wouldn't fall for them. Two corners and three attacking throw in's were defended well by Bonnyrigg. Megan had another chance to put her team in front but it was knocked away by the defender. The ball fell to Jacqueline 30 yards out and she hit it on the volley but the swerve on the ball took it away from the target and it went wide on the left. Bonnyrigg were under the cosh but never gave up and as full time approach, they were unlucky themselves not to snatch a victory but the attacker's shot was well held by Phoebe. When the whistle went, it was probably a relief to both sides and 4-4 was a fair result. A great game of football played with passion and determination from both teams.
Full Time: Bonnyrigg Rose Red 4-4 Linlithgow Rose Black
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