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Friday, 31 August 2012 13:05

Tynecastle's bright start earns victory over Vale

Written by  Ian Mackay
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Tynecastle FC
Hutchison Vale
G. Kerr
J. Kerr



U16's SERYFL Division 1
Saughton Park


By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region & Local Heroes Unlimited Reporter

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Tynecastle FC vs Hutchison Vale - Under 16s_10Tynecastle under-16s well and truly ‘got tore in’ to Hutchison Vale at Saughton Park. This South East Region clash was played in excellent weather, and the park itself was a hive of activity. The magnificent skate park was in full swing and so too was the music from that area of the huge park.

The children’s top-class play ground was also popular and there were two football games as well. In truth, it was a great place to be on such a lovely sunny night, although a wee bit sharpish weatherwise. For me, it was ‘been there, seen it, done it... got the jersey. In my case, the jersey was the brilliant new Umbro top with Youth Football Scotland logo on it. Made me feel proud and when I showed it to referee Willie McKenzie, he said: “You look the part!” I am still trying to figure that out.

Willie, I have to say, was in a ‘cruel’ frame of mind and he denied Hutchison Vale what I thought were two ‘blatant’ penalties. It matters not a jot to me that, while he saw from close up, I was at least 60 yards away and in keeping with all that goes on in football I knew better than this excellent referee. “You are a cruel man, Mr McKenzie!”

All of us on the touchlines at the under-16 game were treated to five very good goals in the electric first half of this very good game of youth football. The beautiful pitch, I have to say, needed a wee trim to restore it to 10 out of 10 points. Yes, yes, I know the reason why it was left just a wee bit long, but the reasonable excuses fell on ‘deaf ears’ as far as I was concerned. So, that sets the scene at Saughton Park!

In a whirlwind start, the powerful, quick moving home combine manufactured a great opener and a thundering Ryan Currie shot from well out managed to go in to the Vale net off the hands of their under-fire goalie, John Manderson! How did Vale respond to that?

They equalised shortly after when Ethan Nicolson took it upon himself to score a superb goal, coming in from the right before lamping a great shot in to the far corner and it was 1-1!

No one warned us all to ’hold on to our hats’ as Tynecastle raced in to a 4-1 lead. Greg Kerr, in the No 9 jersey, took advantage of poor defending by Vale to make it 2-1 and there was no stopping Tynecastle at that point in the game. “What do goals bring?” More goals and they duly came from a great header from big Jason Kerr and Mark Shells, well named as his bullet of a shot went in to the Vale net, off the hands of the goalkeeper once again. Would you ’adam and eve it’?

I think the Vale contingent were shocked in to silence and in keeping with a team leading 4-1, it was all smiles and bon homie on the home touchlines! Call a halt to the game Mr McKenzie, the ’ba’ was burst’ - game, set and match to Tynecastle! No chance!

Half Time: Tynecastle FC 4-1 Hutchison Vale

Tynecastle FC vs Hutchison Vale - Under 16s_3Vale came out fighting in the second half and within two minutes, Ryan Weston, reduced the deficit to 4-2 and from then on it was tough, mighty tough going for both sides in this no questions asked humdinger of a game.

Dare I say it, but when the ‘cruel’ Mr McKenzie managed to get near me and Evening News reporter, Neil McGlade, he was puffing and blowing. By the end, possibly, a wee sniff of oxygen would have helped this excellent match official?

John Masterton may have lost four goals during the game, but the Vale keeper also distinguished himself with great blocks of many other net-bound shots with flying saves!

The saying ‘going at it hammer and tongs’ came in to my mind as the exchanges got tougher and tougher. No more goals to celebrate, but the second half flew past and it was a bit of a surprise when the final whistle sounded! Tynecastle 4, Hutchison Vale 2!

It was a resounding win for the home side and they really have a big powerful, well coached and trained squad of players. Hutchison Vale, well they were made to pay for some really dodgy defending in the first half. Great improvement after the break and, in fact, it was Vale who scored the only goal in the second half!

So, ‘stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr McKenzie’! If you had given Vale the two ‘blatant’ penalties that I clearly saw from at least 60yd away and they had scored from the two spot-kicks, it could have been 4-4!

Just joking! The referee was spot-on throughout this good game of football. Well done to Willie McKenzie and also to both sets of players.

Full Time: Tynecastle FC 4-2 Hutchison Vale


Tynecastle FC Hutchison Vale
David Stewart
Alex Bertram
Craig Russell
Jamie Purves
Jason Kerr
Kyle Mitchell
Mark Shells
Euan Graham
Ryan Currie
Tony Milne
Robbie Simpson
David Henderson
Billy Taylor
Greg Kerr

John Manderson
Jack Philip
Callum McArthur
Greg Binnie
Adam Forrest
Ethan Nicolson
Ross McCann
Ryan Weston
Liam Howel
Samuel Jones
Michael Hutchison
Connor Lawrie
Liam Dunn
Connor Campbell
Asam Mohammed
Isaac Thomson
Jason Kerr was the pick of the bunch in an excellent Tynecastle team effort.
Ethan Nicolson scored a good goal and was the star man for Vale on the night.
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