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Why Your Child's Sports Team Should Celebrate Participation

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Team sports can be a very valuable activity for your child because of the many benefits they can gain from being part of a team and the exercise they’ll get while they’re playing or practicing. Being able to recognise each individual’s contribution to the team with trophies and medals is a tradition that has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Let’s look at why sports trophies are important and what benefits being celebrated offers to your child.

Why Play Team Sports?

The long-term benefits of playing team sports when you’re young are well documented
and agreed on by psychologists and physiologists the world over. Not only do they promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise, but they’re more important than ever because they get your child away from their device screen and into the outdoors. They can instil valuable lessons for your child too, like how to work as an individual in a team who are all working towards a common goal. It can also promote a sense of belonging and comradery.
When you play as a team, you’re also learning discipline and commitment because you learn to understand that your team relies on you and your contribution so you can’t let them down. Above all, you learn that while the drive to win and do well feels great and is worth the effort when you get presented with those engraved trophies, winning isn’t everything and taking part and having fun is important too.

Awards Encourage Attendance

It can be difficult to keep a child motivated and interested in something, particularly as they reach the age when their social life starts to mean everything to them. Sports can quickly fall by the wayside and the value they get from participating in these sports can be lost. When there are trophy cups handed out at the end of competitions, seasons or tournaments, that motivation might persist, and your child will likely be more motivated to get up and get to that Saturday morning game. Once there, they’ll give their best effort in the hope of getting their hands on that trophy. There are some compelling reasons not to celebrate perfect attendance, but recognising improved and good attendance is encouraged.

Awards Encourage Their Best Effort

If you’re playing in a football team and the prospect of victory comes with the promise of a shining gold football trophy for first place, you’re going to make sure you bring your absolute best to every practice and game. By offering these awards, you’re offering incentive, which is the strongest known human motivator. Perhaps the alure of a trophy will motivate your child to put in that extra little bit of effort that their team needs to get over that finish line in first place. They offer a free personalisation service and plenty of unique designs. No matter what our interests, the idea of a trophy engraving featuring our name is going to appeal to us!

They Teach Humility

There are valuable life lessons to be learned when you are given an award, just as there are when you aren’t a recipient. One of the biggest lessons we learn in life is how to win or lose well. No matter how good we are and how well we do at something, we’re not always going to win, and learning how to lose gracefully and with humility is as important as winning. Being able to feel happy for someone who has beaten you and congratulate them earnestly is a very importantly life skill. On the other side of the same coin, knowing how to win with dignity without boasting and gloating is also a good lesson that team sports will teach you.

Some Ideas for Awards

Of course, the basics like 1st 2nd 3rd place awards should be covered, but what about some more creative ideas that can celebrate not just the team but the individual performances? Joblot Trophies and Gifts is a trophy store that offers a wide range of trophies for many different sports and activities including golf, cricket, rugby and football trophy designs for very reasonable costs, each of which can be custom engraved with the winner’s names and the award title. Celebrate individual and team efforts to boost the confidence of your children and encourage performance and participation in the next season or even in broader aspects of life. Awards for improvement, attendance, highest goal or point scorers, special effort, representation and many others are great ideas to include at your club or school prizegiving. Try and celebrate not just sporting achievements, but achievements related to character and effort too.
Prizegiving and awards ceremonies are always a highlight of any sporting season and celebrating the achievements of children both on and off the field is a wonderful way of recognising their achievements. Many adults who won trophies as kids for their favourite sports probably still have them today, which shows just how meaningful an award can be if you’ve worked hard to do well and improve as a team player in your chosen sport.
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