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Gartcairn Women Planning For Future

Written by  Luke Walker

Over the summer, Gartcairn FA, in collaboration with the local council, have been putting plans in place to redevelop their facilities ahead of the new season.

This will include a newly laid surface, new dugouts and new stands including a section which will allow disabled supporters to comfortably attend games at MTC Park. 


The Cairn’s chairman, Robert McCallum, spoke exclusively to YFS' Luke Walker and elaborated on the plans for the club.

"The redevelopment will give everyone a boost," he said, adding that as a result of renovating the facilities at MTC Park both the mens and womens' teams would be meeting the remits of the SFA and the SWF, respectively, for promotion.


"In regards to youth players, it will help them get used to playing at grounds that can accommodate more spectators, where previously they would only get this kind of experience from cup games," he said.

Also from a recruitment stand point, the developments will help convey to potential new players that the club are serious about their aspirations and could act as a decisive factor for young players deciding where to play.

The hope is that through developing the facilities to a more professional state, it will influence the playing squad to be "professional off the pitch equals professional off the pitch", Robert said.

With the season kicking off in October, both the mens' and womens' teams have made key additions to their playing sides.

Former Scottish top flight players Gary Harkins and Steven Saunders have joined the mens' side, and former St Mirren and Hamilton player, Cara McGurn, has joined the womens' team.  

It’s safe to say that, with those signings and the development of the facilities, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for The Cairn.

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