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BUCFC Launch Billy's Boots Challenge

Written by  Owen McCarrey

Bo’ness United Community Football Club (BUCFC) have recently challenged youngsters within their ranks to design a football boot as part of an exciting competition inspired by famous football book, Billy’s Boots.


YFS spoke exclusively to BUCFC’s communications officer, Sarah Crawford-Wilkinson, who explained more about the idea.


“We are an SFA Legacy Award Platinum Quality Mark Club so this competition allows us to bring some old-fashioned ideas into the 21st century by asking kids to create their very own Dead-Shot Keen magic boots, but in the design of a Nike Phantom Venom boot.”


The club have confirmed that the winner of the competition will receive a special message from the Nike HQ in America, as well as a copy of the Billy’s Boots book.


Billy’s Boots was a famous footballing comic strip, that was part of the ‘Roy of the Rovers’ series. It told the story of Billy Dane, a schoolboy and aspiring footballer from a poor background, who discovers a pair of old football boots while cleaning out his grandmothers’ loft.


The boots turn out to have belonged to former professional striker, Charles ‘Dead Shot’ Keen and allow Billy to become an excellent footballer, who possesses footballing traits just like ‘Dead Shot’ whenever he wears the boots.


“We want to get our young players to reconnect with their grandparents and hopefully share their love of the Billy’s Boots story book”, said Wilkinson, as she explained the purpose of the competition.


The competition has so far attracted many impressive entries mainly from the younger players of BUCFC with designs coming from players of six-years-old up to eleven-years-old – the competition is open to players of all ages from the club, however.


Super-powers, glow in the dark, night vision and teleportation are only but a few of the inspirations the youngsters have had for their personal designs.


In a time where keeping amused as young person has been difficult, YFS would like to give plaudits to BUCFC for launching this fantastic competition for the younger generations.

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