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Cumbernauld United receive pendant from injured ES Galaxy player

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(Photo courtesy of CUFC 2003)
ES Galaxy player Andrew Donnelly paid a visit to Cumbernauld to thank the players of Cumbernauld United 2003’s for their help after he was taken to hospital with a head injury during a match between the two sides earlier this month.
Donnelly travelled down to meet the squad to thank them for the concern they showed after he was taken to hospital after suffering a head injury during a meeting between ES Galaxy and Cumbernauld United at the beginning of May.
Cumbernauld were presented with a pendant by Andrew and ES Galaxy for the support they offered during a very stressful time for Andrew and his family.
Cumbernauld posted on their Facebook page shortly after the incident saying, “As we were 3-0 up the ES coach conceded the tie in a terrific act of sportsmanship. ES Galaxy are a well-run team with great bunch of boys and coaches.”
The injury unfortunately kept Andrew out of ES Galaxy’s trip to compete in the Blackpool Cup, but his father Jim thanked everyone for their support.
“Liz, Andrew and I would like to thank everyone for their support tonight, it really meant a lot to us. It is a privilege to be part of such a close knit team. Thank you so much.
“He is disappointed that he can’t travel to Blackpool but he is determined to be fit and healthy for the festivals at the end of the month.”
It is always nice to see true sportsmanship shine through and credit must go to both clubs for the respect they have shown each other.
Everyone at YFS would like to wish Andrew all the best as he continues his recovery and we hope to be covering one of his matches very soon.
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