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Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers looking to impress in Manchester Easter Cup

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In this edition of #WhatsYourStory we look ahead to Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers trip to the Manchester Easter Cup with Trans World Soccer.

Along with a host of other Scottish teams, Wishaw WW will be competing against teams from around the world in a fiercely competitive cup.

Youth Football Scotland caught up with the team coach to find out what the team are most looking forward to ahead of their trip down south.

The boys are excited for their first trip away together, and will be hoping to make some positive memories this Easter.

The path to glory is well known at Wishaw Wycombe Wonderers, with the youth club promoting great players such as Lee Miller and Kieran Tierney, along with the great snooker player John Higgins.  

The boys will be hoping to impress in Manchester, with the ultimate goal of reaching the heights of the former players that have come through the academy.


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