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CLUB PROFILE: Clydebank FC show that you can start from nothing and rise straight to the top

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A few years ago Clydebank had no youth set-up to speak of. Now they have 10 teams ranging from 2011's to the under 19 squad and including a girls team as well as a team competing in the PAN disability leaague. Their Under 19's side also won the SYFA Cup last year.
That level of growth has not gone unnoticed and we caught up with Under 19's coach Scott Carson to find out the story behind the Central Region side's incredible rise. The first question we asked was how he became involved with Clydebank to begin with.
"Myself Paul Mooney, Ian Stokes, Phil Simpson and Joey Muir created Milngavie Wanderers.
"We enjoyed great success as a young team but as the boys grew older and the dreams of professional careers for them seem to drift further and further way we looked at avenues for player pathways outside of a professional team.
"That's when Clydebank FC approached us. This was our first year at under 17's. We felt that it was important that the players still had a pathway to a decent playing level. 
"Paul Mooney remained by my side and we brought in Brian Carmichael and Stuart Robertson as Ian and Phil's lads pursued pro youth football. That was how we came under the Clydebank FC umbrella.
"Clydebank have been extremely welcoming and instantly we began to see the benefits of being linked with such an amazing football club that is steeped in so much history for being such a young club. It was a massive draw for Paul especially as he is a fan. I have since caught the Bankie bug."
Running the youth teams has not been without it's challenges however, and Scott has certainly run into quite a few during his time at the club. The main difficulties appear to be on the finncial side, as he explains.
"Running costs are most certainly the biggest contribution to teams folding. Hiring facilities can be astronomical as well as the lack of facilities for decent training and playing of games. Our sponsors have helped us greatly making us looki the part with some cracking kits. Trying to keep fees affordable is a massive challenge.
"Another challenge faced by the 19's is we draw players from quite a distance. From Hamilton to Rothesay. So to ease the burden we train at Harmony Row which makes us more central for everyone."
In 2017 the Clydebank FC Under 19's team won the SYFA Cup, something th
"The Scottish cup victory was easily the best moment of not only my coaching career but topped everything I'd achieved in football. As a team we prepared like professionals. We watched our first team on the Saturday then left to train that night. We took the players to a lovely restaurant. From there we headed to the Dakota Hotel and stayed overnight. We arrived at the stadium that morning feeling as if we were ready for the day.
"Achieving the win was made even more special as we had a large travelling support from the town. We had some of our players from the younger age groups as mascots who made our boys feel so special.
"It really was a monumental occasion and the players not only done us proud but everyone linked to the club and town. Everything we had worked hard for came right that day.
"Watching our captain lift the cup will always be a magical moment."
Scott is also keen for the more experienced members of his squad to help out with some of the younger age groups as well, whether it be giving advice or helping with training sessions.
"We are encouraging our older players to help guide the younger players and have opened up an avenue for them to get into coaching and help coach the younger teams. We are hoping that this installs a togetherness within the club. At Clydebank we are trying to create a club which feels like a family.   
"Where everyone knows one another. Everyone helps one another and in this we hope the youngsters catch the Bankies bug. Witnessing my local club grow and hopefully putting it back on the football map at youth level gives me a sense of pride.
"Working closely with Paul and other players within our team gives me a sense of achievement We have came so far within such a short time and with the announcement of the club looking at gaining access to the Lowland league. It certainly is an exciting time to be part of Clydebank FC.
Hopefully all involved will always be proud to be a Bankie."
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