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Renton Craigandro appeal after theft of goals

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A statement from Renton Craigandro reads:
At some point between 9pm on Thursday 18th and 9pm Thursday 25th January, we have had 1 full set of 11 v 11 full size goals and 3 sets of 7 v 7 goals stolen from the rear of the John Connolly Centre, Main Street, Renton, Dumbarton.
The goals had been gifted to the club with a donation made in return and we have been quoted a replacement cost of £10,404.
We are a local youth team and registered charity from one of the most deprived areas of Scotland. We have 250 kids at present and are weeks away from completing an asset transfer of the local parks to secure and enhance them for the local youth for years to come. This could set the club back years in terms of improving these facilities due to the cost.
The theft has been reported to police and if anyone has any information can they contact us through our Facebook page or Twitter or contact the police directly using crime reference LA04310118.
We also have a Gofundme page set up to try and replace the 7v7 goals as we are realistic enough to think they have already been sold for scrap (for which they would have received a maximum of £300 in scrap value!).
The Gofundme page can be found by clicking here.
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