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Airdrie United squads brave the elements to help the homeless

Written by  Kieran Morrison
It was a cold and wet evening in Glasgow yesterday, but Airdrie United’s U11 and U19 squads braved the unforgiving weather just as so many others do every night. 
Taking part in the sponsored ‘help the homeless’ event, the boys were accompanied by Kelly Hughes and Kim Isaac of Second Chance Scotland as they volunteered to make the evening a little better for those who are living rough. 
The boys took to the streets to hand out warm drinks, food and clothing in an effort to help those who are in need, and also to raise awareness of the thousands who are homeless across Scotland. 
The boys enjoyed the night, and it is through acts like this that we can help improve the homeless situation across Scotland, and ensure that our children are capable of dealing with any societal problems they may face. 
Second Chance Scotland received a £120 donation from funds raised by the boys over the course of the evening.  
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