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Drumsagard stampede in style as East Kilbride concede six

EKRR Youth 1

Sneddon 45

Drumsagard Football Academy 6

Gerraghty 7, Scott 15, Gillon 40, 75, 80, McConnachie 85
  • Sunday, 03 September 2017
  • Ballerup Recreation Area
  • Under 17´s
  • Scottish Cup

Baillie Hunter had about six or seven EK players in his back pocket as his fast direct football left the opposition stunned in the headlights. Hunter had been previously of St. Mirren and was only just recovering from a long time out with a broken leg but you couldn’t tell as his magnificent performance lifted the entire team.

The second half for Drumsagard was straight from the training ground as their pre-season work on possession based direct play with neat one-touch passes clearly paid off. Their forwards scored three in the second 45 but if they’d been a little more clinical it could have ended up being in double figures.

Despite the final scoreline, the first chance actually fell to East Kilbride as an initial high press forced Calyn Gerraghty to misplace a sideways pass, allowing Zak Maher to have a shot from a tight angle on the left straight into the hands of Paul Everett.

This high press continued for the first seven minutes as Anson Lung and Gary Clark looked tetchy at the back during the opening developments, failing to deal with the EK forwards when they pressured them into stray passes and unkempt clearances.

This good work halted, though, on seven minutes as a long throw on the right was launched into the EK box and Gerraghty bravely nodded the ball home to make it 1-0. The EK confidence absolutely drained away following the goal as Drumsagard started their dominance as they meant to go on with beautiful interplay through the middle of the park involving Jay Nelson, Aaron Lonie and the aforementioned Hunter who had a big hand in the second goal.

Hunter had attempted a few direct through balls before one satisfyingly connected with Fraser Scott on 15 minutes, finding him in a crowded penalty box, but the forward stayed calm to stroke the ball into Kyle Brooks’ near post.

The game then calmed down for 20 minutes as Drumsagard were happy to hold on to the ball without much urgency of trying to find an opening, this allowed the back four, who had previously been shaky at best, to really come into the game and keep the EK forwards at bay. Drumsagard weren’t going to settle on a 2-0 lead for long, though, as Nelson turned it up a gear and played in Ronan Gillon who finished in identical fashion to the second goal.

3-0 with only a minute left until half time, this is easy, right? Wrong. Grant Sneddon was one of the few EK players trying to go forward with purpose and he got his reward on the stroke of half time when he was clattered in the box by Anson Lung.

The forward stepped up to take it himself and sent the ‘keeper the wrong way with a high shot into the left of the net. 3-1. Comeback on?

  • Half Time:
  • EKRR Youth
  • 1-3
  • Drumsagard Football Academy

Comeback off. EK failed to build on the momentum of the late first half goal as they were ripped apart in the second half despite Drumsagard not scoring until the 75th minute.

Lonie had two unsuccessful one-on-ones with Brooks but the EK goalkeeper turned in a real top class performance in the second half to have them only concede three, without him it would’ve been even more of a slaughter.

McConnachie missed a point-blank sitter, Nelson couldn’t get a shot on target and Gillon spoiled an opportunity which was easier to miss. The passing from Drumsagard was wonderful but the finishing was woeful.

They were gifted a penalty fifteen minutes from time when Brooks unnecessarily clattered Gillon inside the box even though the ball was going out. Once again, the tackled player took the penalty himself and put it to the goalkeeper’s left.

Gillon quickly got his hat trick five minutes later as he poked in a rebound from an initial McConnachie shot which fell to Gillon in the box following Brooks’ save, the East Kilbride shot stopped made save after save but it seemed as if his defenders weren’t willing to be there to clear up for him and as a result Drumsagard added a fifth.

And then a sixth when McConnachie was again involved, initially firing a weak shot at Brooks but then scrambling in the ball as the disenchanted East Kilbride team watched on.

The referee called a halt on an afternoon which never really saw East Kilbride get going, they showed individual promise at points but lacked a real team cohesion to go forward and create chances, Drumsagard were the complete opposite as they moved together as a unit and didn’t give EK a chance to really reply to their onslaught of attacks.

A completely one-sided affair but Drumsagard definitely have room to improve as they move into the second round of the Scottish Cup with tougher opposition.

  • Full Time:
  • EKRR Youth
  • 1-6
  • Drumsagard Football Academy


EKRR Youth
Drumsagard Football Academy
1. Kyle Brooks
2. Louie Holland
4. Stephen Docherty
6. Josh McLuskey
7. Jamie Borland
8. Callum MacKenzie
9. Steven Richard
10. Jordan Foster
11. Sean Malone
12. Marc Dickson
14. Dylan Price
15. Gavin Kerr
16. Grant Sneddon
17. Thomas McFarlane
18. Zac Maher
20. Keir Sanderson
1. Paul Everett
4. Joshua Rankin
5. Jack McCafferty
6. Calyn Gerraghty
7. Rhys Conner
8. Ryan Clifford
9. Fraser Scott
20. Aaron Lonie
30. Anson Lung
40. Jay Nelson
45. Gary Clark
55. Luke McConnachie
56. Baillie Hunter
57. Josh Barnwell
59. Conner McNairney
72. Ronan Gillon
Star Player
EKRR Youth
Drumsagard Football Academy
Grant Sneddon was one of a few players who never seemed to give up despite the scoreline being against them, the forward took his penalty well and connected the play when on the ball, it was a shame the rest of his team weren't on the same page as him.
You always knew something was going to happen when Baillie Hunter was on the ball, his experience with St. Mirren was evident as he continually strung up some lovely diagonals and through balls as well as not being afraid to go an beat his man when the opportunity arose.
Magic Moment
EKRR Youth
Drumsagard Football Academy
Zak Maher had a good mazy run in the first half when he cut open the Drumsagard midfield as they were left chasing, he went past two players before unleashing a powerful show which was only tipped over by the Drumsagard goalkeeper
Drumsagard's left back Calyn Gerraghty didnt often go forward but on his rare occasion where he found himself in some space with the ball at his feet he utilised it, going past two EK defenders and then rocketing a shot off the inside of the far post, a few inches to the left would have capitalised a fantastic effort from the defender.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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