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The Scottish Student Sport Cup belongs to Aberdeen Uni Women

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Aberdeen University Women's Football Club won the Scottish Student Sports Cup in thrilling fashion, narrowly beating out Stirling Women's to a 3-1 victory. We caught up with Emily Gallacher the captain, to find out how they did it. 
Beating out all other women's university teams is a huge accomplishment and something that the team can be extremely proud of. Emily said, "We are amazingly proud of our accomplishments, this has been a reward for all our hard work and dedication throughout the season. Looking around the pitch after the final whistle blew, we were ecstatic, the 7am starts and 11pm finishes had paid off." It sounds like the training, dedication and commitment has all came together to produce a cup winning team. 
Although they had a great game, the team faced challenges throughout the game and had to push themselves to make sure they came out on top to lift the cup. Emily commented, "Our biggest challenge of the day was just keeping our heads and remaining focused. After experience with losing leads in the final minutes of games before, we knew we couldn't let it happen again, and we reacted in the best way possible." Emily and her team lost a goal with 15 minutes to go before full time and this made them fight harder and they responded brilliantly. 
The teams success in the Conference Cup has not been a fluke. Aberdeen Womens Team have done better this season in the league than any previous seasons and the motivation and drive to succeed is what pushes them. Emily said, "We've upped our training this year and re-structured our sessions so we can focus on specific tactical aspects of the game seperately from the rest of our squad. This year we've had the most members join AUWFC, and although many of them are beginners, their love for the game and desire to improve spurs us all on." It seems like AUWFC have a winning attitude and look forward to any competition where they can prove themselves. 
Although AUWFC played strong together as a team, Emily was given the hard task of choosing 1 player that stood out above the rest. Emily commented "Caitlin Read ran constantly throughout the match. Playing up front alone against a solid Stirling back 4 is no easy task but she showed desire to win the ball back and press their defence when they had the ball." Having a passionate and dedicated player helps to bring the team together and motivate the others to push and work hard.
AUWFC have made a strong impression after winning this cup and are looking to continue their growth and remain as a club that welcome new, enthusiastic players. Emily commented, "We are looking to continue our growth and uphold our reputation as a team that continues to support beginners and create talented footballers. Over the years we've seen a fantastic increase in numbers and supporters which is a credit to the womens game all over the world." Women's football has seen an incredible growth worldwide recently and to see a University team feel the effects of this also is a great thing to see and we hope that support and willing players continue to grow.
The full match DVD from Aberdeen's cup final triumph can be purchased by clicking here.
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